Pony Trap Chapter 14 by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter 14 by Deborah Ford




Chapter 14 


The Master now held the leashes of the three trainee pony girls Sedona, Lacy and Raven. The two girls and one sissy were dragged to the side of the stage in the darkness of the wings, where they stood anxiously in their heels.

Thomas estimated that the audience for his ordeal was almost a hundred people.

The three exchanged fearful, wide eyed expressions.

Sedona whispered, “I think I want to change my mind.”

Raven put both her hands to her pink lips, “I know. It’s all so final.”

Swallowing, Thomas wanted to be brave in front of the two girls, but only managed to splutter, “I’m sure it won’t be so bad.”

They looked at him with bewilderment.

Sedona said through gritted teeth, “Why are you sissies always so dumb! You are about to be collared and tailed for life! This isn’t a game.”

“Aww,” Raven said. “She can’t help it. We’re all a bit ditzy really. That’s why we need dominants to look after us.”

Sedona shook her head, “These sissies, get forced into a tight corset, tights and high heeled boots and they don’t know what is happening to them.”

Feeling defeated at being told he is dumb by a blonde who is clearly a real blonde birdbrain seemed to be the end of the world for Thomas.

Softening, Sedona placed a hand on that of Thomas’. “Oh. I’m so sorry. Didn’t mean to snap at you. Raven is right. We’re all too dumb to get by without instructions.”

The lights in the hall dimmed, the muttering and laughter from the crowd died away as golden lights exploded illuminating the stage. Pulsating dance music started from the speakers, and suddenly the Master tugged on the leashes and walked forward to the raised dais.

Even these noobie pony girls were already reacting automatically to the leash being given a sharp tug, so they  marched out behind the tall, arrogant Master remembering to wiggle their bottoms.

At least The Master knows what he is doing, Thomas thought. It was a tiny bit reassuring that all he had to do was comply with what the brute of a man said to avoid a beating.

Shock. On the wall opposite, over the crowd’s heads, were three video screens, each showing a head and shoulders shot of the pony girls as they looked with shock at each other. Obviously close up cameras were tracking them.

Then he saw similar screens  at the rear of the stage facing the audience. Obviously, no one would fail to see every reaction from the trainees during the tailing ceremony.

On the large screen, Thomas could see himself in his gentle make up and Indigo plume attached to his head by its harness and felt his tummy twisting. He looked ridiculous and wanted to cry with shame.

Standing just behind The Master, Thomas could barely see the spectators because of the lights, just a few dominants in the front seats, and a couple of maids serving them drinks. Here he was having to stand before this audience, with his humiliating apology of a tail, whereas the qualified pony girls in the audience had proper tails.

The Master confidently began a speech, but nerves crushed Thomas’ ability to hear the words. All he wanted was for the tailing ceremony to be finally over. He looked to the side of stage and saw his wife, Izabella. As their eyes made contact, she smiled and finger waved at him. She then blew him a kiss.

Aw. She understood what he was going through. He smiled back and timidly shrugged his helplessness.

For her part Izabella felt her panties dampen in a single long squirt. That was her boy on the stage. Hers! Her pony girl. Her slave. Her maid. Whatever she wanted. And within minutes everyone would know it! Yet she would still have access to as many rampantly hard males as she wanted. Could life get any better?

A sexy guy stood next to her. Tall, curly dark hair, expensive looking suit with a dark blue tie and crisp white shirt. He was carrying a gathered up leash and must have been one of the other trainee pony girl’s soon to be Master.

She looked up at him noting that he hadn’t shaved and the grey stubble gave her a second spurt into her panties.

He was already staring down at her, making her knees feel week.

Weakly she said, “Hi.”

“One of those dumb tramps out there yours?” His voice was deep and warm, like it resounded from his large chest.

She giggled like a schoolgirl at his abrupt speech style.

“Mine is the sissy nearest us.”

He looked shocked.

“A sissy? Fuck. He looks like a real girl. You’ve done a good job there.”
Thrilled at his compliment she beamed and gushed, “Which one is yours?”

“Raven. On the far side.” He laughed, “Looking so scared she could wet herself any time.”

Izabella giggled again, “Aw. That’s mean. But my poor sissy is wetting herself too.”

They both laughed, and the mutual laughter drew her even closer to him. Could he be just as powerful as The Master in her bed?

Thomas was annoyed and distracted at the sight of his wife, standing at the side of the stage, laughing with some stranger. He could tell that the man was her type. Tall, dark, confident. What was happening here? They were supposed to choose her lovers together? And shouldn’t all her attention be on him as he went through this nerve wracking ritual?

Clearly, he’d have to have a word with his wife when he got off the stage.

Just then there was an almighty yank on his leash. Automatically he walked forwards as taught, only to find himself on the edge of the stage with the audience laughing.

The Master announced to the crowd, “Look how dumb this one is!” He then turned to the quivering Thomas, “You heard a word I said?”

“Well, Master, I, er, I was, you know,” he folded one knee before the other, “I was sort of distracted.”

The audience howled with laughter and Thomas felt his cheeks grow hot as coals. Even the two other noob pony girls were giggling on the end of their leashes.

“What I said, girl, was I need you lined up near the edge of the stage.”

Thomas nodded blankly. Oh, if only he had been paying attention.

“I said now!”

Thomas jumped. “Yes Master. Of course, Master.”

Thomas inched to the edge of the stage with the other noob pony girls stood, so they were in front of the Master.

Just a few yards away, Izabella flushed.

“Oh, my sissy is dumb!” she said to her new admirer.

The man laughed gently. “Don’t worry about it. They all are. By the way, my name is Alec.”

She smiled, what a nice masculine name. Nice and short.

“Mine is Izabella. This is my first day as a Mistress. Oh, I have been having lessons from a couple of the Mistresses here online. Over the last few month,” she smiled bashfully, sharing something very private and naughty, “While my sissy hubby is tied up in the spare bedroom!”

They both laughed.

“I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be a great Mistress. Put the fear of God into your sissy and then,” his dark eyes stared hard at the sexy mistress, “maybe you and I could hook up?”

“You think so? That sounds great.”

“We’ll tether the pony girls together and have them watch us.”

The Master at the centre of the stage clapped his hands shouting, “On your knees sluts!”

His voice boomed around the walls of the stables and Izabella and Alec found themselves transfixed at the show, having only a vague idea about what was going to happen next.

Thomas collapsed to his knees quickly, noticing that the other two trainee girls also dropped to their knees, their eyes wide with trepidation.

“Trainers!” The Master called out.

Thomas was aware that the crowd was now quiet. No laughing. Not even chattering. Just rapt attention on the proceedings on the stage.

What the hell was going to happen next? Thomas felt his breathing growing short.

Thomas’ Trainer appeared with two others, they were each carrying a length of wood, a few feet long that had three curves indented into the long edge. The two outer curves being half the size of the inner one.

