The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men by Deborah Ford

The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men by Deborah Ford

Thank you to the helpful people who reminded me of the is forgotten s tory. It was published at least 20 years ago, if not longer. It follows the usual Deborah Ford path, so you will know where you are heading from page one.




David has plans for his wife Sue but so does his tough boss.


David stared at his wife with his mouth dangling. Had his boss, Tom, really made that suggestion to them?

His wife Sue delicately pulled back some wisps of blond hair from her face and tried a nervous smile, “I don’t think that is a good idea at all Tom.”

Tom laid down his knife and fork, “well its obvious to me. You Sue have managerial experience.”

“Only as temporary manger of the secretaries pool when the real managers were away on holiday!”

Tom waved a hand at her. “You run yourself down too much. Anyway Davy here is, er, hum, er, let’s say struggling a little. If I put it like this: he is finding it a bit of a challenge to administer my fifteen travel shops. You’d be a great hit.”

David weighed it up instantly. Of course Sue is a bimbo, everyone knew that, that’s why he married her. Blond, gorgeous and thick. She is the classic big titted, big arsed blond who just wants to please. His friends could not believe a girl like that could fall for someone as short and slight as he. They didn’t appreciate what he understood: gorgeous but shy and silly girls ache to be approached by guys other than footballing studs who often do no more than frighten them

The world span in his direction. He hated the pressures of work, any kind of work, now he faced the opportunity of a life devoid of pressure – in fact a life devoid of effort!

His mind rolled quickly out his new daily timetable: all morning on the golf course, all afternoon in the pool hall, loads of drinking time and certainly plenty of opportunities for screwing around with available women. “Darling,” he spluttered, “you would be a huge success.”

“David!” She searched frantically for the words but, as usual for her, she could not think of an argument against the proposition. She hated arguing, she hated any time of confrontation. “Perhaps we should talk about it later.”

“No,” David insisted, “it’s a great proposition. Tom has already said he doesn’t rate me in the job …”

“Probably have to sack him sooner or later,” Tom agreed.

“But darling, don’t you feel… you know, a little bit… ashamed?”

Laying his huge hairy hand over Sue’s fingers Tom somehow managed to avoid glaring at her rounded cleavage. “This is the twenty first century. You must fulfil your aspirations.”

With his free hand he rearranged his uncomfortable erection beneath the dining table. He smiled at her under the misapprehension he was hiding his lust. In his mind Sue, with tits, arse and legs like a sexy rock chick was too hot a babe for a wimp like David. She needed a serious workout with a real man.

“I don’t know,” her eyes grew wide like a kitten’s, “David say something!”

David sat up straight, “as man of the house I will make the decision. You go to work.”

Sue’s shoulders slumped as she groaned. She loved bragging to her working friends how she enjoyed being a housewife. Responsibility frightened her. That’s why she married David, a man who would make all the decisions for her. “But darling, what about the housework?”

David looked contemptuously around the dinning room, “yeh don’t worry. I know where the vacuum cleaner’s on off switch is.” He grinned triumphantly. He had already got his handicap down to 19, now he would have the time to brush up on his tee shots.

“Settled! Start tomorrow Sue and I’ll personally show you around,” he leaned across still trapping her long fingers beneath his bear like paw to kiss her on the cheek.

Feeling the kiss lingering longer than needed Sue put up her free hand and with an embarrassed giggle pushed him away. She looked to her husband for support but realised that David was staring off into space with a silly smile on his lips. Finally she dragged her hand free of Tom’s grip. “So what do I wear? The office uniform I suppose.”

Tom stood up pulling his jacket around his trousers to cover his raging hard on, “hell no babe. The office girls wear that silly trouser outfit. Another daft idea from your husband. No you wear,” he glanced down at her legs beneath the table as she shifted them uneasily, “a suit, you know a business woman’s skirt, but not too long hey? You know,” he innocently raised his eyebrows, “a few inches above the knee. Ok?”

Tugging at the hem of her short black dress she nodded, “I see. And David? Do you have a view?”

“Eh? What?” David stared blankly at her, “oh yeh, whatever. Great. Are my new golf clubs still in the garage?”

Tom rubbed his hands together, “see you tomorrow Sue.”

Sue rose clinging to her napkin, realising she offered the brute an eyeful of her legs. “Suppose it doesn’t work out? I mean getting him to have a haircut has proved impossible. Look at him, he looks like a pop star from the seventies.”

“We’ll have dinner here Friday night, see what the score is. But don’t worry babe I reckon you’re a winner!” announced Tom resisting the temptation to slap her bulging arse.


Friday night.

Life could not be better for David. Not only did he spend the morning lying in bed playing with his dick over pictures of scantily clad women but he also hit the fairways before anyone else. This was followed by the clubhouse for lunch and three captivating hours on the pool tables.

He had never realised that the lunch-time was a good time to meet girls who were clearly desperate to have a fling outside their marriage.

There were further advantages. For some reason Tom was keeping Sue late at the office as if a world of sales had blown through the travel shops. This afforded David a second chance to wank in the evenings as he ploughed through the music video channels for long limbed babes cavorting in scanty outfits. Maybe he could even get one of the ladies from the club house into his marital bed. What a score that would be.

David also took this as a sign of his superior work rate. He had always managed to sneak away early leaving the office girls to do his work for him. Poor bimbo Sue obviously over exerted herself. Stupid tramp.

This is heaven on a silver chalice laid out next to a roaring log fire. Of course Sue hit on him when she got in late and flustered. She feigned shock at the mess around the house as she prepared dinner nagging so much David had to turn up the tv sound on the football match to drown out her bitching.

Yes, this is heaven.

That Friday night Tom arrived late. Sue still rushed to and from the kitchen with the spaghetti bolognaise she had hurriedly prepared. David had been too busy to help her, after all the live golf match from Australia on the satellite TV started in the early evening. He could hardly miss that!

As the wine flowed freely Tom leaned back in his chair, “so then. How’s it going?”

David emptied his glass and poured himself another. “Fantastic. The golfing couch reckons I could be in line for a single figure handicap in less than a year.”

“How about that! Nice one Davy. Hear that Sue?”

Gripping her glass tightly, she glared down the table at her husband. “He’s very happy with the changes!”

“Yeh, good for you Davy,” declared his former boss, “‘cos life could not be better for me either. Lets face it Davy you weren’t the hardest worker ever to set foot on this earth but this babe,” he nodded at Sue who burnt dull red with rage, “yeh, this babe she sorts it all out, stays on late ..”

Finally she could take no more. “Just one second you two. What about me!”

David laughed apologetically, “you’ll have to excuse her Tom, time of the month …”

“It is not my time of the bloody month.”

Tom leaned back, the chair creaking its complaint at his weight, “hey babe Davy meant …”

“And don’t ‘hey babe’ me. Babe! Who you calling babe? And Davy? What sort of name is that for a man!”

“As man of the house,” David announced checking how much wine was left in the bottle by shaking it, “I think you are getting a little too uppity! Watch those hormones!”

“Uppity! You let this brute call me babe, take away your job …”

David wagged a finger at her, “now calm down darling!”

“Just a moment,” Tom spoke quietly, “lets all take a deep breath here. Hey, if you don’t want to be called babe then fine. I apologise. And if little Davy here doesn’t want to be called Davy …”

“Little!” Sue was beside herself, “I know he’s only five foot four, it’s just that you are so big. What about six foot three or something? That’s why he looks so short.”

“Around six three since you ask.” Tom tried to look modest and failed.

“He may be slight in frame but then compared with you most men are. So stop calling him little Davy as if he is a child!”

Tom showed the palms of his hands, “ok, you’ve got a point.”

“I mean this is horrible for me. I work all day and you always find more for me to do at night, usually in your own office,” she added smartly glancing at David to check his reaction. She sighed as she saw him pulling a cork out of a second bottle of red. “Are you listening darling?”

David momentarily glanced up, “oh yeh of course darling, he mustn’t call you little babe, quite right.”

“It’s not just that. It’s this house I come home late and nothing’s been done. Not the cleaning, not the washing. I have to make the meals for us. I don’t get to bed until after midnight.”

Tears washed over her eyes as Tom patted her hand, “don’t worry Sue, I think you have raised an issue here that we must all address. Right, er, David?”

