Austin and Riley Part 18









Now, hotwives and sissies never put themselves into the hefty shoes of Bulls. Each taking it for granted that dominant males do what they do effortlessly and with little thought.

However, the Bull’s authoritarian desires that are on constant alert, forever watching for any challenge to their position in the household, remaining only relaxed when the hot wife and dumb cuck know their positions in his life. There must be no tiresome challenges to their authority.

To achieve this, they have their strategies which the more experienced Bulls like Corbyn have polished to perfection.

You will recall that Riley, the hotwife, and Austin, the sissy cuck are dressed in matching black frilly basques, stockings and high heels. In the previous episode, the Bull, had ordered them to remove their sexy tight mesh panties to make a painfully, humbling point to his playthings.

You will also recall that following the threat of being made to lie out of the window and have a caning so harsh that Austin’s screaming would bring the neighbours out to investigate, Austin had knuckled under and obeyed the Bull. This of course wasn’t satisfying for Corbin as he now had an itch to humiliate and control further the sissy cuck.

The Bull had ordered the two ‘girls’ onto the bed, and they both, crawled up the sheets to lay face up, looking at him awaiting their next instruction.

With a grin, Corbin began to disrobe. His thick cock was already painfully erect in his pants, and he knew how both his toys would react to seeing the revealed weapon.

Austin was fully aware how his wife couldn’t keep her eyes from the hunk. In fact, her mouth hung agape, and her eyes barely blinked as each item of clothing was shed with that arrogant shit eating grin of Corbin’s.

As the muscular Corbin finally finished his disrobing by pushing down his boxers, with his eyes fixed on Riley, his huge member, finally freed, leapt up, as if on a spring, flicking silvery precum into the air like a shower.

Austin heard his wife growl with sexual need as the painful memory of his member being compared to Corbin’s hit his mind like a brick. He recalled how his wife had cum as soon as Corbin entered her and seemed to cum endlessly thereafter. Yet, when the bull directed him to make love to his wife, he couldn’t feel her, and she never physically responded to any of his efforts. Rather, she actually just chatted idly to Corbin about nothing in particular as Austin made every derisory effort to make some sort of impact on her.

The bed seemed to sink as Corbin clambered up it towards Riley, whose one stockinged leg, bent at the knee as if ready accommodate the Bull. Her hands rose up to his naked, taut shoulders and her back arched accommodatingly as her lover took his position at her pussy.

Knowing his size can cause discomfort and even turn women off, Corbin pressed in slowly, but as usual, Riley immediately moaned, her eyes closed, and she gripped his body with needy arms.

As he pressed home she came instantly.

Austin gasped almost as loudly as his wife. His own little member filling the steel chastity cage Corbin had bought for him and so cruelly locked on to his penis.

Losing count of the number of times his wife came, Austin was so turned on that he pressed his fingers against his exposed chastity cage and rubbed hard.

When Corbin finally pulled back out of his slut’s cunt, leaving a long golden trail of goo, Riley moaned, bucked and finally lay still, her breasts rising and falling through the basque as she caught her breath.

Corbin’s self satisfied smile froze as he caught sight of the foolish cuck trying to wank.

“What you doing, sissy boy?”

Having been caned not long before, with his bottom still raw, a fearful wide-eyed Austin mumbled, “Nothing. No. Sorry. Sir. I … . I …”

The smile was now gone from the Bull’s features, replaced by a hard intimidating glare.

“Don’t recall you asking permission to play with your boy pussy.”

Austin felt his eyes become hot. He knew tears weren’t far away.

He looked pleadingly at his wife, “Mistress!”

Riley smiled, placed her palm on her hubby’s hot cheek. “Aw.” She looked up at her Bull, “She didn’t mean it, Sir. I’m sure.”

He glanced down at the slut, his eyes unblinking, “You make sure your maid asks you for everything. You don’t want her taking the initiative. Not any time. They become a pain in the arse to control then.”

Riley nodded. “Oh, Sir. No. Of course not!” She turned to look at her terrified maid, looking so hot, cute and helpless, “Apologise to Sir for not asking permission to masturbate.”