Thomas felt sick with worry. He glanced to his wife for support, but she was actually in the arms of the strange tall man!

He felt sick with fear about the tailing ceremony and that he was losing his wife to some guy he had never before seen. Inwardly he cursed his wife, they were supposed to choose the Bulls together! Then he could make sure the Bull was right for her.

The lengths of wood were fed into a slot and stood about a foot upright from the stage before the kneeling pony noobs. If Thomas leaned forwards he could have rested his chin on the smooth wood.

The Master commanded them loudly, “Put your wrists into the small curves and your necks into the large one.

On his knees, Thomas leaned forward with foreboding.

Standing below the stage, Thomas’ Trainer smiled, “You’re going to be fine girl. Just make sure your collar is clear of the wood.”

“Yes, Sir,” Thomas said, his brain like mush.

As soon as he was in position the Trainer raised a similar length of wood, with identical curves that slid over the top of him trapping his wrists and neck.

“Oh,” Thomas said, “It’s a pair of stocks.”

The Trainer laughed, as he clipped the two lengths to each other and used other lengths to fix the bottom edge to the stage.

 “Good girl. Clever girl.”

Oh. He was called a good girl! Even from, his humbling position, bent over in the stocks. Thomas smiled warmly at his Trainer.

“Aw. Thank you.”

Despite the scary humiliating position Thomas got a kick from being called a good girl.

The Trainer laughed at the silly, but cute sissy. He put his finger under the chin of the ensnared trainee pony girl and tickled.

“One day, I’ll teach you other things.”

Eh? Thomas pulled at his bonds. What was that horrible leer about? Teach him what?


Thomas’ bottom had been whipped with something very cruel.

With him bent over, on his knees, there was nothing he could do about it. Each of the girls in turn let out a whoop as their bottoms were victim to an assault by the same instrument.

Bastard, Thomas thought.

The crowd laughed at the pony girls’ discomfort.

Thomas turned his head in the stocks just in time to see his Trainer disappear into the dark shadows created by the golden lights.

Suddenly he felt very alone.

He could just look up sufficiently to see his and the other girls faces on the screens on the far wall. They all looked nervous, yet there something erotic in their fearful helplessness.

He could just about make out the faces in the front row, everyone was smiling. Even the pony girls and maids allowed to be present in the audience wore that sadistic grin of observing someone helpless and in peril.

Suddenly each of the screens at the back of the room split into two images, one showing the pony girls’ face and the other her sexy, wiggling bottom in the hose and corsets.

The master’s voice was low and confident, “The big moment ladies and gentlemen. There is no going back time for these dumb sluts. After this, they will never be able to remove their tails without their owner.” He paused, “It will be impossible. Nor can the collars be released by anyone other than their Masters or Mistress. They look what they are. Dumb airhead sluts who are the property of someone. In a moment they will look like the other pony girls and maids here: totally owned. From their toes to their plumes on their heads.!”

The crowd cheered and applauded with delight.

Thomas heard Sedona squeal. “Master. Please. I’ve changed my mind. Please.”

But only Thomas heard her plaintive cries and whimpers lost for most in the whoops from the audience.

On the screen he could see Raven staring blankly.

What had he got himself into? Here he was dressed as a sexy pony girl, collared with some cruel device and his willy locked away in an impregnable chastity cage.

He felt tears swelling to his eyes. He needed this ceremony to stop.

“Masters and Mistresses, have you lubbed the tails of your ponies?”

He heard two men and his wife say ‘yes.’

“No,” Thomas squealed. “Please!”

Swat. His arse sang with pain.


“Quiet girl,” The Master said. “This is the most important point in your life. You’re going to become what you always have secretly sought. Master and Mistress, insert the tail.”

Drum music started up and Thomas could actually hear his heart thumping in his chest. Was he going to have a heart attack?

Then all thoughts were knocked from his mind. He felt the cold lubrication of the butt plug press up against his sphincter. He immediately closed his backside tight against the intruder. What the poor foolish sissy didn’t know, was that the reason the noobs were given a proper tail earlier was not for their pleasure, but was to open them up ready for the tailing ceremony. Their rectums less able to reject the trespassing plug.

There was nothing he could to stop the intruder pressing forward and in a single squishing sound fully enter him.

The three pony girl trainees “ooohed” at the same time.

The audience cheered and clapped with relish.

“Excellent!” The Master announced. “Now, turn the key in the butt plug a complete circle, twice.”

As he heard a clicking sound from behind him, so something filled his rectum. The expanding claws of the butt plug flared out like the fingers of a hand. Trapping it inside him.

Abruptly, Thomas calmed. His tail was inserted. His tail! Just as had wanted since he arrived at the camp that very morning. It was inserted inside him and would wag when he walked.

Oh my! His erection filled its cramped confinement.

The Master was already speaking again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now the final part of the ceremony.” He cleared his throat, as if about to impart a great speech. “Masters and Mistresses, do you accept these dumb arsed pony girls as your property.”

The two masters and Izabella said “yes”, very loudly.

“Do you promise to care for them and keep them disciplined for as long as you all should live.”

Again, the three dominants said “yes”.

“In which case,” The Master said. “Take the leash of your pony girls. Trainers. Release the catches. From now on these dumb sluts will go nowhere other than where they are led by their owners.

Thomas’ Trainer was quickly on the scene to open the stocks and release his charge.

“You did well, girl.” He said and, knowing that it would thrill the pony girl he had trained, he added, “Good girl.”

Thomas melted at the words and knelt up feeling the weight released from his neck and hands.

Sedona looked at him, partly in shock but with more of a calmness than before the ceremony. They smiled at each other. They were both fully qualified pony girls!

Thomas felt a pride well up in him. It hadn’t been easy, but he had passed the test in a single day!

He felt a yank on his leash. As he had been taught, he immediately stood up on his heels. Pony girls do not pause before obeying the leash.

He found himself staring into the eyes of Izabella and noticed they were wet with tears.

“You clever girl!” She said.

Thomas beamed at the compliment. “Thank you, Mistress. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

She smiled. “I know, Lacy. That’s why I have been studying so hard.”

She wrapped the leash around her hand to haul her pony girl closer.

“Lacy, my love,” she whispered, “you won’t always like what awaits you. At times you will weep from humiliation, but I will always love you. You will always be mine. I promise I will never let you get away with any bratty behaviour or speaking back. I absolutely promise you that. You will be the best behaved pony girl I can make you. And when I falter, other dominants from The Manor will help me keep you in your place.”

She noticed her pony girl’s smile fade into an expression of bewilderment.

“Mistress, I, you make it sound real. Obviously when we leave here, you’ll unlock the collar and release my tail and …”

His voice faltered as he saw his Mistress raise her eyebrows in a mocking amused manner. He then recalled Honey recounting how he had been forced to leave The Manor with his tail locked in place. That Honey’s Bull and Mistress kept it locked in his bottom even when they got home! And then Honey was made to cut a hole in her shorts so the tail would always push through his clothes.

