Austin and Riley Part 20








“Sissy cuck,” Corbin had finished his resting following his arduous screwing of Austen’s wife, Riley, and had sat up in bed, “Go and face the wall.”

Face the wall? Austin hated how passive he had become since his wife had brought home her Bull, only days before.

In his corset, stockings and heels, he rose from the bed, where he had been resting after his ordeal on the dildo, and stepped up to the wall, not daring to look away from the sky-blue paint.

He heard Riley giggle.

“You’re going?”

Austin heard the Bull yawn. “Yeh. Early start. And hey, bitch,” there was a pause, as Austin fixed his gaze on a section of the wall with small paint bubbles. “You’re doing well with the Mistress stuff.”

His wife laughed again, “Thank you kind Sir. Only due to your guidance.”

Austin could hear the Bull dressing, talking at the same time, as if delivering a lecture.

“Just keep an eye on your dumb tramp of a maid. Don’t let her get away with anything. Got it? Fuck all!”

His wife replied with a smile in her tone, “I won’t Sir. I promise.”

“I know these maids. You give them an inch, and then you’re gonna have to spend a whole ocean of time putting them back in their place.”

The clothes continued to be pulled on, “And keep her nose out of my sports bag.”

Another kiss, more slobbery this time. “Yes Sir.”

The bedroom door opened, “Bitch, stay facing the wall until your Mistress gets back.”

Austin rolled his eyes, thankfully hidden from the view of the Bull or his Mistress because his back was to them. “Yes Sir.”

He heard more giggling and snogging as the couple made their clumsy way downstairs.

The cucked maid, obviously remained perfectly in place, fearful of being discovered to have moved even an inch from position.

He felt the sticky sweat from his exertions on the dildo and his bottom was sore and bizarrely vacant following his own exertions on the dildo. It was such an indignity to be standing here facing the wall, like a naughty child, while his wife and her lover chatted downstairs. He could hear their voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Mostly Sir spoke, with just the occasional giggle and whispering from Riley.

How he wished he was permitted to just hear what they were saying. In a previous life he’d have been with them, making his own points clear.

He shuffled in his heels, which were making his ankles sore. He had been wearing them for hours, the longest he had ever worn shoes like this.

To the maid it was a lifetime, but in fact the couple only spent ten minutes chatting out of the earshot of the maid.

Eventually, the front door closed, and his Mistress clip clopped up leisurely the stairs in her heels, which matched those of Austin’s.

Once in the main bedroom, she paused. Her entire body was exhausted from the pounding Sir had given her. Her legs still felt shaky, but how rewarding it was to see her sexily clad maid standing obediently in position facing the wall.

God, she wanted her friends to see this. To witness how powerful she was. They wouldn’t be able to believe it. She was certain she could garner new respect from her demonstration of dominance.

An awfully perverted thought wandered into the dark side of her mind like smoke in a tunnel. It was so sick that she wanted to quickly dispel the notion but couldn’t.

As she took in her maid’s stockings, sagging a little at the back, but still sufficiently smart on her husband’s legs beneath his corset before closing her eyes. She knew she was smiling but it was such a dreadful idea.

The dark thoughts blossomed into getting all Austin’s friends and work colleagues to their home … oh my, her breath grew shallow … and have her maid serve everyone in his new hotel pink maid tunic. It looked so good on him and left no one in any doubt as to the wearer’s status.

Of course, she knew that her husband would never recover from such a profound debasement. That everyone would snigger when they saw him or even, and this next thought made her even hotter, even order him to do something. Maybe fetch them a coffee to their desk in work.

Jesus. How powerful and commanding she would then appear in their eyes.

But it could never happen. No. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Their private lives are exactly that. Yet, her pussy still dampened from the thought.

The maid’s head gave a slight, nervous turn to see if his Mistress was in the room. She had been quietly lost in her erotic thoughts, and unmoving for a while.

“Oh maid. You are so fucking hot!”

Should he step away from the wall now?

He decided to remain in position, “Thank you Mistress. And so do you.”

She laughed. “Oh my God, between you and Sir I feel truly alive and so turned on.”

Crawling up onto the disorderly bedsheets, she felt her aching muscles remonstrate with her.

“Fetch me a glass of water, maid. Two ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Turning on his heels, he said, “Yes Mistress,” and set off on his task.

When he returned carrying the water glass on the same tray with which he had waited for Sir by the front door, only hours previously, he offered the drink to his sleepy Mistress.

“Good girl,” she sipped the refreshing cold water, imagining it to energise her body. “Put my glass on the cupboard next to the bed and get in.”

She raised the quilt.

“Yes mistress,” Austin complied, feeling the suspenders stretched around his thighs and the corset tighten around his body as he complied.

She snuggled up her maid, relishing his sticky flesh against her own. It felt lewd and illicit. Excitingly so.

With knowing amusement in her voice, she asked, “How did it feel, fucking yourself on Sir’s dildo?”

Where had all this swearing come from? Riley never used to swear until she had become so dominant. As if her new position gave her fresh entitlements.

Using her arm to squeeze her maid’s bare shoulders, she kissed her maid’s hot forehead.

“Go on maid. Girls talk about everything. No need to hold back.”

“Yes, Mistress.” How could he put it? “To be honest it was humiliating having to sit on Sir’s dildo, under his direction. And having to obey him.”

As convincingly as possible, she said, “Aww,” but thought, ‘good’.

“And it was so big. I was scared at first.”

