Austin and Riley Part 11


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Shame is a crushing emotion.

It overwhelms the senses and sweeps away any capacity for thought.

Thus, Austin stood in his professional maid’s uniform behind his own front door, holding a silver tray balancing a glass of red wine on it. Just as wife, Riley had commanded.

Even if he was in his frilly, porn style maid’s uniform this would be a fearsome chore, but wearing a professional maid’s outfit as used genuinely in hotels, so he appeared to be no more than a domestic worker, was mind numbingly humbling. A silly little hat, more of a decoration than serving any purpose, was clipped into his blonde hair.

Worse, the colour of the uniform was salmon, almost pink, and the fluffy apron rendered him nothing more than a maid.

He couldn’t even check his watch, as any attempt to turn his wrist led to the tray shaking and glass rattling with menace. He would die if the red wine was spilled onto the wooden floorboards just inside the front door.

So, he obediently waited for the arrival of his former school bully, Corbin, who was now his wife’s latest Bull. And by far the lover who most excited her.

His new three inch heels had seemed comfortable but now, stuck in one position, they became uncomfortable.

Was that a car that had pulled onto the drive?

He became fully alert. A car door slammed.

He had only one thought – to run up to the spare room over the garage, which had become his maid’s room. There he could hide until the dominant male left the house.

A key in the slot.

Terror. Riley wouldn’t have given Corbin the key to their front door? It had to be someone else.

He was about to scream when the door thumped open, and the terrifying masculine bulk of Corbin stepped inside. He held the door open onto the street at the bottom of the front gardens. A neatly suited Corbin did a double take at the maid with the tray.

He then grinned and laughed.

“Well now. Just look at you!”

Austin closed his eyes, feeling queasy.

The door closed on the outside world, and for a long moment the two stood just a foot apart.

Finally, Austin opened his eyes and offered the red wine on the tray to the big male.

Accepting it, Corbin said, “Good girl.”

Oh, that crazy thrill from being called a ‘good girl’. A thrill that shivered around his body like an electric current buzzing through a house.

“But you need to know,” Corbin said, “that I want a scotch on that tray when I get here.”

The maid remained silent, eyes fixed on the tray that he still managed to hold straight.

Corbin said, “What do you say when given an instruction, maid?”

Austin swallowed, and whispered, “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl. Lead me into the house, maid.”

Barely able to breathe the maid led the alpha male into the sitting room.

Again, not knowing what to say or do, Austin stood holding the empty silver tray, his eyes fixed anywhere other than on the grinning hulk.

Austin felt the Bull’s fingers lightly touch his cheek and heard another laugh.

“How hot are your cheeks? You could toast bread on them.”

“Sir, please. I er, I, erm, I must get back to the kitchen,” Austin said staring at the beige rug, decorated with scarlet lines.

“Nonsense,” Corbin announced with authority. “Where’s your Mistress?”

Austin found himself gabbling, “She’s upstairs, Sir. Getting ready for you.”

Oh God. His wife was getting ready for another man. His beautiful wife was dressing and making herself up for this horrible brute.

“Great. Gives me and you a chance to get to know each other.”

Eh? Austin gave a glance up at his tormentor, the way a frightened bird looks in the direction of danger, before looking away.

Corbin put his drink on the coffee table before pulling the tray from the grasp of the terrified maid. He was loving this. His dick was stirring, and it wouldn’t be long before he’d be giving the wife a quick seeing to. Just to remind her of whose woman she was now.

“Sir. Thank you,” Austin was saying, “but I have things I need to do in the kitchen.”

Slumping onto the sofa, Corbin said, “Maids always have something to do. That’s what you’re for. Now,” he patted his lap, “sit here.”

Austin’s jaw fell open as he stared at the groin of the man who was tormenting him.

“Quickly girl. Men do not like having to repeat themselves.”

There was so much authority in the voice and demeanour of Corbin that Austin plonked himself awkwardly down onto the thigh of the Bull, his heels just touching the rug.

He felt an arm gather around his waist. A man’s strong arm! A swift tug and Austin was full set on the lap of Corbin, his heels now off the floor.

Austin could feel the heat of the Bull’s muscular body through his suit jacket and shirt.

Then the arm encircled Austin around his own bare arm before giving him a sharp squeeze.

“So maid, how’s your day been?”

“M-m-m-my day?”

Corbin laughed. It was an easy, relaxed laugh. A man enjoying himself.

“Yes, girl. And we aren’t going to forget how to address me, are we maid?”

“No, Sir,” Austin said, his mouth becoming dry.

“So come on then. What have you two sexy girls been up to?”

“We went shopping, Sir.”
The shock of the situation still kept Austin from looking at the face of the man who was teasing him. Yet in his panties, his little dick spurted into the chastity cage.

What is there about humiliation and being overwhelmed by another that excites him so much?

“Ah. Shopping. I bet you two loved doing that. That’s what girls do isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said automatically, his brain not able to think whether that was what girls did.

“And you bought some nice stuff for you and your Mistress?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hey, by the way, maid. Thanks for the selfies of you and Mistress. You two are a hot pair, aren’t you?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

God why wouldn’t he let him hide in the kitchen. This was agony. Arousing but shameful.

“You know, I’m going to take a few hot snaps of you two love birds too.”

Finally, an alarmed maid glanced at the man of the house.

Corbin laughed, “Look at your face. It’ll be great. You two will love it. Some good old lesbian action.”

“I don’t know. I mean,” Austin was lost for words. Then a fail safe: “I’ll have to talk to Mistress about it.”

Corbin found this hysterically funny. “Dumb arsed maid. No. I will talk to your Mistress about it. What you two gossip about when I am not here, I don’t give a shit about.”

Austin swallowed, “Yes, Sir.”

“Now, before your Mistress gets down, just one question.”

This time a troubled Austin gazed up at him under his false eyelashes. “Yes Sir?”

“You want to please your Mistress, don’t you?”

Austin was offended. “Of course, Sir!”

“Relax. I’m just checking. So it is important that you obey her.”

“I do, Sir!”

“Hey, you look so fucking cute with those big eyes and open pink lipped mouth.” He squeezed the maid in his lap. “I mean every instruction of your Mistress has to be obeyed. No matter how you are feeling about it.”

“Well, yes. I’m not sure about every instruction, but I do …”
As men do, Corbin quickly spoke over the maid perched on his lap. “This is where you sissy maids go wrong. I’ve seen it before. Bit of post nut clarity, or you start thinking you should behave like a boy rather than a girl. I’ve seen it. Too many times.”

Corbin sounded frustrated at the thought of sissies talking back and forgetting their place.

Austin curled into the man, his stockinged thighs tight together under the short skirt. “What do you mean, Sir?”

Seeing the concerned look on the maid’s face, Corbin said, ““Hey, listen. I don’t want you worrying your little head over nothing. It’s just that Mistresses can be a bit lost when they start out. And you wouldn’t want that would you? You wouldn’t want your Mistress giving up on this.”

The horror in the maid’s face was obvious and hilarious to Corbin. He maintained his serious expression revelling in the dumb arsed sissy’s alarm.

“So, just obey her without question, yes?”

The thought of losing Riley as his Mistress was terrifying. They had been together for years and Riley had appeared to hate playing the dominant part, always anxious to get it over with. He wouldn’t want to go back to that.

“Maid?” Corbin asked with a friendly, amused tone.

“Oh!” Austin sat up straight on the lap of this man who suddenly seemed so protective of him. “Thank you, Sir. I hadn’t thought of that.”

Corbin pressed the maid tightly up against his body, “Don’t worry your dumb blond brain. I’ll take care of you.”

No one had ever said that to Austin before. Crazily, it sounded reassuring.

From under the crook of this strong man, Austin smiled and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

“And you know what, maid? You have any problems you come to me. Right? Anything at all.”

“Yes, Sir.”

That all made sense. Corbin was far from the bully of Austin’s school memories. He had become a very helpful, shielding friend. Austin could see himself seeking Corbin’s advice.

Already the reader is fearing for the foolish sissy. Like the fly hitting the spider’s web for the first time, Austin doesn’t realise that he is trapping himself by moving further and further along the web towards the arachnid at the centre. There is always a spider at the centre of the web.

“What on earth are you two doing,” laughed Riley standing in the doorway.

She wore the sparkly silver dress they had chosen in a high fashion shop in the city. It was pretty low in the back, but loose, so that the material gathered a little above the waist before leading the eyes to her curvy backside. In the front, it was cut just above her rounded boobs, with two thin straps disappearing over the shoulders. It was thigh high, as most of the dresses they chose had been.

Both Riley and Austin had giggled at the thought of Sir catching sight of her wearing this number.

Her shoes were silver sling backs with a four inch heel, matching the glitter of the dress.

She wore a matching silver necklace, and her hair was immaculate, as was her pretty make up.

Austin felt himself pushed up on to his own heels as Corbin rose from the sofa, raced two steps and grabbed the delectable hot wife.

They kissed and he pushed her back holding her bare shoulders to get a better take on her. “Wow. You are just too much!”

A delighted Riley twirled around, her hands parallel to the floor, giving a wiggle of her arse, inviting her lover to get an eyeful.

Corbin grabbed her again and squeezed her so hard she groaned. The Mistress caught the maid’s eyes, and Riley winked at her husband, as if to say, job done!

Austin smiled back at her thrilled he played a part in making her so sexy for the lout Corbin. He somehow shared her thrill.

For Corbin. His old school bully! Austin’s pleasure fell away into a dark remorse.

His wife’s eyes were now closed as she was being kissed hard by her man.

Jealousy and anger swept through Austin. She was so sexy and here he was, handing her on a plate to a guy who would never appreciate her beyond her tits and arse.

A pouting maid rolled her eyes and stormed out of the sitting room, heading to start her chores in the kitchen. The last sounds Austin heard were those of his wife groaning.

He started to crash the pans around in anger but found himself pausing near the sink. He arched his back, closed his eyes and felt the shame of his predicament overwhelm him, thrilling his little member held as a crushed prisoner in the chastity cage.

Curling his back, and letting his head fall back, he emitted a long moan, very similar to that of his Mistress.

Austin and Riley Part 10 .



Austin and Riley were exhausted.

