The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Nine


On that fateful, gloomy autumnal day, all had seemed well.

Eden was irked by the presence of his daughter’s loud-mouthed boyfriend, Jerry, but other than that all was peace and harmony.

The Master and Mistress of the House had gone to the local park for a jog, lunch had been served on time, and even the Master of the House said, “well done, maid”, as he patted the triumphant maid’s bottom.

The washing cycle was nearly done with just the whites to go, so the sunshine in the vacant maid’s brain made up for the dingy darkness of the blustery afternoon that lay beyond the darkening windows.

It was yet to occur to the maid that just when life was a tranquil pool of achievement, so the hurricanes could be building out of sight.

As is often the case, the storm began mildly.

Jerry, his rolled in to the kitchen and raided the biscuit tin.

“What?” he groaned.

Eden stood to attention, wondering what he had done now. At times Jerry was more pernickety than the Master of the House.

“Maid!” Jerry barked, his fingers pushing through the contents of the tin.

Pressing down the sides of his flared skirt, and feeling as vulnerable as ever, Eden said, “Yes, Sir? Is there anything I can help with?”

“No fucking chocolate ones!”

Eden winced, did the yob have to swear like that?

Alicia joined them, wearing her jeans and tee shirt, her feet bare.

“Must you shout?” She asked, with a mischievous grin.

Exactly! The maid thought. He was like an angry bear. So damned uncouth. As soon as Eden was freed from being the maid he would have to have a strong word with Jerry about his poor manners.

As if undeterred by the lack of chocolate biscuits in the tin, Jerry continued searching. “There’s no fucking chocolate biscuits here!”

Alicia rolled her eyes at the maid, who had once been her dad, and they both shared a smile of exasperation at the oaf’s behaviour.

Putting her delicate arms around her beau, Alicia said, “Ask the maid to fetch you some, when she’s next out shopping.”

He wasn’t impressed.

“The dumb bitch should have thought of that when she was shopping before!”

Shaking her head, Alicia removed her boyfriend’s fingers from the tin.

“Don’t call my dad that.” she sighed, “I mean the maid that!”

“Your Master of the House does!” Jerry said as if landing an ace at a poker table. He glared at the maid. “You must have some chocolate here, maid!”

“Yes Sir.”

She walked to the cupboards as elegantly as she could in the three inch heels she was permitted when working.

“Yes, Sir. I have a variety here.”

The maid pulled out a few unopened packets and offered them to Jerry.

“Yeh? Like, couldn’t you have said something before!”

What a horrible person, Eden thought. “Had Sir, said what he was looking for I would have told him.”

Eden hid triumphant smile as best he could – which wasn’t very effective.

Jerry turned to his girlfriend.

“Ok. I can spank this dumb fuck, yes?”

Smiling serenely, she took her boyfriend’s hands and spoke softly, as if apologetic. “You know you can’t, my love. Even I can’t do that. Only the Master and Mistress of the house can do that.”

Eden’s pleasure in knowing that the boyfriend wasn’t allowed to spank him, dialled up his hubris, and his confidence.

The rumbling storm inched closer.

“Would Sir, care for one of these biscuits,” the maid asked, with raised eyebrows.

Jerry scowled, “Put them on the counter and make us a cup of coffee!”

“Yes, Sir.” Eden glanced at his daughter, “Would Miss like to join Sir with a coffee?”

Alicia’s face fell, her eyes slid shut. “I don’t see why you can’t call me Mistress, either. I mean, it’s not as if the Master and Mistress of the House are here.”

Oh no. Not this conversation now, especially in front of the irritating meathead of a boy friend.

Eden needed to shut down the conversation quickly. He had learnt to try to prevent events escalating until he was bent over the Master’s knee.

“Well Master has said so. Would Miss wish to have it in her usual mug?”

“It’s not fair!” She said.

Jerry suddenly pulled back his shoulders, pulling himself to his full height. The maid felt overwhelmed, as she quickly looked down at the floor.

“Yeh maid,” Jerry said, “When the Master and Mistress are out, we should be Master and Mistress.”

Alicia giggled, saying to her boyfriend, “You get on with the Master better than me. Why don’t you ask him?”

Eden held his breath. He would never address his daughter as Mistress and certainly not her ill-mannered boyfriend as Master. There were lines in the sand over which he would not go.

“You know what?” Jerry said, “I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna demand we get the full titles, at least when they aren’t here.  And you know what else I’m gonna do?”