Abruptly, it was as if his wife had woken up, she quickly pulled herself onto her side, staring down at her cute maid. “I know. Isn’t it? I feel exactly that when guys are about to screw me. They look so big. It is scary. Not you obviously.” She smiled and winked. “But I mean real guys. Their cocks are so damned big.”

His jaw dropped in shock. Real men? Not him? He mustn’t cry. One day they would both be beyond this cuckold game, and they could go back to their man and wife love making. Riley wouldn’t complain about his size and performance again.

The nightmare of when Sir had forced Austin to try to make love to Riley flooded back with all the emotions of humiliation and despair he felt at the time.

He winced, recalling how Sir had fucked her quickly to orgasm but he, her own husband, couldn’t get any reaction. How Riley had chatted absent mindedly with the Bull about doorknobs while he was doing his best to make her cum.

But his wife seemed to be oblivious to his torments. Rather, her eyes were wide with excitement.

“Wow. You and I have so much in common. Come on. Come on. What else did you feel?”

“Well, I guess, you know, it was arousing. Like Sir said, when the dildo rubbed against my G Spot.”

Her eyes sparkled in the dimly lit bedroom, “Exactly. Then, with him inside me, fucking me hard, all the fear goes, and you can’t help yourself. You just cum.”

Austin felt his cheeks burn, and wished he could deny his wife’s painful words. But he had cum like a slut while riding the dildo under Sir’s instructions.

She pressed on, with ever greater excitement, “And Sir says, that with your little thingee locked up in chastity you can keep on cumming. Just like a girl.”

He couldn’t look her in the eyes as he compliantly nodded.

My God, watching her husband’s submission through shame was wholly thrilling. The most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.

“Come on. We’re besties. We share stuff. Sir doesn’t have to know. It’s between you and me. What else?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he thought back, “When it came out, when I stood up, it felt odd. Difficult to put into … I guess, you know. I felt empty.”

She laughed. “I know! It’s like you want it back in there as soon as possible!” She shook her head. “Oh, you and I are so like. Two total cock sluts!”

He wanted to stand up for himself, but how could he? Yes, he did want the dildo back inside him. Surely that didn’t make him a cock slut!

She kissed his nose, “Wait until you are standing in a room with dominant males. You won’t believe how you feel. You’ll know that if they fuck you, then you’d become theirs. Like your body just gives into them. Your legs will be shaky. They have so much power over we cock sluts!” She laughed louder. “And most of them don’t know it. But we girls know it. And we know there’s nothing we can do about it. And even that makes us hotter and wetter.”

He had to put a stop to this. No way was he going to respond to a man in the room sexually, simply because he now knew that a thick cock could make him cum so easily.

Yet even now, he felt that vacant throbbing in his bottom.

He dipped his head down to avoid her eyes.

“Mistress, please may I play with the dildo again?”

She snuggled him up, squeezing him tight. “No, sexy maid. Sir says I must ensure you have been well behaved if you are to get treats. And I don’t mean just obedient. Sir says you must be specially submissive and maid like to deserve rewards.”

“But Mistress …”

Her expression grew instantly dark. The eyes and mouth narrowing in that by now familiar way when she was cross with him.

He instantly knew to shut up and avoid eye contact.

“Do you really think that a maid who argues gets treats?”

Feeling totally ashamed, he spoke with barely moving his lips, “No Mistress.”

“No! No indeed. I may have to whip that out of you. I’d hate it, if you started questioning me when given an instruction in front of our acquaintances.”

His eyes blinked huge. “Acquaintances?”

She hadn’t meant to say that. “No, sorry. Well, say, in front of Sir.”

“Oh, I see,” he said, unconvinced, fear making lines appear on his forehead. “Because obviously we cannot involve others in this game.”

She stared at him, that coldness in her features growing harsher.

Why was she staring at him with such anger?

She despised him for thinking it is a game. Her power was as real and solid as any marriage vow, and she was not about to give it up. And how dare he say their friends shouldn’t be involved. It wasn’t for him to make decisions. Just to accept her instructions.

At last, she said, with her face barely moving, and her teeth close together. “Don’t you ever speak to me with out addressing me in an appropriate manner, maid.”

“Sorry Mistress. I forgot. It won’t happen again.”

Releasing him she sat up in bed, her eyes still narrow but remaining disturbingly silent.

Finally, she looked down at his frightened maid and brushed her fingers down his hot cheek.

“Maid. It must not happen again. So here’s what we are going to do to ensure you don’t forget. I will whip your bottom enough times to make you cry. Then I’ll video you telling Sir what has happened and why it has happened. You will then thank Sir, for putting you in your place and thank him for ensuring you get your bum caned when you are naughty.”

He leaned up on his elbows. “But Mistress. No. Please ….”

Raising her eyebrows was all she had to do to quell his protests. He fell back onto the bed. “Mistress, you said this was between you and me. Sir shouldn’t see everything.”

She pushed away his fringe from his sweet pixie hair style. “Silly maid. This is isn’t for Sir. It is for me. And for you. It will be painful for you saying those things for Sir. Having it recorded.” Again, she kissed his cute nose. “But it will ensure that you learn not to answer back.”

With eyes closed, he groaned.

“Silly maid. You’ll thank me for it. Now you need to repair your make up and brush your hair before your punishment and video. And we need to straighten up your corset and stockings. I don’t want Sir thinking I have an unkempt maid.”

How could he argue with his Mistress, when even if it appeared he was protesting could result in further punishment?

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