Austin and Riley Part 15







From Corbin’s perspective it was like having two submissive, but wary girls in the bedroom.

The wife Riley, hanging onto his every instruction with wide eyed eagerness. The dumb, sissy, cuck hanging to his every instruction but as much from fear of the consequences than an eagerness to obey.

Corbin, couldn’t give a shit for the reason for compliance, he just didn’t want to be challenged by either of his toys. Being challenged was a time consuming irritation that delayed his fun.

He dropped his sports bag near the door and pulled back his shoulders to adopt his relaxed, commanding presence.

“Get your dress off, slut,” he said quietly to Riley.

She giggled and grew short breathed as she turned her back on her hubby maid.

Like all good sissy maids, he instinctively knew what she wanted and pulled down the zipper of her silver dress, surprised at how tight it held together her clingy garment.

Her dress slid down her body over her bare legs revealing her white bra and panties. She blushed, looking up at her Bull for approval.

Corbin said, “Hot as ever slut.”

She giggled self consciously, putting her hands over the front of her tiny tight panties.

“Now you maid,” Corbin said, with more force, “Get that maid’s dress off. Right now.”

After his punishment earlier, Austin didn’t hesitate for a second. He immediately unbuttoned the front of the genuine hotel maid’s dress, until it fell loose about him.

He pulled it down, feeling his cheeks heat up as his body-hugging, black corset came into view. Self-consciously, he tugged down the uniform dress over his hips so his pink panties with the embarrassing ruffles popped into view.

Corbin laughed, “Don’t you look a sight, maid.”

Austin hung his head, as his wife, leaned across and kissed her hubby on his cheek for support.

“I think you look wonderful.”

She rubbed her palm up the ribboned corset back and they exchanged two red faced smiles of mutual understanding.

“Ok, maid. You’re going to be unlocked and permitted to have sex with your Mistress.”

Austin took in a deep breath and found himself replying, “Thank you, Sir.”

Then he wished he hadn’t said anything. Why should he have to thank this bully for being allowed to make love to his own wife?

“But first maid, you’re going to see how a real man shags the brains out of your Mistress. Take off my jacket.”

Again, the instruction was issued quietly. Calmly, as if expecting nothing other than compliance.

Clip clopping across the floor in his heels, Austin stood behind the Bull and pulled his smooth, designer jacket from his shoulders and down his shirt sleeved arms.

Somehow Corbin looked even tougher with his muscles and square shoulders outlining the crisp white shirt.

“Hang up my jacket in the wardrobe. If there is so much as a crease in it, then you’ll be sorry.”

Swallowing hard Austin carefully carried out his instructions. No maid ever took more time over hanging a jacket on a hanger than Austin at that moment.

In what felt like an excruciatingly long time, but was only about five minutes, Austin removed each item of clothing from the Bull that he was instructed to do so.

Finally, a confident Corbin stood, in just his dark blue boxers, his hairy chest, arms and legs showing firm muscles. But what caught Austin’s attention was the extraordinary thick, bulge snaking down the insides of his boxers. It was brutally big, yet only semi erect.

“Good girl,” Corbin sneered. “Now watch and learn, so that when it’s your turn you can screw your Mistress properly. Maybe not like a man, but like an eager little boy.”

Laughing, Riley playfully slapped her lover’s sexy bare chest, “Aw, stop it. You are so cruel!”

“Lie on the bed slut. Spread those slutty thighs for the man in your life.”

Austin saw his wife’s demeanour change. Her laughter fell away into a sleepy, wide eyed expression.

She robotically stepped backwards and sat on the bed, before pulling back the quilt and lying down. Her gorgeous bare legs shifted a few inches apart.

Austin felt his dick fill his chastity cage. For fuck’s sake he wanted her. He needed to shag his wife. Why the hell did he have these subby, cuck fantasies when he possessed such a gorgeous, sexy wife? He became light headed with need. He would never share her again.

Corbin slapped the outside of Riley’s thighs with the back of his hand.

“Wider, slut!”

She complied, her legs spreading as if on a spring. Her blonde hair cascading across the pillow, her hooded eyes fixed on this masculine, brutish presence towering over her.

Corbin pulled down his boxers, stepping out of them as both husband and wife drank in the sight before them with a chorused gasp.

His cock was now semi erect yet must already be seven inches. It was so fat it would be difficult to grip it.

Corbin pulled a little on it, and instantly it powered up to eight inches of thick cock sticking threateningly out before him, like a weapon.

Riley arched her back, and shook her head, with a long animal groan.

“Please. Oh please.”

Austin had never seen his wife so wanton. Normally she viewed lesbian porn online to get into the mood to make love with him. Yet here she was, desperately alive and in need of the cock that was, by now, pointing arrogantly at the ceiling.

On the tip of the astonishing cock a golden gleam reflected the bedroom lamps light.

Corbin climbed between Riley’s legs, kicking them further apart and making her moan deeper. Her noises were animal like, arising from deep inside her tummy.

Never before had Austin witnessed any woman reacting like this.  

The hard cock pushed at Riley’s body hugging white panties like a boxer’s fist jabbing an opponent into submission.

She squealed, grabbing at his shoulders, trying to drag him into her.

But he just grinned, a man fully in charge. He pressed into her, and then used his fingers to peel back her panties and press his cock head against her pussy.

The following moments left Ausitn in deep shock. As soon as the head entered his wife, so Riley, the woman he had known so closely for the last four years, orgasmed.

Her back arched, her fingernails became talons on the Bull’s back, as she pressed herself deep onto his much desired cock. Her scream was that of a wounded animal. Her hips pulsated and shook, forcing the bed to almost bounce in the room.

Austin had only ever seen her cum when she used her fingers, even when he was making love to her. She would press her fingers against her clit to make herself cum. But even then her orgasms were quiet, controlled. Nothing like what Austin witnessed.

Right now it was as if she couldn’t stop cumming.

Finally, her body stopped quaking and she wrapped her arms drowsily around her lover’s back, her thighs gripping his hairy legs.

“Fuck me, you bastard,” she mumbled.

He began a slow rhythmic pumping action, and in moments she came again. This time her legs tightening vice like around her lover’s thighs. Her back arched, almost painfully.

Again, the hoarse animalistic noise emanating from deep within her.

Austin felt his confined dick squirt into his panties.

If he was allowed to, he would have sat down. His legs were feeling weak, and shaky.

A short while after this orgasm, Riley opened her eyes just enough to smile at her lover, her pink lips hanging open.

Unbelievable, Austin thought. How many times had she cum? And with such intensity. He had never before seen anything like that, even in online videos.

Corbin’s hips recommenced their pushing, and again, Riley gripped her lover as if trying to capture him, her body responding to his every movement.

“I’m gonna cum deep inside you, bitch,” Corbin said through clenched teeth, as if he were in a fight.

“Yes. Yes. Oh yes.”

And then they both seemed to explode.

Corbin grinding with staggering hostility and Riley reacting with screams and groans.

Corbin came. And then he came. And he continued to cum.

He was like a machine and throughout his performance Riley simply shook her head and shouted and squealed.

Finally, the earthquake subsided, and the couple gently kissed, their forces spent.

A half-awake Riley let herself be cuddled and held by Corbin as she, in a daze, kissed at his face.

Austin was beside himself. He had seen Riley being made love to before by Bulls, but she never reacted as she just had. It was as if she completely lost herself. He found himself rubbing futilely at his imprisoned cock through the silky, ruffled panties. His head lolled back, he was desperate to cum. Totally desperate and the thought of being able to make love to his wife filled his senses with need.

As Corbin rose stiffly from the bed, Austin could see a trail of golden liquid hanging from his still semi erect tool. How could he be so big?

“Ok, maid, your turn. Show me how you can make your Mistress cum.”

“Y-y-yes, Sir,” he squeaked under his breath, unable to speak.

He made to pull down his panties, but Corbin was now on his feet, and totally naked and totally the centre of power in the room.

“Keep your frillies on, maid.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Austin wasn’t able to think. He stared at his wife, still in her white lingerie, her hair matted with sweat, her panties darkened with juices from her love making with her Bull.