Alicia gazed up at her lover with expectant admiration, “No. Tell me.”

“I’m going to tell him that I should be able to spank the maid when she’s being a dumb fuck and the Master isn’t around.”

Alicia giggled. “He’s not going to go for that!”

“We’ll see about that!”

Jerry looked determined and Eden pursed his newly inflated lips. We’ll see about that, the maid thought to herself.

Alicia approached her father and cocked her head to one side. “You have upset a guest in the house. Apologise to him”

If there was one point of maid etiquette that Eden had drilled into him after his long weeks of hands on training, it was never to argue. Yet, here he was being told to apologise to the loud mouthed boyfriend of his own daughter. The guy was half his age and should be the one doing the apologising.

Eden swallowed and felt his brain die. He needed to stand up for himself somehow, but wasn’t sure of how to proceed without making matters even worse.

“Erm, Miss Alicia, I, erm, am sorry if he’s upset.”

Alicia’s eyes grew wide with anger.

“Who, maid?”

“Oh, yes, sorry Miss. I mean Sir. I am sorry Sir is upset.”

Her eyes closed with a sigh before flashing open with a determined stare.

“And, who upset him?”

Oh no! This was so unjust. It wasn’t his fault he hadn’t put the chocolate biscuits in the tin.

“Miss, I don’t think it was my fault really …”


Alicia shouted so loudly, Eden gasped, and started gabbling, “Sir, I am so sorry if biscuits that you wanted, weren’t in the tin. Had you said so before, then obviously I would have …”

“Maid!” Alicia shouted even louder.

Feeling his shoulders contract, Eden stopped talking and looked at his daughter with trepidation.

She cocked her head to one side.

“Maid, why don’t you stand in the corner, while you think of the apology you are going to make. How does that sound?”

“Well, er, Miss, I …”

Eden knew that the Master had given her permission to send him to the corner or to face the wall as a punishment, but this was the first time she had done so without being instructed to act by the Master of the House.

As with many silly maids, Eden went into carefully controlled disbelief mode. His brain shut down the idea of him being admonished by his own daughter in front of her disagreeable boyfriend. And in his own home.

It just couldn’t be happening. Therefore, it wasn’t.

Even when, just moments later, his nose was just over an inch from the corner, he was still using disbelief as  a means to manage his shame.

“Hands on head!” Alicia said.

“Yes, Miss.”

Eden pushed his hands into his blonde curls.

He heard his daughter sigh. “Like you need to be told every time!”

“Sorry, Miss.”

Behind his back there was a squeal. Suddenly, the kitchen was suddenly full of laughter and giggles, as if his daughter and boyfriend were fighting. Then rushed feet thumped out of the kitchen, before banging upstairs, with the giggling growing more intense.

A door slam and silence, save for the burr of a fan.

A knot twisted in Eden’s tummy. If Alicia didn’t release him from this position soon, then the Master and Mistress will see him standing in the corner and will know he’d been naughty – even though he hadn’t been naughty, really. Knowing he was alone, he dared to stamp his foot in helpless frustration.

Oh no!

Despite the unfairness, he realised that, had he refilled the biscuit tin then he wouldn’t have been punished. All in all, it felt like a little storm gently tapping at the windows of the darkening house. Little did the foolish maid realise that a life changing storm had already rumbled over the hills and was about to crash down around his empty little blonde head.




By this time in his career as a full time maid, Eden had become used to standing in the corner and the way in which time floated past like a still wind.  He found his mind filling with erotic day dreams of lingerie and heels, and of planning the meals. He could now itemise his daily chores in his mind, and how long each task should take.

So it was with a start, that made him gasp when he heard the front door closing.

Obviously, he dared not move from his position without being ordered to do so. So, a terrified maid remained close to the corner.

Because he was holding his breath he could hear the faint giggling of his wife, Erika before there was the animal noises of an almighty kissing, as the two lovers hungrily devoured each other.

This may have lasted a few minutes, the maid had no means to measure time.


The Master of the House’s voice thundered through the house.

Oh! Clearly, he ought not leave his position as he had been commanded to stand there, so Eden merely squeaked, “In here, Master. The kitchen.”

“Why didn’t you come when called?” The Master was now in the same room. “Oh, I see.”

Erika giggled, “She’s been naughty again, Master.”

“Why are you there, girl?” the Master demanded.

