The House by Lisa Smith part 9

The House on the Hill


Chapter 9


When everyone was finished in the ladies ‘room, they met Mistress Wells at the top of the stairwell leading down to the basement.   “Ladies, your wives and sponsors are already downstairs waiting for you. In a single file I’d like you to proceed downstairs and join them. You will take the seat between them and allow your sponsor to help you secure your butt plug to the seat itself and your wife to remove your ‘calling bells.’ When you are all secured properly we will begin our evening’s festivities. Now, Chantal, would you please lead us down the stairs?”

One by one they each walked carefully still uncertain on handling the stairs in their heels. To their dismay the clickety-click of their heels was matched with the ringing of their bells announcing their entrance as they made their way into the basement. Walking into the basement each of them noticed that the chairs were arranged in 3 rows of 6 facing what appeared to be a bed with a large screen TV positioned behind it. After slowly making their way to their seats, each of them reluctantly allowed their sponsors to clip them in secured by their butt plugs while their wives removed their ‘calling bells’. “Don’t be embarrassed, Christine,” his wife laughed, “After tonight you won’t have to wear that silly butt plug again although I may want to use your ‘calling bells’ occasionally.”

When everyone was seated comfortably, Mistress Wells stepped to the front of the room and began, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are finally approaching the denouement of this entire exercise. First, before I tell you about our first game I’d like to tell you more about the breast forms that we’ve attached to our lovely maids. While they are all first class forms and can be easily removed, they also hide a tiny little bit of work that we did on each of you while you were sleeping. Simply put, we gave each of you breast implants; sub-muscular saline breast implants to be precise. “

“You said you didn’t do anything permanent,” Evelyn whined.

“We didn’t,” Mistress Wells continued, “We did insert the breast plants and we filled them so each of you could accommodate a D cup if necessary but we removed the saline solution so they are empty now and can be removed when you want. We just wanted to prepare you for the next game we are going to play. You are all going to play a game where the loser has to get implants and by preparing you like we have you will be able to have your implants re-filled quickly and painlessly by a board certified surgeon who is waiting in the sterile surgical center that we have set up in the room behind us.

Now as far as the game that you will be playing, I am going to call you up 2 at a time and let you get comfortable in the 69 position on the bed right beside me. Each of you will be working to make your opponent cum before you do. The first person to orgasm gets implants and to make it even more interesting we’ll have time limits to determine the cup size you’ll get. Each game will last 8 minutes divided into 2 minute quarters although there will be no resting unless you want to give your opponent an advantage. The quarters will be used to determine the size of the implants that the loser receives. Cum in the first 2 minutes and you get an A cup, next 2 minutes and you get a B cup, next 2 minutes and it is a C cup, and finally if you cum in the last 2 minutes you get D cups. If no one cums during the 8 minute game then we flip a coin and whoever loses gets D cups.

Now before I call our first 2 opponents I’d like you to think a minute about the possible outcomes. The longer you last the more likely you are going to end up with larger breasts.  I’m sure that none of you want breast implants but I want to remind you that A or B cups are a lot less noticeable on a man. So if you are worried that you might not be able to make it 8 minutes then I’d like to suggest that you surrender to your opponent. If anyone decides to surrender they will get the cup size they would have achieved if they had their orgasm in that time frame. So if you surrender at the 1 ½ minute mark you will get an A cup or a B cup if you surrender at 2 ½ minutes; is this clear, ladies?

Our first two contestants will be Evelyn and Chantal. Will their sponsors please unclip them from their seats and allow them to take your arm while you escort them up front to the bed?”

Chantal didn’t know what to do. She realized that there was no escaping but she also knew that the only way to avoid getting breasts was to win this damn game. Even though I don’t want to I’m going to suck on her cock until she explodes, she thought to herself while positioning herself prone on the bed.

Likewise, Michael was in a quandary. Should he just surrender or should he try to win? Convinced he could avoid an orgasm by picturing the more masculine Chantal sucking on him, Michael decided to go for the win. There is no way I’ll ever cum with Chantal sucking on me. It took her nearly eight more minutes than me to suck her sponsor to orgasm.

When both of them were positioned mouth to penis, Mistress Wells spoke again, “Ladies, you can begin when I say go but remember the only rule is that the winner must shout ‘I won’ when his opponent cums. Now, ready…, set…, Go!”

Michael knew instinctively that Chantal would just try to suck the life out of him without trying to arouse him. He understood that his best chance of winning was to use all of the same tricks his wife used on him. So he slowly started licking Chantal’s shaft without touching her with his lips. As Chantal’s penis slowly came to life Michael began to flick his tongue quickly over Chantal’s glans which caused her to quickly get hard. Next he began sweeping his hair over Chantal’s groin while gently licking and sucking her scrotum.

