Jordan’s Diary, Entries 01 to 10

Jordan’s diary

Jordan’s Diary entry 01


There are so many blogs about chastity and the CB6000 I thought I might add a few words as an ongoing piece. A sort of diary. Obviously I have changed all the names and thank you to Deborah Ford for letting me publish it on her site.


Having been too scared to buy a CB6000  for years I bought mine in early December. It was a reward for something I had achieved in my job after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and most of all : TIME! Blair didn’t want to know of course. She regards my interests in cuckolds, chastity and being a sissy as a little too much for her. Before Brook was born Blair played with me occasionally, a few maid games after a couple of glasses of wine, that sort of thing, but they haven’t happened for years. She doesn’t really like to know about my stash of frillies in the second bedroom wardrobe and I have learned to respect that.


So the first thing to share with you is that the initial fitting took ages. I used the largest circle behind the ball sac yet it took an age to get on, and still felt tight. Pushing the small bar with the three posts through it took a while and required a bit of ingenuity. No one tells you about the painful pinching or the pubic hair getting ensnared and pulled. Ouch, big time! It soon teaches you to be more careful in putting it together. That first lesson well be learnt for ever. If you read about anyone putting on one of these for the first time and they don’t mention the pinching then, believe me, they haven’t tried it for real!


The web pages are right about one thing however. You need some sort of lubricant to help guide the penis into the cock holder, else it just sort of sticks to the plastic and you can’t get anything on!

I used the longest spacer.  I read that many use the shortest, well I haven’t managed that yet! Then the lock, which feels genuinely sturdy, just about slides through the hole so you can lock it into place.  If you are like me you will then disappear into a lovely ‘washy’ sub-space for a while. Each time I looked in the mirror I caught my breath. That’s not just the first wearing but later ones too. I have worn it about 6 times to date and each time it gets better.

just white bar for spaces

I knew it would force the cock downwards but I didn’t expect it to sort of push the dick back between the legs a little. A really exciting and pleasant surprise for any sissy. But again it makes it tougher to get the cock cage on over the posts. You have to bend back the three posts so they point straight out, then the cock cover slides home, though even then it is a tight fit.


When you pull your panties over the cb6000 it leaves a pleasant rolling curve shape, much neater than the usual ugly, bulky outline left by my genitals. More feminine.


So a few points. No way can you touch your dick. There is a tempting slit at the bottom for urination that seems to encourage you to stroke but no matter how hard you try you cannot get your fingers through it. Once locked away you cannot even contact your cock.

Now for the final part no one warns you about. S well as the painful pinching and hair tearing I mentioned there is spurting! That first day I had put on my favourite black teddy which pulls up sexily tight between the legs but is sort of full around the groin. Thus it hides everything behind a few frills.  I sat at my office pc for an hour of so going through the usual web sites with which you are probably all too familiar.  Then I thought it was time to go and ‘finish’ myself off. I stood up and I found that I was soaked between my legs. I just don’t mean a little damp, but really wet and sticky.

With my later fittings I took this as being a sort of sexy mirror feeling of what girls experience when they are excited. This made it doubly thrilling. But are they as uncomfortable as that? Not the sort of question I can easily ask Blair.


I hadn’t been aware of ‘wetting’ myself that first time but when I tried it a second time, just a couple of days later, I could feel the pumping action as my penis would dump a spurt of semen through the penis when I felt specifically aroused. Now you have to understand there is no joy with this spurting. None. Full stop. Dream on. No orgasmic joys, no feeling of excitement or satisfaction whatsoever. Yet there is a tremendous thrill of being helpless and woozily sub when you become aware of it. As if you don’t have a say over the actions of your own body.


just white bar for spaces

I am hoping to get a few more updates for this diary. I have loads of time at home for a few months, so you can guess what I will be playing with!


Jordan dec 30 2013


Jordan’s Diary entry 02

lock      just white bar for spaces

Being alone for a few days to play with my cb2000 and my lingerie was wonderful. Blair was involved in some office move which she was kicking off about. She had liked it working with a couple of other girls the same age in the contracts division. So now she was getting home late and exhausted while finding her feet. It didn’t help that she had some arsehole of a boss.

After school Chloe would hurtle into her room, slamming the door and chasing up her music tocorset and cb 2 crazy levels while she did her homework – or rather conversed with everyone under the sun on her mobile and facebook.


So I had plenty of time to indulge my whims J.

I experimented with smaller rings from the CB6000 to go behind the ball sac and can just about manage the second largest. Anything less I just cannot get on. Even the second largest feels like someone is gripping me tightly.  Who knows what the point of the smallest is.

