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My Reddit sub group is updated far more often than this site. So please try the link. It will feature stuff I find on Reddit and elsewhere on the web that I feel is of interest to those who visit this site. You can also add your own pix and thoughts. I’m including material I wouldnt upload here.

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  1. My chat window no longer responds as it ought and is no longer supported, so this will be the best place to leave comments or ask questions until I can sort the issue. – DF

  2. The original chat window has died and is no longer supported. There is a russian version of it! but i am avoiding that.

    Yes, maybe the newer window will work, though I dont find it encouraging to chat in. Am hoping to create more of a link with Reddit. But who knows what new software will emerge.

    Deborah Ford.

  3. Are ‘the hotel’ books a rewrite or the original version that was published on fictionmania many moons ago…

    1. They are either the same or very close to the originals on FM. No great changes in story, maybe a little tidying, but little more.

  4. What a deliciously wicked and yet insightful mind you have into the deepest desires of crossdressers, sissies, and submissive men….loved the Hotel book… you write from personal experience?

    1. Thank you Shirley. The Hotel series remains popular.

      Limited personal experience, but research a lot and love chatting to dominant women who enjoy dominating sissies.

  5. Thank you Deborah for your response….some of those Women obviously are quite dominant. My favorite parts are where the Women outsmart the men….subtle things such as writing the letters…about staying longer, or wanting real boobs…how they are used against a naive unsuspecting sissy…how “his” wildest fantasies and dreams are used to lure him deeper and deeper into serving Women in all regards….the turn of the tables and roles…I find very enjoyable.

    Thanks again


    1. yes, I get that. An important part of the genre is that the sissy is dumb to some extent, and easily out smarted by wife and her lover.

      Deborah Ford

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