“Four minutes, ladies, you have four minutes left.”

Four minutes, Michael thought, I better get to work. Finally circling his lips around his shaft Michael began to suck softly up and down on Chantal’s shaft. Feeling it pulse gently he knew he was getting a response.

“Six minutes, ladies, you have two minutes remaining.”

Oh no, Michael thought, I need to try something else. I wonder if I can reach my purse and grab my KY jelly. Lying on his right side Michael knew he was lying on top of his purse but lifting himself a little he was slowly able to open his purse and grab the KY jelly with his right hand.

“Seven minutes, ladies, you have one minute remaining.”

Calm down and just open the top. That’s it. Michael finally squirted the jelly all over the fingers of his right hand. Now I have to do this quickly so Chantal won’t be able to stop me. Keep sucking. Reach up and grab her left cheek while pushing my right hand between her legs and inserting 2 fingers into her rectum.

“Thirty seconds remaining, ladies.”

Before Chantal even knew what he was doing, Michael slid his two fingers into her ass and quickly found her prostate. While firmly massaging her prostate Michael increase the suction and speed of his mouth on Chantal’s penis. Feeling her growing larger in his mouth, Michael finally knew that he was going to win.

“Ten seconds, ladies.”

At the same time Michael heard Mistress Wells call out ten seconds he felt Chantal’s penis begin to spurt and pulsate. Swallowing the first load Michael quickly removed his mouth and whispered, “I won,” while Chantal continued to spurt all over his face.

“That wasn’t fair,” Chantal screamed. “He used his fingers in my ass.”

“Now don’t make us shock you, Chantal,” Mistress Wells replied. “I told you the only rule was the winner had to say ‘I won’ which Evelyn clearly did. You almost made it but unfortunately for you Evelyn was resourceful. Now I need you to get up and grab your sponsor’s arm while he leads you to the surgical center where your implants will be refilled to give you a perfect D Cup.

Evelyn, congratulations, we were all impressed with your techniques. When you are ready please grab your sponsor’s arm and he will lead you back and clip you into your seat. I’m sure your wife will have a few tissues in her purse and she can help clean you up and refresh your make-up.

Next up will be Isabel and Melanie. Will their sponsors help them up and escort them up front.”



Forty five minutes later Chantal, Isabel and Christine, looking completely defeated, were escorted back into the grand room where they allowed themselves to be repositioned by their sponsors onto their seats. “Hold your shoulders back, ladies. A woman is extremely proud of her breasts,” Mistress Wells intoned while laughing. “Although I hoped that Isabel could have joined both Chantal and Christine with D cups, her C’s are really just lovely. You all look very natural. More importantly, I only think it’s fair if each of you can get another chance at your opponents. Now that perked you up, didn’t Chantal? Our next game gives each of you another chance to make your old opponent orgasm but this time you only have four minutes to accomplish your task. Your opponent this time has the opportunity to decide if she thinks she is less likely to orgasm being sucked or being fucked. Interesting choice, isn’t it, Evelyn since you’re our first contestant again.”

Realizing that he was being addressed, Michael looked up and replied, “Yes, Mistress Wells.”

“Well, what do you prefer, Evelyn?”

I’d prefer neither you bitch he thought. But he had to think clearly because he knew, like this entire nightmare, that she was extremely serious. I definitely don’t want Chantal sucking me because I was too close the last time. Better yet, I don’t think I’d ever cum with someone fucking me in the ass. “I’d prefer to be fucked, Mistress”

“That is an excellent choice, Evelyn.  Now I’d like your wife and Chantal’s wife to unclip you both and escort you both up here to our well-used bed. “

“I think you made the right choice, honey,” Nancy whispered as she unclipped Michael. “Here, take my arm and follow me up front.”

“Here are the rules, ladies. If you orgasm within the first minute then you will receive D cups; within one and three minutes then you will receive C cups and between three and four minutes and it will be B cups. If you last longer than four minutes then you win—No breasts! Once again you must declare ‘I won’ to confirm your success in bringing your opponent to orgasm. Nancy, as Evelyn positions herself on the bed can you please remove her butt plug?”

Positioning himself face down on his knees and hands Michael couldn’t imagine being more humiliated until he heard his wife say,” Certainly, Rachel, I’d love to.”

Turning to Chantal Mistress Wells said, “Chantal, I’d like you to take your KY jelly and prepare yourself so you’re hard enough to penetrate Evelyn or if you wish you can ask your wife to prepare you.”

“I’d prefer to do it myself, Mistress, but can I ask another question?” Chantal asked with anticipation.

“Yes, dear, you may ask your question.”

“Can I have Evelyn move into another position?” Chantal smiled as she filled her hands with KY jelly.