“Oh, well. Now then,” Eden thought through the events in his mind so that he could recount the story without appearing naughty. “Well, it started, no it was before that. I know, I was asked to make coffee, and I said …”

The Bull sighed.

“Enough of your inane jabbering.” He then called out, “Alicia!”

As he didn’t hear a response, he called out even louder, “Alicia.”

“Coming, Master,” the voice said from upstairs.

“Don’t be too hard on her,” Erika said, “you know she can be a bit dumb.”

Eden nibbled his lip, even his wife could be horrible to him even when seeking to protect him.

Footsteps and then the sound of Jerry laughing with that irritating belly laugh of his.

“Oh Master!” Alicia flung her arms around the man who had brought so much order to the household.

“Why’s the maid in the corner?” The Master asked.

“Oh! She was naughty. She was naughty to Jerry, Master.”

The Bull shook his head, “I get that she was naughty!  But why? How?”

“Oh, nothing really, Master,” Alicia said. “All over now. Can I tell the maid to leave the corner?”

“No. I’ll decide that. Now tell me what she did that was naughty.”

Alicia realised it all sounded a little insignificant now.

Finally, she said, “The maid hadn’t put chocolate biscuits in the tin.”

Erika cut in quickly, “There you are Master. Not so bad, really.”

“Maid!” Barked Marcus.

Eden jumped on hearing his title and turned around slowly to face the room.

Jerry’s shirt was still undone, clearly, he and his daughter had dressed in a  hurry when summoned by the Master of the House.

Alicia’s hair was strewn in every direction.

Eden was inwardly furious. He did not approve of them having sex under his roof. But with his hands still on his head and his arms pulling up the little dress, it was not the best moment to voice his disapproval.

Erika was wearing a staggeringly tight running outfit of shorts and tee shirt with her phone attached to her arm.

Still wondering whether to remove his hands from his head, the maid awaited the Master’s verdict.

It came quickly.

“Well, ok. She’s been punished enough.” Then the admonishment began, with the Bull’s wagging finger only inches from the fearful maid’s face. “Young lady, I expect you to be on your best behaviour when we have guests. Especially when I am not here.”

“Yes, Master.”

If only Eden could point out that it was simply a small matter of not putting the biscuits in the tin.

The Master’s eyes glittered, “But any more bratty behaviour from you, young lady, and I’ll take you out to the back yard and spank you in front of the neighbours.”

Eden swallowed. That could never happen! He would have to put a stop to the proceedings if the Bull ever enacted such a disturbing punishment.

But all he replied was, “Yes Master.”

“Actually,” A grinning Jerry advanced closer, “she also spoke back.” Enjoying the maid’s discomfort, he added, “A few times.”

Marcus fell silent. Like a chemical reaction the room fell silent with all eyes on the Master of the House and his next words.


Eden was terrified. “Yes, Master?”

“Fetch a garden chair and place it on the patio at the top of the garden.”

The maid’s lip trembled as if on springs, until he found himself whimpering, “But Master, please. All the neighbours can see that spot. May I suggest a spanking in your office as all your implements are in there.”

“Dumb bitch. That is the point. I’ll not be embarrassed by the errant behaviour of my staff just because I’m not present. If you think you can misbehave simply because the Mistress and I are out, you have a mean lesson to learn, young lady.”

With his hands still in his blonde curly hair, Eden’s eyes widened as he chased a defence through his mind. But as ever, because he was so permanently aroused, and had been locked away in his chastity cage for so long, he just couldn’t think.

The maid’s face was wide open with terror.

Erika gripped her lover’s sturdy arm. “Oh Master, the neighbours might complain. How about just sending her to bed early. You know how she hates that.”

Eden was locked on his Master’s face. Surely, he would come to his senses and not follow through with this dreadful act of cruelty over some chocolate biscuits.

And indeed, the Master visibly softened, smiling at his sexy lover.

Eden sighed with relief.

Marcus, stroked the hair of the adoring wife who was so smitten with him, “My love, the maid must learn her lessons. As Master of the House it is for me to dispense with whatever chastisement I see as necessary for the smooth running of the household.”

“Oh Master,” Alicia said, with her most winning smile, “I’m sure the maid is truly sorry.”

Oh, please let my wife and daughter save me from a public spanking, Eden said to himself, over and over again in his fuddled mind.