Now the tears came. Full on sissy tears of helpless rage. “But Mistress. I cannot play with myself. Sir has me locked up down there and I feel so in need. Please. Please.” His wet eyes rose from his mistress to his Sir. “Please, Sir. I really need to cum. Really.”

A sympathetic Riley said, “Sir, perhaps you can allow it, this once. She does try to be good.”

Corbin was unimpressed. “Tries to be good? You mean like using my Christian name and then pleading with you to lie about her naughtiness? You mean like her trying to play with herself without asking?”

The wife felt hurt, as if her maid’s misbehaviour was somehow her fault. She felt her maid’s actions reflected badly on her, perhaps the way a mother may feel when her child is playing up amongst other children.

“Maid! Tell Sir how sorry you are.”

Austin had learnt over the last week that his once placid wife could turn in a brief moment into this tough dominatrix. Yet, it still shocked him. He recognised the change in her face, the narrowing of the eyes, the hardening of the lips. He easily recognised the chillingly cold tone she used when about to threaten him.

Yet still he felt that foolish sissy urge to rebel. To seek to reassert himself, despite wearing stockings, basque, light make up, heels and his new pixie hair style.

Apologise to Sir! To the man who had changed his relationship with his wife, from husband to maid? The dreadful bully who had locked his member into a tungsten chastity cage and not yet released him? The man who effortlessly made his wife cum. And perhaps worse, the man to whom his adorable wife now looked up to as the dominant male of the household.

“Mistress, please …”

Her look became darker, and Austin closed his wet eyes, fully aware of the inevitability of what now followed.

“Sir, I am so sorry I, erm, well, I didn’t seek your permission before I played with myself.”

The pitiful husband’s gut turned over at the shame of his actions.

Riley dropped her hand onto the sweaty, hard chest of her lover. “There, Sir. The maid’s apologised.”

Again, Sir wasn’t impressed, and Riley felt concern trouble her as Sir sarcastically laughed.

“You think the maid apologised without even looking at me? Yeh? You reckon she can close her eyes and say shit without even thinking about it? I need to see remorse!”

Riley was furious with her maid for making her look bad in her lover’s eyes. She twisted her body so she was facing her shocked maid.

“Maid!” The wife said, barely moving her lips, “Apologise to Sir this instant. And have the good grace to look at him when you are doing it. I want to see you being genuinely remorseful!”

This was too much. Shouldn’t his Mistress support him against this bully of a man?

“Mistress, I …”
She only had to raise her eyebrows for Austin to sigh and nod. Defeat was becoming easier and easier for the sissy to accept as his avenues for rebelling grew ever smaller.

Through his tearful eyes, Sir was a blur, which made it a little easier. Yet, even though he could barely discern Sir’s eyes, Austin was sickened at the humiliation. The man he most hated in the world was expecting an apology and he knew he had to deliver it.

Shame made him shake as he said, “Sir, please. I am so sorry for my naughtiness today.” How it stung to use the word naughtiness, as if he were a mere child in their presence. “Please forgive me.”

Both Riley and her Hubbie held their breaths as they studied Corbin for his reaction.

Finally, as if feeling that was the best he could expect, Corbin said, “All right.”

Riley giggled with relief, feeling that somehow, she was victorious. Her maid had complied to her lover under her instructions.

Her hubby simply let himself be swallowed by the blankets on the bed, shame immobilizing him.

The bull kissed his slut on her forehead, making her grin and said, “Just give your maid six swats with the cane and I’ll consider the matter closed.”

Austin’s eyes flashed open with disbelief. The cane?

Riley relaxed and smiled. “Yes, Sir. You are so good to my maid.”

She pulled up her self up, gripped his strong shoulders and kissed him rapidly around his cheeks and mouth. Her arousal flared up again. She needed him inside her.

Corbin knew what she wanted and understood how denying her would ensure her acquiescence to his whims.

As of course, the dumb sissy cuck’s denial by being locked in chastity enhanced his submission.