“Lie on the bed next to your Mistress, maid,” Corbin said, unzipping his sports bag.

Austin climbed onto the bed, feeling the corset crush his tummy. He worried his heels might catch the sheets and tear them, so laid down carefully.

His wife opened her eyes, and stared blankly at her husband, in his cute blonde hairstyle and light make up. He looked so adorable and harmless especially in the same room as her commanding Bull. The contrast was delightful. She smiled softly before closing her eyes, half a dream away from sleep.

Corbin was far from sleep. He was busily opening up two pairs of heavy duty handcuffs.

“Wrists,” he said without emphasis.

Austin complied as if hypnotised, holding up his arms. Corbin locked one set of cuffs around each wrist.

The Bull tugged one arm of the cuck’s up towards the metal barred bedhead. He clunked the handcuff around one bar and then, kneeling on the bed stretched Austin’s other arm so that it was far from the first one and ratcheted the cuff shut around the nearest bar.

Suddenly, Austin felt alarm. His arms spread wide around his head made him feel totally vulnerable. If he were playing a game with Riley, this would be fun, but with the authoritative Corbin taking control it was decidedly scary. He pulled on the chains and found they had no give in them at all. He was firmly held helpless until released.

But if the cuffs were alarming, they were nothing compared with the contraption Corbin dragged clanking from his sports bag.

It was a telescopic spreader bar, with two black leather cuffs at either end. Austin could see that the bar could be elongated and held firm by a clip. It could be opened wider or pulled narrower.

“Ankles bitch,” Corbin said.

An alarmed Austin pulled his legs away from the dominant male, feeling his stockings rub on the smooth sheets.

“Erm, Sir. I am not sure …”

Corbin slapped Austin’s thigh, just above his stocking tops, making him squeal. He then gripped one ankle and swiftly wrapped the leather cuff about it. Seconds later he did the same with the second, leaving Austin’s ankles held together, firmly fixed some eight inches apart.

Pulling out the fixing clip, Corbin stretched out the two bars pushing Austin’s stockinged ankles a couple of feet wide, before reinserting the clip.

He grunted as if satisfied, with his actions.

Spread eagled, on his back, Austin felt a cold wave of panic sweep through him.

“Sir, please. I don’t like this.”

Corbin stared blankly at him and nodded, as if he heard the plaintive words from the dumb cuck, but that they simply didn’t matter to him.

A sleepy Riley emitted a soft, “Oh.”

Her eyes were barely open, but she was taking in the bondage of her Hubbie. He was secured by his wrists to the headboard, and his high heeled feet were forced apart.

Inwardly she thought, ‘wow’. It was such a hot sight. Her maid was absolutely helpless. She yawned and woozily pushed herself up trying to stay awake for whatever her inventive Bull had planned.

“So, maid,” Corbin said matter of factly, “you want to shag your slut of a wife?”

Austin hated hearing his wife referred to as a slut by this odious bully, but he desperately needed to cum, so just nodded yes.

“Here’s how it works, maid. You must make her cum just once. Just that one time. You saw how many times I made her cum. So not hard is it? Then you can stay out of your chastity cage all night. How about that?”

Again, Austin didn’t want to upset the Bull, as he so needed to cum so keenly, he nodded as he said, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Austin knew that his wife could cum by playing with herself when he was shagging her, so he knew he was in a win-win situation.

As we all know, silly sissy cucks are never in a win-win situation, but right now Austin was only concerned with one matter. Cumming inside his adorable wife, the woman he loved.

“Of course,” Corbin continued, as if thinking through options, “If you fail there will be consequences. Like, I’ll lock you in my chastity cage.”

Even in Austin’s fevered state he was able to reason that it wouldn’t matter whose cage he was locked in if he failed. Besides, Riley always tickled her clit when he made love to her. So she was bound to cum.

Dipping his hand into his neatly hung up jacket pocket, Corbin retrieved the key to Austin’s chastity cage.

Austin groaned at the sight of it. In seconds he would be unlocked!

It took a little longer as Corbin hated the wetness of the plastic cage inside the cuck’s frilly pink panties. But eventually he pulled it off, letting the cuck’s dribbling prick rise free. Corbin pulled the ring from behind the ball sack cruelly off making Austin squeal.


“Is that it?” Corbin laughed at the sight before him.

The husband felt defensive. He always convinced himself he was average in penis size, sissy cucks often do. It’s a self deceit that helps them get through the day.

Feeling defensive, Austin immediately croaked, “Sir, it isn’t erect yet.”

“Glad to hear it!” Corbin continued to chuckle.

An exhausted Riley crawled down the bed, feeling sorry for her silly Hubbie.

“Aw,” she said. “Let’s see what I can do.”

She was going to suck it, but the little dick looked so ineffectual in comparison to the monster cock of Corbin’s that she had been sucking for the last few days. So she simply ran her fingers up and down the damp shaft until it hardened and rose to point apologetically at the ceiling.

“There,” she said.

Corbin thought this was hysterical.

“You had to put up with that before you met me?”

Riley giggled, “Oh stop it. Not many guys are built like you.”

Corbin let his ego expand with the compliment.

“Ok, let’s see some action here,” he said. “Though it will be more like lesbian action, when your maid is so insignificant down there.”

Riley shook her head with a sleepy grin at her lover, “You are awful, you know.”

She clambered over her husband’s bound frame.

Austin’s eyes widened at the sight of his hot wife still in her white lingerie, hovering above him. Oh my God! She was the sexiest woman he had ever known!

When her boobs jiggled in the bra his hips jabbed upwards. He just needed to be inside her. To take her. To own her.

Parting her panties she settled down on her husband’s cock.

Austin was shocked.

“I can’t feel you!”

“Oh silly. Sir has widened me. You saw how big he is. It takes a while to go back to normal.”

Corbin chortled. “Dumb arsed sissy. How you gonna make your Mistress cum if she cannot even feel you?”

With renewed vigour Austin pounded at his wife’s pussy, but she seemed unaware of anything. Gone was her screaming, moaning and gyrating when Corbin took her. She simply appeared tired and dreamy.

“Come on dumb maid,” Corbin grinned. “Let’s see you put some effort into it!”

Austin felt a pang of fear as he pushed harder and harder.

Riley smiled, her eyelids barely able to stay open, “Let me help you, maid.”

She pushed her fingers down her panties hunting for her clit.

The slap to her pantied arse shook her awake.

Corbin said, “Naughty, naughty. I want to see your maid in action.” Then he grinned, showing his teeth, like an animal hunting its prey. “And there’s not much action right now!”

Quickly she snatched her hand from her panties feeling aroused at obeying her Sir.

She leaned down and kissed her Hubbie on his nose and winked. Then she stretched forwards lying on top of him, pushing her clit around until she felt his little dick rub against it.

She moaned at the first impact and then moved tighter to it and let out a long groan.

Corbin could see what she was doing, and said, quietly, “You know a lot of your doors aren’t fitted properly.”

Her movements stopped, as she looked around at her lover. “Oh, I know. Hubby isn’t very practical really.”

“Well, I know a guy who can sort that. Check all your kitchen cupboard doors too.”

“Really?” She was now wide awake, “My god, they’ve been crap for years.”

Austin couldn’t believe this. He was working so hard at fucking his own wife and she was more concerned with cupboard doors!

“Mistress!” Austin said, as if in pain.

She glanced down at him as if remembering he was present. “Oh, you should cum now, maid. Be a good maid and just cum.”

But he couldn’t! Without some friction to help him, he just could not ejaculate.

His frustration was exacerbated as he saw his sexy wife rise up off his dick. Once sitting upright, she reached down with her hand to gently rub his hard cock. And he exploded. And exploded. And exploded again.

All those days of pent-up need betraying him. His hips had a dancing life of their own.

He groaned loudly as his final cum spurted out like a fountain.

Corbin grabbed Riley’s sweaty blond hair and kissed her harshly. As he pulled away he grinned in triumph.

“Your maid even cums like a girl.”

Riley found herself laughing and her pussy aching for her cruel lover’s big hard cock.

Corbin’s cock was its enormous self again, pushing out of him like a monstrous animal.