Having lived the life of a man, Austin never knew shopping could last all day. Traipsing from shop to shop and then returning to the first shop for an item they could have bought on their first visit!

They stopped for coffees and lunch, and Austin learnt a secret about women that only true sissies know. They can talk! Without the presence of a man, women feel comfortable nattering for hours.

And talk about anything.

Initially it had been irritating, but soon Austin realised that he no longer had to care about his pride so he relaxed and chatted.

And buying women’s clothes was a thrilling experience that tested the rigidity of his cock cage. Even blouses were fun. He learnt to feel the texture of the material and to hold it up to see if the colour matched his own skin tones.

But now, they both lay on the bed at home, quite exhausted.

Riley spoke slowly, her eyes shut, as if in and out of sleep.

“You have to change into your maid’s uniform. After a snooze, God I need to rest my eyes.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Austin had no inclination to move from the comfort of the bed, while laying next to his wife.

“And make sure you’re smart and your hair looks good. I don’t want Sir to be disappointed in your appearance!”

Feeling sleep creeping on him, Austin moaned. “Aw. Can’t it be just you and me tonight?”

“After he’s gone, maid. All your attention should be on pleasing him.”

Slumber overwhelmed them both, just as Austin was trying to think of an argument for not letting Corbin back into their lives.

The shrill phone tone shook them both awake, leaving them feeling lost. Where were they?

“Oh, it’s him!” Riley was anxious. She sat bolt upright on the bed staring at the name of her lover on her phone.

Austin groaned, closing his eyes, hoping for sleep to reclaim him.

After pressing the answer button, she said her usual, long hello, into the phone, listened and giggled.

“Sir!” She said as if outraged at something he had said, before grinning. “Oh? Yes, Sir, he is with me. On the bed. No! Don’t be silly. We are just resting after shopping. Did I say he? Sorry.” She giggled. “He’s wearing men’s clothes, well on the outside.” She laughed at another remark, before adding, “Okay!”

Glancing down at her husband, who was suddenly wide awake, she looked troubled. She was relieved that he couldn’t hear what her lover was saying.

“Oh, okay. I’ll tell him.” She turned to her husband, “Sir wants you out of here so we can have a private chat.”

Rolling his eyes, Austin said, “Really?”

Her manner changed. Like a curtain dropping, her chatty, gushing persona was hidden away, and an icy hard glare stared into Austin’s soul.

“Maid. I do not want you answering me back when I am talking to Sir! Now get down to the maid’s room and put on your uniform. One of the proper maid’s hotel uniforms we bought. I like the light salmon one. Yes, that one.” She covered the mic on the phone. “Sir will think it’s pink. You know what men are like with colours.”

This was ridiculous, Austin thought. He was a man but knew the difference between salmon and pink. Didn’t all men?

It was time to make a stand, just a small one to remind his wife, that he too should have a say in this.

“Mistress, I think, maybe it is better I stay for a bit. After all, …”

Her eyes closed a little, like black clouds rolling across a summer sky. It was a facial change Austin was growing to be wary of. “And do it now!”

A pissed off Austin stomped to the former guest room at the far end of the upstairs hallway.

Though he’d closed the master bedroom door he hovered next to it, wary of being discovered. Suppose she opened her door and saw him trying to listen to her conversation with Corbin? He had become fearful of her anger.

His foolish sissy brain was so desperate to hear their chat that the logical fact that he could only hear his wife when she laughed out loud through the master bedroom door, and couldn’t make out her quiet, excited speech, meant the risk was not worth the reward.

Yet he stayed there for a full quarter of an hour, every sense he had straining to hear the discussion.

Finally, he slinked into his room and stripped away his male clothes down to the baby blue chemise top and panties. Riley had insisted he wear beneath his male attire.

He showered, taking an age to wash around his chastity cage, enjoying every second of erotic joy of his imprisoned dick being warmed and soaped.

As he towelled himself dry he peered down the long corridor to the master bedroom where the door was still closed, and all was silent. He ventured cautiously into the hallway his ears keen to pick up any sound. Had the call with her lover ended? And then he heard Rily gasping. It was rhythmic. It was the sound she made when Austin played with her using her favourite rabbit vibrator. Now she was reciting ‘yes’, in frantic ways before emitting a long gasp.

How on earth could a phone call make her cum? It was difficult to make her cum when Austin shagged her, no matter how hard he worked. Hence why she had him buy the Rabbit toy.

He dressed in the new frilly, black and red corset and matching panties. It was a delicious number, with frills everywhere, and created tiny breasts by pressing in his waist and forcing the little fat he had into the cups of the corset. It gripped him like bondage and aroused him as much as putting on the matching panties. Delicate red lace surrounded all parts of the corset. It looked staggering in the mirror.

The matching tight panties slipped easily into place. He had forgotten the sensual delight of new clothes. The stockings clipped tightly onto the hanging garters of the corset.

This maid’s outfit was a genuine item that hotel maids actually wore. In a delightful salmon tone, it appeared functional and professional, yet attractive. They had found it in a supplier of clothing to restaurants and hotels.

It had a tight bodice, and waist and flowering ruffles around the bottom. The shoes had a modest low heel of three inches, but the apron was to die for. Though an actual professional item, the pinafore came in an over the shoulder ruffled style. The shoulder ruffles were way over the top Edwardian style and attached at the rear in a big bow.

He felt his mind go light as he clipped the decorative maid’s cap into his hair. It tied at the back in a stringy bow and the clips at the front ensured it would remain in place even if he bent forward.


Austin’s sissy brain found the tickling of his flared skirt against his thighs distracted him into a world of naughty pleasure. He could feel his silky panties around his groin and chastity cage. His eyes closed. His breathing became short as he clung to the door for support.

“Maid!” A flushed Riley was standing in the hallway staring at him.

Austin became self-conscious and stepped back.

Riley squealed, “Oh my God look at you! That new hair style with the extensions makes your pixie cut look so hot! And that outfit! You look like a real maid. Sir is right. You could actually answer the door dressed in that. People would think you are just home help.”

Fear prevented Austin’s dry mouth from swallowing. Answer the door? People would see him dressed in this outfit?

Riley relaxed and jogged over to embrace her maid, holding him tight. “Oh silly! Don’t look so terrified. You are like a frightened rabbit.” She eased back and kissed her maid on the nose. “Sir will be here in thirty minutes. Oh, stop looking so shocked. You knew he was coming tonight.”

“Mistress. We just need to stop this. It’s getting scary.”

“Nonsense. Now you are doing steaks tonight. Men love steaks.”

There it was again, the reference to men. It was as if Austin was in a boat floating away from manhood and he had no control over the craft or its journey.

“Now, you’ll need that make up. The light make up, like we discussed in town when we were in the hair stylists. Open a bottle of red. Make sure the dining room is immaculate! Get the hoover in there …”

She was gabbling away like an over excited child.

Austin had no other option other than to break away from her embrace and say, “Stop!”

She tilted her head to one side, so that her blonde hair fell onto one shoulder, staring at him as if she didn’t recognise him.

“Okay. We need to think about this.” He closed his eyes to draw breath ready to offer his advice.

“Maid.” She spoke quietly, but with great emphasis.

Austin opened his eyes and clocked that narrow eyed expression he was beginning to dread. Her pink lips were tightening.

Now, when she spoke the schoolgirl jabbering had gone, and her lips barely parted.

“Sir said that you and I would have to have an acclimatising period. He is very understanding and empathetic.”

Corbin understanding and empathetic? Austin made to interrupt but Riley put her finger to her mouth and said, ‘Shhhh’. It was as if she were speaking to an errant child.

“I’m not going to tell Sir that you forgot to address me properly. Though that,” her eyes narrowed to two black lines, “will be your last chance. Sir is being very understanding. And we should be grateful. Now, while I am getting ready, I want you and Sir to get on well together.”

“But ….”


Austin had been about to interrupt her again and was thrown back by her aggression to stand at attention. Where had his lovely wife found this tough confidence? 

“So make sure you greet Sir at the door as a maid would. You should have the glass of wine on that nice silver tray and offer it to him. Stand up straight. He needs to know his position in this household the moment he sets foot in here.”

She paused, but her eyes remained hard. “Are we clear, maid?”

He found he couldn’t speak, so just nodded.

The moment he bobbed his pretty little head, she gripped him hard and emitted a long, sing song, “Oooooh. You are so delectable”.

Kissing his hot cheek, she spoke softly, “I know it is hard for you maid. Sir has said that there is a huge step for you to make from playing games to the real experience of being a maid in the house. He says that once you have completed that step then you’ll be fine. Isn’t he smart?”

The words would still not come. Was she being serious? It was as if she had been kidnapped by a cult.

Riley kissed her maid on her nose. He was so adorable when deferential.

“Right, I am going to have a bath and get changed. That little white dress you and I bought with just stockings, no bra or panties.” She laughed. “No. The silver one. Oh my God, we both loved that one in the store. Maybe the flowery one that clings to my curves. I bet his big cock won’t be able to stay in its pants!”

Yet more crudeness from her. As if she were speaking to a girlfriend about a lewd experience.
Austin watched his preoccupied wife wiggle back to the master bedroom and close the door.

Close the door on him. On her husband!

His craft was bobbing further away from the safety of the mainland. Yet why did the fear and helplessness arouse him so much? His dick pumped out precum when she was taking charge, even though he hated it.

He did hate it … didn’t he?

And didn’t he hate that dreadful bully taking charge of them both?

Yet, once more, his dick tried to harden in his tiny cage.

It was so difficult being a sissy, so many conflicting thoughts. So difficult to make sense of them.

Then he shook awake. Makeup! She had commanded him to put on the light make up they chatted about over coffee in the mall.

Why hadn’t he known it could be so much fun shopping. It had been exhausting but so exciting. They discussed every garment they bought for her and him. Mainly for him. He had an incredible wardrobe now.

He stood before the mirror shifting one way then the other, watching the skirt. It didn’t fly up like his French maid uniform when he turned, but it certainly made him look curvy.


He jumped in his heels. She was standing at the ned of the upstairs corridor, in a dressing gown, holding a hair brush.

“Get downstairs and get that dining room sorted!”

As she watched her husband in his professional maid’s uniform race to the stairs and hammer down them in his heels, she relaxed against the doorway and smiled.