“Erm, Mistress, when we leave, you will …”

Suddenly that bully of a man, The Master, was next to them. He took Izabella by her shoulders and hauled her into him giving her a huge, tongue fervent kiss.

Thomas was shocked. Snogging his wife right in front of him. Worse, his wife just submitted to the kiss. She wrapped her arms around the Master’s neck tugging Thomas’s leash so that he was right next to them as they kissed.

Thomas squirmed at the new humiliation. He had seen Bulls kissing his wife before, but never her reacting in that manner. As he squirmed so the butt plug of the tail shifted inside him, and he immediately became erect. Oh God, how could he think with the butt plug constantly arousing him.

Finally, The Master pushed Izabella back, as he had tired of kissing her. Izabella stood, lips still parted, eyes remaining half closed ready for more kissing.

The Master said to her, “I know you’ll want time with your dumb tramp of a pony girl. So come up to The Manor later and I’ll fuck you senseless.”

“Oh yes, thank you Master.”

“But we need to make sure Lacy is in her stables and in bed by ten tonight. Tomorrow, she does the cart training. You know how dumb she is. So we don’t want her too tired.”

Izabella giggled. “Yes Master. Your courses have taught me the importance of early nights for our girls.”

She certainly did know how dumb her pony girl was. How easily she had manipulated her husband from looking to be a dominant at The Manor to being locked in a pony girls’ uniform, collared and chastity caged. All belonging to her! She felt the immense power that dominants often feel when subduing or collaring a slave. The achievement of ownership of an unspecting dumb bitch swelling up her pride.

With that The Master went over to congratulate Alec on his new pony girl, Raven, who was staring dreamily into the eyes of her own Master as he tugged her leash to bring her sufficiently close for a kiss.

Thomas felt a tug on his own leash, drawing him up tight to his Mistress.

Suddenly Izabella looked determined and serious. “Now listen Lacy. You were always crap at licking your Mistress’ pussy. But with your training here and my direction, we can make you the best pussy licker in the world.”

She put her palm on the hot cheeks of her shocked pony girl. “Oh, don’t look so frightened. If you obey, you’ll be fine.” She paused, as if wanting to enjoy his discomfort. “But you step out of line, little girl, and you will endure torments and pain like you can never imagine.”

With that, Izabella embraced her terrified little pony girl promising herself that she would keep him that way – loved and terrified in equal measure.

This post was made on a reddit group, (click this link) which I am sure is of interest here.


Why Chastity is so Effective at Emasculation, Feminization, and Behavior Modification


First and foremost, a chastity cage works because the “men” who where them are typically betas that are incredibly submissive. However, just being submission alone isn’t enough to create a sissy. We aren’t looking to have a kinky night between a husband and wife. We want to take a man’s masculinity, lock his cock up and turn him to a female sissy boi that takes orders from men.


Chastity is an essential tool to this process. The sissy no longer controls his cock and balls and has a male keyholder. The sissy must start understanding the psyche of women. What it’s like to pee sitting down. What it’s like to be penetrated. What it’s like not being able to cum while having sex. Or if they do cum what its like to squirt. What it’s like to service cock and swallow cum. This is on top of the other things such as wearing a bra and panties daily and looking pretty for their man.


Chastity doesn’t let arousal happen physically as it prevents anything resembling a boner; however, ironically chastity is a great way to generate pre cum as the sissy tries to grow in the cage they are met with resistance in the cage and over time the throbbing on the cage can feel like a rough hand job or some stimulation causing the sissy to leak but never to come remotely close to orgasm. This is the secret sauce to get your beta boi to drop for cock and become a sissy sub. Your sissy will be leaking the entire night and will be in a constant state of extreme arousal with no way to release. At this point they are most receptive to cock and service to gain release.


Lastly the sissygasm is what makes chastity so rewarding. Making your sub cum like a little sissy in her cage will be the new norm. They will have to focus on being aroused by penetration to even have a small opportunity at squirting through the cage. 3 days in chastity, with balls full of cum, will turn almost any beta into the most obedient little sissy just for the chance to squirt out their cage and drain their balls just a little.

— Any thoughts from Hotel Transform readers?

Pony Trap Chapter 13 by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter 13 by Deborah Ford





Chapter 13 



Thomas was tummy nigglingly nervous.

Yet those nerves were not due to the large crowd of dominants, pony girls and sexy maids gathering at the rear of the large stables. Nor was it do with the imminent tailing ceremony. Nor even that the Trainer had harshly spanked Thomas for being a brat. You might also think that his silly head was troubled by the fact that the very masculine Master had taken his wife Izabella away for the entire day. Or even that his normally reserved wife was proving to be a very effective dominant after just a few hours training.


But no. The main reason for his stress was simply his tail. All around him pony girls wiggled around him, flaunting their delightful tails. Swishing them as they walked, showing them off to all who would look. And all he possessed was a miserable belt from which hung some lengths of sorry looking string. It was humiliating.

So pouty was he that he barely took in the stage area, with the raised dais towards the front of the stage.

He was surrounded by the dominant women in their jodhpurs, neat white blouses and knee length boots. As hot as they looked, and they certainly aroused his encaged penis, they also terrified him. He’d seen how effortlessly Miss Olive and Miss Khaki had terrorised him. It seemed to him that anyone of these powerful women could reduce him to a nervous, shivering mess. And he was right, as he would discover in the coming weeks, not least when his wife took full charge of him.

He stayed close to his trainer whom he also regarded as a bully, but at least he felt safe with him.

From nowhere two noob pony girls arrived. One a golden haired blonde and the other a strawberry blonde. Thomas realised they were noobs, like him, when he saw their apologies for tails strapped around their waists. Just long strings hanging down the backs of their lovely legs.

They were each leashed to a brutish looking Trainer.

The two trainers nodded to Thomas’ trainer and then stared silently at the stage taking shape before them.

On seeing Thomas, the two pony girls shuffled forward to the end of their leashes.

The blonde’s name on her collar read Raven whereas the strawberry blonde’s read Sedona.

Raven gushed, “Oh Lacy! You look wonderful. You here for the tailing ceremony too?”

Grateful for someone with whom he could speak without being reprimanded, Thomas said quickly, in his best girly voice, “Yes. Are you?”

Sedona answered, “Oh God yes. And I am so scared.”

Raven nodded, so that her bells tingled, “I know.”

Thomas said, “I’ll be glad when it’s over.”

The two ponies appeared surprised.

“Well,” Thomas said, “I’ll have my tail back. Hated it when they took it off me.”

The two pony girls shared an expression of surprise.

Raven said, “You know there’s no going back do you? Once the ceremony is complete, that’s it.”