“Clean up your maid’s pussy and pull down her panties,” Corbin said.

Lazily, she went to the ensuite to retrieve a flannel. She ran the tap until the water was hot and soaked the flannel before drying it out, leaving it moist and warm.

She returned to see Corbin opening a small cardboard box.

As she set about cleaning her husband, with his pink ruffled panties pulled clear, she noticed the horror on her husband’s eyes.

He was staring at Corbin. She turned around to see her lover holding up a small metallic contraption. She instantly recognised it as an intricate chastity cage. She noted the circular metal, she understood would go behind the balls, but the actual cage was small and oddly curved that it didn’t look like it could fit over a penis.

Austin started jabbering. “Sir, no please. I’ll put on my old one. I promise.”

Corbin raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Will you? I don’t think so. Your days of cheap plastic cages from China are over. This is made of tungsten. The same tungsten they make bullets from.” He moved closer to hold it before the horrified face of the dumb cuck maid. “Once I lock you in this, you are in my wheelhouse. You are mine. You will feel more owned than a puppy being taken for a walk by its master.”


Austin’s hands pulled at his cuffs, but there was little give, and with his ankles prised apart he could attain very little movement.

Tears of fear and apprehension washed from his huge eyes.

Riley bent down and pushed up her husband’s bangs from his forehead with her palm and kissed at the salty tears.

“I want you to be an extra strong, brave maid for me,” she said with a soft soothing tone. “Will you do that, babes? For me?”

Austin’s lips parted into a big, shocked O shape as he shook his head.

“Please. No. No. We must stop this game now. What’s our safe word?”

“Aw, maid,” Riley cooed. “You don’t have one. Isn’t that such a shame?”

Austin frantically pulled at his steel bonds, but they were unyielding.

“Riley, please. Riley! This is too far.”

That look. That look of his wife’s that he has never seen before they met up with Corbin and she became his Mistress. Where the eyes narrow, the lips grow hard and straight. As if her soul is darkening.

Leaning her head to one side, as if to study him, she said, “I hate it when you use my name now. You’ve lost that right. You gave it away. You are mine. You are my maid! I do not want to hear my name on your lips ever again.” She leaned closer, so that Austin could feel the heat from her breath. “You got that?”

In fear he nodded.

Corbin lifted up the limp apology of Austin’s manhood and began the process of pushing the metallic ring over one ball.

“You know,” he said to his slut. “I think once I’ve locked up your maid, we need to teach her about how to address others. Get it sunk into the maid’s little brain.”

Riley’s response was to kiss at her lover’s unshaven face as if she were a hungry cat devouring a meal.

Riley squealed as the tungsten ring pinched over the second ball.

This just couldn’t be happening. Tears stung his eyes.

Austin and Riley Part 14





For Corbin, inflicting pain on a dumb sissy cuck is the height of his power.

For sure spanking the wife, to establish dominance is erotic and, just as importantly, fundamental to the dynamic of their relationship. To spank the wife in front of the husband has the satisfying development that the cuck realises his wife now belongs to another man. A man who can punish her when he wishes.

This is not lost on the wife whose submission to her Bull becomes deeper.

But it is the first time a cuck is punished that establishes the new paradigm of the household. To simply spank a Hubbie for erotic dom/sub fun is fine. But that moment when the Hubbie is actually punished by the Bull before the wife, for short comings, establishes the Bull at the top of the pyramid in the eyes of both hubby and wife.

Once it occurs, there is no exit from that development. The couple have to face their new futures.

Austin had not even backed away from the whipping he was receiving. Corbin simply launched his belt around the maid’s hips to strike at each buttock in turn.

The stinging sensation was dreadful. Like no pain Austin had experienced before.

“Ow! Please!”

Each impact gave forth a satisfying twin sound of an almighty slap and a girly squeal.

Corbin moved around to the back of the maid, where the flouncy panties were still on full display, from having the dress pinned up above them.

Now Austion did step forward. A couple of times he dropped his hands over his backside to prevent the stinging blows. But the strikes against the backs of his hands, followed by a string of whippings to his upper thighs, ended that futile attempt at defence.

“Please, stop!”

Austin moved forwards but his heels prevented any serious attempt at an escape.

Not once did Corbin miss his chosen target of the twin, inviting rounded buttocks.

Like a child, Austin was learning his lesson. The punishment, as spankings always do, was making him aware of his naughtiness. As the tears dribbled down his cheeks so he realised that this would not stop until he obeyed Sir and locked Sir’s car.

The hotwife, Riley, stood, in her sexy short silver dress, that melted around her curves, with her fingers still fixed to her lips.

It was as if all were natural. Somehow right. Why shouldn’t her lover spank her hubby when he was being so naughty? It all made sense.

Also, it made her so hot that her brain was melting. She needed to get this alpha male deep inside her. In fact, she was already close to cumming. She could feel the tingling around her clitoris.

“I’ll do it. I’ll do it!” Austin raised the keys of Sir’s Audi from the coffee table and held them to demonstrate he was acquiescing.

He thought that action alone would stop the punishment, but Corbin, machine like, was unrelenting in his capacity to find Austin’s bottom with unerring accuracy.

The belt continued to snake to the maid’s exposed buttocks.

In a flight of squeals, and those silly short steps girls have to take when trying to move quickly in heels, Austin was running down the hallway.

Without any great hurry, Corbin followed, his eyes fixed on the ruffled, pink panties. The tip of the belt continuing to locate its sore, reddening target.

Within moments a blubbing Austin was stood outside his own front door, just beside the hedge hiding him from the road. His bottom was stinging so badly he had to gather the courage to try and rub it. Yet each touch made it feel worse.

The chill of the afternoon had little impact on the agonizing heat of his rear, but made him feel very much aware of the gap between his stockings and his panties.

It was so unfair. Austin was always going to go outside and close the car doors before checking them – at least that is what his foolish mind now told him.

In the front window Corbin stood, with his one arm around Riley, squeezing her bare shoulders under his arm. Her eyes here hooded, half shut, as if sleepy, her pink lip sticked mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ shape as she looked down on her maid holding the car fob.

Austin wasn’t able to catch the eyes of Corbin, in fact he was convinced he would never again be able to look at him in the eyes ever again. A sharp wind caught the exposed thighs and cheeks, where the skirt had been pinned up, exposing the panties.

He of course didn’t dare remove the safety pins from the skirt and let it drop down for any level of modesty or warmth. He didn’t realise it, sissy maids during their training don’t, but already he was learning of the peaceful sanctity of obedience.

With his senses on full alert, he ventured slowly forwards on his heels to the end of the hedge, and the dreaded view down the drive way to the street.

The Audi was facing towards the house, so the boot was facing the street. He closed his tear strewn eyes, wanting to blub some more. Far down the road at the bus stop there were three people, standing, huddled from the cold. Other than that, the street appeared clear.

Swallowing he clicked the close button and heard the satisfying clunk of the car sealing itself.

Now he had to check the doors were actually closed, as instructed by Corbin. He kept the car between him and the three people at the bus stop. Walking down slowly, knowing that as long as he faced the road no one could see that his ruffled panties were on display.

He pulled on the driver’s door. It was secure. He walked down to the rear driver’s side door, but as he was about to check it, he heard the rattling engine of a car.

He screamed turned to head back up the drive, but then realised his panties would be exposed the to the street, so he raced, backwards in his heels up the driveway.

Corbin laughed out loud. There was nothing funnier than a sissy cuck making a complete tit out of himself – except when it was happening in front of the aroused and amused wife!

As he laughed, Riley stood on her toes and kissed around his mouth, as if patting him.

Her voice was hoarse. “I need you. I need you inside me. I need you now.”

“You supervise your maid doing her job. Then I’ll treat you like the mindless slut you really are.”

Her pussy melted from his attitude and words as she gripped him tighter from a craving deep within her.

He heard her mutter, “Oh God.”

But the events outside the window were too amusing to ignore.

The sissy maid now had to check the boot and the other doors.

Austin was shaking. He desperately needed to lower his skirt at the back. He stepped down the drive, his eyes and ears fixed for anything that might come by and witness his mortification.