Oh my God, had she known owning a sissy maid could be this much fun she would have agreed to do it years ago. Corbin was so perceptive and forceful. At the thought of his commanding power, her free hand pressed down to the crack in her dressing gown and pushed up against her wet pussy lips.


She stopped herself. No, she wanted to be in total need when the alpha male turned up. He would love seeing Austin standing there with a tray in his hand. He’d be ready for action the moment she appeared before him.

Austin and Riley Part 09

CDN media


CDN media


In his maid’s uniform, Austin watched his wife and her lover Corbin, screw, hold each other, and even sleep for short periods. They bounced relentlessly on the sofa like a testing machine for the springs and cushions. As he was bound so tightly to a dining room chair, under the Bull’s supervision, he couldn’t move.

He was feeling stiff, desperate to straighten his legs which had been pulled so hard beneath the seat of the chair, before being bound so tightly to his wrists.

The noise cancelling headphones Corbin had squeezed onto his head, kept up the steady roster of children’s songs, as Alexa had been ordered by his wife’s lover. Even more irritating, the tunes were now repeating. How many times had he listened to Hush Little Baby? It was driving him insane, like the Chinese water torture.

And all the time his humiliation and helplessness aroused him intensely. His inflated dick was pushed hard against the small, plastic chastity cage, and his panties were sopping wet with his endless precum.

He just needed to be untied, his chastity unlocked, and he would cum fully in seconds.

Finally, the couple slumped into each other’s arms and were totally still.

“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” started yet again in his headphones, and Austin groaned into the gag.

Bound so tight he couldn’t even squirm, he saw Corbin’s eyes flicker open, in a moment he was wide awake. He glanced at Austin, grinned and then slapped Riley, Austin’s wife’s, arse.

It was really hard.

The spank was a sign of ownership of the wife. Taunting the secured cuckold with a demonstration of his ownership.

Riley, who had been embracing her Bull, pulled up her head in shock. She glared at Corbin before giggling and cuddling him tighter.

Corbin was saying something that of course Austin couldn’t hear because of the noise cancelling phones and the infuriating music. Whatever it was, it made Riley stare at him intensely, like a puppy awaiting instructions.

As Austin couldn’t hear anything apart from the childish songs, he could only see Corbin’s mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

Whatever he was saying entranced Riley. She listened carefully, interjecting once or twice before nodding her blonde head thoughtfully at the replies Corbin offered.

About four or five songs later, Corbin rose, pulling together his trousers and giving Austin the wickedest, most superior smile Austin had ever seen. It was an, ‘I’ve conquered you and your wife’ smile that chilled Austin. Oh why had he let Riley contact his old school bully?

Yet also, of course, the entire scene aroused him. The affair was setting alight his sexual desires.

Riley pressed herself up against her lover for another cuddle, with Austin remembering he was chewing on her dried panties in his mouth so she was naked beneath her dress. This produced another leering grin from Corbin that humiliated the poor, helpless sissy hubbie.

And then they were talking again. And once more, it was like a silent film for Austin.

While Austin listened to the Alphabet Song he watched his wife, with her most serious, studious expression ask Corbin a question.

It was a query that appeared to impress Corbin. He raised his eyebrows and spoke at length. Riley nodded continuously, taking it all in.

What were they talking about? Austin was furious. He didn’t want Riley making another date with this arrogant bully until he could talk her through his own feelings, and how he mistrusted this dominant male.

Finally, Riley smiled at Austin. It was such a warm facial expression that Austin fell in love with her all over again. God she was wonderful. How could he let that dim witted thug screw his wife?

Then another chat between the lovers, shorter this time. Riley led Corbin out of the door into the hall.

What was happening?

Never had he felt so helpless before. It was thrilling and scary. Simply not knowing what they were discussing vexed and thrilled him.

It was a long time before they returned. Had they had sex, once more, this time upstairs?

A smug Corbin was pulling on his jacket.

And again, that dreadful arrogant grin directed at Austin. An expression that said, I am better than you, and you are a loser.

The panties were now totally dry in his mouth, and he wished he had the courage to gob them out but dared not.

With a slow deliberate movement, Corbin raised his arms, until his hands were at Austins eye level. He then opened his palms and, in each palm, Austin could see a key. They were the keys to his chastity cage! He recognised them as they were unlike any other keys, being so long and slim.

In a state of panic, Austin made to spit out the panties, but Corbin clenched his hands, enclosing his huge fists around the keys before poking one finger against Austin’s lips. The message was clear. The panties remain in his mouth until they are removed.

Austin was terrified at the sudden action, and with large, round eyes nodded his acquiescence.

He saw Corbin say something in the direction of the smart speaker, obviously summoning Alexa and the song Hickory Dickory Dock was turned down to silence.

The music had stopped! Finally.

Corbin smiled at Austin, this time warmly.

“You’ve been a very good maid,” he nodded to Riley, “we are both impressed by how well you’ve behaved. So good girl.”

‘Good girl’? Wow. Austin’s dick tried to cum in his panties, but obviously couldn’t being trapped in the plastic cage.

“So don’t spoil it by being naughty now. Got it?”

Austin bobbed his head: ‘Yes’.

Corbin pulled back his shoulders to make himself immensely tall, and said to Riley, “You see. Your maid can behave. You must be very proud.”

Taken aback at the compliment, Riley said, “She has been good,” she wrinkled her nose. “She isn’t always.”

“She has done you credit this evening. Right. I’ve got to go. So about tomorrow.” He saw Austin listening intensely, and announced, “Alexa, play children’s songs again.

Aaargh, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It,’ began again. How many times had Austin heard that song in the last couple of hours?

Austin watched Corbin say a few words, Riley nod her assent and then they kissed and cuddled. At one point, she appeared surprised, glanced at her husband, and then agreed to what ever Corbin had said.

The loving couple exited the room, wrapped up in each other.

It left Austin to stare at the open doorway. He could tell by the lines of yellow light from the street lamps, that the front door had been opened.

Another two songs played, Rain, Rain, Go Away and Five Little Monkeys, before the hallway went dark and an overjoyed Riley re-entered.

She shouted something in the direction of Alexa and the music stopped.

Riley pulled off the headphones with effort as they were now sticky with sweat.

She bent over him, her hands on Austin’s stockinged thighs, and said, “Well what a guy! He could be the one! The one we’ve been seeking. He’s got everything.”

Austin shook his head, still fearful about forcing out the gag of her panties from between his lips.

“Oh silly. He’s gone now.” She took hold of the now dehydrated panties between her thumb and forefinger and pulled them out of his mouth.

His mouth felt as dry as a towel out of the spin dryer. He attempted to salivate, to moisten his mouth. But it was as if all his moisture had been soaked up in the panties and then dried out in his gagged mouth.

“Oh my God. We have so much to talk about,” she said gleefully as she pulled at the ropes around his wrists.

At last, Austin’s legs straightened, as they were released from his wrist bonds. It felt so good to straighten them out before him so he could see his heels again. His muscles stretched with gratitude after their period of fixed bondage.

Austin felt brave enough to say, “What? Don’t you think he went too far?”

She left his hands bound and went to the front of the chair to undo the ties about his ankles. Wow they looked secure. And it was all her own handiwork. Under the direction of the knowledgeable Corbin.

“Aw. Maid. Sir says I have to call you maid from now on.”

Austin felt he needed to make his presence known.

“We’ll decide what we call each other!”

“Hmmm!” Riley was perturbed. “Not really. And Sir says we have to help you adjust to the new world order.”

“New world order? What the hell does that mean?”

Releasing his ankles, his high heeled feet spread gratefully apart.

Now only his hands were secured.

“Aw.” She let her head fall to one side, her blonde hair falling across her naked shoulder. “Sir said you might find it difficult. He is ever so thoughtful. He has a complete timetable for you.”

Eh? “What do you mean, timetable?”

She ruffled his cute, short, pixie cut hair, “Aw, now you mustn’t upset yourself. Sir says we shouldn’t tell you anything in advance, as it will only worry you.” She giggled and rolled her eyes, “or was I not supposed to tell you that? Duh! What am I like?”

She laughed at her ‘dumbness’, something Austin had never seen her do before.

“Listen, just untie my hands. We need to chat.”

She folded an arm across her chest, under her breasts, rested and elbow on it and tapped her finger against her lip. “Do we? We don’t need to chat about it at all. There’s just a few things you need to learn before I untie your hands.”

To learn? Austinn shuffled his bottom on the hard chair surface, feeling his stockinged thighs rub together. He didn’t need a chat. He needed to cum.

“Then, we’ll open a bottle of wine and have a real girly night in, gossip about what’s happened. Because that’s what girls do when they are alone.”

Austin pulled at his bonds, but he knew the action was useless. Corbin was probably just some stupid arsed thug, but he obviously knew how to tie knots.

“Firstly, you always call me Mistress. Sir says I am to tell him if you don’t. Oh, yes and also, we are both to refer to Sir as Sir.” Seeing the pained expression on her husband’s face she said, “Aw, sorry. I know. But that’s what he has ordered.” She rolled her eyes and giggled. “Oh, there is so much more. You know what real guys are like.”

So it was, that just ten minutes later, that Riley, wearing a fresh pair of panties, sat on the sofa too excited to drink much of her wine.

Glass in hand, still wearing his maid’s uniform, Austin sat next to her, nervous and unsure what to say or how to react. He had never heard Riley jabber so quickly with such enthusiasm. She barely paused for breath. It was as if every word was exciting for her.

“I mean, wow, did you see how calm he always was? Have you ever seen a guy like that?” She mimicked his voice, “You sit there, maid, and you sit there, slut!” She giggled. “It was like so, like, I don’t know. And he knows so much. Oh my God the things he shared with me, while you,” She put her hand over her mouth as she laughed at her befuddled husband, “Were helpless and listening to the kiddie’s music. So funny!”

Austin winced. It was sexually exciting to be humiliated like that but with his wife actually laughing at him, he felt his tummy turn over with shame. Should he stand up for himself?”

But Riley was blistering on, a train driven to reach its goal, “Oh my God has he got plans for you!”

She laughed at her husband’s shock and sipped her wine. She was intoxicated by the alcohol and the entire afternoon.