I tried smaller spacers too. These are the parts that go between the ring behind the ball sac and the actual plastic cock holder. The thinking is that the tighter the gap the less likely it is you can slip out and escape. But this is crazy thinking. In no way could I slip my dick out of the top even with the longest spacer. Also, if I could somehow squeeze it out then it wouldn’t help at all because if my dick became hard it would be squeezed by the small gap the spacer permits. I hope that makes sense. Once locked your dick is outside your control.

But with the smaller spacers there is a sexier, cramped feeling, sort of an increased feeling of imprisonment.


As you know an unexpected problem for me had been spurting (see my previous entry). At first I had been unaware of it until I discovered my panties and teddy were left sopping between the legs. I don’t know how girls put up with it as they must suffer the same thing when they are aroused.  I tried a couple of things like a handkerchief, which just felt bulky, and one of Blair’s ‘ladies period pads’ which was a little better and gave the nice feeling of being even more girly. But after a while it just grew uncomfortable and awkward.


Then I hit on the answer. I simply pulled a condom over my dick before inserting it into the cock holder.  This isn’t as easy as you imagine. If your dick is too soft it won’t pull on and obviously if it is too hard then it won’t go into the container! So it took some time but at least with the condom catching my spurting I could just forget about it whilst sitting at my computer sifting through sexy sites. The one downside to this was that when I needed to pee I was required to unlock the cock cage in order to remove the condom before relieving myself. Then I would have to put it all back together.cb diagram


So if anyone has a better answer to preventing me spurting over my lovely underwear then please share it!


I have managed to create a paypal profile in a girl’s name plus ordered a new credit card for Blair without her knowing. That way I can buy more sexy lingerie on the internet without using my male name. I am drooling over the gorgeous shapewear they have in the shops these days. So hot and sexy.


The following Monday I intended to get myself a prostate massager. See if it could really make me cum whilst locked up with my dick soft between my legs. That sounded very exciting.

cb diag2

Meantime I have discovered all sorts of sites where cute guys wear a chastity device beneath a maids outfit.


I thank the stars I discovered a certain trading company from Shanghai. They needed a shipping contract drawn up between them and the container fleet that would be recognized under the new EU regulations. They became my single client; I shut down my offices and now work from home – for about 4 hours a week! Blair soon got a job in a city lawyer’s office, and to be honest she is pretty hot when analysing contracts. She got a first in law whereas I only got a 2-2. But when she rubs her academic success in my face I remind her who set up the company straight out of college and why we earn so much! She seems to like that! She prefers a ‘man about the house’ to the sissy maid games I love so much. Wish she liked the two parts of me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


So plenty of money for the finest of frillies and a pair of (I kid ye not) 5 inch high heels! May get some ankle boots when the credit card is sorted too.


I am living the dream


Jordan’s Diary entry 03


Argh. In that second week I experimented with different fittings. I tried smallest spacer and after I put on my body shaping tights, (pantyhose) and a pair of my wife’s jeans the plastic cage, or maybe it was the circle behind the ball sac, bit into my balls. It was agony. I had to rush to get everything below the waist off. This mad rush was not helped by the body shaper which  snapped together between my legs. When I bent forwards to unclip the poppers the cb6000 bit harder into my sore skin. Yeoch! Never again, never, never again will I use the small spacer.

index2 Went back to the largest behind the sac circle and the longest spacer and all was fine. You do get some pinching every now and again and it can be uncomfortable sitting. In fact initially it does make you feel awkward especially when you take your first steps. Though 5 inch heels don’t help!

Oddly after about twenty minutes I was walking quite femininely. I discovered this in the first week. Initially after putting on the device I walked slightly wide legged but strangely as everything settled I found I could walk more girlishly, with the thighs together.

Had a bit of a battle with Chloe that evening. She wanted to wear this blue dress of hers. Trouble is I think it is little more than a slightly too long tee shirt. It barely covers her bum and clings to her curves. So major row. Apparently ‘I don’t get it’. Lots of sulking and later she emerged in a slightly longer skirt and top. As it is was just her and her girlfriends going to the cinema I agreed.

After she left Blair lectured me on letting her grow up in her own way, cut her some slack now and then. So then we got into a row. She seems to think that girl who is going to be 16 in a couple of months needs to make her own decisions. I told her not in my house and Blair stormed off to the spare bedroom overlooking the rear gardens.


As she always spends a night in there when she is moping I knew I could play with my cb6000. I have wanted to know if I could sleep in it. Once locked up I was getting really aroused, thinking of ways I could hide the keys from myself in the day. This would mean I had to stay locked up for a few hours. I could drop the keys off at an office I share in town but that meant travelling into the office wearing the damn thing when I went to the office. I knew I wouldn’t do that. Then I thoughtindex of putting the keys in the shed at the bottom of the garden. But really that was no different to having them in the house with me. So I had a fantasy where I would hide them in Blair’s bag so I couldn’t access them until she had returned from work. That got me really hot.