“Oh sure yes. Have you tried this Merlot, a bloke down the pub recommended it.”

Sue waved her hand at her husband while speaking to Tom, “you see what I mean!”

Her boss cleared his throat. “I do. Davy listen up.”

David reached across the table pouring the wine into the empty glasses.

Tom continued, “I don’t want my staff getting into the office worn out doing what the ‘stay at home partner’ ought to be doing.”

“Yeh right.”

“You need to do more around the house”

“Yeh right,” David tried to keep a straight face. “I promise I’ll vacuum the light bulbs and rearrange the cushions before Sue gets back!”

“See,” his wife screamed. “He’s not taking this seriously. Do something Tom!”

“It’s very obvious to me, Davy here is not in a chores role …”

David grinned, “oh don’t give me any of that p.c. fancy office politics talk. I don’t have to listen to that anymore.”

“I think you should listen.” Seeing David preoccupied with tasting the new bottle he turned to Sue. “The problem is that Davy just sees himself as ‘off work’. What I suggest is that I employ him as a member of staff again but as a, I don’t know, domestic help?”

Sue’s eyebrows met. “Would that help?”

“Well then he would be paid to carry out the chores.”

David grinned, “you mean I stay off work and I still get paid. Hey Sue that sounds ace to me!”

“He’ll just spend all day playing with himself!” muttered Sue.

“Ha well,” Tom grinned, “we can also put a stop to that.”

Sue blushed at the realisation she had spoken out loud but found herself intrigued, “how can you stop a man from doing, uhm, what comes naturally.”

He patted her hand, smiling at her. He noticed her looking at him if not warmly then certainly not with that mixture of contempt and anger she usually fired in his direction. He had made inroads into the sale.

“Don’t worry. Davy will be a full-time member of my staff and as such expected to perform all your domestic chores.”

David almost choked on his Merlot. “What? Now I don’t mind a bit of work around the house, you know fixing cupboard doors and stuff.”

Tom stared at him, “do you want Sue to finish working for me?”

Glancing at his only golf trophy David swallowed, “no of course not.”

“You can do a little more around the house can’t you?”

David groaned. He could see his mornings being lost to dusting tables. Still, if that was the price for him having the life of Riley than so be it. “I suppose so. Agreed!”

“We’ll see,” Sue sighed. “I don’t see how you’re going to get him to do the chores or to stop playing with himself.”

“Great. I’ll call back on Sunday night and show you, show you both.”

She stood up placing a hand on Tom’s arm allowing him to kiss her cheek.

For a moment Tom drowned in the erotic medley of her perfumes and silky hair. He closed his eyes feeling his shaft harden. This time he did pat her bottom as he stepped away, “great dinner babe.”



Tom arrived holding aloft a collection of department store bags. “The answers to a maiden’s prayer.”

Sue giggled. “I hope so. But you are going to have to work real magic to change my husband’s ways.”

A few beers later the atmosphere had loosened and David made jokes about hoovering. Tom judged the time to be right. “Here’s the standard contract, I believe you worked it out a few years back.”

“Sure did. Know every word and every syllable there,” he flicked absentmindedly through the pages before scribbling his signature.

Tom carelessly took back the contract. “Great now I sign, and now we do the same with the copy. You sign, then I sign.”

Crossing her long legs, Sue frowned at her husband, “shouldn’t you read it darling?”

David grinned at Tom, nodding in the direction of his wife, “who wrote this shit love? I’ll do the thinking around here. Yeh, I just sign here. Great.”

“Ok folks, thanks for that,” Tom slipped his copy into his briefcase before clicking it shut, “now then if Davy wouldn’t mind removing his clothes we’ll get started.”

David’s face fell. “What?”

Sue giggled, “oh Tom do you ever stop joking?”

“Joking?” Tom put on his offended face. “No, no. Firstly we must prevent him playing with himself. How else is he going to concentrate on his new role?”

The blood drained form David’s face. “Now look Tom what have you got in mind?”

Tom rummaged through one of the bags before plucking out a small brown cardboard container about half the size of a shoe box. “Come on Davy the quicker you do it the quicker we can move on.”

David looked at his wife, “Sue?”

She smiled uncertainly. She knew this brute of a man was teasing her husband but the alcohol washed away any remorse she may have felt. “Let’s just see what he does hey darling?”

Her response seemed so reasonable that David rose, unbuttoning his shirt. He never felt comfortable changing before others, he hated sports lessons in school with the ritual of stripping before all his school mates. “I know you Tom,” he said sucking air in through his teeth. “I bet this is some silly joke. Maybe I do spend a little too much time doing you know what, and that sort of thing. Maybe I could cut down.”

Tom knew that he couldn’t betray any sign of pleasure in the humiliation of David’s before the eyes of his wife. That would give the game away. Plans have to be processed one small step at a time. Sue was the sort of woman who had to be drunk before she would let herself go. A sober Sue equalled a boringly uptight suburban housewife but many times he noticed how her defences washed away under the guidance of alcohol. He noted with satisfaction that a bitchy smile played on her lips. She had raised her fingers over her mouth in a school girl attempt at hiding her pleasure in seeing her husband’s plight.

David placed his shirt near his socks before undoing the tops of his trousers. “Is this really necessary Tom?”

“Won’t take a second Davy.”

David dropped his pants and stepped awkwardly out of them. “Satisfied?”

“Nearly. And the boxers. Sorry but honestly you’ll have them back on in a jiff!”

Without meeting either of their eyes he pulled his underwear down to his ankles and plucked them off. For a moment he stood, head bowed gathering his underpants over his genitals.

“Ok come here,” snapped his former boss pointing at the carpet before him.

His mouth dried as he stepped into the required position leaving him standing between Tom’s long thick legs.

“Just hold your hands behind your back Davy.” Tom had to bite his tongue to prevent himself from laughing at the predicament of his former lazy employee. “Great now then according to the instructions I pass the belt about your waist like this and secure it tightly at the rear with these clips. “Good how does that feel?”

David felt the constriction of aluminium and leather grip his body. He mumbled, “ok, a bit tight.”

“It’s meant to be.” Now then if you just move your hands,” he replied holding up a long missile shaped cage about three inches long and two inches wide.

David swallowed as he felt his penis shrivel under the pressure of Tom’s thumb and forefinger.

“Oh dear, it’s a bit too large. Says here that the fit has to be tight. But don’t worry, they have sent us a variety of sizes for the penis sheath so let us try the next one down, er, medium size.”

Once again David felt the cold sliver of the cage slip over his penis.

“Na, too big again. Lets see the next size down, er, small.” Tom pulled his mouth down in surprise. “Well if it has to be small then small it is.”

David closed his eyes as he heard his wife splutter a giggle behind her hand.

“Well what do you know small is still too large. Lets try the last one, which is labelled, let me see, oh yes, tiny. Lets hope the tiny one isn’t too big Davy I don’t know what we’ll do then.”

David wanted to scream out ‘just get on with it.’ But when he felt the cosier fit of the cage around his penis and heard a lock snapped shut he sighed with relief.

Tom turned on the sofa to face Sue, “there you are, you have a husband with a tiny fitting when it comes to male chastity devices.”

“Ok Tom I think you’ve made your point,” she giggled. “It’s always been fine for me.”

David swallowed thank God she had said that. He wanted to speak out, defend his manhood but how could he if his fitting was merely ‘tiny’?

“Good now then,” Tom fiddled with the cage, “this anchors to the front of the belt and then these chains connect here at the base of the cage and run between your legs. Er, spread your legs there’s a good boy.”

“Look,” David kept his eyes tightly shut, unable to look at Tom. “I think this is all unnecessary. I’ll turn over a new leaf. I promise.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just twist around so your back is to me. Yes that’s the idea Davy now spread those thighs so I can pass these chains between them.”

His feet stepped apart as he feebly attempted to generate some moisture in his parched mouth.

“Wider please.”

“Oh Tom!” Admonished Sue playfully. “Come on now.”

“Just so I can reach through with these,” Tom replied as innocently as he could.

David spread his legs wide.

“Good boy well done, now these fix to the rear of the belt like so. We can then adjust them to tighten the fit.”

“Ooh,” David cried out.

“Don’t worry it may be uncomfortable for a little while. There and now the lock is attached here at the small of the back preventing any type of tampering. Clever huh? Go and show Sue your new body jewellery.”