But Thomas couldn’t hear them, he was already whispering, “I mean look at these sluts around here showing off their tails. Bitches!”

Again Raven and Sedona shared a raised eyebrow with each other.

Raven said, “Has your Master told you what happens,” she paused for emphasis, “after the ceremony?”

“Oh, I have a Mistress.”

Raven said, “Ah. Lesbian?” Suddenly her face exploded with surprise. “Oh my God you’re a sissy. You look so convincing as a girl!”

Thomas giggled and blushed. “I know. It is amazing isn’t it.”

A tall man arrived, with a dark thin hair taking Raven’s leash from the trainer.

“Master!” Raven squealed, falling in to his arms.

The male led Raven away.

Sedona came closer to the wide eyed sissy pony. “I get what you say about the tail. I’d rather be caned than lose it, but aren’t you scared of having to be obedient for the rest of your life?”

“Hmmm?” Thomas asked, having been distracted by three pony girls racing past to the front seats. Their tails were so sexy. He was mesmerised by their motion.

Sedona said, “Lacy. Sweetie. Some sissies hate it though, don’t they?”

Thomas stared at her, feeling lost. “Don’t they like the uniform?”

Sedona gazed wide eyed at the quizzical pony girl before her. Just then she whooped.


A man pushed Thomas aside.

How rude, Thomas thought.

Then the man took the leash from the trainer and hauled his giggling trainee pony girl aside.

The two other trainers, now without a pony to oversee, left, leaving Thomas with his own trainer.

“Sir,” Thomas said to his trainer, “it is going to happen, isn’t it? I will get my tail?”

The Trainer thought for a moment and said, “So long as you don’t fuck up.”

Bit crude, Thomas thought, but said, “Thank you Sir.”

The Trainer took a grip on Thomas’s chin lifting his head to so that Thomas had to look the bully in the eyes.

“Just remember all you’ve been taught. Your walk. Make sure you wiggle when you walk. Keep your sissy voice going. Even if something frightens you. Remember the lisp. Voice at front of the mouth. Be polite and when …”

“But Sir,” Thomas interrupted. “It’s so hard remembering all of those things.”

The dumb bitch looked so anxious that the Trainer relaxed his grip and said, “You’ll be fine Lacy. A dumb arsed tramp like you will walk it.”

Thomas smiled. Oh, the Trainer could be so sweet when he wasn’t being horrid! “Thank you, Sir!”

He leaned forward to give his Trainer a kiss on the cheek, but the Trainer stepped away, leaving Thomas looking foolish.


Thomas turned just as Izabella, his wife, grabbed the leash from the Trainer.

“Oh Mistress!” Thomas was so delighted to see her that he raced into her arms.

She held him close making him feel safe and protected. He felt like weeping with joy. After his dreadful ordeal since his arrival, he was finally in the arms of the woman he loved and who loved him.

Suddenly, like a cut in a film, Izabella became business like, and pushed the pony girl back a few steps.

“Now pay attention, Lacy,” the Mistress said, “You remember all your voice coaching?”

“Well, yes, Mistress.” Thomas was uncertain. “I mean there were so many lessons! There’s so much to remember.”

His Mistress scowled, her face became hard. “Don’t you dare let me down Lacy!”

“Gosh I won’t Mistress. I promise.”

And he appeared from nowhere. Dressed all in black leather, with those piercing eyes drilling into Thomas’ soul.

The man who pompously called himself the Master. The guy who seemed to own the Manor, the stables and the grounds.

“The dumb bitch messing you around?”

“No Master,” Izabella said quickly with a giggle. “She’s just a bit nervous, aren’t you, Lacy?”

Thomas suddenly realised he couldn’t’ retreat too far away from the terrifying Master because of the leash. His mouth went dry as he stared at the tall man, “Yes Sir. That’s it.”

“You do as you told when you’re told. You speak when told when you’re told. Is that hard?”

There was so much menace in this horrible man’s voice that Thomas found his knees shaking.

“Yes Master. Of course, Master. No. Sorry. I mean, no, it isn’t hard Master.”

The Master thought for a moment and said, “Dumb bitch.” He looked at Izabella, “They are all too dumb to think for themselves. We do them a favour by collaring them.”

Izabella looked up with awe at her Master. “I know, Master. As you’ve told me, that’s why they need to be owned.”

The Master put a strong arm around her shoulders, brining her close. They gazed into each other’s eyes.

Thomas was horrified. Why is she looking at him like that? Had she ever looked at he, Thomas, with such an enthralled expression? It was almost hero worship. In fact, Thomas mused, it is hero worship!

Thomas felt the pain of jealousy. When he was allowed out of here and his collar unlocked and removed he would remind her who is man of the house.

Worse came.

Thomas watched with sickening horror as his wife rose on her toes to offer herself for a kiss.

This couldn’t be happening.

Then horror up on horror. They started nibbling at each other’s mouths.


Should Thomas say something?

It was as if his wife melted into the brute’s body. Thomas’ leash became less taut as his Mistress raised her hands to put them around the neck of the Master. Nevertheless, he was left rooted to the spot.

He was open mouthed as his wife submitted to a deep passionate lingering kiss from the appalling Master who had trapped Thomas into this position where he did not dare even protest.

He had seen his wife with a few men, as they played out Thomas’ cuckold fantasy, but his wife had never reacted in such a wanton way before.

Thomas felt anger, a long dark, impotent anger as his wife gave herself to another man, right there in front of everyone.

Finally, the Master pulled Izabella away leaving her gasping like a freshly landed fish.

She was breathless, “Master. Let’s go back to the Manor. I need it.”

“Slut,” sneered the Master. “No time. We need these dumb arsed pony girls up on stage so they can complete their change in life.”

Izabella looked stricken, but nodded her understanding.
Thomas felt obliged to defend her, as any husband might. Yet, of course, he wasn’t permitted to speak out of turn! Now he felt even more humiliated and helpless. As her husband, should he not protect her?

He had never before felt so lost and helpless. Not even when being spanked by the Trainer or pushed around by the dominant women at The Manor.

“Right Bimbo!” The brute of a Master said to Thomas. “We need to get your fat arse on stage!”

With that, The Master grabbed the leash and jerked the terrified Thomas towards the steps up to the platform.

Thomas just about heard the horrible man say, “No fucking escape for you now, bitch!”

Pony Trap Chapter 12 by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter 12 by Deborah Ford




Chapter 12 


As readers will be aware, I have not spared any details of the turbulent sissy’s suffering during this dramatic change from husband to cuckolded pony girl. This next section starts with a despairing scene of which you have now been warned.

Of all the punishments, humiliations and beatings Thomas had endured since arriving at The Manor, none were to cause more distress that what took place on that unforgettable late afternoon.

