Chat Windows

New Chat Area for all Deborah Ford Books, stories, website … in fact anything.

You’ll find this at the bottom right hand side of your screen, in the corner.       

Once you select it you will see:       

You can use the settings to change your name if you want, but you do not have to log in. Just say anything!

Deborah Ford books for sale on Kindle, Lulu, etc.

Link to US store for Deborah Ford.  Link to UK store for Deborah Ford.

3 thoughts on “Chat Windows

  1. My chat window no longer responds as it ought and is no longer supported, so this will be the best place to leave comments or ask questions until I can sort the issue. – DF

  2. The original chat window has died and is no longer supported. There is a russian version of it! but i am avoiding that.

    Yes, maybe the newer window will work, though I dont find it encouraging to chat in. Am hoping to create more of a link with Reddit. But who knows what new software will emerge.

    Deborah Ford.

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