“Plans? For me?” Austin said, his eyes full and round.

She leaned forward, so that her soft breasts in her bra beneath her dress bounced. “Oh yeh. Full on plans for you. Whoops!” She laughed. “But I’m not supposed to tell you anything. Sir says that will keep you on edge. And, and, oh God, here’s the thing. He’s got plans for me. He says I am a natural Mistress. How about that? And he should know! Says I am a true slut and a true Mistress to subby cucks like you.”

“Mistress,” Austin cut in quickly, as he felt his wife was never going to stop rabbiting, “Do you think we should slow down. A lot has happened and …”

The laughter had drained from her face, leaving her eyes narrow and her mouth shut tightly so that her lips became thin.

Her voice was low, and devoid of the merriment and driving joy of the previous chat. “You just remember, you are the maid in this arrangement. That’s what you have been mithering me forever, isn’t it? Ever since we met. You are the maid, and you don’t get a say. Sir says you need to deal with it and it might be hard for you at first.”

“But, Riley, we ….”

The slap across his face astonished him. Wine slopped from his glass.

“Now you listen here. And listen carefully, maid. You never, never use my name. Not even when we are having girly time like this. I am Mistress, always! Got it?”

A stunned Austin felt the stinging heat in his cheek. She had never exhibited any signs of aggression before.

“Well, yes Mistress.”

Leaning back and placing her arm along the sofa back she said coldly, “And Sir is always Sir. Is that understood?”

“Yes, yes, of course, Mistress.”

She eyed him the checking for any doubts in his manner. Oddly, he appeared scared, or at least wary. She had never before induced that fear anyone. It gave her a rush of blood that tingled at her pussy and breasts.

A feeling of determined power. She had disarmed him and now she could boost the confidence of her sissy, thus controlling him. As Corbin had outlined earlier, a dominant controls a sub by punishment and plaudits so they become dependent up on the dominant.

“Sir said you have nice legs. How about that?”

She grinned at him in a warm manner that encouraged Austin to return it. So he smiled back and yet again felt his dick thicken.

“Really Mistress?”

“Oh yeh!” She laughed, “I should be jealous, but I quite like that fact he finds my maid attractive. It sort of reflects on me. And that you were obedient and nicely attired. In fact, I was quite proud of how impressed he was with your behaviour.”

That was a shock, she had never before been comfortable with his dressing as girl. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now Sir says I have to sort out your bedtimes. He says it should be fixed for every night. But I don’t know,” she was talking quickly again, as if Austin wasn’t present. “I think we’ll say nine thirty, and then make it earlier or later depending on how good you are. You behave well and it’s later, you be bratty and then it’s earlier. Sir says he saw a bit of brattiness in you, so I don’t want to see that again. And I guess, you’ll need to go to bed earlier on the night before laundry day. Sir is going to bring around his stuff for you to wash and iron …”

“Mistress!” He saw her serious expression appear and swallowed, speaking more softly, “Mistress. I can’t do his, er, Sir’s laundry.”

He watched with foreboding as she took in his defiance. Would she slap him again?

Instead, she smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Aw maid. You may be cute, but you also have to be practical. You mustn’t trouble your silly little head over anything. Sir will think for both of us, and I will think for you when he’s not here.” Abruptly her eyes lit up with a realisation, “Oh, and Sir wants us to get clothing. And not just lingerie. As you can imagine with a man, that’s what he thinks most about. He loves sexy lingerie.”

She was talking as if he wasn’t a man. Yet the insult stiffened his member in its cage.

“Clothing, Mistress?”

“Oh, don’t look so worried. He’s left that with me. You and me are going to have a full on in town. All day shopping spree. You’re going to love it. Shoe shops. Dress shops. The full works. Oh and your hair!”

“My hair Mistress?”

This was ridiculous, didn’t he have any say in any of this?

“Yes. Sir likes your pixie cut but wants it a bit thicker.” She ran her fingers down the sides of his soft hair. “And I think a few highlights too. They will soften your look. You are going to love it!”

He needed to be brave, but brave in a cautious way after that astounding slap.

“Mistress, perhaps we should have a chat about what Sir wants. Make sure it fits in with us and what we are looking for.”

She offered him a naughty grin. “Sir said he has a cure for you if you try to think.”

Austin felt alarm tickle his tummy. “A cure, Mistress?”

She leaned forwards and lowered her voice as if fearful of someone overhearing her.

“Oh, my yes. He has a few cures for naughty maids.” She wiggled down the sofa, until they were millimetres apart, and could feel each other’s warmth. “You ever heard of a spiked chastity cage?”

His jaw fell open, his face a picture of anxiety.

She kissed his nose with a giggle, “Oh, for fucks sake, you look so cute when you are scared. Why hadn’t I seen your cuteness before? You are totally adorable.”

She put her wine on the coffee table and then took his glass from his hand to place it next to hers. She put her arm around him and whispered in his ear.

“Oh Maid, the things I could tell you about your future. You are going to love it!”

“Mistress, Mistress. Spiked cages are painful. I’ve read about them.”

She laughed. “Silly. They are supposed to be. They are a deterrent. Sir says four or five hours in that will help train even the most bratty of maids. Oh!” She remembered another part of Sir’s talk. “Sir hates your plastic chastity cage. Oh my God, he says no, no, no! That is coming off.”

“Mistress, I like wearing the chastity cage, especially when I’m when dressed.”

Amused she said, “You are ditzy! Sir doesn’t want you walking around with erections. Obviously! He says there is only room for one man in this relationship. No, he has this steel chastity cage he can get. He says it is impregnable. Once he locks it on you then, poof, your little dickie thing is gone forever. Well at least until he unlocks you. Isn’t he amazing?”

No, Austin thought. He is a bully and an absolute pain. But if only Austin didn’t get so aroused at the thought of all that was happening. Then he could think clearly and make a stand.

His wife’s hands pressed on his shoulders, forcing him to lie on the sofa. Suddenly she was on top of him, her hands under his skirt, squeezing his arse hard.

“You are the sexiest maid in the world, and you are mine. You got that?”

Looking up his wife in a way he had never before experienced he said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Her face became hard. “Who do you belong to, maid?”

“You Mistress. You.”

When had she become so loving and yet so scary? She had gone from the Jekyll of a lovely compliant wife to the Mister Hyde of a ferocious, scary Dominatrix in an afternoon.

Her phone rang.

She groaned and Austin said, “Don’t answer it.”

Sitting back on her knees on the sofa, she stared at the handset. “Oh my God. It’s him!”

Now it was Austin’s turn to sigh. Was this dreadful man going to interrupt them every time they were enjoying their time together?

Riley answered with an elongated, “Hello,” and a wide grin.

She listened and her eyebrows furrowed, then her face brightened. “Yes, Sir.”

Giggling she turned off her phone and grabbed his hand, leading him upstairs to their room. A girl in a hurry.

They arrived in the master bedroom, where she pulled him back towards the curtained windows, so they were stood before the full length mirrors.

Austin saw himself in his maid’s uniform, his hair awry. Oh God he just needed to cum!

Lifting up her phone she checked the image of herself in the mirror.

“Sir wants a selfie.” She adopted a deep low voice, “And get it to me right now slut!” Then she giggled again. “What is he like?”

“Should I take it, Mistress?”

“No! You don’t know how to take a selfie. Watch! Turn side on, behind me, that’s it. So we are back to back. Straighten your shoulders. Good girl. Oh, arch your back. Haven’t you seen girls doing their pix for boyfriends. Arch your back so your arse sticks out. That’s it. Shoulders back I said, so your little tits push out.”

Austin was knocked senseless with the commands. It felt so odd to be stood like this. So unnatural.

The camera snapped a few times.


Austin was shaken by her anger.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Pout and smile. You must have seen girls posing for their pictures? Pout. Then smile a little. That’s it.”

Relaxing, she backed closer into him so their backsides touched. Two more pictures.

“Now turn around. Facing each other. Up against me. The lesbian shot. Men wank for hours over them!”

Austin knew that was true as he had spent a great deal of time looking at pictures of sexy lesbians together.

“Cheek to cheek. Pout. For fuck’s sake. Pout. When you see a camera, you pout!”

Austin did so.

“And smile! Do you want me to get Sir to spank you?”

Austin felt her hot cheek against his and pouted with a smile he hoped would satisfy her.

“Bottom! Arch back!”

He obeyed, in state of panic. She sounded so cross with him.

“Now lift up your leg like me!”

Austin watched as one of her bare legs crooked back into the air and he sought to emulate the action.

It is damn hard balancing on a single high heel.

With that, she actually physically pushed him away as if he was now surplus to what she needed. She spooled through the snaps on her phone, her face expressing increasing levels of anxiety. She swiped back through them until she compared one of the ones with their legs up and one with their backs to each other.

“Oh God! Which will he like?” She swiped quickly and then slowly, just those two pictures being considered.

Austin didn’t want to trouble his wife, who was becoming a scary dominatrix, so spoke quietly. “Mistress. Just to say, and I’m sure you’re aware of this, but once Sir has them, well, he could share them with others.”

He immediately regretted speaking. She closed her eyes and sighed as if she had heard the dumbest remark ever. “Maid, we’ll think about that when he asks for nude pictures. Most guys are okay. I wouldn’t mind any guy seeing these. Its hot to think about guys with their dicks in their hands looking at me and my maid.”

Then she ballooned her cheeks and announced, “That one!”

She sent the one of them with their cheeks together and legs cocked in the air behind them.

With that she relaxed as if an exam was over.

Suddenly exhausted she sat on the bed.

“I think this old bully of yours is going to wear us out!” She said, without looking at him.

“So maybe finish with him, Mistress?”

Studying him until he looked away with trepidation, she smiled softly. “Aw. Don’t worry. Bed now, precious. You sleep in your maid room at the end of the corridor. Just think. Big day tomorrow. Sir wants you to have an entire new wardrobe.” She smiled naughtily, “And a few things for me, too. It’ll be soooo good. Sooo much fun. Two girls buying clothes.”

“Mistress, maybe we need to just step back and …”

“Unless one silly little maid wants to try to sleep bound up and gagged, I suggest she keeps her naughty little mouth closed! So run along like a good maid. Sleep in the guest room over the garage. Big day tomorrow! Oh my God, maid you will love it!”