Feeling crushed into obedience with his eyes averted David wandered to where Sue sat, legs crossed in her arm chair.

“What do you reckon?” demanded Tom.

“I er don’t know what to say. I don’t think he’s getting out of that any time soon. Where did you get it Tom?”

As an aficionado of married women he had come across a few who got a kick out of witnessing the cuckold predicament of their husbands. Amazingly some of these cuckolds threw themselves willingly into their position. One of these men enthusiastically begged to be placed in such a device showing Tom where they could be purchased cheaply. It had long been Tom’s ambition to enjoy the glorious feeling of placing an unwilling married man into such a demeaning predicament. Somehow the fun of having willing victims soon peters out.

Of course he could hardly tell his new prey, Sue, of his hobbies, so he simply rattled off a rehearsed lie, “oh travelling abroad opens your eyes to many strange customs.”

“So I see.”

“Ok send him back to me,” Tom said curtly.

David opened his eyes and stared down at his bemused wife. What did Tom mean ‘send him to me’? Why didn’t he just call him back to the sofa?

Sue cleared her throat and raised her eyebrows, “er David would you please go back to Tom.”

In shock David obediently returned to the sofa.

“Ok Davy you can put your boxers back on now.

For the first time David looked down at the contraption that held his penis firmly down between his legs. Whereas he expected to see his manhood sticking out from his body he now saw just a flash of the aluminium cage. He swallowed as he remembered it was the ‘tiny’ aluminium cage. A short strip of shiny metal ran up to the aluminium catch at the front with no sign of any connection. The key to the lock hidden at the small of his back was the only means of release.

He stepped into his boxers slowly, fearful that he would stumble over and provide Tom with further merriment.

“And here’s your uniform” He held up a shiny white blouse that David recognised with horror.

“But that’s the girl’s uniform in the shops!”

“And very smart it is. Don’t you recall saying how the staff ought to sign a contract ensuring they wore our outfit to guarantee they were always smart?”

David brushed his palm over his long hair feeling a layer of sweat on his scalp. “No, no. That was for office girls.”

Tom picked up David’s copy of the contract. “Let me see…” he flipped over a couple of pages and then he smiled, “here it is. ‘The employee shall at all times wear the travel office uniform’. Oh dear, and no mention of it applying only to girls I’m afraid. Not that you would expect such sexist nonsense in these modern times.”

David swallowed hard, “it clearly applies to girls. Look how see through and smooth it is.”

“We can’t be chauvinistic about such matters. You know the law these days. Sue gave me your sizes so it ought to fit. Try it on.” The last words were spoken firmly enough for David to moan with defeat.

David took the garment and slipped it up his arms, pulling it tight around his chest. It hung loose where the shirt expected breasts and cut into the waist before flaring out at the top of his hips. The silk material felt slippery over his body.

Tom laughed as he turned to Sue, “it’s a good thing Davy here insisted on trousers for the staff rather than a skirt!”

Sue giggled feeling only slightly shamefaced at taking delight in her husband’s clear discomfort. “He always thinks girls look sexy in tight trousers. He loves their arses.”

“So,” Tom held up the black chinos.

David stepped into them. At least Tom would be leaving soon and he would be able to redress in men’s clothes. “Ah!” David said jubilantly as the bias cut chino’s reached his hips. “Look the zip is at the side. No good for me.”

“How so?” Tom raised his eyebrows feigning confusion.

“Well how do I pee?”

“Let me see,” Tom rubbed his chin as if in deep thought. “Now then where is your willy when you are wearing your chastity belt?”

David hung his head and whispered, “pushed back between my legs”

“So in other words you could not pee into a urinal standing up. You’ll have to sit down from now on, like the other office girls.”

David looked at his wife, his bottom lip quivering. “Sue. Please.”

Her face wrinkled with concern as she sat forward. Years of suffering put downs balanced out her sympathy. She wondered who now looked like ‘a silly bimbo’, David’s favourite putdown for her. “Listen darling I know it’s difficult for you right now. But a few days of good housework will perhaps change your attitude. Honestly I just can’t go on working ten hour days and then coming back to all this.”

“Great. So zip up and belt up,” Tom announced.

David pulled the small zip up over his hip feeling the garment constrict about his hips and backside before flattening at the front. He pulled the narrow ladies belt tight discovering it difficult to buckle as it came from the ‘ladies side’.

“Excellent. Now the shoes.” He said seriously as he held up the slim elegant dark shoes. “It’s a good thing the girls insisted on low heels. I think you had been arguing for heels.”

David snatched the shoes from his tormentor as an act of defiance, though to Tom and Sue it appeared little more than petulant.

With the shoes slipped on he stood before them attired as a travel office girl. Feeling self-conscious he wanted to place his hands in his pockets but of course nothing as practical as pockets decorated this stylish outfit.

“Happy now?” David asked archly.

“Nearly,” Tom said slipping his hands into another bag and producing the firm’s long navy cap similar to that worn by an air hostess. “I am not wearing that!” David said defiantly once again looking for a place to put his hands, which eventually settled on his hips.

Sue shook her head, “I think that’s going too far.”

Tom widened his eyes innocently. “I think you’ll find it’s the law. You are going to be cooking aren’t you?”

David looked red faced at Sue who nodded back to him. “I suppose so yes.”

Tom offered the cap. “Then here you are. Food and hygiene regulations insist. I can’t have an employee breaking the law can I? Head covering to be worn at all times by members of staff involved with food preparation.” It sounded good, it sounded right, it sounded legal, it may even truly exist on the statute books, but Tom had simply made it up.

Fifteen minutes later they were saying their goodbyes to Tom and David was still wearing his cap.

As soon as the front door closed David threw the hat to the ground and tore at the little buttons on his blouse.

“Be careful,” Sue shouted.

“Well this is insane. Girls clothes! Pah. If he thinks I am going to mince around all day with a vacuum cleaner wearing all this he’s mistaken! And you weren’t very supportive! Right little cow you were tonight. Always said you were a bimbo and you proved it tonight! Now give me the key!”

Sue’s cheeks burnt. She hated being spoken to like that, especially by a man who had just let himself be humiliated before his own wife. “What key?” She asked, keeping her eyes innocently wide open.

“What key?” David pulled down the hip zip on his slacks feeling the material release about his hips. “The key to this fucking chastity belt device!”

“I don’t like being sworn at like this!”

“Don’t you? Well give me the fucking key!” David shot a hand out towards his wife and glared at her.

Sue licked her lips and glanced up at the ceiling. “Actually he didn’t leave me with a key.” She marched passed him. “I’ll bring it home tomorrow night.”

“What. For fucks sake. Didn’t you think to get a key from him? Jesus, what a bimbo!”

Sue stopped half way up the stairs and swung around. “Didn’t you think to ask him for the key? After all it is you who is in this predicament not me. Isn’t that so?”

“Well I er…” Sometimes she could throw an argument back at him that floored him. Usually his response was a wave of the hand and a ‘whatever’ but by the time he had gathered his senses he heard the bedroom door slam. He cursed his stupid bimbo wife again.

An exhilarated Tom drove home with his aching penis expanding in his trousers. He now had only one problem to be answered: which of the many rapacious wives he shagged would benefit from a visit from his aching dick.

4 Monday.

David stood sleepily in the kitchen doorway, his long hair dishevelled, scratching at the itch at his groin. His wife wearing the sexiest of tight skirts stands in the kitchen near the table with a pen in her hand, her sandal heel hanging off her upturned foot.

“I thought you’d be up a bit earlier this morning,” Sue said, bending over her list and wriggling her bulging arse at him. Checking her watch she scribbles faster. “I see no reason why you can’t get these chores done today.”

“I had a rotten night. I’ve been desperate to play with it.” He rubs at his groin through his pyjama bottoms. “It’s torture. Make us a tea before you go will you?”

Without rising Sue looks back over her shoulder, her blue eyes burning in his direction.

He shakes his head peevishly. “Oh, all right then don’t bother. I’ve been randy all night. You don’t know what it’s like.”

“Don’t I?”

David smiled knowingly before hugging his wife. “I thought so baby. You missed me as much as I missed you.”

Stiffening in his embrace Sue takes a step back holding up the hand written list. “So maybe Tom’s idea will work. If I were you I’d get started pretty quickly.”