So what spoiled my play time? Chloe came back slamming doors with her friend tooting in the car as she drove off. It had gone 11 o’clock so I knew I would have to tell her off. I pulled off the nightie in the dark and took off the matching panties, hiding them in the drawer. Then I heard Blair standing outside my bedroom. She was shouting down to Chloe asking if she was all right. Fear swept through me. I tried to reach for the key on the bedside table but in the dark I just knocked it off. I heard it patter on the floor. I turned on the bedside light. No sign of damn key.


I felt under the bed and then under the cupboard but found nothing. The two other keys were in a chest of drawers near the door. In a mad mindless flight I raced over to them. Now something else I should mention. The lock on the cb6000 bangs against the plastic cage like a ringing bell. So the loud tapping and my heavy footsteps were like thunder and a church bell in the quiet of the house


Blair asked if I was ok. I could tell she was half way down the stairs. I shouted yes, but was shaking so much the damn lock box with the two spare keys slipped from my fingers and got buried under my jumpers. I know Blair says I am one to panic and I deny it, but I was certainly on the threshold of screaming anxiety at that point. I found one of the keys, I got back under the covers and with asking hands released the lock. I tore the ring off so swiftly it hurt and I squealed.


So by the time I got down stairs in my dressing gown I was livid. Blair rolled her eyes as I demanded to know where Chloe had been. Maybe I shouted too much because then there were tears. Chloe saying she had texted me about them all going for a pizza after the meal and then I felt like shit. Chloe scarpered off to bed with the usual teenagers refrain of ‘it’s not fair’. Blair shook her head and muttered, ‘nice one dad,’ before she went up the stairs.


So then I felt miserable and guilty.


One more observation on this chastity business and spurting. A couple of times I have removed the cock cage ready for a wank and found myself unable to even get fully erect. I am aroused, oh really deeply aroused, but I think I have released so much sperm while wearing it and spurting that there is nothing left. I wonder if anyone else has this problem?

lockJordan’s Diary entry 04

By the third week it became more difficult to play around with the CB6000 as Christmas was just days away, .

Blair dragged me to various works parties while Chloe was on holiday from school, often with a few friends around. It never failed to strike me how sexily these girls were allowed to dress by their parents. Did I say sexily? I mean sluttily. Chloe’s blue dress, where the hem barely tickled the bum, was positively modest compared to the skirts and tight shorts that wandered in and out of the house.

nikkijmaidfriends.blogspot 1
Pix courtesy of

If that wasn’t bad enough some of the women at the works parties were incredibly attractive and dressed provocatively, the knowing way women do at these events. Man hating feminists must throw their heads into their hands at the sight of their well-paid, successful sisters wriggling around like tramps at these well-heeled functions.

So I was on a permanent sexual high but with little opportunity to play with myself. A sort of chastity in itself.  I pestered Blair for sex but things had cooled between us many years ago.

But two developments to report.

First the cb6000 now felt part of me. I was able to get it on and off in seconds. I had settled on the second largest ball sac ring with the second largest spacer. Bizarre at may seem it now felt odd NOT to be wearing it. When I slipped it over my cock it somehow felt safe and snug. Like it should be there.

Secondly I had bought the Prostate massager from a huge, effeminate, gay guy in a sex shop who offered more advice than I was able to hear without colouring up. He was adamant I should use a water based lubricant to get the massager inserted. He tried to flog me a cock cage until I told him I already owned one. So then he hit on me to buy silicon based lubricant for the CB6000, as water will dry up making the device dry and sticky.

So silicon based at the front and water based at the rear.

I only tried the prostate massager once and it was all so odd and uncomfortable that it was a while before I could let my imagination wander through my fantasies.

That was before the Christmas break ruined my fun and games. Worse, the container contract was proving more complicated than I first thought. The ship would dock in middle eastern ports so I needed to check on their legal requirements.  This involved having translations of fifty year old agreements.

I felt pretty miffed.

To balance the down side there was an interesting upside as I soon discovered the parties offered more than just the sight of sexy ladies to arouse me.

Now, I have told you about my cuckold fantasies and from what I can see on the internet, sissy, chastity and cuckold fantasies are linked like train carriages for many, many subs. Blair is a stunning looking woman who loves to show hersekf off in tight short dresses at parties, though she always wears trouser suits to work – something about being taken seriously by the others. As we both near 40 she takes a lot of care of her body and guys really envy me. Especially with the new found income, the big house and car.

nikkijmaidfriends.blogspot 2
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But in my hottest dreams I see her cheating on me. I lock myself up in the chastity cage, put on some of my most girlish lingerie and think about what it would be like for her to be seduced by some stud. At its darkest my fantasy involves him spanking and humiliating me before Blair so she won’t see me as a guy again. Like the Deborah Ford stories! Again I know I am not alone in having these thoughts.