The orange sun was low, and yet cosily warm. The pony girls were still being put through their paces by patient dominants and a few of the delightfully dressed maids from the Manor were to be found bustling around the stable carrying out their instructions.

But poor Thomas was on his hands and knees on the hard ground inside the stable holding his breath, the trauma of the situation making his eyes moisten and blurring the sexy sites around him.

The Trainer said, “It’s all part of the procedure, and you must be brave.”

Thomas choked as he said, “Yes, Sir.”

The defeated sissy was about to ask, ‘if it was all truly necessary’, when he heard the lock on his tail click open.

He gasped. “Oh no!”

“Get a grip, sissy. I’ll do it quickly.”

Oh! Thomas’ mouth fell open how would he endure this?

He felt the tail butt plug being wiggled in his backside and then, ‘gloop’, it was tugged out.

At once, Thomas felt open, empty and humiliated. As if part of himself had been removed.

“Get up, sissy.”

In a total state of shock Thomas didn’t even say, ‘yes, Sir’, as he obeyed his instruction by rising stiffly upright on to his high heeled boots. He looked at the Trainer with earnest hope.

“Don’t give me those big baby blue eyes!” The Trainer sounded regretful. “It’s part of the procedure and the process. A pony girl can have her tail removed at any point if she is sufficiently naughty.”

Thomas was horror struck. “You mean, even after the ceremony, sir?” He could barely speak the words, “I might still have my tail removed?”

“If you’re naughty or a dominant doesn’t believe you are being well behaved, then yes. The only time you tramps seem to be able to accept not wearing a tail is when you are told to be maids. Obviously, maids don’t wear tails stuffed up their cute arses.”


That made complete sense to Thomas. After all, if you looked as pretty and sexy as a French maid then a tail would be superfluous.

The Trainer was holding out his old belt with the dreadful stringy tail. “Put this on.”

“But it’s horrible! It’s so ugly!”

“You arguing, sissy?”


A pouting Thomas snatched the demeaning belt and put it around himself, tightening it into position. He felt the horrid strings tickle the back of his legs. Just a couple of feet away, on the table near the wall sat Thomas’ prized tail. The one of which he had been so proud. Its dark butt plug and plush cloud of tail made him ache with longing. He should be wearing it. It should be locked into his bottom. Make him feel whole.

And could it get any worse? Just at that moment two sexily clad pony girls wandered passed in a chummy huddle, giggling.

Thomas watched their delightful tails swish back and fore as they wiggled away. Bitches! How unfair. And how empty he felt down below. His fingers felt at his buttock cheeks encased in the dark sensuous hose. This was terrible!

“Sir,” Thomas felt one knee bend before the other, but ensured he maintained his sissy, simpering speech from the front of his mouth. “Sir, I don’t think I can wait until the ceremony tonight. Please may I have my tail back? Please?”

Suddenly the Trainer lost all patience.

“Sissy, you dumb fuck. Firstly, you are not guaranteed a place on the stage at the ceremony tonight. The tail has to be earned. Secondly, your Mistress was clear in that you should be denied the tail until you’ve earned it.” His eyes narrowed, “And don’t think you are entitled to a tail either. I’ll be watching you like hawk to ensure you remain obedient and well behaved right up to the ceremony.”

“Sir? You mean … I mean …well, you … I …”

The Trainer sighed. “Do you want to spend the next hour gagged?”

Thomas shook his head, feeling his hair tickle his cheeks and the plume attached to his head swish about.

If you feel that was awful, then understand Thomas’ trepidation over the next hour or so of training. He was so anxious to demonstrate his submission and skills that at times he messed up instructions because of nerves. And it wasn’t helped to see the Pony Girls with their beautiful tails wandering past him. He felt naked and dowdy next to sexually alluring experienced pony girls.

At any moment he was expecting the Trainer to say that he wasn’t good enough to enter the ceremony. That they would have to start again. That he would remain tailless until the next day.

His first trial of pulling a cart was sufficiently straightforward as he just had to stand between the two bars of the cart and bend his arms so that he could be strapped to the smooth wood.

There was a moment of sheer panic as the Trainer wrapped the full head harness with the array of bells, about Thomas’ face and the bullying bit pushed between his lips.

When the bridle was locked behind his head, Thomas felt the sheer terror of helplessness.

Strapped to a cart so he couldn’t move his hands. Unable to speak to say if he was in distress. Dressed to attract sexual attention of any dominant.

The Trainer picked up the reins and gave a tug. It was exactly the same process and result as the leash to his collar being tugged, He quickly found himself waling forward behind the Trainer, who walked slowly, constantly visually checking that Thomas was okey.

“Keep that fat arse wiggling, pony girl.”

Thomas said ‘Yes, Sir’ through the gag but it came out as incoherent mumbling. That made him giggle, and for the first time since his tail had been so unfairly snatched from him, he felt relaxed. As of course all subs do once reconciled to their true position in life.

The impatient trainer shook his head as dominants often do at silly submissive pony girls.

The reins were tugged to the right and Thomas felt himself being walking in a curved line behind the Trainer. Then the reins were tugged hard to the left, and the Trainer walked around in the opposite direction. Thomas followed, nibbling on the bit in his mouth.

The bells jingled merrily. And he would have felt proud, but he couldn’t bring himself into eye contact with the other properly tailed pony girls. His tummy still turned over at how drab he looked without the full plumage of the grey, white genuine tail.

Suddenly the Trainer tugged downwards and Thomas stopped in his high heeled tracks.

“Good girl.”

Oh. How thrilling to hear those words. Thomas’ face beamed from behind the neat straps and bells that adorned his face.

The Trainer stepped up close, removed the bit and fed Thomas a piece of apple. Thomas chewed it eagerly awaiting the Trainer’s full verdict.

Smiling, the Trainer said, “You’re a real natural. No wonder you have the mistresses around here so interested in getting into your panties.”

Thomas giggled. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Yeh, a natural dumb slut.”

Feeling proud, Thomas giggled again.

“Tomorrow, we do the same. This time with me sitting in the cart. Don’t look so worried, dumb arse. Once the cart starts moving the girls find it easy. Even someone as puny as you can pull a cart with two people in it.”

Pull two people? Surely that would be impossible!

“Remember to keep that tail wagging when walking. The dominants love that.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Suddenly the Trainer looked thoughtful.

“Pay attention birdbrain. And listen carefully.”

Thomas leaned his head closer, hearing the mellow bells tinkle, anxious to heed the words of advice.

“Tonight, you just gotta do what you’re told. You’ll be told what to say. You’ll be told what to do.”

Thomas felt a thrill running through his tummy. So tonight was still happening! He was going to be tailed tonight!

“You don’t say anything else. Got it?”

“Yes Sir. Yes. Oh, my. It’s so exciting.”

“I’ll take you on the stage and you follow the leash, like you’ve been taught. Got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And don’t fuck up! Because that’ll make me look bad.”