His strategy was working effortlessly.

“You need to deal with your maid first,” he announced.

Austin couldn’t believe this was happening. He had already been caned. By both of them!

He desperately wanted to speak up, but he feared the reaction of the dominant Bull. He was learning, as sissies do, sometimes quickly, sometimes punishingly slowly, that a sissy does not mess with real men.

Desperately needing the thick cock inside her, Riley spoke to her maid with a tremor of impatience, “What are you waiting for? You heard Sir. Fetch your cane.”

This was so unfair!

Riley slid from the bed, feeling his basque tighten around his waist as his heels stood on the carpet.

Once he had handed his Mistress the cane he awaited her next instruction.

Wondering whether to beat him over the chair as she had done previously under the tutelage of her Master, she felt a need to impress Corbin. She would demonstrate she had her own initiative.

She knelt up on the bed as her lover released his hold on his slut.

“Maid. Face down on the quilt. Now!”

Seeing his pitiful, helpless frown, she felt empathy for her defeated hubby, but it was more important to impress Sir than to placate her maid. She could always do that later.

This was outrageous, Austin thought as he slid up the bed, feeling his sexy garb slide erotically on the smooth sheets.

Though embarrassing to have his naked buttocks exposed to his wife and her Bull whilst awaiting punishment, like all true sissies, Austin felt the stirring of sexual urges. It was a tickly warm feeling in his tummy that led to his dick filling the small tungsten cage that Sir had locked him in.

Though the six swipes of the cane stung away his stimulation, it quickly returned as his Mistress threw the cane to the floor and twisted to grin at her lover awaiting his praise.

She was perplexed to see Corbin ignore her and pat her maid’s red striped bottom. She noticed the various colours emerging around the welts, blues, pinks and angry purples.

“Maid,” Corbin said.

Fearful of being slow in responding, Austin rolled onto his side looking up at the dominant male. It was as is if the man filled their bedroom with his dark presence.

“Sir?” His eyes were like blue traffic lights as his panic overwhelmed him. Had he done something wrong?

“Maid?” Corbin repeated, all at ease and relaxed, the man in charge. “Do you want permission to cum?”

God, was this some dreadful trap. Of course he wanted to cum! Austin flashed his false eyelashes at his Mistress, in the hope of being helped with the answer.

Riley was furious. “Well, answer Sir. He has asked you a question!”

Curling his stockinged legs beneath himself, Austin knelt up and whispered, “Well, yes Sir.” Fearing he might appear forward, he smartly added, “I mean, if that is okay. I mean okay with you. Oh, no. If it is all right with you and Mistress.”

He gripped the sheets in his little fists as he glanced nervously away from the Bull, desperate to hear what he was about to say.

He heard Corbin words, “What do you think Slut? You think she’s learned her lesson.”

Kissing Sir on his bristled cheeks, she replied excitedly. “Yes, Sir. She’s pretty good most of the time. Shall I unlock her, or will you?”

Austin noticed how effortless it was for his wife to see him as a ‘her’. It gave him pangs of unease, yet at the same time added to his arousal.

The naked, hairy hunk clambered off the bed and made his way to his mysterious large sports bag. The one Austin was not permitted to even look inside.

“Na,” the Bull said casually, “There won’t be any need to unlock her useless little peanut.”

Austin knelt up on the bed, his fingers to his lips. How could he cum if he wasn’t to be released?

Bent over so that Riley could study her lover’s hot, tight arse, Corbin continued, “In fact, once I’ve finished training her, she won’t ever need to be unlocked, save for cleaning.”

Riley giggled. Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing. Keeping her hubby locked away and submissive and in need. She would be so much in control!

The dominant male unzipped the bag and pulled out a device, which made Riley catch her breath and draw her hands up over her mouth.

As the Bull turned around, so the dumb cuck of a maid caught sight of the mysterious object.

He two placed the fingers of both hands over his lips, making the wife and her sissy look sexily alike, like bookends. This amused Corbin.

He laughed. This was going to be mega fun.

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