“Certainly, Chantal,” Mistress Wells responded. “I hate to use baseball terminology but while Evelyn gets to choose whether she wants to be the catcher or the pitcher, you get to decide how you are going to throw the ball. How would you like Evelyn to position herself, dear?”

Trying to hold in her smile as she stroked her hardening penis Chantal replied, “I’d like her on her back with her feet over my shoulders, Mistress.”

“My you sound like you’ve done this before, Chantal,” Mistress Wells laughed. “Why do you want Evelyn in this position?”

“I want to be looking into her eyes when she cums, Mistress,” Chantal beamed.

“Interesting, Chantal, although I think there is more to your request than you’re telling us. Evelyn, please lie on your back and lift your legs up on Chantal’s shoulders. Now to be fair, Chantal, I’d like you to penetrate Evelyn before I say go. We don’t want Evelyn to win by closing her sphincter and never letting you in. We all would agree that she chose to be fucked.”

“Mistress Wells,” Chantal inquired with a gleam in her eye, “Can Mistress Nancy spread Evelyn’s ass cheeks because my hands are full of KY jelly and I don’t want to get it all over Evelyn’s backside?”

Not imagining that he could be embarrassed further, Michael watched with trepidation as his wife slowly bent over his waist and groin and grabbed his right cheek with her right hand and his left cheek with her left hand.

“How is that, Chantal?” Nancy asked, “Or should I pull her wider?”

“That’s perfect, Mistress Nancy” Chantal sighed as she felt herself slide at least three inches into Evelyn.

Being fucked by a man was one thing but having his wife help was sickening Michael thought as he watched Chantal empty a little more KY jelly onto her hands. My God, that’s why she has me in this position. She’s going to jerk me off as she fucks me. Damn it, I thought she was just going to ride me like a dog in heat and the discomfort would have stopped me from having an orgasm.

“Ok, ladies, you may begin.”

Immediately thrusting 3 inches deeper, Chantal smiled as she looked at Evelyn and softly stroked her awakening penis. “There you go, Evelyn, I knew you’d like this. What do like best–my hands stroking your cock or my dick in your ass?”

Trying to look away Michael already knew he had lost. He wouldn’t admit it but both felt good and his only goal now was to make it past the one minute mark. Please, he begged himself, just hold on for a minute.

“Thirty seconds, ladies, 3 ½ minutes remaining”

“Oh, I think I felt a quiver, Evelyn,” Chantal smiled as she continued gently thrust in and out while expertly massaging Evelyn’s penis. “Surrender, Evelyn, you know you can’t make it. You’ll love your D cups. Oh, there’s another pulse, you’re almost there.

Please say one minute, Michael thought as felt himself release.

“Oh my, that must have felt wonderful, Evelyn,” Chantal laughed as she continued to stroke Evelyn’s penis as it continued to squirt. “I’ve never seen so much semen and you’re still pumping. I’m so close myself it will only take me another thrust or two, Ohhh, I feel it coming…..”

“One minute, ladies. Three minutes remaining.”

“Ughhh…Ughhh…,” Chantal groaned as she continued to pump into Evelyn before she realized her mistake. “I won, Mistress Wells,” she finally whispered when she was finished.

“You certainly did, Chantal,” Mistress Wells replied as Chantal gingerly slid herself out of Michael’s backside. “Evelyn will now receive C cup implants. But you will have to live with the fact that your selfish focus on your own release probably cost her the opportunity to have lovely D sized breasts like your own. Nancy, will you please re-plug Evelyn and escort her to the surgical center?”

“Certainly, Rachel,” Nancy responded as she grabbed the butt plug and asked, “Evelyn, honey, can you roll over and get on your hands and knees? I think it will be easier that way.”

“Do you have any tissues that you can clean me with?” Michael whispered as he complied with his wife’s request.

“I’m sorry, honey, they’re in my purse which I left on the chair. Don’t worry we can clean up your mess when this is over. Now relax your sphincter when I push, dear.”

“Next up are Isabel and Melanie, “Mistress Wells started, “Have you decided whether you prefer to be sucked or fucked. Melanie?”



“Well, that little game didn’t work out quite as I expected, ladies,” Mistress Wells began. “I really was expecting one of you to win. But after watching both Evelyn’s and Chantal’s techniques it became very apparent that none of you really had a chance. The downside was there no winners. The upside is that each of you is now sporting a pair of C or D sized breasts although, like I promised you earlier, they are not permanent and can be removed if you so choose. I also need to congratulate each of you for not surrendering. You certainly would have ended up with smaller breasts if you’d surrendered but our viewing pleasure would have been less and, frankly, the larger sizes fit your frames much better.

Looking at the clock I see it is now 10:00 pm which gives us 2 more hours for our final game. Our last game will be a version of the old ‘Newlywed’ game from the 1970’s. Are you ready to begin?”









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