He could keep his front facing the bus stop people but he knew that he was exposed if anyone came along from the other direction.

The boot was locked. He sighed with relief, walking slowly up the other side, keeping his uncovered rear facing the car. Had one of the people at the bus stop noticed him? Was it in his imagination or were they staring in his direction.

Keeping his panties to the car he took another few steps and tried the front passenger door.


Chore completed.


“Hey sexy. Nice knickers!”

Where had they come from? Two willowy male teenagers in hoodies at the bottom drive laughing at him.

Austin screamed.

The two guys laughed.

“Hey babe, come down here. Give us a show!”

With all rational thought beyond him, rather than turning to face them, hide his panties, then back up the drive, he turned to run up it. Thus fully exposing himself to his tormentors.

The guys cheered. Austin saw that the three people at the bus stop were now motioning each other to take a look at the sight a few doors down.

A crying Austin raced around the hedge and banged on the front door with both fists.

“Please. Please. Let me in. Please.”

The door opened and a grinning Corbin said, “Dumb bitch you hadn’t locked the front door when you went out. It was open!”

Now feeling totally stupid, humiliated and defeated, the maid pushed inside using his hands to cover his embarrassed face.

Corbin closed and locked the door, still grinning. “Poor maid. So unlucky to have been seen.”

Riley embraced her shaking maid.

“Aw, poor thing.” She gave her distraught maid a squeeze and said, “Now maid. Thank Sir for your punishment.”



Austin stared at his wife. She was so sexy. Why had he let this bully have her?

Then, that moment Austin felt he could never get used to: where his wife’s face hardens, and the eyes become dark warning slits.

“I said thank Sir, for your lesson!”

With his distress and tears he mumbled a damp, “Thank you Sir for my lesson.”

“No!” Riley didn’t want Sir to think that the maid could get one over on her. “Be clear and look at Sir when you thank him.”

This was too much. He coughed up more tears but looked up at the sneering man as he said, “thank you Sir for my lesson.”

And then, unbelievably, he actually came into his chastity cage. It was three or four spurts, that made him groan like a slut in need. Two more spurts followed before he could catch his breath.

Corbin laughed. “She’s coming like a complete slut.”

Riley gasped and laughed. “Oh maid! You’re a bigger tramp than me!”

Shame froze his mind. “Mistress … Mistress. I am so, sorry!”

She took a step to her shaking maid, wrapped her arms about his waist and pulled him so tight to her that she could feel his hot tears against her cheek.

“Nothing to be sorry for, maid. I am pleased for you.” She hugged him tighter, wanting to absorb him entirely into herself. “I love my silly maid.”

Corbin has wicked thoughts the way most men think about football or food. And one horrible, sadistic thought arrived fully thought out in his mind.

“Hey,” he said, as he looped his belt back into its slots. “As a present for your maid, how about we let him shag you?”

Riley was so shocked she laughed.

“I mean it,” the Bull said, with what he hoped was a warm smile.

“You mean,” she lowered her voice, releasing her maid, “Actually let him cum inside me?”

“Exactly. You two go upstairs. I just want to get a couple of items from my sports bag.”

Riley and Austin exchanged a look of wide eyed disbelief. Where had that come from?

Austin leaned close and said, “Please say yes Mistress,”

Again that feeling of warm power in her tummy. Her maid hubby had to ask her permission to make love to her. And even then, it could only be under the instruction of her Bull.

Riley smiled up at her lover, “Yes. I think that will be a wonderful reward for my maid.”

As you may have already thought, nothing was further from Corbin’s mind than a reward for the dumb fuck of a cuck maid. Just more humiliation to further bury him into his new role in his wife’s eyes.




Austin and Riley Part 13




Austin was learning that Sissy maids feel at their most vulnerable when being admonished. It is very difficult to argue back when you know you are designed to appear sexy, submissive and objectified.

To counter any reprimand would simply add to your foolish appearance, after all, who would take you seriously?

At the opposite end of the scale, the dominants feel more powerful and in control when scolding. This brings out their most wicked sadism.

Corbin relished the squirming maid before him, with her plaintive eyes flicking back and fore between him and the maid’s hotwife, Riley.

Austin leaned forward as he said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. Really. I …”

“Quiet maid,” Corbin said quietly. He was so much in control that he didn’t need to raise his voice.

“But, Sir,” Austin jabbered on, “honestly, I never leave cars unlocked. I don’t know what came over me. You just make me so flustered!”

Riley eyes became barely open shutters, “Maid. Don’t you dare blame Sir for your shortcomings. Now hush. Let’s hear what Sir has to say on the matter.” She shook her head, “I think we have heard quite enough from you!”

Austin hung his head, his sickening tummy revolving like a spin dryer.

“Thank you, maid,” Corbin said. “Now then. Did you deliberately leave my car unlocked?”

At last, a chance to put his side of the story.

“No. Sir. Really. Really! It wasn’t deliberate.”

Corbin was loving this. The maid had fallen headfirst into his elephant trap. “So you didn’t deliberately leave my car unlocked?”

The maid’s eyes wide with pleading. “No, Sir. Truly!”

Austin clenched his hands before his apron his entire demeanour desperate to say how he regretted his actions. At least now, Corbin would forgive him.

Riley smiled and looked up at her powerful lover. “Aw. Poor thing. She is so frightened. See, she didn’t leave your car unlocked on purpose.”

Knowing he wasn’t permitted to speak without being spoken to, Austin smiled lovingly at his wife for rescuing him. He was no longer feeling queasy.

“That’s good to hear,” Corbin announced to the room, as if he were a judge in a powerful high court. “Because it would be worse for you if you were naughty and deliberately left my car unlocked.”

A reassured Austin smiled at his former school bully and said, “Oh, no, Sir. I would never do that. Truly.”

Corbin studied the dumb cuck hard as he said, “So it happened because you are the dumbest maid in the world.”

Austin was shocked. Where had that come from? “Sir, no …”

“Girl,” Corbin said in his relaxed, at ease manner, “Either you did it because you were naughty, else you left my car unlocked because you are a dumb fuck. Which is it?”

Riley burst out with laughter, saying to her maid. “Well, tell Sir whether you are naughty or dumb.”

Wrapping his arm proprietorially around the cuck’s wife, Corbin said, “If you don’t answer by the time I count to five I will take my belt to your cute arse. Now. Are you naughty or dumb?”

Austin swallowed. He didn’t want to call himself dumb in front of his wife, but he didn’t want to be punished for saying he was naughty either.”

“One,” Corbin said.

Yet why was he aroused? Here he was helpless and at the mercy of the man who was screwing his wife, nevertheless he was stimulated in his chastity cage.


Worse, being aroused meant he couldn’t think straight. Naughty or dumb? Which could he admit to in front of his wife?


Riley’s eyes were locked on her fidgeting Hubby in his maid’s uniform. This wasn’t a game. Her maid was being forced to face a humiliating truth. Oh God, were her panties soaking at the sight of her powerful lover belittling her sissy hubby!


Austin’s mind searched for a way out. This was so unfair. He hadn’t really been dumb! It had just happened. Yet nor had he been naughty.

Corbin’s hands reached down to his belt buckle. “Five”

“Dumb, Sir!” Austin mumbled.

Corbin craned forward with his hand around his ear, “I cannot hear you maid.”

This was agony! Austin looked up at the ceiling noticing a crack near the lights.

“Dumb, Sir!”

Corbin said, “I thought so. So, tell your Mistress what you are.”

He wasn’t far from crying as he looked at his wife, with her mouth parted, her tongue tapping at her top lip, as he said, “Mistress, I am dumb.”

Austin felt his world fall apart and collapse to his heeled feet.

Trying to hide his triumphant grin, Corbin said, “and so dumb it took you an age to realise it.”

Austin maintained his gaze firmly on the floor, refusing to answer any more demeaning points from this dreadful bully. How could Corbin always be so much in control? How could he dominate him and his wife so effortlessly?

“Now then,” Corbin said, “What’s the best way to make a maid remember how dumb she is, so she thinks harder in future?”

Austin held his breath. Corbin’s musings were made in the way of a man who knows the answer to his own question. What awful fate would befall him?