I had never before put a face to this alpha male and certainly do not fancy guys. It has always been a sort of blurred image of a man, more of a feeling than anything more. But I met her new boss at one of the earliest parties. A big guy, I guess good looking, with this self-assured high opinion of himself. His name was Morgan Hopkins and I got the impression he was the son of the owners. To be honest he was quite funny and had everyone including me laughing, though I think folk usually do find the bosses jokes funny. But I noticed how the girls flirted before him with their entire bodies. Even 50 year old women behaving like the teenagers Chloe invited around. Women peered up at him with half closed eyes, giggling at anything he said, shuffling in their heels, eager to please.

And major shock! Blair was doing exactly the same! At one point she gigglingly referred to him as ‘Mister Hopkins, sir!’

I wanted to grab her wrist and drag her away, tell her what a fool she was making of herself. But I would bide my time so as not to make a scene. Frankly I was livid with her, particularly as she has told me what a prick he was.

I usually drank at social events so Blair drove us home. At that moment I didn’t feel angry any more to be honest. I simply teased her. Said something along the lines of: “you said you hated him. He is an arsehole. But you were like a school girl with him!”

She just laughed. “Jealous?”

I remember how she said it, with a knowing smile and a raised, inquiring eyebrow.

I laughed with her and then, I kid ye not, she said: “just like your fantasies.”


Obviously I had told her all about my predilections. I had hoped she would play more with me in bed as her cuckolded sissy maid. I think I mentioned before we did try it a few times and I thought she was pretty hot but it was obviously not something with which she was entirely comfortable.

Yeh I know what I should have replied! You don’t need to remind me. I should have played along. But I was stupid drunk. My feelings of being powerlessly angry when she was flirting flooded back as if a dam had broken. I got all high and mighty about it. Told her they were just fantasies and she shouldn’t be playing up to a guy like that. Shouted about knowing exactly how guys like that would take it. Told her she was stupid – yeh I know which one of us was being dumb!

So then she got heavy with me about drinking and eyeing the other women.

I found myself mimicking her calling him ‘Mister Hopkins Sir’.

That got a reaction! A huge unleashing of venom from Blair. She went on about how I shouldn’t be keeping my girl clothes in the house, especially with Chloe getting older. I had never seen her so livid. The car careered over the central lines. She moved onto me spending all day wanking while she was in work. She was off on one and I couldn’t stop her.

By then I am too rattled to see sense. When she took a breath I lectured her about how I had a shed load of work with the Shanghai container contract. No time to do anything else. All lies of course but I wasn’t going to let her get one over on me.

By the time we reached the house she just tore off to the spare room leaving me pissed off.

You’d think that with the bed to myself I would simply have a good time playing, as I so often did when Blair and I weren’t on speaking terms. But I put on the chastity device when I was still fuming. I felt she had gotten one over on me. felt a fool. An idiot for allowing her to flirt with that guy and then a prick for not playing along in the car to see if we could get a scene going.

To help me get into the mood I pulled on a nightie with some panties and thought about that Morgan Hopkins prat shagging her whilst I was handcuffed to the bed. That did the trick. I hurriedly took off the chastity device and finished myself off.

But then I found it hard to get off to sleep as a troubling thought haunted me.

With more parties to come I knew I was going to face a huge divergence. On one side my male pride hated my sexy wife flirting with such an obvious womaniser, a guy girls would throw themselves at. On the other I could feel that scenario creeping into my hottest of fantasies. I would have to be careful else I might be the one giggling and simpering before him


lockJordan’s Diary entry 05

With Blair sleeping in my bed again and she and Chloe home just about all day, every day, I had little chance to play with the CB6000. A few small opportunities when they went shopping were the heights my indulgence and even then they could be back in less than an hour gushing about what they had seen or bought. Once I grew wary about what when they were getting back I couldn’t relax.


Be glad when the holidays were over.

The parties were fine, though I had a real paranoid feeling that Blair was playing up and flirting with guys. She would laugh it off but again hinted about ‘that’s what I wanted.’


It happened in late December. One of the last parties. I came back into the main room of a party to see her dancing very close with some grey haired charmer. I’d met him a few times, a guy from their accounts. Confident, not aggressive like Morgan Hopkins, more beguiling with a cock sure smile. Now Blair does love sexy dancing and does make a bit of a show when she is drunk. All wiggling hips and pulling faces for the guys.  But not this time.


This time the music was a slow Elton John song and she was in his arms, head on his shoulder, blonde hair on his back, eyes closed.