He took the list from her laying it on the kitchen work surface before reaching out to hold her again.

“Some of us haven’t got time for this sort of thing. Tom will be wanting me in his office by nine thirty.”

“Ha don’t worry. I never got in until eleven, after twelve some days.”

Sue snatches her handbag, “so I’ve heard!”

“Listen. How about some sympathy? I had to sit down on the toilet to pee this morning. Do you know how degrading that is for a man?”

“Let’s hope you don’t have to get used to it.”

Moments later he watched her car tear away from the drive and grinned. He immediately set about completing his own list.

Unable to sleep properly due to the unquenched randiness between his legs he had mentally drawn up his own plans for today. Firstly there would be an attempt to get out of the chastity belt. He laid out his tools on the bed examining himself in the full length wardrobe mirror. The aluminium shone exotically around his hips and between his legs. He took the metal snips and attempted to push the scissor blade between his flesh and the belt. “Ow!” Twice he tried and twice he succeeded only in stabbing himself. Ok, so no way could it be cut away from his body without doing himself an injury.

Next he raised the bolt cutters and turned so that he was looking over his shoulder at his reflection in the mirror. The belt met the two shiny metal bands that spread from between his legs around his buttocks to the sides of the belt. There at the small of his back lay the tiny lock, little more than a slight protuberance that could only be seen if he twisted at an angle.

Holding the cutters over his shoulders and down his spine, with every action reversed in the mirror it was only with difficulty and cursing he could he align the cutters over the tiny lock. But every time he tried to close the handles to snip off the security device the cutters simply slid effortlessly over the clasp.

“What kind of mad man designs a contraption like this?”

Plan one was dead in the water. He moved his silky office uniform still hanging over the wardrobe door to one side so he could retrieve his golf clubs from the rear of the cupboard.

Plan two was to see if he could still play golf in the contrivance to which the answer was a joyful yes. As tight and unyielding as the belt was it offered no encumbrance to any fierce golfing swings, or to delicate putting. He could even manage big fairway shots.

Laying out his jeans and sweat shirt, and with one last laugh at the tunic, hanging on the wardrobe, he dressed and drove to the gold course for his golfing instruction from the pro. Susan’s wages would be well spent on lessons with the very best tutor the club could offer.

Sue was also taking instructions from a ‘pro’, and his were sharper and more pertinent:

“Don’t argue with staff.”

“Oh I won’t,” Sue exclaimed. She always avoided confrontation of any description. “So what do I do then? You know if someone starts arguing with me?”

“You give your instruction without raising your voice and then walk off. If they try and challenge you,” Tom said stuffing a chicken and tomato sandwich into his mouth, “you calmly repeat the instruction. You never say: ‘oh please could you move that box from a to b’. You say ‘shift the box from a to b’. You never say ‘can you do it by home’ time ‘cos it’ll never get done. You want it done now. You make eye contact and if you think you’re losing the eye contact game you shake your head and say ‘give it a rest will yer. Just do what you’re told and life will be a lot easier’.”

Sue nodded delicately picking at her own tuna sandwich. “Its just that, you know, I feel, I am just not cut out to be the dominate one. You know dishing out orders,” she hunched her shoulders and giggled apologetically.

Tom spat out a piece of chicken as he replied with incredulity, “it’s a game. You have two people. You say to one you are the boss you say to the other you are staff. And Sue, you, you are the boss. Don’t take any shit!”

Sue sat up straight and smiled. She was the boss. She liked that. In fact she had spent much of her life taking shit from anyone who dished it out. “Ok,” she smiled. “I am the boss.”

“You got it. So when you get home don’t forget that David is a member of staff.”

She giggled, “I don’t think he’ll accept that somehow.”

“He’ll be in his uniform and in his place. I expect you to sort it. Just do what you’re told, he’ll do what you tell him and life will be a lot simpler.”

“Yes Tom!”

Then he winked and she giggled, “yes I do what I am told!” For the first time in her life she actually got a joke.

As soon as she left his office Tom rang all the travel shops to bark out a single command, “you listen to my new manager or you face me. Got it?”


Sue drove home that night wearing a serene, comfortable smile. She had been in charge. She laid down the instructions in each shop in turn and watched with delighted satisfaction as the girls jumped to obey her.

Now she couldn’t wait to get David out of his chastity belt and into bed. As she drove into her street her smile grew wider but froze on her lips as soon as she saw her drive. His car was missing!

Inside the house she had to use the hallway wall for support. She could see that the kitchen still had the cups and dishes piled up from her breakfast.

Never before had she felt such rage. He was taking advantage of her just as Tom had warned would happen if she was soft with staff. ‘Make ’em know whose boss from the off,’ he had cajoled her, ‘you can never win back lost respect!’

David bounced in minutes later to find Sue statue like in the middle of the kitchen.

“Hey love. Good day in the office? Fetch us a beer will yer?” He dumped his club bag in the hall where it immediately fell over with clubs and golf balls exploding over the carpet.

She turned on her heels to glare at him.

In turn he lustfully devoured her legs before smirking: “‘cos I have had a day up there in heaven. I beat three blokes, one after the other and holed the fifth in three. Now what do you reckon on that! Hey what’s wrong babe? You look like Mike Tyson after someone’s called him a sissy.”

She heard Tom’s voice echoing in her mind; ‘never get into arguments, never get angry, just be firm’. “David? What happened?” her voice quivered but remained calm.

“I told you. I was Tiger Dave the scourge of the golf course!”

“And the dishes?” She picked up the list from where David had dropped it that morning. “The chores?”

“Hey no odds babe. I’ll sort all that out. A few minutes, no more. No problemo.”

“Oh and dinner tonight?”

“Hey I’ll get some pizzas delivered. It’s no big deal. Relax will you?”

She raised the list, “and the other tasks? Have you done anything?”

He snatched the paper from her, laying it back on the counter. “Tomorrow! It’ll wait.”

Wrapping his arms around her body he felt her warm breasts crush into his chest. Having not even been able to masturbate since the previous day he became so aroused his head span.

She permitted him to kiss her neck and nibble her ear feeling herself gaining full control of the situation. “And what do you propose we do while we wait for the pizzas?”

“I knew I’d win you round to taking my monster dick!”

“Uhm? Monster dick?” She remained still, her mouth pursed into an ‘o’ shape as he pecked at her neck and cheeks. “Which fitting has your boss installed on your willy? Was it the medium size one?”

“Oh I can’t remember,” he stopped kissing her neck and ran his hand over her rounded, firm backside filling out her tight skirt. “You are sex on a stick.”

“No, it wasn’t medium. Was it the small?” She asked in a sing song voice as if seeking the right term from a child.

“Hey what are you saying?” He winced but was determined to take control of the situation. Was he not man of the house? He led her upstairs by her hand. “Come on I’ll show you how big it is.”

“Ah yes I remember. Tiny. You take the tiny size.” She watched him with great satisfaction as he grimaced with embarrassment.

No longer being able to meet her eyes he wandered into the bedroom undoing his shirt. Suddenly he wasn’t feeling so amorous. Why did she have to mention that business about him taking the ‘tiny’ fitting?

“Remove all your clothes darling,” she said firmly.

“Hey babe I love it when you play at being dominant,” he laughed.

She raised her eyebrows as she released the buttons on her blouse letting the thin material billow around her white lacy bra.

He hopped out of his pants with his tongue hanging out, “wow, you look stunning!”

“Thank you David. ” She released the hook at the rear of her skirt, pulling down the zip as she wriggled free.

“Stockings and suspenders!” he shouted with joy. “You’ve thought of everything.” He stood expectantly before her wearing only his boxers but his smile quickly faded. “You wore them to work? You wore stockings and suspenders under a short skirt? With that letch boss of yours?”

“Boss of ‘ours’. And those too,” she commanded waggling a finger at his underwear.

He nodded and with his face glowing red he pulled them down revealing the shameful strip of metal and leather about his waist hooked to the chastity belt between his legs.

“Oh babe!” He grabbed her and, despite being the same height, threw her down onto the bed where she spread her body languidly beneath him. “The key babe,” he said hoarsely through his deep breaths.

“The key?” She arched her eyebrows, propping herself up on her elbow. “But you haven’t completed your chores have you?”

He stopped kissing her shoulder, feeling a cold shiver tickle his spine. “Eh?”