Snaking an arm around his slut, Corbin said to her, “I told you to get him ruffled panties. Did you do it?”

Grinning, Riley said, “Oh we got some wonderful ones.”

Oh no! Though Austin loved the ruffled panties they bought earlier that day, he had told Riley he wouldn’t wear them in front of her lover. The shame would be crushing.

“With ruffles across the backside?” Corbin asked.

“Oh my God yes!” She said, her face open with delight. “I bet the maid would look delightful in them. There is one bubble gum pink set with loads of ruffles over the bottom.”

Corbin thought for a moment and said, “Maid, go and put on those panties and bring me two safety pins.”

A stunned Austin looked at his Mistress in hope.

“Maid,” Riley said, “be a good maid and do what Sir has instructed you to do.”

Walking slowly from the room in his heels, Austin paused at the door hoping for a reprieve.

He found only a suffocating silence.


The bag containing the more decorative panties was still sat on his bed, after their frantic shopping expeditions earlier that day.

There were a few pink ruffled panties amongst the haul, but he knew the ones his wife meant.  They were very much the most humiliating. He would love wearing them when masturbating, but he sure as hell did not want Corbin to see him wearing them.

But he was already in trouble for not locking Corbin’s car, so he had to obey, there was no other course of action.

He pulled down his tight white panties over the stocking tops and placed them on the bed. They were humbling enough as they were, but the ruffled ones were extremely childish. They were made of a pretty, bright pink silk. There were ruffled frills across the front, but over the backside there were six lines of ruffles, each more than an inch deep.

So it was that he pulled them up his stockinged legs over the suspenders to rest tightly against his groin and bottom.

In the full length mirror they looked amazing. He twisted on his heels to get a better sight of them and felt his dick inevitably swell in its confines and pulsate out precum.

Jeez. He just needed to cum.

A foolish notion took hold. Surely, now that Corbin knew he hadn’t been naughty, he wouldn’t punish him further. In fact, as he was going to wear the ruffled panties as instructed, perhaps Corbin would reward him by unlocking the cage. He would only require seconds to cum.

It was peculiar. He felt aware of the demeaning panties as he pulled down the maid’s skirt and searched in the drawers for the safety pins demanded of Corbin. The ruffled panties were certainly an item you couldn’t easily forget about wearing.

As he made his way slowly downstairs, he could hear his wife and her lover chatting merrily. Again, he tried to make out the words, but couldn’t. He was becoming a stranger in his own home. As if he truly was a domestic servant to the household.

As he opened the door, he felt his face flush hotter than he had ever known it. It was if every facial pore had opened up exposing him even more.

“Ah. You took your time maid,” Corbin said smugly.

“Sorry, Sir,” Austin said, keeping down his head.

“You have the safety pins, girl?” Corbin asked.

Without saying anything, Austin handed the Bull the two safety pins from the upstairs drawers.

“Good girl. Turn around.”


A perplexed Austin stared at Corbin before turning around slowly.

A fit of giggles escaped Riley as she said to her lover, “Oh, what are you up to. Are you going to be a meanie?”

The thought of the safety pins being stuck in his bottom filled Austin with dread. Surely, he couldn’t be that cruel?

“Good girl,” Corbin said as Austin dutifully turned to put his back to him.

These were words which usually aroused the sissy maid, as they would any sissy maid, but Austin was so fearful of those sharp pins that his little dick shrivelled in its confines.

Corbin said, “Now lift up the back of your dress. Show us your cute panties.”

Riley laughed. “Sir! You are being a meanie.”

So the one fear Austin had, of Corbin seeing him wearing these silly, but sexy, ruffled panties was about to come true.

“Sir, please. I am so sorry about not locking the car …”

“So you do want me take my belt to you?”

“No Sir!”

Actually, Austin had always tried to get Riley to spank him hard as part of the maid games, and her reluctance was very exasperating.  Yet the thought of his wife’s lover beating him with a belt was quite simply too much for him to contemplate.

This time Corbin’s tone was firmer, “Then skirt up!”

Reaching down to grip the hem of his hotel maid’s skirt, Austin slowly pulled it up over his stockings. He spent as long as he could hoping that Corbin or Riley would have mercy on him. By the time it slipped over his stocking tops he steeled himself for the exposure of the ruffled panties.

The rear hem of the skirt reached his waist, and all the frills of the pink panties were on display. Austin could only close his eyes against the shame.

He heard his wife giggle, “Oh, maid. They are totally, absolutely, adorable!”

Corbin said, “You both did well choosing these. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you bought. Now, maid, it is such a pity to keep those hidden under that skirt isn’t it.”

Austin clamped his eyes fully shut. When would his ordeal end?

“Maid,” Riley said, “Sir has asked you a question!”

Austin groaned and said, “I’m happy keeping the skirt over them, Sir.”

“Oh no, no.” Corbin said opening the safety pins, “such delights ought never be hidden.”

Austin could feel something happening just above his bottom. What was Corbin doing?

A loud Riley laugh. “Oh Sir, that is so cruel!”

“Turn around, maid,” Corbin said.

Austin turned slowly on his heels to face the grinning Corbin and his blushing wife. Riley wore an embarrassed smile, her eyes appearing to be sympathetic.

“Bring your hands to the front,” Corbin said.

With relief, Austin did so, clasping them before his apron. Oddly, the rear of his skirt didn’t fall down over his panties.

Then the realisation.

The safety pins!

Corbin had secured the rear of the dress above the panties, putting his frilly pantied bottom fully on display!

The Bull’s smug smile was fixed, “Now then maid. Here are my car keys. Be a good girl and go out and lock the car doors.”

What? Austin’s tummy span. He felt breathless.

Outside? Dressed like this, with his ruffled panties on display?

An idea!

Austin managed to meet the superior gaze of his tormentor as he said. “Sir I can close your car from inside the house.”

The Bull’s smile didn’t even twitch. “Ah, but maid, I want you to check every single door and the boot, to ensure they are locked.”

“But if the car is locked …” Austin left the words hang in the air, noting the concerned look on his wife’s face. He surely had an ally in Riley, his own wife?

“Let me help you understand this better, maid,” Corbin said. “I could take my belt to you, say, I don’t know, give you six swats and then send you out to the car. Or, and this is what I am thinking, you could be a good girl and do it all by yourself without the spanking.”

Austin’s stared at his wife, “Mistress. People might see me!”

Seeing her husband’s distress made her tummy feel warm. He looked so gorgeous and helpless in his new hair style and wide brimming, eyes.  Made more exciting by the knowledge that at the rear his ruffled panties were there for all to see. Like a show.

Yet, Riley didn’t want her husband to know she wasn’t being loyal to him, so she looked up at her lover. “Sir? What do you think?”

“I think, if you really want to be Mistress of the house, and have your very own obedient maid, then there are times when you have to be firm with her. You don’t want her to think she can get one over on you, do you?”

No, she did not! She saw the maid in a new light. As a person who was somehow trying to compete against her.

“You heard Sir,” she said forcefully to her terrified maid. “Now do as you are told and stop embarrassing your Mistress!”

Was those tears in the maid’s eyes as she whined, “But please Mistress.”

“The longer you dilly dally here,” Riley said, “the longer it is going to take.”

Sissies are famous for their foolishness, their ability to make a difficult situation even worse. Emotions overrun what little logic remains in their fluffy heads, and words emerge that are as ludicrous as they are naughty.

Austin, sniffed up some tickling tears, folded his arms beneath his budding breasts created by the corset and announced with as much defiance as a sissy maid could offer: “I am not going outside. I am not going to be the maid any longer. This is all over. And it is over right now.”

There is a sound a belt makes when it is being slid at speed from the waistband loops. It is a sharp swishing sound that becomes higher pitched as it reaches the belt last loop. Sissy maids quickly learn to fear the sound.

Corbin wrapped the buckle part about his hand in a single movement that demonstrated he had completed this action many times before.

Riley gasped, the fingers of both hands rising to her astonished mouth.

Austin froze. His muscles froze. His mind froze. His entire world froze.

With the merest whip movement of the wrist, Corbin sent the free end of the belt circling around the maid’s hips to slap against her pantied buttocks.