I felt like everyone was laughing at me. My hand shook so much that my wine  sloshed in its glass. Yet I paused. Didn’t do anything, didn’t say anything. I was a little drunk but knew what I was thinking. I wasn’t that sloshed. It was very clear. I imagined her being seduced by him. Me a cuckold in amongst people who knew us. My cock twitched and how I longed for it to be locked away in the chastity cage. If I could I would have wanked there and then.


I watched Derek’s hands, gliding over her back. Her dress sexily thin. No protection at all to his exploring fingers.  I knew what he must have been feeling through the silky dress, and knew exactluy what he was thinking. He was clearly aroused.

At that moment she was his. I am telling you, my head was set to explode. It was wicked, painful, hurtful, humiliating yet so bizarrely exciting.

So I just watched. I have no idea if anyone else even noticed. The room was full and hot. As usual there were loads of women looking drop dead gorgeous in flimsy dresses and high heels. Everyone jostling around.


The music changed to something a little more racy and I watched as she sleepily opened her eyes looked up at Derek, shared a smile and let her hands run down his shirt before stepping away.


She definitely hadn’t seen me, she walked away with one or two glances back at him and I stepped back in to the bar area feeling feint.


She drove us home in silence. I couldn’t think of a way to bring it up. I wanted to add it to a fantasy we could play out. We hadn’t had sex for almost a year. We had drifted apart on that front, but I wondered if we could latch onto this. Clearly she got a buzz from it.


We reached home and unusually for us went to bed at the sexy-corset-bonde-lace-secy-foreigner-lingeriesame time. When she turned off her bedside lamp and the room fell into a cozy darkness I snuggled up to her.


She froze for a moment, holding her breath. I guess it had been a long time since I had done that. Did you enjoy dancing with that Derek guy? The golden oldie from upstairs’.


With a sweet little laugh she replied, ‘oh, you saw all that.’


She wriggled her arse into my stiff member. ‘Bet he loved that eh?’ I wasn’t sure whether she meant Derek or my hard cock.


‘Like one of those fantasies I always mentioned.’


The room fell silent and it was my turn to hold my breath.


Finally she said ‘uh-uh.’


Really non-committal. Didn’t know whether to continue of not. Didn’t want to spoil the mood or anything.


I asked if she liked me watching, and she playfully kicked back at me, ‘we were only dancing.’ Then she giggled girlishly, really cute. Pushing her adorable bum into my groin she said, ‘but I can tell you did.’


She twisted around nuzzling into me, kissing me briefly on my chin. Wow was I feeling hot!


We were on the same page sexually again.


I asked her if she would spank me whilst she told me what she felt when dancing with him and silent ice swept through the room.

She shouted ‘spank you? I should be the one getting spanked. You are so …..’ she struggled with the words. ‘I need punishing not you. What sort of a man are you?’


I told her to keep quiet incase Chloe heard.


I might as well have demanded she bellow louder.


Apparently I was so perverted it ‘wasn’t true’. I begged her to stop being so loud but she was out of it, lost all control.


In a single movement she was out of the bed and slamming the door, shouting ‘I don’t know why I put up with it!’


At that point I knew I had better find a truly great Christmas present.


lockJordan’s Diary entry 06

With only a day or so before Christmas I resigned myself to not being able to play with the CB6000. I never had a moment alone in the house.

I had thought about buying Blair lingerie but she hadn’t worn the frillies I have bought for many years. So I bought her a dress from a sniffy designer shop in the city. Too often she would haul me to a halt outside the shop pointing out various dresses, their price tags were astonishing but she knew all the designer’s names. Oddly I think the assistants thought I was shopping for me. A mistake that made me tingle all oblack designer sexy dressver. As soon as I said the dress size of 12 they knew it wasn’t for me. I am fairly slim and know I can squeeze into a sleeveless size 16, but 12 would have been ridiculous. On the basis that Blair could change it if she didn’t like it I shelled out £1,755.99 on the credit card. Yep! Over a grand. At college I bought cars for less.



We spent Christmas at her mum and dad’s and everything was really good until the jaw dropping finale as we were about to go to bed. I will come to that in a moment. And just to let you know, Blair was overcome by the dress. She hugged me with moist eyes. Chloe and Blair’s mum cooed over the feel and design. I was back in her good books and feeling pretty pleased with myself.


As we were about to turn in for the night, exhausted by food and alcohol Blair handed me a Christmas gift wrapped in black tissue paper with red ribbons.

‘Wasn’t sure if I would give you this or a slap this Christmas. I guess the dress won me over. Merry Christmas.’

Then she kissed me on my cheek like an excited school girl.


I opened the gift and discovered a pair of lacy red and black panties of exquisite feel. They were bunched with plenty of material at the front as if to allow for a dick. I smiled knowing the cb6000 would sit wonderfully behind the silk.