Austin and Riley Part 8



A sissy cuck’s dream?

How about this:

A sissy cuckold dressed in his best maid’s uniform. His tightest chastity cage and bound so securely to a chair that he can barely move.

In front of him, on the sofa, the commanding Bull, his former school Bully, had wrestled Austin’s compliant wife onto her back before pushing up her dress past her panties.

Yet the fantasy situation was totally destroyed by the dumb childish music playing in his ears. Alexa had been instructed by Corbin, the wife’s Bull, to play music for the under fives in his sound cancelling headphones. It was driving poor Austin crazy.

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’ was repeating endlessly inside his very skull. Totally distracting him from the sight of the Bull now undoing his trousers and Riley, his wife, letting her arms lie back around her head in submission as she gazed up at her conqueror.

For his part, Corbin found his erection was painfully hard. He just needed to bury it in this tramp. Fuck her brains out. All in front of her helpless, bound sissy maid husband.

“Look at him!” Corbin said to her through his teeth. “Your maid. Look at her.”

Riley was too sexually stimulated to look at anything but felt compelled to comply with her authoritative Bull’s every command. She rolled her head to one side, her blonde hair flicking over her eyes.

Then she laughed.

Her hubby was staring at them. He was totally helpless in his uniform, with his stocking tops visible. He couldn’t move and was watching her being railed by this sheer force of masculine nature.

“You’re going to have a lot of fun with your maid,” Corbin stated.

She turned her gaze back to look up at him as he continued.

“You’re going to learn how to keep him so much in his place he’ll be like a well trained puppy!”

She gasped out, “Oh my fucking God. Oh my God. Yes. Teach me. Fuck me. Take me.”

Her bare thighs rose up around his hairy legs and she gripped them hard.

For Austin, all he could make out was the sight of his former school bully sneering at him and nodding in his direction. As the song changed to Do the Hokey Pokey, he watched as his wife looked sleepily at him before laughing with her mouth wide open.

It was so incredibly demeaning, so why was he so aroused by the situation?

The Bull was speaking. Speaking with a knowing snarl, but frustratingly Austin couldn’t hear a word! What were they saying? Why was she laughing so much at him?

He leaned to one side to try and prise the headphones slightly off his ears, but they were so firmly pressed around his skull that his shoulders couldn’t move them an inch. Worse, it was as if the song was getting louder.

“Put your left arm in, take your left arm out,

Put your left arm in, and shake it all about.

Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around,

That’s what it’s all about!”

This was a nightmare!

He watched helplessly as Corbin raised up his backside before pressing it down slowly, pushing his cock deeply into Riley.

Riley looked wide eyed with shock at her lover as she felt the shock of his size and power. The world stopped spinning for a moment before the Bull began slowly fucking Austin’s wife with a steady rhythm.

Rily brought her hands up to grip the top of her lover’s arms, her gaze never leaving the face of the man screwing her. As Corbin increased his rhythm so she arched her back, closed her eyes and pressed her groin into his.

Corbin turned to leer at the helpless husband, tied so firmly to his chair that he couldn’t move. He grinned. It was a grin so evil and terrifying that Austin gasped. A shudder took hold of him that left him breathless with nerves.

Suddenly Austin needed to be released. Untied, and free. He no longer wanted to be dressed as a sexy maid. He no longer wanted a chastity cage gripping his penis. He needed to be free and be man again.

He made to push out the gag of his wife’s panties, now drying in his mouth. But he couldn’t. It was as if his own self were part of the conspiracy to subjugate him to his wife and her lover.

Corbin felt the hungry wife’s pussy grip his tool, squeezing him.

He needed to pump deep inside her but wanted to revel in the cuck’s distress. He needed to hold on for as long as he could before cumming.

The trigger for Corbin to cum was the cuck’s pleading, wide eyed look of horror as he saw his wife taken from him.

At that moment, Corbin couldn’t stop himself. He slammed into her with all his might hearing her scream with orgasmic joy as he came like a fire extinguisher inside her.

And he came, and he came, and he came …

Riley had grabbed her lover’s head forcing him down into her face where she sucked at his tongue as if she could pull it out of his head.


A quarter of an hour later, Austin was listening to ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’, hadn’t he heard that earlier? He could see that Corbin was lying on his back on the sofa with Austin’s wife atop of him, snuggled up with her eyes shut.

Austin had enough if this. He needed to be released. Most of all he needed the chastity cage removed and to be able to cum. He was so aroused that his entire being floated in sexual need.

He saw his wife’s eyes flicker open. At first, she appeared puzzled and then she saw Austin and smiled lovingly at him.

Austin smiled back, and immediately felt foolish, trapped as he was on the chair by his wife’s and her lover’s bonds.

Riley stretched up and kissed Corbin on the chin. Awoken, he gazed drowsily at her before kissing the top of her head.

Austin could see he was speaking to her, and that Riley was giving him a hundred percent attention. Under the sound cancelling headphones it was like watching a silent movie. Instead of a lone pianist he had people singing about a spider crawling up a spout!

What he couldn’t hear, as the song transposed into Humpty Dumpty, was the relaxed conversation between the two lovers.

“You like being your dumb, cuck maid’s mistress, don’t you,” Corbin said.

Not wanting to entirely admit it, she replied, “What’s not to like? He’s good at the laundry, making beds. I hate ironing, so it’s good that he’s not bad at that.”

“Now there you go,” Corbin said easily, “Not bad. Not bad isn’t good enough.”

She shifted around so that her hands were under her chin, her attention rivetted on this man who seemed to know so much.

He continued, “What will give you an almighty buzz is to get your maid to be perfect at all chores.”

She nodded, “Oh my. I’d love that.”

“Exactly. You’ve more of a domme inside you than you realise. So you mustn’t let anything pass.”

She wrinkled her nose, “Yeh, but sometimes he’s not up for it. I mean the maid game. He can go a couple of days without wanting to dress as a maid.”

“You see,” Corbin said, and when he realised that she didn’t ‘see’, he went on, “Your maid’s got to learn that this isn’t a choice. It’s not a game. You give these sissy cucks an inch and they’ll take a mile. They think this is all for them.”

“I don’t want that,” she pouted and stared at her bound hubbie. The little sod, she thought, if he thinks he’s going to get one over on me!

As Austin listened to the words of ‘Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry’, he saw his wife staring at him while lying on her lover’s chest. It was an accusatory stare. It wasn’t pleasant. Her eyes narrowed, as if displeased. Corbin was talking and nodding in Austin’s direction.

Austin would give anything to hear what they were saying.

What Austin didn’t know, because sissies aren’t always as clever as they think themselves to be, is about Power Exchange. Power Exchange was a term coined in the 1970s as couples became free to experiment more openly with their sexuality.

Quite simply one person loses power and the other gains it. There is, of course, always a matter of choice here. The submissive willingly gives up their power and the dominant willingly takes on the power over the sub. A power exchange.

What becomes clear very quickly, and will become clear to Austin, over the next few weeks, is that the dominant gets an ever increasing thrill from pushing the parameters and the sub becomes progressively more submissive. The submissive develops a greater need to be subservient and dominated. A spiral without end.

The Power exchange starts off as a game, a pastime, a Friday evening ritual, and becomes a 24/7 lifestyle.

But for a sissy, who may struggle to choose whether to wear stockings or tights, such insights are often beyond them. Especially when aroused.

So Corbin talked at length, answering the eager questions from Riley as fully as he could. Not least because he knew he was impressing her with his knowledge.

Finaly, Corbin slapped her arse through the red dress, now damp from sweat and their love juices.

“Listen,” he said, “I’m going to be around from now on, so I’ll help you. I’ve given you a great deal to think about. See how you get on tomorrow. Do what I told you to do with your maid, then we’ll meet up again.”

She smiled and kissed his stubbly chin, “I’d like that.” She laughed. “I hope I remember all you’ve said.”

He held her gaze, seeing her self-doubt, “You are a natural mistress!” he gripped her arms and pulled her up so he could kiss her hard. “A Mistress to your dumb fuck of a maid as well as being my slut. How does that sound?”

“Oh fuck. Amazing., It just sounds like a dream.” She spread her fingers either side of his cheek, “You don’t know how much I want to be that dominant Mistress. I want to see him squeal with humiliation.”

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little Star,’ was chanting through Austin’s headset as he observed the long serious chat the lovers enjoyed. He so much needed to know what they were saying. Argh. ‘If Your Happy and You Know it,’ had started.

He watched as Riley kissed greedily at her lover’s mouth. Corbin gripped her arms and twisted her around so that she was beneath him. Jesus, they weren’t going to fuck again? How many times was this? Corbin was some sort of love machine!

Austin pulled on his bonds, but the action just reminded him yet again, that he was totally secured and couldn’t move a muscle. Oh, God, he needed to be released.

Just then ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ began and he closed his eyes and shook his head in exasperation.

Austin and Riley Part 6 (sorry about posting out of order!)

r/HotelTransform - Austin and Riley part 6



Corbin, Riley’s new Bull and lover was deeply unimpressed, and let Riley and her sissy maid of a husband, Austin know it.

He spoke more in sadness than with criticism. “These handcuffs are kiddies’ toys. They have a safety catch. I don’t get the point of them.”

Riley nibbled the inside of her cheek, feeling Corbin was censoring her. Oh, why had she not called out Austin with his toy handcuffs before now?

“If I can explain, Sir,” Austin said, having been told in no uncertain terms to always use the word ‘sir’ when addressing his former school bully. “You see, it means that I can get out of them without troubling Mistress and her lover.”

Corbin flipped the cuffs to the maid, with a derisory sigh. “Just put them in the bin. I can see we’re going to need to sort out the bondage kit here.”

“Sir, I don’t think it is for you …”

There was a quick, glaring eyed glance from Corbin that immediately shut up the maid, like a car hitting a brick wall. Austin headed for the kitchen bin with the criticised handcuffs as Corbin turned to Riley and gave her a big wink. She giggled with glee, loving his dominance over her maid. And loving more that he was involving her with his jokes on her husband.

When the maid returned, Corbin said, “Right maid, fetch me some rope and a sharp knife.”