Thomas giggled.

In a single action the Trainer took hold of the reins directly under Thomas’s chin and snapped the trainee girl’s head up.

“Don’t let me down. Got it! I am serious!”

Pulling helplessly on the leather straps securing him to the cart’s bars, Thomas was wide eyed in wanting the Trainer to appreciate that he understood.

“Please Sir. I’ll try really hard. Extra special hard.”

It was at that moment that Thomas realised he was speaking like a young child to an overbearing fearsome adult. What was happening to him?

Just then a pony girl passed him with a smile and knowing wink. Oh, God she was so hot, in her tight corset, tights and thigh high boots. Moreover, that plume really decorated her blonde hair, no doubt drawing to her all the attention of the dominants.

As she jiggled by Thomas saw her tail waggling in her curvy hose covered buttocks and felt that familiar pang of jealousy and stab of injustice.

Oh? What had he been thinking about before she passed him by? It didn’t matter. Nothing seemed to matter other than getting his tail back into his backside and impressing his Mistress. He had arrived with a wife reluctant to engage in any sex beyond the missionary and somehow, Izabella had become this erotic dominant woman who ruled his life.

He sighed at the delightful thought of being owned by Izabella his wife.

The Trainer barked, “What you smiling at sissy? Jesus. You dumb air heads are on another planet!”

Thomas giggled again, “Yes, Sir.”

Shaking his head at the silly pony girl, the Trainer said, “Okay, I’ll take you back to the wall and then send you to eat something. When you come out of the café you’ll be taken straight to the ceremony.” Suddenly he became serious, adopting the expression that always that made Thomas fearful about having his bottom caned. “To my mind, earning a tail in a day is crazy. You won’t appreciate it. If we went through the full two day course, then by tomorrow, you’d be begging and crying for your tail.”

“Oh Sir. I am so grateful to you for your training. Really Sir. I don’t think I’d have made it without you.”

The Trainer glanced back through the open doors to the fields with the pony girls performing and said quietly, “No. You’re not the sharpest tool in the wood shed.” He glanced Thomas up and down, from Thomas’ heeled boots to his plume. “But you sure are cute as hell. The dominants around here love a dumb arsed, cute sissy. You’ll be very popular.”

“Oh, thank you, Sir.” It was so rare to get a compliment from the Trainer that Thomas felt a little overwhelmed. Suddenly he gasped with terror. “Sir. Does that mean those two horrible bullies Miss Olive and Miss Khaki will be able to,” he swallowed hard, “play with me?”

The Trainer had enough of his chat with the vacuous pony girl. He pressed the bit into the pony girl’s mouth, took hold of the end of the reins and led Thomas back to the wall of the inner stables where they had started Thomas’ training.

“Girl, that’ll be up to your Mistress,” he called back. “She gets to decide who plays with you.”

The Trainer looked back over his shoulder and once again took in Thomas’ body from his heels to his shivering plume.

“Yes,” he said thoughtfully, as if to himself. “I’ll have to have a word with your owner.”

Thomas nodded, and gave a muffled, ‘yes Sir’, through his bit.

Have a word about what? He wondered.

There again, sissies do a lot of wondering. The world is so damned complicated at times, not surprising they feel relaxed when in the hands of powerful dominants.

The dreadful string tail tickled the back of his legs as yet another reminder that he needed to ensure he was on his best behaviour for the next few hours so he could win his tail.

But can a dumb, sissy pony girl achieve that with so many distractions around?

Pony Trap Chapter Eleven by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter Eleven by Deborah Ford


Chapter 11 





“Who’d you think would want to teach a dumb ass like you how to speak like the dumb arsed pony girl you are?”

Miss Khaki smirked at the anxious looking sissy pony girl before her and Miss Olive.

Thomas was taken aback. It seemed to him that whenever he answered a question from these two tall dominant women he was in the wrong, and punished for it.

“Well, Miss, I erm, I thought …”

“Oh!” Miss Olive laughed, “the poor thing is trying to think. Isn’t she cute when her little e brain tries to think.”

Thomas blushed hot red. He had been so pleased to master walking with a wiggle, so that his butt plug tail swished sexily around his thighs, that he had forgotten how scary this pony training could be.

Miss Olive and Miss Khaki still seemed to be overbearing giants, even though Thomas was wearing the statutory high heeled boots of a pony girl.

Miss Khaki gripped his chin forcibly, “We explained to your wonderful Mistress Indigo that we are experts in getting sissies to speak as they should.”

“No one,” Miss Olive added with wide eyes, “will ever think of you as being a man again. The moment they see you, the moment they hear you, the moment they observe your movements, they will see you as a dumb, silly headed girl.”

Still in the grip of Miss Khaki’s tight fingers, Thomas said, “Yes, Miss.”

The two black women stepped back to take in the delightful pony girl, from her lovely legs to her long hair. They loved sissies as they were so much fun. Just as foolish sissies thought they had reached the lowest point of humiliation there was always something further to demote them.

They were stood close to the wall of the inner stables, not far from where the Trainer had worked so hard on Thomas to ensure he walked correctly and obeyed every command without even the slightest element of hesitation. Though always scared of being caned by the Trainer and hearing the Trainer’s disappointment, nothing was as terrorising for Thomas as these two awesome women.

“Firstly, sissy,” Miss Olive said, “you must always speak from the front of the mouth. Say, ‘I am a silly, airhead pony girl’ from the front of your mouth.”

Thomas swallowed. What did that mean? He pursed his lips and said, “I am a …”

The cane whipped at his thigh, making him squeal.


“From the front of the mouth, dear. Start again,” Miss Olive said.

The blistering line on his thigh made Thomas concentre much harder. He pushed  his tongue so far forward it was against his lips. “I am a silly, airhead pony girl.”

The two black women looked at each other with delight.

“Oh my,” Miss Khaki said, “I think she’s a natural!” She then turned back to the nervous pony girl, “It takes time to master, but that was excellent. Now pay attention. Men mumble and speak in monotone.”

Miss Olive leaned forward, intimidating Thomas, “But girls speak clearly. Enunciating every syllable. Every word has a beginning, a middle and end. From now on you will say all parts of every word clearly!”

Thomas swallowed. Every single word? Surely that would be impossible.

“So,” Miss Olive said, “say it again. Front of the mouth to lessen your resonance and remember to enunciate every syllable.”

“Yes, Miss Olive,” Thomas said, feeling flustered. So much to remember. He carefully said each part of each word. “I am a silly, airhead pony girl.”

“Not bad,” Miss Olive didn’t seem all that impressed. “It takes practice. Now girls speak faster than boys. So there is a lot for a silly little girl like you to remember. So, say it five times, getting faster each time.”

Sissies are not renowned for their great thinking abilities, most getting through life by appearing cute and in need of a cuddle, so unsurprisingly Thomas had never before realised how different women speak when compared to men.