Seeing my delight she whispered in my ear. ‘Now I don’t want to ever see them again. You know what I mean. But they might be better than those horrible, ancient things you have in the spare room. Have fun.’


I feel asleep hugging my wife. Madly in love with her and she with me.

lockJordan’s Diary entry 07

Two major events to report in the days following Christmas, one amazingly cool and the other distinctly less so.

The cool event came one evening when after a few glasses I left Blair in front of the tv while I went up and played with the cb6000. Chloe was out at her friend’s home. There had been the usual fuss about what she thought she was going to wear. In the end, after a lot of squealing, she changed out of the shorts and tights and into her jeans. Though the jeans were so tight they hugged her curves. When it comes to her figure she halocked 01s developed so much in the past year that I am not sure I can see much difference between her and Blair.

Having not had a chance to wear the cage for almost a week my head disappeared into subspace the moment I locked it on. This will sound crazy but when I put it on it feels so natural and comforting, as if it should always be there.  I know others feel it too, I have read it on their blogs. Like it lives there, like I am undressed without it. I wished at that moment that I could keep it locked on forever.

As many of you know when a sub is aroused it is when they are at their most vulnerable. It is when we need direction from a dom. The idea hit me as a fully formed plan.

I lay there fantasying about the keys being in Blair’s bag when she was in work when I realised the answer!

I would approach Blair and simply ask her to take a key to work with her. She knows about my fetish and we are feeling very close right now – even though we don’t seem to want each other sexually.

I pulled on my pants and crept downstairs. Blair was staring vacantly at the tv drowsy from the wine.

“Darling?” I said.

She answered as if from far away. So I quickly asked if she would do me a favour. My breathing became very shallow and my voice high pitched.

She smiled a dreamy “yes, sure.”

‘You know those cock cages I mentioned. The chastity belts …”

She sighed. “Yeh, yeh , go on.”

“Well I was wondering, if ….”

I couldn’t speak, she cocked her head to one side, inviting me to continue.

“ …well I can understand if you say no but …”

“Yes?” She was now awake and irritated, like her evening had been spoiled.

“If you could take the key to work one day. Just once. Just so I can see what it would be like to be truly helpless.”

She winced. She found my predilections somewhat unsavoury. “How would you be truly helpless?”

“Because I couldn’t take it off.”

“She furrowed her brow.

sexy girl2
Nothing to do with the diary entry, just would be shame not to show you what I aspire to look like.

“Look I’ll show you.”

I know she was going to say stop but I had already lowered my trousers and boxers.  She stared with wide open eyes at my groin and the CB6000.

I waited for a reaction.  She wiggled to the edge of the sofa to get a better look. “Oh!”


She laughed. “I thought it would be like those chastity belts you see in museums. A huge metal thingee. That’s so small.” Then she giggled. “I don’t mean what’s in it, I mean the cage thingee.”

“It is the small size. The big one is too clumsy.”

She nodded and leaned closer, delicately lifting up the lock with her fingers. “Does it hurt?”

“It pinches sometimes but I think I have got it about right  now.”

“And it cannot come off?”

“Only by unlocking it.”


I guess you are thinking that I was swollen and excited by now, but I was so nervous that I think my dick actually shrank as she played with the clear plastic container!

She laughed. “You are a pervy Sod. Ok I’ll think about it.”

I pulled up my pants. “Thanks love.”

“I said I’ll think about it. I don’t want you going on about it.”

So that was the cool event. I’ll tell you about how I brilliantly upset the apple cart next time.


lockJordan’s Diary entry 08


And this was the less cool event …

I had told you about how well things were going through Christmas and straight afterwards. Blair had bought me a sexy pair of panties and had agreed to take the key of my cb6000 to work with her.

We were sat at the kitchen table with coffees going through the fancy dress catalogue Blair had picked up for the New year’s eve bash. Blair loved going to fancy dress in sexy outfits though always wanted reassurance from me.

“Am I too old? Mutton dressed as lamb?”

“No!” I would honestly say. Blair’s figure was superb and she had gorgeous legs with, more importantly, a sexual confidence to show it all off.

Chloe was enthusiastic too. I thought she would turn her nose up at her mum going in a revealing outfit yet they were running through the sexy outfits at the rear of the booklet.

We were all chuckling when I pointed out the maids outfit for her. Waspishly Blair said that maybe I ought to get it! Chloe thought this was hilarious. They burst into fits of laughter and I was totally pissed off.

Blair was looking at me in her naughty, knowing way. All I could think of was: how could she bring this up in front of our daughter? Of course she knew I would love to wear the damned maid’s outfit. I had pleaded with her for years to let me.

So I got a little aggravated. Then Chole steamed in with “Go on dad, go on!”

