The House by Lisa Smith part 4

The House on the Hill


Chapter 4


Watching both Isabel and Sophie mince out of the room Michael couldn’t decide whether he should be laughing or crying. Both were walking with their elbows held close to their sides and their hands held high with limp wrists holding their purses. Even more strange was that Isabel was walking with a feather duster butt plug up her ass like she it was perfectly natural. He couldn’t believe that just 3 hours of practice could ingrain in them such an overtly feminine walk. Watching them place one foot in front of the other while swaying their hips made him think that there was more to this whole thing than they’d been led to believe. No one learns how to walk so femininely without days and weeks of practice he thought. What else had been done to them over the last 4 months? Before he could say anything, Isabel was standing in front of the next room and just like before the door automatically opened.


“Hello,” Isabel said softly as the lights slowly came on. “Don’t be scared, honey, we’re here to help you,” she said as she saw another person dressed in the same French maid’s uniform tied and blindfolded just like her and Sophie. “My name is Isabel,” she said while she gently untied the frightened girl’s bindings. Despite knowing that this person was a man just like them Isabel felt it nearly impossible not to think of each of them as girls while they had to go through this ordeal dressed as maids calling each other feminine names. When Isabel removed her blindfold she looked at the new maid’s name tag and said, “Hi, Chantal, don’t be afraid. We’re here to help you. This is Sophie and that’s Evelyn over there. We are all going to get through this nightmare if we help each other. If you are in the same position as we were then you are probably stuck on the chair. Are you?”

“Yes,” Chantal whimpered through a cascade of tears. “Why would anyone do this to me? To us? I’ve been here stuck like this for nearly two days. How can you help?”

“There is another envelope addressed to me,” Michael said from across the room looking down at the envelope addressed to “Evelyn”.

“What is in the envelope?” Chantal inquired.

“There have been instructions in every envelope, dear,” Isabel replied. “They are all addressed to Evelyn but they are meant for us all.”

“Shall I read them?” Michael asked at the same time wondering why Isabel was speaking in such a feminine manner. Isabel’s speech and mannerisms were much more feminine than you’d expect in a man and they seemed to be getting more feminine as time went on.

“Please, Evelyn,” Chantal begged, “let me know how I can get out of here.”


Opening the desk drawer Michael found another letter opener which he used to open the envelope.



                                Once again congratulations on another successful rescue! You seem to really enjoy your job. We all love the way you keep sucking and swallowing until each cock is soft and tiny. But all good things must come to an end and by this I only mean your lovely cocksucking.

                                As usual Chantal is sitting on a very large butt plug that will only deflate when her prostate releases her love juices. We think we need to involve everyone in her rescue so here is what we want you to do. First, while Sophie is holding up Chantal’s skirt, our favorite fluffer, Isabel, needs to get Chantal just as excited as she did with Sophie. While this is going on you need to retrieve your KY jelly from your purse and prepare Sophie’s backside for the next part of the mission. Please use as much jelly on Sophie’s ass as you used on Isabel’s because the next part will be the most difficult.

                                When Chantal is sufficiently excited then our lovely Sophie will position herself with her back facing Chantal so that she can ease herself down gently onto Chantal’s pole of excitement. But please be careful Sophie because we don’t want to see either you or Chantal suffer any injury. Your job then Sophie is to relieve Chantal of her love juices by sliding gently up and down on her love pole. Now before you think how easy this will be remember that Chantal is plugged tightly to the seat and won’t be able to thrust herself into your love hole. At the same time Sophie you need to ride Chantal’s love pole with enough rhythm and suction to get her to orgasm. Too much rhythm and suction and you will hurt our dear Chantal. Too little and she won’t have enough stimulation to ejaculate. We all know that you will be successful but we just wanted to let you know the difficulties ahead of time.

                                Lastly, Evelyn your final job will be to have one of the tampons ready that Isabel has in her purse. When Chantal eventually spurts in Sophie’s love canal we don’t want to waste any of those juices so we want you to insert a tampon quickly in her hole so she, like you, can savor those juices all day long. Unfortunately for her she won’t get to enjoy the taste like you were able to enjoy.


                Hugs and Kisses    XOXOXOX



“This can’t really be happening,” Chantal said with tears rolling down her cheeks. “This is sick. Can’t we do anything else?”

“Don’t worry, honey,” Sophie began, “It’s my ass that you are going to fill. You just have to sit back and enjoy it so we can all get out of here. One thing the letter didn’t mention is that there is C4 plastic explosive in that butt plug of yours and unless I ride you to a successful release then we are all through.”

“She’s right, Chantal,” Michael added again thinking about Sophie’s feminine choice of words. It almost sounded like she was looking forward to getting fucked in the ass. “The sooner we get this over with then the sooner we will get out of here. Sophie, can you lift Chantal’s skirt while Isabel begins to fluff her? I’ll be right over after I grab the KY jelly from my purse.”


After grabbing the KY jelly, Michael made his way over to the chair where Isabel was holding up Chantal’s skirt while Isabel was bent over shaking her hips and ass while teasing Chantal’s groin with the feather duster. “Can you bend over while you’re holding her skirt, Sophie?” Michael asked before continuing, “I am going to lubricate you first with one finger before getting more jelly and using two and then three fingers on you.”