They spent the first hour concentrating on the sounds of words. The second hour was spent on the visual aspect. Thomas had not appreciated that women react constantly to what is being said to them. Whilst men stand Clint Eastwood style, perfectly still, with little facial movement, women constantly mirror the movements and facial expression of a person speaking. Constantly reacting to what is being said. Thus, when a dominant is speaking, a pony girl was expected to hang onto every word as if preparing for an exam. Their faces move, their head tilt.

Then he had to add a hint of a lisp. When he did it too much the Mistresses slapped his palms with the cane until he got it just right.

Finally, an exhausted Thomas was relieved to hear Miss Khaki say, “Enough for now. You’ve worked very hard. We’ll go back over all this tomorrow. Just remember to not force up your pitch too much. It’s all the other factors that are important.”

Miss Olive, rested a hand on his cheek, “After all Lacy, you wouldn’t want anyone thinking you are a horrible, smelly man, would you?”

Swallowing, Thomas said in his new, softer, lisping voice, “Oh no, Miss Olive. I promise. Really.”

Miss Olive smiled, “Good girl.”

Oh my! Those words again. Why were they so electric? Being called a good girl when the dominants were genuinely pleased, sent a  buzz through Thomas’ being.

He smiled, “Thank you, Miss Olive.”

“Tomorrow,” Miss Khaki said, “we’ll do more work on your hand movements too. You’ll love it.”

“Thank you, Miss Khaki.”

Miss Olive’s expression darkened. “Now be warned. Many dominants like your Mistress, Miss Indigo and your trainer, will know you’ve started your speech courses so they’ll be checking that you don’t fall back to your old voice.”

“That,” Miss Khaki said sternly, “Is absolutely forbidden. Got it?”

His tummy turned over at the threatening expression, “Yes Miss Khaki. Of course, Miss Khaki.”

“Oh you are so fucking gorgeous!” Miss Olive announced, her eyes locked on to those of the alarmed pony girl.

Miss Khaki put her finger under Thomas’ collar and lifted him up onto his toes. “And don’t you forget, we found you first!”

Feeling the collar cutting into his chin, Thomas squealed, “Yes Miss Khaki.”

“Oh,” Miss Khaki added with a grin, “Love your tail!”

Aw. Thomas smiled, he loved compliments like that. “Thank you, Miss Khaki.”

“Now off you go, back to your trainer, and let’s see you wiggle like the slutty tramp you are,” Miss Olive said.

“Yes, Miss Olive,” Thomas said with a bright face, “And thank you so much for the lessons.”

“What an adorable pony girl you are,” Miss Khaki said. “And be sure to impress your trainer with your new voice.”

Thomas turned and walked away with a wide grin, ensuring he felt the tail swing about behind him to further entrance the strong willed dominant women. His tail moved erotically between his bottom cheeks.

He heard one of them wolf whistle and felt a zing in his tummy.

Oh, my this is so much fun, he thought.




Such delightful thoughts were zapped from his mind as soon as he saw his trainer glaring at him.

The Trainer’s brows were pressed hard down over his eyes. He was stood near the table next to the wall, where Thomas had left him earlier, with the open doors onto the field behind him.

Feeling a  compulsion to apologise, Thomas immediately said, in his new voice, “I’m sorry I’m late, Sir.”

“Late?” The trainer growled. “How can you be fucking late when you’ve only just been sent back to me?”

“Oh. Sorry, Sir.”

Thomas stopped before the intimidating dominant.

“Dumb arse!”

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir.”

“Hey! That voice. Those two bitches have worked wonders on you!”

“Thank you, Sir.”

The trainer shook his head. “It’s nothing to do with you. You’re dumber than pond life. You be sure to thank them when you see them for tomorrow’s lesson!”

“Yes Sir.”

“Now. It’s time to remove your tail …”

Remove his tail? Thomas was shocked. Oh no! He loved wearing it and feeling the way it swished around when he wiggled. Of course not being able to remove it made him feel helpless but that seemed to add to his mindless sexual excitement.

The Trainer continued, “But it seems your Mistress wants to see you wearing it. She’s on her way down right now. As if I have time to show you off to your owner. So you make sure you remember all your lessons. Speech, deportment, and walking.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Don’t look so scared, you airhead! Just remember all your lessons and you’ll be fine.”

“Yes, Sir I will. But please, Sir. There have been so many lessons. And I get confused and I don’t know if I can keep it up. Especially this speaking business where I have to say …”

The Trainer raised his hand, “Enough. Stop the jabbering before you burst into tears.”

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir.”

“Damn. Here they come,” The trainer said. “I was hoping to get some practice moves in with you. So you behave!”

Thomas glanced back over his shoulder and sure enough, there was his wife, Izabella on the end of a leash being tugged towards them by the terrifying, black leather clad Master of The Manor.

Suddenly terror gripped Thomas’ insides, he turned to face them so quickly his tail flicked around the back of his thighs like a gentle whip.

Jeez! His wife looked stunning in her tight white blouse, with the cream jodhpurs that gripped her legs as if they were elastic. The knee length high heeled boots made his wife’s legs seem even longer. The blonde hair showered out from beneath her top hat.


Izabella raced forwards with outstretched arms towards her husband but was held back as the leash grew taut in the Master’s hand.


As much as he was thrilled to see her, Thomas felt a dead sense of trepidation.

He was just so helpless. He was the plaything of everyone here, and if he didn’t perform obediently then he was punished.

“Turn round, turn round,” Izabella said eagerly, unable to contain her excitement.

Thomas did so immediately, glancing back over his shoulder at his delighted wife.

“Well go on, Lacy,” Izabella said, “Walk. I can’t wait to see your arse wiggling properly, like a real pony girl.”

Oh no. Would his Mistress to be impressed? She hadn’t been impressed when she saw him walking earlier. Closing his eyes, Thomas forced himself to concentrate. He said to himself, ‘Keep the shoulders straight and still, and let his hips relax and jiggle’.

He set off holding his breath.

Oh my! The tail’s butt plug did its magical work, arousing him and enhancing his wiggle. He could feel it! The long hairs of the tail swung easily from one leg to the other.

He heard his wife giggle. “Oh Lacy. Brilliant. Super awesome!”

Should he stop? He hadn’t been ordered to, so he continued with uncertainty.

“And come back, Lacy,” Izabella shouted. “Here, Lacy, lacy!” She called out, as if instructing a wayward puppy.

Turning on his heels, Thomas marched back towards the group self consciously aware that all eyes were fixed on him.

“Stop!” Izabella called out.

Thomas did so waiting expectantly for the next instruction.

Izabella stepped towards the Trainer, only stopping when the leash hauled her up short with her amused Master making no attempt to allow her to progress further.