Immediately I sent her to bed for being stupid.

Blair said I should calm down, they were only joking. I knew I was being an idiot but I couldn’t stop myself. I barked at Blair and then told Chloe it  was time for bed!

For the first time in our marriage Blair stood up for Chloe. She sat up straight in her chair glaring at me, defying me to continue.  “Dad, it is only 9.30. We were only teasing.” Then she grinned. “Come on. So what am I going to wear?”

But the mood had been broken – by me of course. I stormed off. My daughter should go to bed when I send her. I stupidly thought she would go after I left but I could hear them chatting for some time. Soon the chatting turned back into giggling.

In the end I went to bed alone and waited for Blair to come up so I could give her a piece of my mind. But she and Chloe waltzed up the stairs well after eleven and she didn’t even call into our bedroom. I heard the guest bedroom door close and a little later after bathroom visits all the lights went out.

I lay in bed thinking about the maid’s outfit. There were a few maid’s uniforms in the catalogue but the one I liked was strappy, as opposed to having sleeves. Its pinny started at the breasts and then slimmed to the waist before flowering out around the flared skirt. I closed my eyes thinking about it on me. With my cb6000 of course! Stockings and heels with a blond wig.
I thought of being tricked into serving everyone at the party. Carrying a tray of drinks and all and sundry knomaid 02wing it was me. I grew hotter and hotter until I pictured Morgan Hopkins commanding me to get more drinks while he and Blair disappeared onto the balcony to embrace.

The complete sissy, chastity, cuckold fantasy.

I groaned and played until I came in to my handkerchief.

In the morning I sheepishly joined the girls in the kitchen for toast and coffee. I felt like an idiot. I had put my foot down and had not got my way with my own daughter. I guess in one of my fantasies that would have been a hot notion, but now I just felt like a fool.

“You ok with me in the Burlesque outfit?” Blair asked.

“Sure yeh. You’d look good in that.”

“Great. And you? “

I was expecting them to suggest the maid’s outfit again but no one did. My face even flushed as I waited for their teasing.

“I dunno, what do you think? The pirates rig again?”

Blair wrinkled her nose. You wore that last year. But ok. I’ll see what they have.”

“Sure,” I said.

Blair put the fancy dress booklet onto the counter near the fridge and asked Chloe: “you coming? We could get lunch afterwards.”

“Love it!” Chloe said. “I need shoes for my party.”

“Deal,” said Blair.

They left chattering away like the best of friends. That isn’t always so between them! As I heard the car start up I picked up the catalogue and flicked quickly to the maid section. There were a number of outfits but my strappy one stood out. It was so hot.

I knew they would be a few hours so took a chance and went upstairs to get the CB2000 and a short slip that felt like a little maids dress. I slipped into dreamland.
maid 07
lockJordan’s Diary entry 09


Horrible realisation!

The reason for the discomfort I am getting is that the CB6000 is not a genuine model! It is some cheap version, probably from the land of the rising sun. The main defect is in the ‘rings’ which rather than being rounded are flat with indents. These press into the groin area. I am sure that the proper CB6000with the curved rings would be far more comfortable.

chastity 01

Blair had to go into work for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year. She dressed in one of her tight, sexy trouser suits. No skirt for the office, so she would be taken seriously by the guys there. I never had the heart to tell her that her curvy figure made the suit appear just as sexy as any short skirt. Her arse in particular was perfectly formed through the trousers. I often fantasised that my butt would look that good. I had shapers to help make my body more curvy, including the arse, but obviously could never achieve the same voluptuous size.

I was waiting for Blair to leave and Chloe to be picked up by her friends so I could get dressed and indulge my whims when she stood in front of me with a knowing smile.

She laughed at my quizzical expression. “Weren’t you going to give me something to take to work?”

I gasped. Wow! She meant it.

“If you’re sure,” I said.

“You be the one to be sure,” she giggled.

After standing like a lemon for a few seconds I bolted upstairs for the key to the chastity belt. All the way down I was wondering if I had misunderstood.

She was really amused, grinning from ear to ear, looking so sexy I wanted to hug her. I offered her the key and she accepted it.

That single act gave me a partial erection, one of my fantasies jumping to life.

She patted my cheek. “Give me a ring if there is a problem.”

She slipped the key into a pocket just inside her handbag that had a small zip.

“I love you,” I said feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

“Easily pleased,” she giggled and left.

Half hour after Chloe left with her provocatively dressed pals I was sat in front of my computer screen. Guess what I was wearing under my pants and shirt? A basque with stockings, matching panties and, of course, the CB6000. I trawled the net for stories about sissies in chastity belts with their devious wives and alpha male studs. Soon I felt my dick squirting into the condom and was in my element.