The first sting doesn’t hurt. It never does. The shock of the moment drowns it. It is the second that unleashes the squeal. And that was expertly inflicted around the other side of the maid onto her other cheek.

Again, experienced maids understand that the process is repeated until the dominant male attains what he wants. Of course, for less experienced sissy maids, the realisation takes a little longer to be realised.

Austin and Riley Part 12


r/cuck_femdom_tales - Austin and Riley Part 12


Government Health Warning: this part of the story may well terrify the more sensitive sissies. It is advised to read this in a well-lit, airy room, with a dominant nearby to hold your hand and dry your tears. Therapists can prove expensive so please read slowly and do not be afraid to stop if at any time you feel narrative overwhelming you.

Austin had planned on making Parmentier potatoes to go with the steaks. They could be a bit fiddly, but with some rosemary for garnish and a little garlic for taste, they can look and taste wonderful. So he boiled the King Edwards, the best sort of floury potatoes for Parmentier. Not wanting to leave anything to chance he made a list of the order he would prepare the meal.

Despite his favourite, though embarrassing, over the shoulder apron, with the flouncy, feminine trim, protecting his salmon coloured maid’s uniform, Austin remained fearful he might end up with meat juices or fluids from the potatoes over his professional attire.

Occasionally he touched his little lacy hat into position, though it was pinned so firmly, it would have to be torn out.

Every so often a peal of shrill laughter from his wife, Riley, would break his concentration. How he wished he could watch the lovers, wasn’t that the best part of being a cuckold?

Yet, was there not also pleasure in standing, with his feet forcefully arched in his heels. Wearing stockings, suspenders and delicate panties he had bought earlier with his wife? He used his palms to press down the frilly, over the shoulder white apron against his salmon coloured hotel worker’s uniform. His corset gripped his waist with an unyielding hold, and his small boobs pushed up through the apron, giving him something of a rounded figure.

He groaned.

His hands ran down to the centre of the apron, and he rubbed until his little dick encased in the tight chastity felt the pressure.

More groaning.

With eyes lightly closed he felt the full experience of a submissive maid.

The door crashed open with wood striking wall and a shriek of a scream.

In shock, like suddenly waking from sleep, Austin turned to see his wife in her strikingly sexy silver dress, held in the arms of her lover. She was kicking her legs and laughing hysterically as her Bull, Corbin, carried her into the kitchen.

“Put me down,” she giggled.

Corbin, grinned showing his teeth.

“Hey maid,” he said, “we’re going upstairs for a bit. Your Mistress needs a good seeing to.”

Still laughing, Riley said, “Don’t be so vulgar.” She turned to her maid, “So put everything on hold for the moment. We’ll let you know when we’re coming down.”

Gripping one hand in the other, Austin squeaked, “Erm, may I watch, er, please?”

Corbin winced as if in apology, “Not yet maid. Let’s keep an eye on your behaviour for a couple of days? Yes? Good girls get treats.”

Speaking on a big intake of breath, Austin said, “Then please take off the chastity cage. Please. Oh please.”

Riley looked at her pleading, huge eyed maid and said, “Aw.” She kissed Corbin on his cheek. “Maybe we can do that? She was very good when shopping.”

Corbin’s wince intensified, adding lines of regretful pain around his face.

“I don’t know. Let’s see how she gets on. You don’t want to spoil her.” He appeared to have a revelation and stared so hard at Austin, that the cuck maid had to drop her gaze to the wooden floor. “Listen maid. I know it’s tough for you right now. It gets better. Honestly. I’ll introduce you to a couple of other sissy maids.” He laughed. “You’ll gossip away for hours. Let’s first see if we can get you to be a proficient, obedient maid. Then I’ll see about your rewards.”

Austin hated this. It was so unjust. “But, Sir ….” He couldn’t think of the words, so like many other sissy maids in his predicament he looked to his Mistress for some justice. “Miss, I have been locked up for two days now. This is third day! I am going to explode.”

It came as a shock to Austin to watch his wife adopt that fierce narrow eyed look, again. One that he had never seen before Corbin arrived, and one he just couldn’t get used to. It was scarily intimidating.

Riley said, “Don’t you dare show me up in front of Sir. I’ve a good mind to keep you locked in that stupid cage for a week! You always wanted it locked on and me to have the keys. Well, this is what it’s like!”

Austin’s hands came up to his face, so that the fingers were pressed against his lips in shock.

Corbin smiled and put Riley back onto her heels, “Hey listen. Let’s all calm down. Maid, come here!”

Corbin’s instructions were always issued in a relaxed measured tone, as if he expected to be obeyed.

He was pointing right in front of him, and as if a magnet was suddenly turned on, Austin found himself approaching to within a few inches of the brutally large man.

“Closer, maid,” Corbin said.

As Austin’s nose came within inches of the Bull’s shirt, he could smell that strange intoxicating musky scent. Austin felt Corbin wind both arms around him and hug him. Austin looked at his wife in shame. How would she feel to see him being mollified by a man?

But his wife still wore her enraged expression The eyes thin and dark.

“Now,” Corbin announced, tapping his palm firmly on the maid’s bottom, “I think we need a well behaved young lady to be our maid. Don’t you?” He didn’t pause for a response but carried on. “We expect our maid to be always well behaved. We don’t want you speaking back and certainly don’t want any bratty tantrums.” He eased the shaken maid from his body and directed his gaze hard into the eyes of Austin. “Are we clear on that?”

Austin found himself nodding slowly and staring at Corbin’s hefty chest.

“Good. I can see a well behaved little maid being released for a full half an hour in a couple of days’ time. How does that sound?”

Austin was flabbergasted. “A couple of days? Just half an hour?”

Now it was the turn of Corbin to adopt the hard facial countenance. “Couple of days. You don’t like that. How about three or four days? Maybe a week. How does that sound?”

Riley pressed herself under the arm of her Bull and shook her head at her cuck Hubbie. “Silly. Stop talking back. Sir won’t tolerate it and I hate it!”

This was absurd. Two further days, or even more, locked in this cage he would never survive. He had to speak up.

“Look, erm, Sir, Mistress. Ok, yes. I’m sorry … but, really I can’t … I mean another two days … I need to cum!”

Suddenly he was crying. He heard Riley emit another long ‘aw’, and both Sir and his Mistress hugged him into their arms.

Riley whispered, “You bring all this on to yourself. Aw, silly maid.” She looked up at her lover, “Perhaps a little play won’t hurt.”

Corbin grimaced, “No. you give them an inch and they will take a mile. A treat becomes an expectation rather than the reward for good behaviour it should be.”

“But, but, Sir,” Austin sniffed. “I can’t survive like this.”

“I have kept maids locked up for weeks. And they admit they are better for it. In fact, it will get to the stage where it will feel odd when you are no longer wearing a tight cage. One of my pal’s sissy maids has now been locked for over two months.”

“Two months!” Austin gasped. “That can’t be possible.”

An astonished Riley asked her lover, “Really? Two months?”

“Yeh.” Corbin spoke as if the entire affair was perfectly natural. “She tried to escape by ordering men’s clothes online and booking a hotel room. All with her master’s credit card. Obviously, my pal found out pretty quickly and put a stop to her crazy ideas. Her name is Tabitha. Hey, I tell you what, maid, why don’t we get her to call around here one evening., And you two can have a real natter.”

“Oh,” Riley said. “I’d love to meet Tabitha’s Mistress.”

“Then I’ll sort that out too.” He pushed Austin back a couple of steps. “Show me your chastity cage, maid.”

“What?” Austin stared with disbelief at the man of the house, Corbin, then at his Mistress.”

“You heard maid,” Corbin said with quiet threat. “And don’t think we aren’t counting the times you don’t address us properly.”

Austin turned his pleading eyes to his wife Riley.

All she said was, “Do as Sir tells you. I hate it when you are disobedient to him!”

Defeat. Nothing left to do other than to obey the instruction.

“Yes, Mistress.”

This was dreadful. He lifted up the front of the skirt, which was a lot tighter than the one with the porn maid’s uniform.

He stood with his pink, lacy panties and stocking tops on display, keeping his eyes closed to hide his shame.