She said to the Trainer, “That’s absolutely magic! You’ve done brilliantly. Master said I wouldn’t be able to believe the change in just one day. And he’s right!” She turned and smiled bashfully at the man holding her leash. “Aw, but you are always right Master.”

What? Thomas swallowed. How could his wife speak with such admiration about another man right here in front of her husband? Thomas felt he had vanished from the earth.

The Master tilted back his head in that irritatingly superior way of his. “All the dominants are chosen personally by me. They do a fantastic job with these airhead pony girls.” He glanced at Thomas with a knowing grin that made a panicky Thomas feel the need to have a pee. “Why not chat to your pony girl over there.”

Izabella almost jumped on the spot. “Oh Master, yes. I almost forgot. The speech training! She sounded horrible this morning. Not like the other sissy pony girls.”

The Master gave a yank on the leash and walked towards the petrified pony girl, pulling Thomas’ wife behind him. He loved watching the cuckold, sissy husbands squirm before their wives. It made all the hard work maintaining The Manor feel worthwhile. That and shagging wives who’d never before experienced a real man’s cock.

Izabella was so close to her worried husband that she bent forward to kiss her pony girl on the cheek.

“Oh my. I cannot wait to hear you. Say something, Lacy.”

Oh. Erm. What should he say?

“Quickly girl,” The Master commanded in that effortlessly domineering manner of his.

Thomas took in a lungful of strength and announced, “I am a silly, airhead pony girl.”

What? Where had those words come from? Oh! All these horrible bullies get him so confused. Why had he said that? The dominants laughed happily.

He knew that he had spoken from the front of his mouth with the slight lisp, all while enunciating the words clearly.

“That is wonderful, Lacy!” Izabella said. She kissed him on his cheek again.
Thomas felt a shadow of worry. Would she ever kiss him again the way a wife might her husband?

Somehow, he had to remind everyone this is a game. But with his wife so ecstatically pleased with his performance he felt a warm glow inside him. And anyway, he was too frightened of everyone to actually say anything. So he kept quiet and let himself be admired by his wife like a loved child having done well at school work.

“Aw Lacy,” suddenly Izabella looked concerned. “We can’t stay. My Master will be teaching me about bondage. Oh, and he has plenty of tying up tricks which I am going to love to use when I play with you. So, we have to go. But you’re about to lose your tail…”

Suddenly Thomas spoke with out being asked anything, “But Mistress. Please. Not my tail!”

“Aw, Lacy,” Izabella cooed. “I understand pony girls feel empty and naked without it. But please don’t worry. I’ve asked your trainer to be gentle with you and to take care of you.”

Seeing her husband looking close to tears, she ran her hand threw his gorgeous hair beneath its plume. “Aw, Lacy. Your Trainer will comfort you.” She kissed his nose. “I promise. And just think, tomorrow evening, I am sure you’ll get to the ceremony like the clever pony girl I know you can be. Then it will be reinserted and locked home by me, your owner.”

Thomas’ hands bounced up to his mouth, he was close to tears. “Please Mistress. I promise to be good. Really.” He caught his voice lowering in timbre and lightened it. “Just please let me keep my tail.”

Izabella looked up at her own owner, the Master. “Master. She is doing well at her lessons. Can we let Lacy keep it in?”

In amongst his turmoil at the throught of losing his tail, Thomas felt aggrieved that his own wife would ask The Master’s permission for him to keep his tail. It was his wife who owned him!

“I don’t know,” The Master drawled slowly. “Trouble is with these little minxes, you give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

“But she has done so well, Master.” Izabella seemed just as concerned as her husband about him losing his tail. “She looks fantastic with it plugged in and when they hear her. no one can think of her as anything other than a silly girl.”

The Master’s eyes narrowed in thought. Suddenly he was staring hard at Thomas, making Thomas’ knees feel weak.

Thomas held his breath as the Master said quietly, “There is one way you can have the tail reinserted later tonight.”

Thomas stared at the Master expectantly. He realised that his dreams could only come true with the instruction of his wife’s Master.

The Master looked over at the Trainer. “How about we do Lacy’s ceremony tonight? She up for it?”

The trainer pulled a face. “I dunno. Maybe. She’s only halfway through the course right now.”

Izabella took hold of both of Thomas’ hands, “You can do it. I know you can. Tell me you want to perform the ceremony of pony girl ownership tonight.”

The words tumbled out of his pretty little mouth. “Yes. Yes. Please Mistress. I want to do the ceremony tonight.”

Izabella stared wide eyed in hope at her Master. “Please, Master. She looks so adorable with her tail.”

The Master glared firmly at Thomas making the sissy pony girl step back. Why did his legs shake when The Master spoke to him?

“On your knees, Lacy,” he commanded.

Lacy fell quickly to her knees, grateful that she no longer had to fear her knees giving way beneath him.

“Listen carefully,” The Master said, his eyes dark and fierce, not blinking. “You understand that once you’ve had the ceremony you’ll be owned forever by your Mistress.”

“Y-y-yes, Master.”

“There’s no going back once the ceremony is over. There will be witnesses.”

“Yes, please Master. I promise. I understand. Please, Master. Please.”

The Master shook his head making Thomas feel that wave of sissy distress that sissies fear when they are about to be denied something they achingly want.

“I’m a fool for a cute pony girl with big eyes,” The Master smiled, “Ok. If your trainer thinks you are ready then I’ll get you into the ceremony tonight. Your Mistress will lock home your tail and then it can only be removed with her say so.”

Tears came to Thomas’ eyes. “Oh, thank you Master. Thank you!”

He wanted to fling himself at the leather clad dominant’s feet in gratitude but just managed to stop himself. He looked up at his smiling wife, “And thank you, Mistress. I love you so much!”

“And I love you, Lacy.” She reached down to kiss him but was tugged backwards by her Master.

Revelling in his power of denying the couple a goodbye kiss, the Master, said, “Come on Slut. You’ve a hell of a lot to learn about knots, electronic locks and double locking handcuffs.”

She scuttled after him, finding her balance in her heels only after a few steps. “Yes Master.”

As she left she looked back over her shoulder at the pony girl she would actually fully own in just a few hours and blew him a kiss.

Thomas blew a kiss back watching the pair walk briskly to the front of the stables.

He was so lost in dreamy thought that he barely heard his Trainer.

“Ok, bitch. If we are to get you through enough of your course to get your cute arse in to the ceremony then we need to start with your first advanced lesson.”

Still lost in his wonderful thoughts of being owned and tailed by his loving Mistress, it took a moment before Thomas took in what the trainer was holding in his hand.

He squealed.

The trainer was gripping a long, fat dildo.

“Right,” the Trainer said, “let’s get you inside for your first advanced lesson. And any silly, bratty arguments from you and I block your tail ceremony.”

Thomas’s eyes crossed as the dildo was brought up to his face.

What had he begged for?