Another woman looking for a husband or boyfriend

Cynth describes herself as loveable, easy to get on with and patient with dumb, silly headed husbands. A thoughtful lass, she ensures the husband will have his own bedroom and will sometimes let him know when she is going to have a guest stay over.


A supportive Cynth will thoroughly train a stay at home husband to take care of the domestic chores.


She denies accusations from her previous tearful boyfriends about how cruel she is, saying she only gives their chastity cage key to her ruthless Bulls so that she doesn’t lose them. To keep fit she exercises a number of times a day with her cane and a professional whip.


Buying on Kindle Anonymously

Chaste and Impure’s idea of buying anonymnously on Amazon does work. As said, create an Amazon Account with a fresh email address, you dont have to add your real address. Go to a store and buy an Amzon gift card, then use the number form that to add money to your anonymous amazon account. Final stage but Sir says by Deborah Ford :).
Chaste and Impure:
I believe total anonymity is against the terms and conditions of an Amazon account, and it is entirely up to them if they wish to close an account that they feel is not conforming to their terms. However, it is not in a company’s interest to discourage a potential customer to spend money, and an account that primarily uses gift cards is not unusual and with careful adherence to the majority of terms and conditions such an account will not garner undue interest from Amazon.”

Science finally agrees with us


There you are, we’re ahead of the curve.


Justin Lehmiller surveyed thousands of Americans and found that 58% of men and about a third of women had fantasized about cuckolding. Gay people do it too, but heterosexuals are more likely to include BDSM elements than gays.


Justin J. Lehmiller, PhD, is the Director of the Social Psychology Graduate Program and an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Ball State University. He is also a Faculty Affiliate of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and runs the popular blog Sex and Psychology.


… he could have saved his time studying an d just come to this site. J

It’s here – you’ve been warned!

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Best Bull/Hotwife/Sissy/Cuckold story EVER”

Kindle comment from Andre, Feb 2018

Seeking to spice up his marriage Francis talks his wife, Brooke in to enjoying the occasional contact with a dominant Bull. Once they meet the highly experienced black Bull, Travis, the relationship spins out of Francis’ control.

Francis had hoped that the Bull would on occasion let him indulge in his fascination with being forced into the female role, like serving alpha males while dressed as a chastity caged maid. But Travis’s plans are to take Brooke away from Francis and turn them both into his servants, one slut and one sissy. In the process Francis finds himself at the mercy of an obnoxious neighbour with whom he’s been feuding.

Deborah Ford explores the story taking into account the four characters feelings and the changing dynamics of their relationships.
Watch how Brooke’ blossoms from quiet, shy wife into the dominant, sadistic Mistress of the household, under the strict tutelage of her new, powerful master, Travis. Brooke relishes servicing the needs of the dominant black bull, while experiencing the heady delights of bullying her increasingly sissified husband. Who could have known that control was such an aphrodisiac and confidence builder?

Feel for Francis as he endures true helpless humiliation under the complete instruction of Travis, his wife and finally their tetchy neighbour. Trapped in a chastity cage chosen and controlled by Travis, Francis finds himself demoted to obedient maid and secretary who must service their every need. He learns the meaning of the words fear and obedience.

Francis imagines he can escape from his predicament and ‘rescue his wife’ from Travis. But the strong willed Travis knows all the rules of the game, besides Brooke does not want to be rescued from Travis or being Francis’ Mistress.

Will Francis eventually triumph over Travis and win back his sexy wife, or will he sink ever deeper in status until he is a wholly helpless plaything forever for Brooke and those she decides he must please

Silly sissies, fear and gossip

Fear stalks the land … it is coming


Fear can be felt. It is visceral, like a cold shiver.

It makes a sissy quiver and rub at her useless, chastity caged dinkie, remorselessly locked away from her needy fingers.

It can sting tears to bewildered eyes. Why pick on me? It’s like being caned and sent to bed early with a penis gag, all for some imagined offence. It’s never wise to argue with your Mistress wife or her resolute, tough Bull of a boyfriend. It only makes the punishment worse.

Just pout, stamp the little foot and cry, “It’s not fair.”

And now the dread is amplified by the hushed whispers at the local Sissy School, where wide eyed sissies gasp at the latest gossip. They plead to be released from lessons, have their cages unlocked, all before it is too late.


Could the idle chit chat of mindless, silly sissies be correct?


Is it possible true?


Can it be?


Is there really a new Deborah Ford story about to be released on the trembling world?

Oh my.