“Pull down your panties,” Corbin said evenly, as if it were no big deal.

Austin complied, using his fingers to ease down the front of his panties.

“Yeh. Thought so.” Corbin wasn’t impressed. He said to Riley. “It’s just a cheap plastic knock off from China. The lock is generic so she can easily order another and the key from that will release it.”

Riley was angry, “Is this right, maid? Could you easily get a key for it?”

She could see from his shamefaced manner that it was indeed true.

Riley spoke barely moving her lips. “You think yourself lucky I don’t get some superglue and solve all your whining about being unlocked!”

Corbin grinned at the way Riley was dominating her dumb, sissy cuck of a husband. Another few days and she’d have no respect for Austin as a man at all. Then he could fuck the wife whenever he wished.

“Hey,” Corbin announced, “let us all chill here. Maid, while I take your wife upstairs and give her something you never could …”

Riley guffawed at that remark and Austin bowed his head.

“… you go down to my car. Get a sports bag off the back seat. Don’t look inside it, unless you want to join Tabitha in being locked for two full months.”

The Bull dropped his car keys on the kitchen table.

Austin had to take a step back. But he soon played the same trick that sissies often play on themselves. He made himself believe Sir was just teasing him.

So he said, “Yes Sir.”

Corbin swept a giggling Riley into his arms and gave her a playful squeeze. In turn she kissed her lover’s cheek.

Locking eyes with the defeated maid, Corbin asked Riley, “Could your husband carry you upstairs like this?”

If Austin was furious with the implied putdown, he was staggered to hear his wife laugh.

“Stop it,” she giggled.

As they went through the door, Corbin shouted back. “Don’t forget. Package. In my car. Fetch it.”

The last sight Austin had, was of his wife giving him a girly wave over the shoulder of her lover.

Austin was furious.

Didn’t they understand. He could not last another second in this chastity cage. That it was so unfair that they were having sex, and he wasn’t even permitted to watch!

He stomped his high heeled foot. As soon as they released him from the chastity, he would let them know exactly what he thought of them!

As his helplessness overwhelmed him, as he realised, he didn’t have a say in any of this, just like a real maid, his mind slipped away into giddy erotic buzzing.

He sat on a stool near the counter, his hand finding its own way beneath his skirt to rub at the outside of his silky panties.
He moaned and groaned and then his eyes opened with a start.

What if they only went up for a quickie? What if they were back down in a couple of minutes? They would discover him playing with himself rather than having obeyed Sir’s instruction of fetching the sports bag from his car.

He picked up Corbin’s keys and jogged as quickly as his three inch heels would allow to the front door.

Should he get his coat? What would Corbin and Riley say if they saw that he tried to cover himself with a coat. It wasn’t worth the risk of them having a further excuse to punish him. Surely Corbin’s story of the Tabitha cuck maid being locked in chastity for two months was just bullshit. Of course it was! That could never happen.

And yet …

It wasn’t worth the risk. Austin had always been impressed with how some men stuck so rigidly to their words come what may.

He opened the front door onto the cool late afternoon air. He could smell the sweet scent of the plants. A van with a faulty exhaust in the distance was all he could hear.

He stepped outside, pressing down his skirt to his suspenders. At least anyone who saw him would think he was a genuine maid in this uniform. It was a professional design you might see worn by staff in hotels. Rather than the bedroom styled maid’s uniform he had worn.

He crept to the edge of the hedge. From here he could see the huge bulk of Corbin’s Audi saloon behind Austin’s own electric Prius. Obviously, the bully didn’t care about the environment! Another reason to hate him.

No one was around. Kids were screaming their games in the distance but other than that, with the light fading he thought this a good moment to make his move.

He bleeped open the car, which responded by loudly unlocking, and its lights flashed

A final check up and down the street, and into the dark windows of houses that were facing his and, once he felt safe, he skipped down to the car, pulled open the heavy door and saw the sports bag. He stopped. The bag was so neat and wonderful. Neat leather coverings, with the name Hugo Boss tattooed in blue on the front.

How much does he pay for his kit bags?

A car rolled past the bottom of his drive, and Austin crouched down, feeling his stockinged legs pulled together by the tight skirt.

That was sufficient warning to even a silly air head maid like Austin. He grabbed the bag and pulled it off the seat. There was a sound of chains. What? Chains? In a kit bag?

And it was heavier than he thought too. He needed both hands to carry it up the incline of his drive to the grateful sanctuary of his front door.

Closing the door, he felt a wave of relief relax his entire body as he carried the sports bag into the sitting room and plopped it on the coffee table.

Again, he could hear a metallic clinking.

What on earth was Corbin keeping in his sports bag?

The zip lay flat on the top, enticing him to reach down and drag it open. He needed to see.

Just a swift action would reveal its contents.

His fingers inched towards the zipper when …


Corbin was standing in the doorway. He was minus his suit jacket and his clothes were ruffled as if he had dressed in a hurry.

Austin stood to attention, as he squeaked, “Sir, I didn’t open it. Honest!”

Riley appeared at Corbin’s side pulling down the hem of her short silver dress. Her hair which had been so immaculate less than five minutes ago was now a mess. She laughed. “Gotcha!”

“No. Mistress. Please. I didn’t touch it. I haven’t opened it. Really!”

For some odd reason his pleading made them both laugh.

Why did they always have to laugh at him?

His voice returned to normal. “Sir. I didn’t open it. Really.”

Corbin smirked in that ugly way he did when he got one over the maid.

“Dumb bitch. We were watching you from the bedroom window. While I gave your mistress the fucking she needed.”

Riley patted a finger on her pink lips, “We saw you, naughty maid.”

“No Mistress, I …”

Corbin said, “You left my car unlocked. Are you the dumbest motherfucking maid in the entire universe?”

Shock gripped Austin’s entire being. He left the car unlocked!

God, he had!

He was so desperate to get back inside that he had forgotten to secure Sir’s Audi.

Corbin took Riley under his arm, “Now then, what do we do with a naughty maid?”

Austin felt faint. His knees trembled. His mouth fell open into a pretty pink circle of sheer horror.


Austin and Riley Part 11


CDN media

CDN media



Shame is a crushing emotion.

It overwhelms the senses and sweeps away any capacity for thought.

Thus, Austin stood in his professional maid’s uniform behind his own front door, holding a silver tray balancing a glass of red wine on it. Just as wife, Riley had commanded.

Even if he was in his frilly, porn style maid’s uniform this would be a fearsome chore, but wearing a professional maid’s outfit as used genuinely in hotels, so he appeared to be no more than a domestic worker, was mind numbingly humbling. A silly little hat, more of a decoration than serving any purpose, was clipped into his blonde hair.

Worse, the colour of the uniform was salmon, almost pink, and the fluffy apron rendered him nothing more than a maid.

He couldn’t even check his watch, as any attempt to turn his wrist led to the tray shaking and glass rattling with menace. He would die if the red wine was spilled onto the wooden floorboards just inside the front door.

So, he obediently waited for the arrival of his former school bully, Corbin, who was now his wife’s latest Bull. And by far the lover who most excited her.

His new three inch heels had seemed comfortable but now, stuck in one position, they became uncomfortable.

Was that a car that had pulled onto the drive?

He became fully alert. A car door slammed.

He had only one thought – to run up to the spare room over the garage, which had become his maid’s room. There he could hide until the dominant male left the house.

A key in the slot.

Terror. Riley wouldn’t have given Corbin the key to their front door? It had to be someone else.

He was about to scream when the door thumped open, and the terrifying masculine bulk of Corbin stepped inside. He held the door open onto the street at the bottom of the front gardens. A neatly suited Corbin did a double take at the maid with the tray.

He then grinned and laughed.

“Well now. Just look at you!”

Austin closed his eyes, feeling queasy.

The door closed on the outside world, and for a long moment the two stood just a foot apart.

Finally, Austin opened his eyes and offered the red wine on the tray to the big male.

Accepting it, Corbin said, “Good girl.”

Oh, that crazy thrill from being called a ‘good girl’. A thrill that shivered around his body like an electric current buzzing through a house.