Marcus turned up his chin, so that he looked away into space as he thought through the pleading. In his mind he was delighted. Now even the daughter ruled over the dumb fuck’s punishments. Now, there was no way back for the sissy cuck.

“Very well!” The Master had arrived at a decision. “Against my better judgement, maid, I’ll consider your corner time to be sufficient for your misdemeanours.”

Eden’s vision was washed away with tears of gratitude. “Oh, thank you Master. Thank you Mistress. Thank you, Miss Alicia.”

The only person who didn’t look happy was Jerry, who simply glared at the poor maid. Careful not to return Jerry’s glower, Eden allowed himself a small smile at the side of his face.

As ever in a maid’s life, just as she believes herself to be free of a chastening, so the world collapses on her head, and, again, as ever, all because of her own silliness.

Encouraged by her success in winning over the Master by saving the maid from a punishment, Alicia simpered, “Oh Master, please can the maid address me as Mistress. She does it for mummy.”

Marcus shook his head, “No. You’ve been told a million time before. Don’t ask again.”

“Oh, it’s so unfair!” Pouted Alicia, her eyes locking hard on the maid, as if she were responsible.

At that moment, Eden felt a rare moment of triumph in his life of domestic servitude. He had escaped a public spanking which would be the most demeaning possible, and the Master had again put his daughter into her place. It would be horrible to have to address her as Mistress.

“Can we discuss it? Maybe at the end of the week?” Alicia persisted.

Marcus was not famed for his patience and glared hard at the cheeky little minx.

“No! how many times do you have to be told. They’ll be another young lady in line for a spanking if she doesn’t ease off!”

This was wonderful, Eden thought. As he watched his daughter grow more sullen, he smiled at her. She scowled back, her eyebrows closing to a V shape over her nose.

In his moment of victory, Eden rubbed it in by poking his tongue out at his brooding daughter.

That would have been a rare moment for the simpleminded maid to savour – if not for the rage it stirred up in Alicia. How dare the maid be so disrespectful to her! She was certain it was because the maid didn’t have to address her as Mistress.

“Master,” Alicia shouted, “Master, the maid poked her tongue out me!”


The Master turned on the trembling maid, whose head shook as if saying, ‘no, no, I wouldn’t dare do that.’ Not that she dared speak.

Jerry now stood next to the Master of the House, before the quivering domestic servant. “I told you she talked back to me. Impudent little madam, isn’t she? You can see what she thinks she can get away with!”

The Master spoke in those low tones, without anger that carried so much authority:

“Maid, take a garden chair up to the patio.” The Master faced the others, “And I don’t want anyone speaking up in her defence,” he paused before lowering his voice further, “unless they want to join her in a public chastisement.”

Eden watched with horror as his wife and daughter lowered their heads, avoiding all eye contact with the Bull.

Jerry was now grinning so hard at the terrified maid that his eyes were squashed into slits.

Marcus added, “Hands off head, young lady. And do as you’re told for once. Quickly, girl!”

Eden lowered his hands from his blonde curls and for a moment stood before them, desperate to think of the right words to say to stop this. But as ever, his brain no longer worked. It was a gooey mess, of no use to anyone.

He was still trying to think of the right words as he stepped outside into the chilly gloom of the garden and advanced to the shed in which the steel, white garden chairs were stored.

Why had he been so naughty and dumb as to poke his tongue out at Alicia. His eyes blurred again with tears, and a stone weight filled his stomach. Surely someone would save him from this appalling fate. If not, then he was determined to put an end to these maid games, once and for all.

He sniffed up a tear not knowing how he could best broach the subject with the Master when the Master was clearly very cross with the maid.

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  1. poke his tongue out at …

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  5. I love this series, poor Eden looks destined to be spanked by his daughter Mistress Alicia, it’s now only a matter of when not if. He’ll be loaned out to Alicia when she settles in to their new home with master Jerry

  6. Eden’s continued slide down into less and less control is just riveting, Miss Ford. Another phenomenal chapter.

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  7. I am really enjoying the series thank you Miss Ford but did we go from Part 28 to Part 30, did we miss a Part or is my Maids Maths playing up 🙂

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        1. Oddly?

          It’s really amazing – just digs into your mind. The idea of being so fully and utterly conditioned that even the simplest and most obvious things have been removed and replaced … it’s so unbelievably hot … and so well described and put to use.

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  12. Sorry, the final part won’t be released until mid to end of July. Really Sorry. Deborah Ford

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