Finally, Austin had one over his tormentor. This would put his former school bully in his place.

“Sir, the ropes are all in the garage.” He smiled and added, a, “Sorry,” obviously not meaning it.

“So?” Corbin stared hard at the maid until Austin lowered his eyes.

Riley took all this in with her pussy soaking her panties. It was exhilarating watching this powerful man dominate her husband with such little effort.

“Well,” Austin made a false laugh, “I can hardly go out dressed like this can I?”

“Why?” Corbin answered immediately.

Why? Austin looked quickly to his wife for support, but she simply cocked her head to one side and raised her eyebrows at her husband.

Oh no!

“I will not go out dressed like this,” Austin said defiantly, his fists clenched and his cheeks bursting red.

Riley took in the hulk of the man next to her to see how he would handle the insurrection from her Hubbie maid.

With both his wife and her lover staring at him as if he had spoken in a foreign language, Austin said, “The neighbours! They’ll see me.”

“Is that my problem, maid?” Corbin asked calmly.

“Sir. Maybe you didn’t notice,” Austin said emphatically, as if speaking to a child, “but there are hedges near the front door, behind which I can hide. But then the run to the garage is visible to the entire street.”

Shrugging, Corbin said, “Well I guess you will have to be quick then.”

Rily dipped down her head to hide her grinning at her hubbie’s plight. This was delicious.

Seeing that his wife’s lover wasn’t comprehending the situation, Austin sighed and said, “Sir, I’ll fetch them later, when it gets dark.”

Corbin’s eyebrows were higher than ever. “I don’t think so. I tell you what. You do as you are told or I’ll turn on the garden lights at the front of the house and shout out to the neighbours to come and watch you carrying out your chore.”

Beetroot red, Austin turned to his wife, “Mistress. We obviously don’t want the entire street knowing about the games we play.”

She rolled her eyes upwards in thought. She needed to back up her new man, show him that she can be tough with the maid when necessary. She spoke slowly, thinking through the words as she said them:

“It doesn’t look much like a game to me, maid. I’m sure you don’t want me to give permission to Sir to spank you before your errand to the garage.”

At that point, Austin died inside. There is always a moment when a sub learns that the situation is no longer a diversion, no longer a game, but somehow, somewhere a line had been crossed. For Austin that point had been reached.

In anguish Austin used his palms to press down his flared skirt, but it seemed to flower further upwards every time he did it.

Suddenly he felt a hefty weight around his shoulders, with a tight grip on his bare arm. He was being led out into the hallway by a determined Corbin.

At the sight before her, Riley’s mind went AWOL in a cloud of sexual desire. Her Hubbie appeared so small and frail next to her commanding lover. He was being guided like a puppy and there was nothing the maid could do.

Catching her breath, she followed them into the hall just in time to see Corbin open the front door onto the chill wind of the street. She could hear kids shouting in the distance.

Austin pressed one high heeled foot before the other to anchor himself into place, but Corbin placed a wide fingered palm into the maid’s back and gave a shove that sent the maid scampering onto the outside steps.

A sharp attempt at a retreat back into the house was thwarted by Corbin stepping to fill the entrance with his bulk.

A horrified Austin was trapped outside. He felt the cool air nip at his bare thighs above his stockings, and tickle his skin through his delicate panties. He was vulnerable, exposed and helpless outside his own home.

Shock is a helpful quality that human’s experience when all is lost. So it was that Austin, with his mind frozen in shock, made his way behind the safety of the hedges towards the garage.

Surely, Corbin or Riley would summon him back. Surely, they would stop this pantomime, and all have a good laugh at his expense.

He was now at the edge of the hedgerow. The double garage was at the top of the wide drive down to the street. He poked his head around the leaves and saw the pavements were empty. He listened hard but couldn’t hear a car.

In the doorway, Riley squeezed by her new lover, pressing against the door frame. She just had to see this.

In her fantasies she had ordered around her sissy Hubbie in front of her friends and even his work colleagues. Licking her lips, she saw her Hubbie leaning forward to check if the coast was clear. His short skirt had ridden up showing the dark sections at the top of the stockings.


She had to grip Corbin’s suited arm for support.

Suddenly, in the most amusing sight possible, Austin, perched up on his high heels ran at double time towards the garage door, with the necessary short steps the heels forced up on him. Riley giggled, and Corbin ran his arm around her, laughing with her.

Some of his wives developed sadistic views over their subbie hubbies, but nothing as powerful as this wife’s pleasure in her husband’s downfall. She was clearly a natural dominatrix. This relationship promised to be tremendous fun.

Nightmare: the garage door opened with a piercing screech that Austin felt was as loud as an aircraft lifting off.

Austin thought he was going to be sick, and the only reason he didn’t vomit was that he didn’t want to be outside any longer than necessary.

There were two rolls of rope hung on one of the walls. One was blue and a little rough, the other a creamy tone, which was far smoother. They had not been used since they moved into the house, as had none of the tools he had bought. Austin wasn’t a man to play around with tools in a garage.

He carried the coiled ropes over his shoulder. Oddly, he was more fearful that they could mark his maid’s dress than being discovered.

The door screeched down into place and he locked it with the handle.

Dashing back towards the house entrance, he kept his head down, with that child like logic that if he cannot see anyone then they cannot see him. Again, his heels forced him to run in short quick steps.

Riley found her husbands embarrassed reactions to be hilarious. And damn, she needed a hard big cock inside her. And she needed it right now.

From behind the safety of the hedgerows, Austin panted and held out the two coils of rope to the towering man a couple of steps up from him.

Corbin accepted them with a nod, “Good maid.”

At last his ordeal was over … or so he, the dumb cuck of a maid, thought!

Austin and Riley Part 7


To Austin, it seemed that his wife, Riley was hanging onto her new lover Corbin as if she were totally in lust with him. Like a moon orbiting a planet she couldn’t part from him.

Though there was truth in the husband’s thought, the real reason for Riley clinging onto her hunky lover, was that her legs felt so weak. The sight of her flushed hubby in his gorgeous maid’s uniform scurrying to the garage on the instruction of her lover was sending her mind into dizzy eroticism.

Her mouth hung open, exposing her perfect white teeth, her eyes were droopy, half closed. She was a sex object for Corbin, her lover, and she loved it.

Of course, Corbin was oblivious to how she looked, he just loved having her draped over him. His attention was fixed on the flustered male maid. He loved how the dumb sissy was trying to grasp back the initiative. For Corbin, it was like a rugby match when you have to keep trouncing your opposite number. Every time he gets up, you put him straight back down.

They were back in the living room with Austin bursting to let them know what he thought of that stupid prank!

“Mistress,” he began, not wishing to upset her, so addressing her as instructed, “I feel I have to say that was total madness. Anyone could have seen me. People in the street, passing cars. God, a police car could have been going by!”

Corbin laughed merrily, “Yeh. How often do you get the police patrolling this expensive neighbourhood? Like, never?”

Riley giggled, no longer feeling a need to disguise her laughter when Corbin teased her husband or cover her mouth when he did so. “Oh maid, sir here was in charge. He’d have looked after you.” She looked up at her hulking lover, “Wouldn’t you, Sir.”

“Yeh, sure. Of course. Don’t worry about it, maid.”

Sighing through his nose to make a point and doing his best to ignore the brute in his living room, Austin said, “Mistress I really think we should have a chat in the kitchen!”

Corbin settled down on to the sofa, his long, athlete’s legs appearing odd, like those of a preying mantis as he sat. He pulled a squealing Riley into his lap, with her long bare legs kicking in shock.

Corbin embraced her, flaunting his ownership of the sissy’s wife before the hubby.

He smiled easily as he said, “Just unwind. You did really well out there, maid.”

Had he done well? Austin studied the dark skinned man, seeing if he was taking the piss, but he appeared quite genuine. Austin was being complimented by this guy who said it as it was.

Corbin continued, slowly, a man who will speak as long as he likes knowing people won’t dare interrupt him. “I’ve had loads of experiences with you sissy maids. And I have to tell you, some would have panicked. Cried even. But you did really well. You set your mind to it, and went and fetched the rope, as instructed, even though you were terrified.”

“Well sir,” Austin cleared his throat, not expecting the praise, and feeling somewhat flattered, “I guess, I did do that. And,” he added, to make the point, “I was scared.”

Riley dropped down her chin so her dumb maid couldn’t see the was unable to prevent a broad grin getting bigger. Her husband was swallowing all the flannel from her lover. God he could be dumb. Yet bizarrely, he looked so damned cute in his maid uniform, blushing before her lover.

“There you go,” Corbin announced. “Now, how about you fetch me a sharp knife and bring me that cream coloured coil of rope. Will you do that for me?”

It was a request made in such a sweet manner that Austin’s sissy brain overrode all his previous angst and uncertainties. He loved the thought of being an obedient, highly competent maid. One that would be admired by the people he served.

Austin headed to the kitchen to fetch the medium length serrated edged knife from the knife block. That was the sharpest implement they had.

While the maid was in the kitchen, Corbin whispered to the sexiest wife he had ever met, “Just watch this. We’ll have a bit of fun with your maid. You tell me if you think I’m going too far.”

Going too far? Her eyes widened, she wanted him to go as far as he wanted, but didn’t say so, in case she appeared cruel. So, she licked her pink lips, nodded and settled under his arm, ready for the show.

The enthusiastic maid was already scurrying back in his heels with the knife, which he handed to the relaxed Corbin. To Austin, Corbin suddenly appeared less the bully of his memories and more a relaxed alpha male, coolly making himself man of the house.

“Good girl,” Corbin said, making Riley giggle, “Now, have you forgotten the rope?”

“Oh no, Sir. Sorry Sir!”

Austin jumped towards where he had set down the two coils. He picked up the hefty spool of cream rope, as instructed, and gave it to Corbin with both hands.

“Good girl,” Corbin said as if genuinely impressed with the compliant actions of the maid.

Austin felt thrilled.

“Now maid,” Corbin said. “Why don’t you be a good girl and fetch me one of your dining room chairs. Then set it down in front of us.”

Nodding, a breathless Austin headed straight for the dining room.

As soon as he was out of the door, Corbin whispered to the hot wife, “You tell me if you get uncomfortable, all right?”