“David, don’t you remember what your boss told you?”

“Yeh, I know,” he said hoarsely. “But you know I just ran out of time. I’ll sort it tomorrow.”

“Then you can get released tomorrow.”

“What!” He knelt up, straightening his back, his eyes shinning with anger. “Get the fucking key.”

This was her first week as boss and this was the first member of staff who had challenged her. ‘No arguing with staff,’ Tom had warned. “Sorry David. There would be no point in employing people to do jobs if they didn’t do them.” She smiled sympathetically. “And where would we end up if we paid people before they did their work? Now then David be a good boy. Emptying the dishwasher was first on your list.”

His eyes glistened with tears. “Babe you don’t know how frustrated I am. Give me a break.”

“How selfish of you,” she replied evenly. “Don’t you think I feel frustrated too? Or don’t I matter?”

He rubbed impotently at the unforgiving metal securing his penis. “Look stay here. It’ll take me two minutes to get that empty.”

He leaped from the bed but was caught in the doorway by Sue’s quietly spoken instruction. “You aren’t going to forget your uniform are you?”

David looked from her to the humiliating office girl’s tunic still hanging over the wardrobe door. The uniform he had ordered and insisted the staff wore at all times. “Oh come on now. Surely I don’t …”

Sue lay down on the bed staring at the ceiling, letting her stockinged legs rasp together. “The final item on the list was to make dinner, that best move up the list to second, I’m hungry. Call me down when it’s ready.”

He drew on his boxers and then the hated smooth blouse and slacks with one eye on his sexy wife.

She laid on the bed in her sexy white underwear her fingernails trailing sensuously over her stocking tops. He felt his mouth dry out and his dick fill the tube, the ‘tiny tube’.

“But not the shoes hey babe? I mean I think Tom was just having a bit of fun with those.”

“No David, I think the shoes are a vital part of the uniform don’t you? So get them on and let me take a good look at you.”

Sheepishly he slipped into the shoes and stood before her.

To his chagrin she laughed. “Oh David. Now do you see how important it is to do as you are told? By now we could have been eaten dinner and who knows what else would have followed.”

“Yes love, sorry I …”

She waved a hand at him. “You have a lot of chores ahead of you this evening so get on with it.”

“Erm yes, er Sue. Yes. Of course.”

As soon as she heard his footsteps heading down the stairs she placed her hand between her damp thighs and groaned. Images of the powerful figure of Tom filled her senses as she drifted hazily between heaven and hell until her orgasm threw her into violent spasms.

The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men. By Deborah Ford

Part Two


Tom spread the files over Sue’s dining room table before looking up at the tuniced figure. “Hey Davy get us another beer. Sue, these are the projections for the next couple of months. Now look at the two high street shops.”

“I’ll have a beer too David,” she called out as she settled down beside her thick set boss, her short skirt pulling tight over her thighs.

“Now believe me, you have done wonders in just a few days, oh thanks Davy just stick it down there will you, certainly a major improvement on your lazy predecessor.”

“Thank you David you are dismissed.” Sue announced curtly to her husband.

David bit his tongue as he glowered at his wife, the remark about her lazy predecessor irked him. Sue she simply raised her eyebrows, “Haven’t you got the washing machine to empty David?”

Without a word David fled the room thumping the door closed.

Tom shook his head, “you don’t want to let him get away with door slamming. One minute it’ll be slamming doors the next he might be questioning an instruction. Result anarchy.” He sipped the cold beer, “anyway how’s it all settling down here?”

Sue crossed her legs leaning back in the fully aware of how her breasts strained through her blouse. These days she was in a state of constant sexual need that no amount of rubbing or fingering would satisfy. “Up and down. More down than up.” She felt her cheeks glow at the innuendo but Tom laughed sympathetically. She sighed. “He’s been locked up since Sunday.” Then she brightened. “But he seems to be towing the line better now.” She wondered if she should be feeling so pleased with herself. After all, ought a wife have her husband under the thumb like this? “In fact,” she leaned closer so that their shoulders touched and said in a low voice, “in fact I even like it.” Then she giggled.

She received the reaction she was hoping for as Tom’s face lit up. “Hey that’s great. Be strong, it’ll pay off in the end.”

“Has already. Beds were made this morning and he’d vacuumed the entire house before you asked to come around for this run through of the figures.”

“Fantastic. So no golf course today then!”

Sue giggled, “no I locked his clothes in the spare room so he had to keep the uniform on”.

“Good,” nodded Tom, “that’s important. Help him comprehend the change that has happened here. Listen about the uniform …”

For an awful moment Sue feared Tom was going to take back the uniform. It seemed to her the one factor ensuring her command was the silly uniform he had to wear whilst performing his chores. Well that and the chastity belt.

“That uniform, it just doesn’t look right.”

Sue leaned her head to one side fearing the worse. “Looks ok to me. I mean he could do with brushing his hair every morning. He’s too idle to get it cut.”

He shook his head, “no, no. It just doesn’t look right. Really.”

She sucked in air through her teeth. He couldn’t take the blouse and slacks away from him. She frowned, “in what way?”

“Get him in here I’ll show you.”

“David!” Sue called out.

The door opened and an irritated David entered with the minimum of eye contact. “I am pretty busy out there you know.”

“Good,” his wife replied tersely. “Now just stand here for Tom to see you. Tell me what you mean Tom.”

David advanced to stand before them, yet again his hands searching for the comfort of pockets in which to hide and failing.

“Well just look at how the trousers buckle and wrinkle about his hips. They don’t do that with the staff in the offices. The girls always look so neat and smart.”

Sue nodded. “Well they have smoother legs, and probably tights. Helps the clothes sit better.”

“Ha of course!” But the waist too, it sort of bulges, doesn’t look very nice.”

David let his eyes roll up to the ceiling. His wife’s bimbo stupidity was contagious. How could Tom be so daft as not to know what the problem was: these were girl’s clothes!

“Well obviously the girls would have narrow waists or foundation garments,” Sue pointed out.

“Foundation garments?”

“Sure of course. To help keep everything smooth and shapely.”

Tom sighed, “it’s a shame that the one member of staff who doesn’t look one hundred percent right is the one you are supervising. Foundation garments huh?”

Sue winced at the criticism. “I suppose they would help.” At that moment David did look a mess. The trousers wrinkled around his hips and the blouse had not been tucked in so it billowed to one side of his waist. Worse for her was the hair. It just hung lankly around his head like a tramp’s. “I had not thought of foundation garments for him.”

David placed his hands on his hips, “if you think you are going to get me to wear anything like that you are mistaken!”

Sue bridled. How dare he embarrass her like that in front of Tom, her boss. “David I don’t want to be spoken to like that. Go up to the bedroom and please remove your uniform. I’ll join you in a moment.”

With that she twisted back to the spreadsheets and pointed at a column. “Of course it is long haul travel we are missing out on. That’s where we could increase sales. If we can sort that out we could double turnover in a matter of weeks.”

Tom nodded. “Brilliant!” and patted her knee.

David waited for her to explain that she was joking. He studied them as they pored over the list of figures. He knew they were wasting their time. He could never get his head around the accounts. It might as well have been Japanese.

Sue glanced up frostily, raising her eyebrows at him.

With an angry exhalation he marched out of the room slamming the door.

Tom nodded, “see what I mean. The door business.” He tutted. “I trust you’ll get this situation under control.”

Sue smiled hoping she appeared more confident than she felt. Inwardly she cursed David for showing her up.


Moments later Sue found her husband standing in the bedroom in just his boxers. “Let us see if we can improve your appearance in your boss’s eyes.”

“Oh please Sue. Look I am sorry I spoke like that. Really. It is just that I think he’s trying to humiliate me in front of you …”

Sue opened a drawer and removed a new packet of black tights. “Nonsence. Fifteen denier. That should be smooth enough.”

“Oh please, please Sue. I am sorry.”

Sue then plucked out of the drawer a one piece body shaper with high tension panels. “I never wore this. Remember how you told me I was looking like a fat tart? Last Christmas?”

His eyes grew wide, “I was joking darling. Who could think of you as getting fat?”

“Oh and when you told me to get my fat arse on a diet was that also a joke?”

He swallowed, silence seemed the best reply.

“But there again you always told me I couldn’t get jokes because I was too blond. Anyway that’s when I bought this.”