I removed the device before lunch so I could cum yet just a couple of hours later was wearing it again. It felt more natural to have it on then to be without it. Though I had the two spare keys safely hidden in the drawer, the very thought of Blair in her office holding my key was stomach churningly sexy. I was way too hot to even look at the shipping contracts.

With the CB6000 locked on I would rub myself up against the bed, tricking my mind into believing she had the key. I was deep in sub space working through the darkest of my fantasies.chastity 02

Blair returned home early wearing a huge smile, She handed me the key as soon as she got through the door.

I thanked her as I accepted it. I had actually removed the cage an hour or so before, but obviously I couldn’t let on.

“How was work?” Iasked

“Oh mister ‘look at me, big shot’ was the usual pain in the arse. Don’t I get a cup of tea for my efforts? I mean before you go up and have a little play?”

For the third time that day I had an erection. I breathlessly made her a tea as if she were my mistress.

She jabbered on about having to cover Morgan Hopkin’s arse, how he was like a big kid all the time. I wasn’t listening. In my mind I was saying ‘yes mistress’, ‘no mistress.’

“And the jokes he was telling!” Her cheeks blushed as she started giggling. “He is really awful”

I swallowed, “If you don’t mind I would like to ….” I pointed at my groin. I felt like a little boy asking for permission. That made me even randier!

She flicked a wrist with a smile. “Oh you go and do what you must.”

So I did!

The following day she worked from home and so nothing more developed until New Year ’s Eve when I saw the fancy dress outfit she had hired for  me.  …. And do not get too excited! It wasn’t a maid’s outfit or any girlie outfit, but it did make me cross.


lockJordan’s Diary entry 10

“Well you weren’t much help,” Blair said when she saw the expression on my face. “What was I supposed to get. They hardly had anything left.”

I was holding up my outfit for the party. A party we were supposed to be at in an hour to be in time for cocktails.

I had been expecting a pirate’s outfit for me, just as I had worn the previous year, along with a sexy burlesque number for Blair. That was what we had discussed on that fateful evening when she and Chloe teased me about a maid outfit.

What I was looking at was two convict uniform made out of a cheap terylene or some such. Hers was little more than a slightly long tee shirt, ensuring her legs would be totally on display. It was so tight and elastic that her boobs and arse might as well be exposed like her thighs.jail01

Not that I minded, I think like most cuckold sissy lovers I quite liked seeing guys ogle my wife. Mine was a matching convict’s outfit, same horizontal lines on thin stretchy material, with only a pair of shorts for modesty.

We each had matching hats with the same stripes.

“Come on,” Blair grinned. “It’ll be a laugh.”

Public humiliation is part of the burn in my fantasies but in the real world I hate the idea of being laughed at.

Blair pushed her hand through the packaging and with a wicked grin triumphantly held up a pair of handcuffs. Even I had to laugh at that. She knew full well my bondage fantasies.

“Don’t get too excited,” she smiled. “They are only toy ones! Look you click here by the lock and they open .”

I shrugged and laughed. “Ok,” I relented. “Once we are drunk it won’t make any difference.”

With little choice I dressed as the convict. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I knew I looked ridiculous in a subby way. By wearing the prisoners outfit I sort of adopted the persona. My dick thickened in my pants so I carefully examined my shorts in the mirror to see if it were visible.

Then Blair bounced into the room with a fanfare and a lot of girly arm waving. My dick grew semi hard. She was totally wow. The outfit clung to every curve. Her arse and boobs were amazing. She wore black tights over her sexy legs which enhanced the vision of a girl on show to the world. I wanted to ravish her there and then.

“I hope you are going to close your mouth before we get there,” she laughed, bending forwards and using her finger under my chin to close it.

“You are amazing!”

“I know, but thanks for agreeing.” With that she accentuated the wiggle as she left. “Come on. We will be late.”

What I would give to have those curves to show off.jail 02

We arrived at the manor house and I could hear the shouting and laughing before we even opened the car doors. The place must have been packed.

Blair pulled on a pair of white ankle boots with a two inch heel and clipped the handcuff over her left wrist. She offered me the open other half. “Come on Jord, let’s go for it. Make an entrance. Give ‘em something to think about.”

“The guys will be thinking about you for a long time to come!”

I clipped the cuff around my wrist and she kissed my cheek as if thanking me for joining in the fun

Feeling exposed in the tight shorts and top, handcuffed to my on fire-hot wife, I let her lead us to the stone steps and the music and commotion.

We slipped between Catwoman and a chubby nurse and entered.

Yep we made an entrance, and yep my wife got the attention, and yep I was on the receiving end of the titters.

But it is what that dick head Morgan Hopkins was wearing that was to shake me to my boots and deliver up fantasy after fantasy for many weeks to come.

Will tell you more, next time.


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