Oh my God, Riley’s mind was shutting down with sensory overload. What the hell was he going to do to Austin that he thought would upset her? Whatever it was, she needed to see it. Had she ever been so wet between her legs before?

The maid came bustling in with a high back chair from the dining table and placed it before the couple on the sofa. It was an elegantly simple design, with a narrow back.

“No,” Corbin announced firmly, noting with pleasure the horrified expression on the cute maid’s face at being in error. “Further away.”

Nodding, Austin moved the chair back a couple of feet, his eyes fixed on Corbin for validation that he had put the chair in the right place.

Corbin said, “Just back a little more. A foot. You got it. Good girl.”

Good girl! Austin felt thrilled. He had been called a good girl for the second time. His dick filled the chastity cage with frustrated throbbing.

Corbin turned to the hot wife. “You ever tied up your maid?”

She winced, forced to explain, “Yeh. But I’m shit at it. He always gets out. He says I don’t do it right.”

Corbin brushed her hair, “Hey! Don’t beat yourself up! Right? You never do that when I am around!”

No one had ever spoken to her like that before. Her mouth fell open, then she grinned. “Okay.”

“Let me show you. Maid, get your cute arse over here and put your hands behind your back.”

Austin obeyed with a giggle. He was about to be tied up, just like in all his fantasies. Moreover, restrained by a man who clearly knew what he was doing. As he approached, he became aware of the sour, musky odour of Corbin. He and Riley wore fragrant perfume, so his aroma was clear and obvious, and not unattractive. Austin would like to have put his nostrils right up to the large man’s shirt and sniffed in the intoxicating smell. But obviously couldn’t!

“Now,” he announced to the attentive Riley, “I like to have six-foot lengths.”

Corbin held the rope and stretched out his arms until the cord was about six foot in width. He made a visual mark and then cut through it.

“A few of these will do pretty much all we need.”

Riley paid attention in the way she did back at school when she was class swot, as Corbin sliced off four segments, each of the required six foot. He dropped the remaining length, which was about two feet, on the floor next to the sofa.

“All right. So the next thing is how you have your maid’s hands. Some like them tied together, others like them tied together but facing away from each other. Others like them crossed at the wrists. You can choose in future. But this time, I’ll tie them facing each other.”

Corbin was pleased to see the maid push her wrists together at the rear of her skirt, just near the bow of the frilly white apron. He loved submissive cucks. You could torment them all you liked, and they would always come back for more, so long as you took them step by step into their surrender.

This was too easy!

“I like to make the bondage look good, so just watch this. I fold the rope in half then wrap it around the wrists like this and push the two free lengths through the loop in the rope. The you can pull it tight.”

With her mouth dangling open she took in every word, but it was tough to concentrate when she was so electrified by the scene.

Concentrating on his actions, he said, “Then coil it around again, but further up the wrist. Like a pattern. See? It looks much better than those guys who just tie it around the hands in some big ugly mess.”

She watched as her husband’s hands were secured by the thick rope. Corbin was now holding the two free lengths in his hands.

“So you bind this, in a loop going under the wrists and bringing both ends up to secure them. Just tie them in a cinch.”

She watched as he tugged on the free ends and saw the entire hand bondage pulled strictly tight.

“Don’t go mad here. You don’t want your maid having circulation problems. Just make the bondage snug. Then tie it off. A double knot will do.”

Wow. Her sissy hubbie’s hands were bound firmly together. No way could he escape from that.

Corbin held the bound hands, “Can you see, that no way is she going to get her fingers around to that knot? She stays tied until you decide otherwise.”

Riley groaned with pleasure. What a thought. She will tie him up in future knowing that he can never escape until she permits it!

For Austin, he was quite simply out of it. Totally in his vacuous sissy head space. He was wearing his favourite maid’s uniform and best heels in front of his wife and her lover. His dick spurted into his panties. The thought that he was experiencing the same dampness between his legs as a girl pushed his arousal further.

“Sit on the chair, maid,” Corbin said, without any stresses in the words. It was simply a casual statement to be obeyed.

Austin did so, pressing his thighs together, he didn’t want to appear unfeminine as he settled on to the firm wooden seat. His bound hands pressed uncomfortably up against the rear of the chair.

Corbin chuckled, “Hands behind the chair, dumb bitch!”

Riley giggled at her husband’s foolishness and even Austen chuckled.

Having to stand again, before sitting and pushing his arms around the rear of the chair, Austin settled onto the seat, aware that his short, flared skirt had ridden up to expose his suspenders attached to the stockings. He hated that. The slutty sight, it seemed to him, detracted from the elegance of the outfit.

Those who enjoy bondage love the thrill of helplessness. That is, they enjoy it until there is a point at which they wish to perform an action that is denied them because of being restrained. It can be as simple as wishing to scratch your nose. In this case, it was Austin wanting to settle the flared skirt further down his thighs to cover his stocking tops.

Corbin held out a length of rope to Riley, “You give it a go. The maid’s ankles need tying. She is your maid. So have a try.”

“Oh, I couldn’t!” Riley actually took a step back from the ropes offered to her. “I’m hopeless.”

The last thing she wanted to do was disappoint this masculine male.

“Just do as I showed you. You’ll be fine.”

She accepted the cord as if it were radioactive. Her eyes grew helplessly large as she sought guidance from her Bull.”

“Just tell your maid to put her ankles together.”

Oh God! What if Austin disobeyed her? She would feel ridiculous before this confident man.

“Maid,” she said swallowing, avoiding her husband’s eyes, “put your ankles together please.”

For Austin this was exhilarating, so he quickly complied, feeling his heels rub together and his stockinged ankles touch.

Riley looked to her lover for encouragement, and received it:

“Great! So you recall what happens next?”

In her short strappy, red dress, Riley knelt on the floor, doubled the rope and wrapped it around her maid’s ankles.

“Like this?” She asked.

“Great. Just thread the ends through the loop and pull it tight.”

She followed the instructions, feeling her breathing growing shallow.

Corbin crouched next to her, his eyes as much on her half-exposed breasts as her handiwork around the maid’s ankles.

“So just wrap it around again, above where you’ve done it. You want it to look good.”

She did so, wishing beyond wish that Corbin would take over the bondage.

“Great. Now pull the free ends between the ankles wrapping them securely around the ropes.

Her fingers felt like sausages, yet somehow, she managed to do it.

“Now just tie them together. Two knots. Just a little tighter. Great. Mustn’t be too tight, else you’ll be constantly loosening the bonds through the night. And that’s a pain.”

For Austin, this was sheer exhilaration. He was truly bound, just as he had always wanted to be. Self bondage is never satisfying because you know you can release the ties. Riley had never been adept at tying him up. He had always manged to escape from her previous attempts, but he knew from pulling on the wrist bonds that nothing gave.

Spurting through his chastity into his panties, he just needed to be able to cum. What he would give to be unlocked from the plastic chastity cage and spurt his load. But he needed to see how this scene would play out first. His old school bully seemed a much nicer, warmer person. A guy he trusted to tie him up like this.

Riley stood up with a grin, seeking more praise from this solid masculine man.

Corbin grinned, realising she needed his acknowledgement. Now she was dependent upon his approval she had already crossed the line into being his.

“Brilliant, baby. Just magic.”

Her shoulders rose as she took in a deep breath and exhaled with joyous pride. She had actually impressed him.

“So your maid is tied up tight and cannot escape. But we want her fixed in position so she cannot move.”

Riley nodded as if she understood this, but she didn’t.

He offered her a third length.

“Fold it in half like you just did with the ankle tie.”

The couple were standing to one side of Austin, and he had to turn in his bonds to see what was happening next. How could one length of rope stop him from moving?

Riley bent the rope double and awaited the next instruction.

“Great. So fold it between the maid’s ankles and then pull the free ends up to her wrists.”

Stooping down she did as instructed, gaining more confidence in herself and her actions.

It was a bit of a squeeze pulling the looped rope between the maid’s legs, but she succeeded.

“Now just yank the looped end and free end back to the wrists behind the chair.”

She did so, forcing Austin into bending his legs under the chair seat and off the floor.

“Push the looped end between her wrists, above the bonds. That’s it and push the free ends through the loop. Now tug it tight.”

Austin squealed, “Oh!”, as his ankles were drawn up to the underside of the seat and his wrists pulled downwards making him sit up straight.

“Magic,” Corbin said. “Just tie the loose ends to the back rest of the chair.”

She did so, constantly waiting for Corbin to tell her she was doing it wrong. As she pulled the knots tight, she realised how helpless her husband was now. His stocking legs were held up so high beneath the seat, that his heels couldn’t touch the floor. His arms tugged down so firmly that he had to remain sat up straight, his tiny false boobs sticking out through the front of his maid’s dress.

“Oh, heavens,” she said, covering her mouth with her hands.

Corbin folded an arm around her bare shoulders, pulling her so that they were stood before her trussed up hubbie. He loved making husbands totally helpless before taking the wife, making the wife his.

He was electrified to feel the wife settle into his arms, her head pulled back, awaiting a kiss. Why did women always submit so readily to him when he had cowed their husbands?

They kissed before the maid.

Again, Austin felt the thrill of the bondage give way to painful annoyance. Suddenly he hated seeing his beautiful wife in the arms of another man. Austin tried to tug at his bonds but found he simply could barely move a muscle. He was held in place by this lout’s expertise in bondage.

He tried hard to obtain some degree of leverage yet couldn’t. He was held in place while looking at his wife kissing this man as if she was in love with him.

Riley felt her Bull lift his head away from the kiss, so simply stayed firmly in place waiting to be kissed by him again.

“You learn fast,” Corbin said to her.

“Thank you,” she said, barely able to breathe.

“I want to teach you a few more things. Things that’ll keep your maid in her place.”

Austin cleared his throat and tried not to reveal how cowed he was, as he said, “They are good ties.”

Though Riley smiled at him, feeling the words were a compliment, Austin could see that Corbin was riled.

Corbin became very serious, as he said to Riley, “Do you want to hear from your dumb cuck of a maid while we have time together?”

Riley feigned an amused gasp,

Corbin said, “Take off your panties.”

The hot wife stared with shocked eyes at her lover.

Corbin said, “Quickly.”