“I’m sorry. You always look great to me.”

“Thank you, but I only wore it once and that was enough. Talk about discomfort. It felt like being wrapped in an elastic band. So we’ll see how well it works on you won’t we.”

“I know you are not being serious. I know I upset you. I know …”

“You know nothing David and that is the problem. I trust you want to make a success of this new arrangement. Yes?”

“Yes of course. But it’s all getting a bit out of hand.”

“No arguments. Tom says that staff who argue are a waste of space.”

“Does he? Tom talks a lot.”

“He talks a lot of sense unlike some people. Now then we need smooth legs. There is a jar of hair remover in the bathroom. Have a shower and rub it on your legs, wait for three minutes and wash it all away. It smells a bit but it does the job so use the perfumed soap afterwards. Oh you might as well do it to your arms and chest too. The clothes will hang better and Tom will be much happier with you.”

“I am not doing it,” he whispered timidly.

He saw her raise her eyebrows and cock her head to the side. “Oh? And do you want that off tonight or not?” She asked pointing a finger at his imprisoned groin. She watched with satisfaction as his cheeks glowed red and felt an impish urge to rub in her position. “And rub the remover under your arms. You always said how you hated to see armpit hair.”

His voice was thin and weedy, “on girls love.”

“And while you are in there wash that horrible hair of yours with shampoo from the blue bottle. It will give it a bit of lift.”

Fifteen minutes later a smooth Tom was being shown how to gather the tights down to their ankles before pulling them up over his shaved and oiled legs.

“But before we put them on you will need some underwear.”

He leaned over to pick up his boxers from the floor when Sue laughed. “Don’t be silly you can’t wear anything as bulky as those under the tights. Haven’t you got a brain in that empty head of yours? They would create more bulges than the tights would flatten! Maybe we should dye your long locks blond.”

Dave’s shoulders buckled and he looked down longingly at his blue boxers. “I know you are saying that ‘cos sometimes I say you behave like a bit of a blond bimbo. But sometimes you do, honestly.”

She smiled. “I never wanted to tell you this but I always understood how the fact that I went to college and you didn’t get high school grades hurts you. Yes,” she raised a hand, “I know I only got a degree in media studies in the local college but it is one step up from you. In fact it is a few steps up from you.”

He brushed the wet hair back from his face and smiled, “I admire you for what you have achieved darling. Please let me keep the boxers.”

“You admire me? Well that’s a first. I think my degree put a chip on your shoulder. No man wants to think his wife is smarter than he is. So I always let you call me those horrible things. I don’t think we can continue to allow that, can we? Not in work time anyway.”

“You know I had bad luck at school,” he whined. Why was she twisting everything to make him look bad? Everyone knew she was an airhead and he was sharp. “Look Sue …” he glanced up to see her holding out a little pair of tight white panties.

“These will do until you can get your own briefs. You only have boxers in your drawer so put these on.”

He looked hangdog at her with huge pleading eyes. “Please Sue.”

“I hope you are not suggesting you put on tights without anything beneath them! Yuck!”

“Sue can we talk about this?”

“Of course we can.”

He sighed with relief until he saw her shaking out the lycra body with the reinforced tummy panels.

“We’ll talk about it after your boss has gone. So come on. Panties on first. That’s good. Pull them good and tight. Now the tights, just like I showed you. Gather them up and carefully pull them up your shaven legs. Now the other leg, now pull them up so they stretch over your hips and settle around your waist. Good. Now you pull the body over your head so that it stretches down between your legs where there are three extra strong poppers to hold it in position.”

She plugged her hair dryer into the wall socket. “When you are fastened up just sit here in front of the mirror and we’ll see what we can do with your hair. Pass me that hairbrush.”

Moments later Sue proudly unveiled her creation to her new mentor and boss. “Is that more what you had in mind?”

“Wow! Come closer so I can get a better look little Davy.”

David sheepish advanced towards the man he knew tormented him because he was a bully and bully love finding a new victim. All he had to do was put up with this until he could convince Sue of his ability to work around the house. After that he could have the life of Riley. He must be strong.

“Yeh that’s great. So he’s wearing black tights, I can see them just above the shoes and, what is that?” he ran his fingers over David’s smooth stomach. “A corset?”

Sue laughed. She was always amazed at the level of male ignorance when it came to women’s clothes. “It’s a body. It shapes and contours the torso. A sort of twenty first century corset I suppose.”

“Yeh I can see that. It gives him small boobs.”

Sue grimaced, she wasn’t going to mention that. She had noticed the teenage girl budding breast shapes the moment the blouse was buttoned up. She saw the look that David flashed in her direction but smiled sympathetically before shaking her head. “I wouldn’t go that far,” She lied.

“Great so from now on you make sure that he is attired with the tights and body before he puts on the uniform.”

“And the panties,” Sue offered.

Tom turned abruptly back to the profit and loss account that, along with his theatrical coughing, helped disguise his choking laughter. “Yes, very good Sue, very good. But make sure he’s wearing the hat. You know hygiene regulations.”

Sue looked blankly at David, “but you told me you only had to wear it when preparing food!”

Her husband grimaced. “Well I thought that’s what Tom said.”

Tom shook his head. “Sue another lesson: never listen to what a staff member will tell you. They always get it wrong. Trust your own instincts. He might be preparing food at anytime yeh? A coffee maybe, getting biscuits? Bets wear the hat at all times.”

“I suppose so,” Sue pouted. She had been so pleased with herself. She could see how impressed Tom had been with her husband’s appearance and now she felt it had all been for nought. She felt foolish in his eyes. “Get your hat David. In fact you can prepare dinner for the three of us.”

He lifted the demeaning head attire and held it between his hands. It was in the shape of a small air hostess’ blue cap and far too small to prevent hairs getting into food. He realised that arguing would make him appear even smaller in her eyes as he knew he would lose. He sat the hat on his fluffed up hair style and returned to the safety of the kitchen to prepare dinner whilst his wife worked hard at the figures.

David was not a great cook but he knew he could boil pasta and open a tin of sauce. What disconcerted him was the sheer tightness of his outfit. He felt as if he were swaddled securely in smooth materials that moulded the contours of his body. When he bent forward the trousers rose as if griping his crotch and backside tugging them upwards like the hands of an impatient giant. It was an unusual feeling, uncomfortable yet nevertheless erotic. His male clothes always hung unobtrusively loose about him, this was a wholly fresh experience.

A raised arm would slide the silky blouse sleeve up his hairless arm and then slip down as he lowered his arm. It was as if he were being continually caressed.

The slight Cuban heel of the slip-ons made him aware of his every step, there was an element of awkwardness, of danger, as he walked. He was pushed forward so had to pull his shoulders back to balance. It left him with the impression of his legs looking longer, his arse sticking out like a Latin dancer’s whilst enhancing the appearance of the budding breasts formed by the cups in the body.

Fifteen minutes later he arrived in the dinning room with two of the three plates stuffed high with sunny yellow pasta, dribbling with the red sauce. He returned for the third plate and then hunted for matching knives and forks from the cutlery drawer. Satisfied he shouted, “Sue, Tom. It’s ready.”

He took his seat at the head of the table feeling suddenly feeling himself slide as he settled down into the chair. How could trousers be so slippery? How impractical. Why do girls tolerate them? He adjusted himself so that his back was tight against the chair but then became aware of his breasts swelling beneath his blouse.

The act of sitting had brought about one further surprise. The body stretched taut and tightened around his crotch. He put a hand down to his flattened groin and rubbed where his dick should have been. Instead he had to run his fingers slightly lower to where it was imprisoned in the chastity device just at the apex of the join in his legs. He rubbed it sensuously. He knew what his first act would be once they freed him! A solitary game of pleasure!

They arrived noisily. “That’s excellent work again Sue. I don’t know how I have got by for so long without someone like you.”

Sue giggled, “as soon as I saw you were paying out tax on the first demand I thought to myself, ‘why not delay it’ and pocket the interest.”

“Brilliant!” Tom sat and stared dumbfounded at the meal. “Bloody hell that looks disgusting!”

Sue sat elegantly and smiled, “I think the pasta has been over cooked David. Never mind.”

David shrugged, “looks ok to me.”

Tom whirred a fork through the fettuccine and raised it to his mouth. “Pah, its cold!”