“Sure, Evelyn, but please be gentle,” Sophie whispered, “And please use a lot of that lubricant. I think it will be a lot easier to slide on Chantal if I am well lubricated.”

“I will,” Michael answered wondering if Sophie had actually had anal sex before.


Five minutes again was all it took for Isabel to perfectly fluff Chantal to the edge of ejaculation. Quickly, Sophie switched places with Isabel and with her back to Chantal gently touched Chantal’s penis and guided it to her anus. Michael watched with fascination as Sophie slowly positioned her anus on Chantal’s erect penis and slowly began relax her sphincter while swallowing Chantal’s penis centimeter by centimeter. Slowly at first Sophie took in Chantal’s member but eventually she had about an inch in when she asked breathlessly, “Chantal, are you ok? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m fine,” Chantal whispered, “I was almost ready to come but it may take a little more.”

“Don’t worry, Chantal, I have only taken you in about an inch. Once I take more of you inside of me I think I’ll be able to get you excited again,” Sophie replied as she relaxed her sphincter again and took in another inch of Chantal’s penis. Slowly, inch by inch, Sophie was able to swallow every inch of Chantal’s penis until she was almost sitting on her lap. Not wanting to put any weight on Chantal, Sophie then began to slide up and then down. Slowly at first but then with a stronger rhythm and pace Sophie moved up and down all the while Chantal’s breathing and excitement grew.


While Michael was watching with increased fascination, Sophie looked to him and asked, “Evelyn, do you have the tampon ready because Chantal is ready to explode? Two more glides down and up and I’m sure she’ll cum. I don’t want to lose any of her juices and create some reason for these people to punish us. Also, I have a feeling that I am going to cum as well. Will we be in trouble if I do?”

Coming out of his stupor, Michael thought quickly and replied, “You’re right, Sophie. Whoever is holding us here is extremely preoccupied with us keeping the cum in our bodies. Isabel, I am sorry that I have to ask but can you go over and kneel in front of Sophie with your mouth open. Sophie will only slide her penis into your mouth if she feels she has to cum.”

“It’s the least I can do, honey,” Isabel smiled as she positioned herself with her mouth open on her knees in front of Sophie. “Evelyn, you’ve already done so much for the rest of us. Sophie, dear, I think it will be best if I wrap my lips around your penis so we don’t have any accidents.”

“Oh, that’s perfect, Isabel,” Sophie moaned as Isabel gently wrapped her lips around her target.

Michael then glided quickly over to Isabel’s purse and removed a tampon and opened it while quickly returning to Sophie’s side. True to Sophie’s word two more complete glides up and down was all it took as both Sophie and Chantal erupted in mutual orgasms. Sophie smiled and grunted as she quickly pulled Isabel’s head and mouth over her penis just before she erupted.  Realizing that it may take Isabel longer to swallow all of her ejaculate before Chantal’s penis slid out of her ass, Sophie pulled Isabel’s head to her penis and said, “Evelyn, Can you insert the tampon as soon as I slide off of Chantal. I am going to hold onto Isabel until I stop ejaculating. “

“I’m ready as soon as you’re off of her, Sophie, although I’ve never done this before.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine sweetie,” Sophie smiled, “You did a wonderful job lubing me up.”

As soon as Sophie slid off Chantal’s deflating penis, Michael quickly pushed the tampon up her anus. At the same time Sophie gently released her grip on Isabel’s head and looked down with a smile, “Thank you very much, sweetheart.”

“That was quite a rush, Sophie,” Isabel replied while licking her lips and fingers. “You came so hard I almost gagged.”

“I know, Isabel, dear,” Sophie said, “When Chantal erupted inside of me it just increased the intensity of my own orgasm. It was wonderful and your sucking made it even better.”

“Stop this both of you,” Chantal replied softly while still crying, “this is truly sick. We’re not supposed to be enjoying this.”

“Well, look who is an ungrateful bitch,” Sophie sneered as she hugged Isabel. “We didn’t ask to do this. We only did it so we could get you released. I couldn’t help that it felt good. By the way is that butt plug deflating in your ass?”

“Yes, it’s going down. I’m sorry,” Chantal cried. “It’s just that this is so bizarre and hateful. Who would want to do this to us?”

Michael couldn’t help but digest the events of the past few minutes. Chantal had a point. Isabel and Sophie seemed to be enjoying themselves. They even hugged each other after Sophie’s orgasm. Never in his wildest dream could he imagine a man having an orgasm and ejaculating while sliding up and down with another man’s penis in his ass. And then there was Isabel; she didn’t have to be asked twice to help Sophie. She even asked if she could suck her before she even knew if Sophie was going to orgasm. Something just doesn’t make sense but he didn’t have time to think about it. He just wanted to get out. “Isabel, you and Sophie need to help Chantal to her feet. While I’m grabbing everyone’s purses let’s all look around the room and see if there is anything else we need to bring.”

“There are two more butt plugs on the desk, Evelyn” Isabel smiled walking over and picking them up. “I’m sure our hosts have some plan for them.”

“Here’s your purse, Isabel.” Michael replied. “Why don’t you put them in there? Here are your purses as well, Sophie and Chantal. Let’s get to the next room so that we can get out of this nightmare.”

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