“But you need to know,” Corbin said, “that I want a scotch on that tray when I get here.”

The maid remained silent, eyes fixed on the tray that he still managed to hold straight.

Corbin said, “What do you say when given an instruction, maid?”

Austin swallowed, and whispered, “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl. Lead me into the house, maid.”

Barely able to breathe the maid led the alpha male into the sitting room.

Again, not knowing what to say or do, Austin stood holding the empty silver tray, his eyes fixed anywhere other than on the grinning hulk.

Austin felt the Bull’s fingers lightly touch his cheek and heard another laugh.

“How hot are your cheeks? You could toast bread on them.”

“Sir, please. I er, I, erm, I must get back to the kitchen,” Austin said staring at the beige rug, decorated with scarlet lines.

“Nonsense,” Corbin announced with authority. “Where’s your Mistress?”

Austin found himself gabbling, “She’s upstairs, Sir. Getting ready for you.”

Oh God. His wife was getting ready for another man. His beautiful wife was dressing and making herself up for this horrible brute.

“Great. Gives me and you a chance to get to know each other.”

Eh? Austin gave a glance up at his tormentor, the way a frightened bird looks in the direction of danger, before looking away.

Corbin put his drink on the coffee table before pulling the tray from the grasp of the terrified maid. He was loving this. His dick was stirring, and it wouldn’t be long before he’d be giving the wife a quick seeing to. Just to remind her of whose woman she was now.

“Sir. Thank you,” Austin was saying, “but I have things I need to do in the kitchen.”

Slumping onto the sofa, Corbin said, “Maids always have something to do. That’s what you’re for. Now,” he patted his lap, “sit here.”

Austin’s jaw fell open as he stared at the groin of the man who was tormenting him.

“Quickly girl. Men do not like having to repeat themselves.”

There was so much authority in the voice and demeanour of Corbin that Austin plonked himself awkwardly down onto the thigh of the Bull, his heels just touching the rug.

He felt an arm gather around his waist. A man’s strong arm! A swift tug and Austin was full set on the lap of Corbin, his heels now off the floor.

Austin could feel the heat of the Bull’s muscular body through his suit jacket and shirt.

Then the arm encircled Austin around his own bare arm before giving him a sharp squeeze.

“So maid, how’s your day been?”

“M-m-m-my day?”

Corbin laughed. It was an easy, relaxed laugh. A man enjoying himself.

“Yes, girl. And we aren’t going to forget how to address me, are we maid?”

“No, Sir,” Austin said, his mouth becoming dry.

“So come on then. What have you two sexy girls been up to?”

“We went shopping, Sir.”
The shock of the situation still kept Austin from looking at the face of the man who was teasing him. Yet in his panties, his little dick spurted into the chastity cage.

What is there about humiliation and being overwhelmed by another that excites him so much?

“Ah. Shopping. I bet you two loved doing that. That’s what girls do isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said automatically, his brain not able to think whether that was what girls did.

“And you bought some nice stuff for you and your Mistress?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hey, by the way, maid. Thanks for the selfies of you and Mistress. You two are a hot pair, aren’t you?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

God why wouldn’t he let him hide in the kitchen. This was agony. Arousing but shameful.

“You know, I’m going to take a few hot snaps of you two love birds too.”

Finally, an alarmed maid glanced at the man of the house.

Corbin laughed, “Look at your face. It’ll be great. You two will love it. Some good old lesbian action.”

“I don’t know. I mean,” Austin was lost for words. Then a fail safe: “I’ll have to talk to Mistress about it.”

Corbin found this hysterically funny. “Dumb arsed maid. No. I will talk to your Mistress about it. What you two gossip about when I am not here, I don’t give a shit about.”

Austin swallowed, “Yes, Sir.”

“Now, before your Mistress gets down, just one question.”

This time a troubled Austin gazed up at him under his false eyelashes. “Yes Sir?”

“You want to please your Mistress, don’t you?”

Austin was offended. “Of course, Sir!”

“Relax. I’m just checking. So it is important that you obey her.”

“I do, Sir!”

“Hey, you look so fucking cute with those big eyes and open pink lipped mouth.” He squeezed the maid in his lap. “I mean every instruction of your Mistress has to be obeyed. No matter how you are feeling about it.”

“Well, yes. I’m not sure about every instruction, but I do …”
As men do, Corbin quickly spoke over the maid perched on his lap. “This is where you sissy maids go wrong. I’ve seen it before. Bit of post nut clarity, or you start thinking you should behave like a boy rather than a girl. I’ve seen it. Too many times.”

Corbin sounded frustrated at the thought of sissies talking back and forgetting their place.

Austin curled into the man, his stockinged thighs tight together under the short skirt. “What do you mean, Sir?”

Seeing the concerned look on the maid’s face, Corbin said, ““Hey, listen. I don’t want you worrying your little head over nothing. It’s just that Mistresses can be a bit lost when they start out. And you wouldn’t want that would you? You wouldn’t want your Mistress giving up on this.”

The horror in the maid’s face was obvious and hilarious to Corbin. He maintained his serious expression revelling in the dumb arsed sissy’s alarm.

“So, just obey her without question, yes?”

The thought of losing Riley as his Mistress was terrifying. They had been together for years and Riley had appeared to hate playing the dominant part, always anxious to get it over with. He wouldn’t want to go back to that.

“Maid?” Corbin asked with a friendly, amused tone.

“Oh!” Austin sat up straight on the lap of this man who suddenly seemed so protective of him. “Thank you, Sir. I hadn’t thought of that.”

Corbin pressed the maid tightly up against his body, “Don’t worry your dumb blond brain. I’ll take care of you.”

No one had ever said that to Austin before. Crazily, it sounded reassuring.

From under the crook of this strong man, Austin smiled and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

“And you know what, maid? You have any problems you come to me. Right? Anything at all.”

“Yes, Sir.”

That all made sense. Corbin was far from the bully of Austin’s school memories. He had become a very helpful, shielding friend. Austin could see himself seeking Corbin’s advice.

Already the reader is fearing for the foolish sissy. Like the fly hitting the spider’s web for the first time, Austin doesn’t realise that he is trapping himself by moving further and further along the web towards the arachnid at the centre. There is always a spider at the centre of the web.

“What on earth are you two doing,” laughed Riley standing in the doorway.

She wore the sparkly silver dress they had chosen in a high fashion shop in the city. It was pretty low in the back, but loose, so that the material gathered a little above the waist before leading the eyes to her curvy backside. In the front, it was cut just above her rounded boobs, with two thin straps disappearing over the shoulders. It was thigh high, as most of the dresses they chose had been.

Both Riley and Austin had giggled at the thought of Sir catching sight of her wearing this number.

Her shoes were silver sling backs with a four inch heel, matching the glitter of the dress.

She wore a matching silver necklace, and her hair was immaculate, as was her pretty make up.

Austin felt himself pushed up on to his own heels as Corbin rose from the sofa, raced two steps and grabbed the delectable hot wife.

They kissed and he pushed her back holding her bare shoulders to get a better take on her. “Wow. You are just too much!”

A delighted Riley twirled around, her hands parallel to the floor, giving a wiggle of her arse, inviting her lover to get an eyeful.

Corbin grabbed her again and squeezed her so hard she groaned. The Mistress caught the maid’s eyes, and Riley winked at her husband, as if to say, job done!

Austin smiled back at her thrilled he played a part in making her so sexy for the lout Corbin. He somehow shared her thrill.

For Corbin. His old school bully! Austin’s pleasure fell away into a dark remorse.

His wife’s eyes were now closed as she was being kissed hard by her man.

Jealousy and anger swept through Austin. She was so sexy and here he was, handing her on a plate to a guy who would never appreciate her beyond her tits and arse.

A pouting maid rolled her eyes and stormed out of the sitting room, heading to start her chores in the kitchen. The last sounds Austin heard were those of his wife groaning.

He started to crash the pans around in anger but found himself pausing near the sink. He arched his back, closed his eyes and felt the shame of his predicament overwhelm him, thrilling his little member held as a crushed prisoner in the chastity cage.

Curling his back, and letting his head fall back, he emitted a long moan, very similar to that of his Mistress.