Sue winced as she tasted hers. “David how long ago did you cook this?”

Folding his arms David stared defiantly at his wife. How dare she! Why couldn’t she support him? “I’ve only just cooked it and brought it straight to the table!”

“Oh,” Sue glanced at Tom with an apologetic smile. “He’s still learning.”

“I got it out then I got the cutlery and then I called you …”

“I think you should lay the table first David. That way the food will still be warm. And heat the plates otherwise the food will chill as it is dished out.”

David pushed his fork angrily into his food. All this effort yet all he experienced was grief from his wife in front of his former boss.

Sue patted his arm gently. “Always serve out the food last that way …”

David threw down his fork making the sauce splatter across the table. “Listen. I think I should get a big thank you, not a big row for preparing this. Since when do I do the cooking?”

Tom grunted. “Since your wife became the breadwinner and you the domestic help. Pah, this is dreadful. Where’s the salt and pepper?”

“He’s doing his best Tom.”

Tom laughed incredulously. “I hope he isn’t doing his best or else you are going to be really hungry. I don’t want my staff living on in- nutritious badly cooked garbage like this.”

“He’ll learn,” Sue said assured him, “won’t you dear.”

David sat bolt upright fearing he would slide from his chair at any moment. His cheeks burnt red as he stared straight ahead.

“Now Davy’s pouting!” Tom exploded. “Come on Sue get your coat. We’ll get something from that French restaurant that’s just opened in town. Tell Davy if he likes this crap so much he can eat it himself!”

Sue rose, “I am certain that he will get better. He’s never cooked meals every night like this, that’s all. You men don’t appreciate how tough it can be.”

David nodded, “yes that’s right. You don’t realise how hard it is. I was stacking the dishwasher while I made all this for you.”

“This is what you do,” Tom stabbed a finger at him like a tribesman with a spear threatening an unruly animal. He turned angrily to Sue, “you make sure he’s left with those women’s magazines on Monday when you are at work. Let him learn from them. You itemise what he needs to do in the day.”

“Oh I do …” Sue cut in but Tom was motoring.

“And list it by time. Yeh? Make beds and clear up before ten, do bathrooms between ten and eleven. That sort of thing. But you give him a coffee break every hour and a half when he must read that woman’s magazine shit about cooking and how to make a house a home. They’ll have tips on how he can make sure he looks good too.”

David’s mouth fell open but no words emerged.

Sue giggled, “oh Tom, no man is going to spend time with that sort of girly stuff.”

“Well you haven’t got time to teach him have you? You’re working for me!”

“Well I er, I suppose so …”

“Exactly. So you ask him questions every evening. Make sure he has read them and find out what he’s taking it in. Judging by tonight Little Davy you’ve got a load to learn. Come on Sue!”

She kissed her husband on the top of his head through his mass of hair. “Don’t worry darling. I was the same when we first started living together. Remember?”

David gritted his teeth, his toes curling in his tight girls shoes, his fists balled tightly shut.

“Don’t forget to clear it all away,” she called out before the front door slammed shut on him.

“Bastard, bitch!” he nearly knocked his plate across the room but held back when he realised he would be the one who had to clean up the mess. He picked up his glass and stuck out his jaw. He was man of the house and he would put Sue straight as soon as she got in. He sat up straight, slid from the chair and under the table spilling the wine over his face.

“Bloody girl’s trousers!”


Just after David impatiently watched the bedside clock push past 2a.m. he heard Tom’s car pull up and the car doors opening. Sue giggled at something hysterical and the front door opened. Tom’s car tore away into the night.

His pyjamas felt rough and scratchy after the slick uniform so when he sat up in the bed ready to confront Sue he felt an urge to scratch his back.

As Sue crept into the bedroom he flicked on the bedside light making her cover her eyes.

“David!” She was shocked. “I thought you’d be asleep by now!” then she smiled beneath her tousled hair and hiccupped. “I have something for you,” she sang in a childish voice.

“You’re drunk.”

She giggled, “one or two,” hiccup, “bottles!”

He couldn’t believe it. His wife out with a known lecher and, worse, getting drunk with him!

“Its time for your release!”

“About time,” he snarled. “And what have you been up to tonight!”

She grinned, “now do you want to waste time talking or do you want to be released?”

He felt trapped. He desperately wanted to give her a hard time but dared not do anything that endangered his release.

“I want to be released.”

“Oh don’t be so sullen. I can’t hear you.”

“I said I want to be released please Susan.”

“That’s better. It doesn’t pay to be such a silly little boy with me,” she smiled. “Look what momma’s got for you.” She fished out of her handbag a set of steel handcuffs.

David’s face lit up. “Wow. I’ve waited years to get you to be tied up. You’ve always drawn the line at bondage. Now you’ve got those!” As she grew closer his smile grew into a suspicious frown. “But where did you get those from. They are not kiddies handcuffs. They are the real thing!”

She knelt on the bed pushing him back so he was left lying looking up at her. “Nope not kiddies. Yep, they are the real McCoy, as used by the police. Tom knows so much. He’s so funny. They are double locking, ” she explained like a primary school teacher. “That means when they are locked on they can’t be tightened and hurt the person. Clever isn’t he?”

“Well he didn’t design them did he!”

“Don’t scoff. Now put your hands through the bed frames.” She turned the key letting one of the manacles clunk open.

“Me? No. I want you tied up! That’s what I’ve always wanted!”

Sue knelt back on her heels suddenly feeling tired. It sounded like fun as Tom had described it but now David’s silly petulance was spoiling the game. “No darling these are for you. Tom says that …”

“Tom says this, Tom says that. I am your husband and …”

She raised an eyebrow pointing at his groin. “Do you want that taken off for some,” she cocked her head to one side, “some release? Or maybe you want it left on.”

He caught his breath. “Yes. Yes. Sorry.”

She waved the cuffs over his nose so that he could witness the slim but exacting steel frame. “I put you into these and then release you down there. Simple huh?”

“But why the cuffs?”

She prodded his nose, “silly boy if you wouldn’t put on the chastity belt after we have finished I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it now would I?”

“Oh,” he nodded downcast. “I see.”

“Tom is so clever. He thinks of every detail. Now take off your jimmy jams.”

“About time,” David spat as he tore off his top and then dragged down his pants revealing the aluminium chastity belt.

Sue giggled. “It does look very permanent!”

“Come on just do the business!”

“Alright bossy,” she smiled.

He pushed his hands up through the railing of the bed head and she reached up, her blond hair tumbling about her cheeks. He smelled the drink on her breath as he cold metal wrapped snugly around his wrist. She clicked it shut. Suddenly he panicked pulling his arm free so that the open cuff fell coldly onto his bare chest.

“What are you doing Davy!” She laughed. “Not scared are you?”

He was breathing deeply. Yes he was scared. The unyielding metal had shaken him. Once she placed the second cuff and locked it he would be totally helpless. “Sorry,” he stuttered “its just that I …”

She shook her head. It was just as Tom had reckoned. He had warned how her husband could take fright at the thought of being so vulnerable. He explained how fear was not an emotion men feel very often so they have to be helped through it.

“Don’t worry. Come on. Just put up your arm and I’ll get the key.”

He swallowed, his eyes became big and round like a child’s. “Look Sue I promise I’ll let you put this stupid belt back on afterwards. Honest. Anyway. Why not leave it off all night and just put it on before you go to work tomorrow morning?”

“Oh don’t be a silly billy. You are such a cry baby.”

“I’m not, its just that …” he could not bring himself to admit his fear to her.

Her hand gently carried his free hand through the bed head railings. He found his manacled hand moving like an automaton to meet it.

“Good boy, just a bit closer, that’s it.”

The shackle clasped his wrist and he looked up dry mouthed as she drunkenly concentrated on twisting the key to lock the cuff in place.

“There. How does that feel?”

He twisted one way then the other but felt open and exposed, vulnerable and powerless. “Just do it Sue. I don’t like this.”

She knelt back on her high heels surveying her once powerful husband. She thought of her boss Tom taking charge of everything he touched. He was such an alpha male, so determined, so sexy and hot. She felt her knickers dampen. Damn. She had to get that contraception off her husband so that she could ride him and enjoy the sensation of having a man inside her.

For the last few hours she had shrugged off Tom’s bear like advances when they were parked at an isolated lake just out of town. Now she was dead randy.