Blushing and grinning, keeping her eyes from her bound husband, she reached beneath her short red dress, and drew down her red lacy panties to her ankles. With an awkward hop, and close to stumbling, she pulled them off her heels.

She looked lost as she held the delicate red lingerie in her hand.

The Bull snatched it from her and in a single movement pushed it beneath her dress and between her bare legs. He was clearly mopping up her juices.

Squealing before letting her mouth fall open in shock, Riley spread her legs and closed her eyes. She loved his invasion of her vagina. Somehow it made it more intense to have it done to her before her immobilized husband.

She groaned hoarsely, obviously aroused.

Corbin’s movements were quick. He snatched the panties out from beneath her dress and offered them to Austin.

“Open your mouth maid.”

Staring at the sopping red lingerie, saturated with his wife’s love juices, Austin could make out a thicker, more yellow substance. It was only when he realised the nature of that second substance that Corbin used his free hand to hold Austin’s nostrils painfully closed. It was the Bull’s semen. And now it was in his mouth.

As soon as Austin opened his mouth for breath, so the drenched article was forced into his mouth, ending up as a wet ball on his tongue.

It was disgusting. Austin automatically tried to push it out.

But Corbin simply had to keep a finger on the panties to hold them in place.

“Listen up maid. You be a good girl and keep them in your mouth. You only spit them out in an emergency, like wanting to tell us you need a pee. Got it?”

Corbin spoke with such authority that Corbin’s mind simply froze solid. He didn’t know what would happen if he spat them out, but he also didn’t want to know. Somehow that would reduce him further in his wife’s eyes.

So he found himself nodding yes to the command form his former school bully.

Yet the entire notion of being bound as a maid, gagged before his wife and his lover removed any sense from his mind. His brain was overridden by the sissy virus that only other sissies know of. His brain became complaint and horny. His dick hardened, betraying him.

Corbin smiled and said, “Good girl.”

Oh, God, those words again. As humiliated as he was, Austin loved hearing them from the Bull.

“Thing is,” Corbin said to Riley, “we need some noise cancelling headphones. You got any?”

A little shocked, she said. “Yes. Next to that Alexa device, on the cabinet.”

Corbin picked them up, saw they were wireless and grinned down at the submissive hubby, from whom he was going to take everything. Stupid unsuspecting dumb arsed sissy. They are all the same, he thought. Their little useless dicks leading them into trouble, and they don’t even know what’s happening to them, even as it is happening.

Smiling down at Riley, he said, “We don’t want the maid hearing what you’re going to learn, do we?”

Riley giggled, not quite knowing what he meant.

“Always best to keep the maids in ignorance.” His wicked sneer grew larger as he looked at the powerless cuck, “That right, maid?”

Austin knew it was a rhetorical question and simply looked away from the commanding Bull.

Corbin pulled the head set over his own ears and said, “Alexa, play children’s music. For the under fives.”

Through the headphones Austin heard, Alexa say, “Playing children’s music for the under fives from Amazon.”

Riley giggled at the mention of children’s music but felt bewildered. What on earth was this powerful man up to with her Hubbie?

Corbin said, “Alexa, louder.” After a moment he said, “Alexa, louder.”

When he pulled off the headset, Riley could hear a familiar musical track, that she couldn’t quite place.

Corbin pushed the headphones over the pixie hair style of the dumb hubby, adjusting them tightly around his head.

Then he laughed. The poor, dumb fuck wouldn’t be able to get free from the grip of the headphones. This was hilarious.

“Now, babe, I’m going to give you the sort of fucking you have only dreamed about.”

Riley’s eyelids half closed, “Oh my God! Please. Yes.”

She so needed to be screwed by this manly male.

“Then I’m going to tell you all the secrets of being a dominant Mistress of the House and keeping your airhead of a maid in her place!”

They both laughed as he took her in his arms and they, in unison turned to look down at the puzzled looking maid. As Corbin gripped her tightly, talking ownership of another man’s wife, with their cheeks together as they took in the sight of the helplessly bound Hubbie, and laughed loudly.

Not that Austin could hear them, or indeed anything, other than the merry singing of, “The Wheels of the Bus go round and round …”

He could see his former school bully holding his wife tight and had the painful sight of her body melting into the Bull’s with total submission. He watched Corbin say something that made his wife submit even more before they looked at him and their mouths were wide open laughing at him.

He jerked at his bonds but couldn’t move a centimetre. He was held perfectly placed to watch his nemesis take his own wife on his sofa.

No, this wasn’t what he wanted!

He mewed into the disgusting gag.

Austin and Riley Part 5





Austin always saved ironing her handkerchiefs and panties for the end of his laundry duties. Not only were they the easiest items to iron but also the most fun. There was a warm rewarding feeling as he watched the crinkled silky materials being smoothed into elegant, adorable clothing.

The thrill of gently handling her delightful panties was never lost on him.

So it was that he was lost in his own erotic reverie when the front door slammed shut, shaking him awake from his pleasure.

She was back!

At last.

She would glance around the utility room, at all her dresses, skirts and blouses hung neatly up, freshly laundered and would no doubt release him from his chastity cage as a reward.

He felt a spring of joy build up in his very being as he made his way elegantly into the living room pressing down his short, flared maid’s skirt.

So it was that he adopted his one knee before the other pose that he knew Riley cherished.

It is often true that a silly sissy’s maids dream can come crashing down around her with booming destruction.

Shock. Two people entered the living room.

His wife’s dress was wrinkled, caught up at the hem, exposing more of her wonderfully tanned legs than the dress maker intended. Her blonde hair was a mess of frizzed out straw, so obvious when she was normally as immaculate as a model. Oh, but that grin of hers. A sadistic smile, drifting up the one side of her cheek at the sight of her cowed maid of a husband.

The reason for her grin was standing slightly behind her.

He was big, that way that masculine males can be. Filling what was clearly an expensive grey suit. He was African Caribbean black, his own grinning face decorated with stubble. He had a neat blue tie and a white shirt that wasn’t fully tucked into his trousers, as if he had dressed in a hurry.

His arm curled around Austin’s wife’s bare shoulders. An act of proprietary ownership.

Riley feeling her new lover’s muscled arm gather her to her lover’s smooth as silk suit. So she dipped down a little to let her should push under his arm pit. An act of submission.

This was all wrong for the maid husband.

Austin was betrayed. How dare Riley bring home a man without them both checking him out.

“Hello maid,” Riley smiled. “Been busy?”

He couldn’t speak. He wanted to say, ‘Yes Mistress’, but couldn’t. How could he address her as Mistress in front of this arrogant male.

She used the maid’s troubled silence to say, “Maid, say hello to my lover, Corbin.”


His school bully.

Standing before him, huge, so full of himself. With his damned arm around Austin’s wife!

Like a bursting memory, Austin could immediately smell the school disinfectant and hear the echoing classroom door slams.

His senses were cast back ten years to when Corbin tormented him so horribly.

This was all so wrong!

Austin felt his penis shrivel in his chastity cage.

“Maid?” Riley asked, adopting an act of innocence, “Did you not hear me? Say hello to Corbin, like a good little maid.”

He swallowed and said, “Hello Corbin,” but his mouth was so dry that his tongue seemed to get stuck against the roof of his mouth.

Corbin and Riley laughed.

“Oh, silly maid. You cannot use the first name of my lover. Now,” She studied him, hoovering in his humiliation, “How do you usually address my lovers?”

“As, as, erm, as Sir.”

“Good girl. Such a clever maid.” She raised her eyebrows expectantly before adding, “So go on then.”

“Riley,” he said, his eyes round with uncertainty, “can we speak in the kitchen for a moment?”

Oh, she wasn’t going to let him get away with hiding from his shame in the kitchen. No way! He was going to drown in his humbling.

“Why, no maid. Your first task is to greet my lover. Your second to fetch him a beer.”

Leaning forward so his shoulders were over his heels, his hands clasped together before him, he said, “Riley. Please. It is important.”

His words prompted ‘that look’. That look she adopts when she is unhappy with him.

He had never noticed it when they were dating, nor when they moved into a Female Led Relationship. But he had grown used to watching out for it. Her face hardens, becomes cold. It is the face of a demanding woman who doesn’t wish to hear any objections to her instructions.

It is a face she reserves for her maid when he is unaccountably errant.

“Maid,” she speaks, slowly, her voice flat. “I believe you have been given two instructions.”

“I, well, it is just, please, I really, …”

Smiling, Corbin said, “Hey maid. Don’t worry about me. Your Mistress here has told me all about you. So I know you are usually well behaved.”

Riley winced. How dare Austin be so naughty that her new man felt a need to take control.

Emboldened by Corbin’s remark, Austin said to him. “I think my wife has given you the wrong idea. This is a sort of game we …”

Her voice remains quiet, barely more than a mumble but her eyes are blazing, “Maid, one young lady is heading for a heap of misery and pain, if she is not careful!”

Austin lowers his head immediately. How could such a slight woman as his wife be so terrifying? “Sorry. Yes. Perhaps we can talk later.”

Now her lips barely move, “So greet my man and offer him a drink.”

“Yes, of course,” Austin says. “Good afternoon, Sir,” somehow it was a relief not to have to say the name of his bully, “may I get you a drink?”

Corbin laughs, “Hey. She isn’t just cute with great legs, she’s useful too.”

Riley’s voice is less cold, her eyes less fierce, as she said, “I will deal with you later, maid. Wine for me and a beer for my man.”

“Yes of course,” Austin said, almost bowing.

“And do it now!” Riley said.

Austin flees the room, his hurried heels clanking over the floorboards into the kitchen.

Corbin leads his sexy new girl to the sofa and sits so that he pulls her toward him. He can feel her tension.

“Hey, don’t let it get you down. I’ve known a few sissy maids in my adventures. They’re all the same. I can help you train him to the next level.”

Curling her bare legs up beneath her, she leans back on the sofa. “Wow. Really? You can do that?”

“Sure,” he announces. “You just need to be firm with them. Else they think it’s just a game for them to dress up.”

Her shoulders relax. “Oh my God. Am I so glad I met you. I so much want to take this to the next level.”

He cuddles her, enjoying her praise. As he releases her, he said, “Now you watch and learn. You’re gonna love this.”