“Don’t move,” she giggled and skipped from the bedroom.

“Where are you going!” he demanded desperately. “Please don’t leave me like this.”

“Don’t be a baby. I’ve hidden the key to your chastity belt downstairs.”

He let his head fall back onto the pillow. His nose itched and he attempted to rub the irritation away with his arm.

He heard cupboards being opened and closed and what sounded like a metal container being twisted apart. He tried to picture the kitchen and where she might be. Truly she could be anywhere but at least he had enough clues with which to start his search on Monday.

Already his dick was engorged in its confinement, desperate to be released to climb to its full height.

“Come on Sue!” he bellowed. Yet when she returned anxiety washed away hope.

She glared thunderously at him; her lips pouting in an expression he long knew meant she was unhappy. He smiled hopefully, “Darling?”

She folded her arms continuing to stare hard at him.

“Darling, my love? Aren’t you going to unlock me?” He swallowed before adding a plaintive, “please.”

“What’s that mess down in the kitchen?”

He groaned. “Sorry love. I thought I’d do it tomorrow morning. I just felt so knackered. And the way you and Tom spoke to me really pissed me off. I’ll start extra early in the morning. You’ll see how much I do tomorrow.”

“Uh-uh.” She nodded, her arms remaining tightly folded. The glare had not diminished. “Tomorrow? What did I tell you before I left the house?”

He shook his head. “Oh come on. That was just to impress Tom. I don’t know where saucepans go.”

She nodded. “I see. And the dining room? Are the plates still in there? And the used knives and forks?”

He tried a little laugh. “Hey don’t get worked up. I tell you what release me now and I’ll get down there and sort it all out.”

“What if I had brought back Tom? Eh? I would have looked this small,” she pinched her thumb and forefinger together. “How would I have looked like a manager in control of the situation if he had seen this?”

“Ten minutes. You’ll see. Ten minutes. It’ll be so spotless down there you won’t believe it.”

She shook her fists at him. “Oh I could hit you! I would have looked a right non-entity. In fact,” she looked away not wishing to reveal the truth. On getting home from the restaurant she had felt ten foot tall. A woman who had made a huge difference in work, who had taken control, who had been praised by her boss for organising her home and her work place. How Tom had flattered her over their meal together. Even his flirting had added to her feeling of self worth. No longer was she some bimbo housewife but a woman who commanded respect and provoked lust in an Alpha male; an Alpha male who used all his charm in a romantic spot overlooking the lake at night in an attempt to seduce her. It was so flattering, so sexy.

Yet as she surveyed the kitchen she knew the truth she was going to have to be much tougher. Just as Tom had predicted.

“Right. You can stay like that for the rest of the night!”

“But I’ll be cold!”

She flicked the blankets over him. He looked so helpless, with his cheeks blushing pink, that she had a strong impulse to give his face a slap. “Tomorrow I’ll release you at six in the monring. You can get your uniform on …”

“But darling. Tom won’t be here. I shouldn’t have to wear it if …”

“You make sure you shower and shave and present yourself to me before you set about your chores. Oh and brush that bloody hair of yours! I’ll take my morning coffee and toast in the front room, the only place you haven’t left messed up.”

“Yes of course dear. But please release me. Come on babe.”

The door slammed behind her and he squirmed upwards to alleviate the tension in his arms. Women in charge, he scoffed. Always power mad. Never knew when to draw the line. Then he moaned as his nose began to itch again. After a few minutes he bellowed: “Jesus,” he shouted, “you can’t leave me like this all night!”

She did.


The grey light of dawn was usually a sign for David to return to the warmth of his bed. Not today. For now, after a hot shower, and the closest most careful shave he had ever performed, he stood beside the full length wardrobe mirror pulling up the tight pair of white satin panties over his hips for that familiar erotic snug fit. He stretched the body down over his shoulders feeling it constrict his waist before anchoring the poppers between his legs. What a silly place to put fasteners. It was so humiliating having to reach between your legs to secure them.

Next came the control tights Sue had thrown onto the bed that morning to awaken him. He stretched them up to his thighs feeling them wrap snugly around his still smooth legs as he recalled her speedily unlocking the cuffs.

“Don’t mess me about Davy,” she had warned him. “You know what I expect from you today. So no lolling about in the sack all morning.”

By the time he had fully awoken she was bouncing down the stairs to the front room, shouting back. “Coffee and toast in the front room as soon as you are ready!”

With a wriggle he hauled the tights into place around his hips, once again feeling the sensual restriction. His dick quivered impotently in its confinement reminding him yet again of the pleasures that were beyond him until Sue relented.

Next came the close fitting trousers with the insidious side zip. As he yanked the intricate little zip up to his waist he wondered whether the designers had appreciated how feminine such a device was when situated to the side of the hips rather than at the front. He pushed his stockinged feet into the low heeled shoes then, as he she instructed, he sat at the dressing table to brush his hair twenty times on each side. She had made it clear that she did not want him to present himself to her with his hair in a mess.

He raised the silly blue hat up to head height pondering whether Sue would notice if he ‘forgot’ to wear it. He smiled ironically at his feminine reflection. The body and silky blouse curved his waist inwards exaggerating the way his hips swelled out. He knew the tights lifted up his bottom into a Jennifer Lopez position making it appear pert through the clinging trousers. But he also understood he would have to put up with these indignities for a while. All he had to do was convince Sue he had changed his ways and pretty soon he would be able to sort out the housework and then spend his time wanking or playing golf.

He walked carefully downstairs. Heels, even when they are just two inches high, force the walker to ensure that every footfall is precise. Steps are an obstacle race impelling making the wearer to hold out his arms for extra balance and slow his movements down to careful mincing steps.

He set off the coffee percolator only after carefully studying its instruction booklet. No mistakes today! Toast was not too much of a challenge either. He poured the coffee into a fine china mug, added the milk and set off towards the front room. The door was slightly ajar and he could see Sue’s wonderful legs curled beneath her as she sat on the sofa. Her hair covered her face as she studied a report, jotting comments in the margins.

“Your coffee,” he whispered.

She tapped the table next to the sheet and he dutifully placed the cup in the exact spot. She looked up at him, eyebrows raised beneath her fringe. “And the toast?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled winningly. “It’s done. I’ll bring it now.”

She nodded. “So why didn’t you just bring it all on a single tray and save time?”

“Er …” he glanced to the window studying their long drive to the main road. “I er …” There had to be an answer. He grimaced feeling stupid and awkward. If only there were a place in girl’s slacks to hide your hands.


“I don’t know,” he flushed red. “I just wanted to get it to you quickly.”

“So you think it would be quicker with two trips rather than one?”

“Well, no, I er…”

“Stop your jabbering. Fetch the toast and be quick about it. Next time be sure to use the tray and make just a single trip.”

She returned to her work leaving him standing in the middle of the room feeling foolish. Not knowing how to defend himself against the charge of stupidity he sheepishly fetched the toast. This time he littered a tray with butter, plate, knife honey and jams.

“Shall I place it on the table next to you?” He asked fearful of another sarcastic roasting.

“Where else?” She asked without looking up.

“Yes,” he swallowed as he carefully slid the tray next to her before stepping back towards the door.

“Wait,” she said, crossing out a line on her report. “Ought you ask if there will be anything else before you leave?” She glanced up at him. “Save you having to be called back?”

“Oh yes. Of course. Good idea Sue. Will there be anything else?”

She leaned back from the report and nodded. “I decided that a simple list of your chores might prove a bit difficult for you. You know, considering how asinine your performance in your new position has been.”

“How ‘ass’ what?” he wrinkled his nose in thought.

“Asinine dear. It means stupid. Didn’t you know that?”

“Oh yes ‘arse and nine’,” he laughed off the ‘joke’.

“Asinine. Now don’t make it worse by trying to pretend you know more than you do. That’s the true sign of an airhead with a tiny brain.”

He felt two inches small. The word ‘tiny’ echoed rolled around his mind again like a bowling ball from hell. His mind collapsed back to the nightmare when his former boss selected the right size penis holder belt for him. He could recall Tom delivering the word ‘tiny’ as if it were an announcement to the world.

She held her eyes firmly on his until he looked down at the floor.

“Sue. I am sorry. Really. I know you’re clever with words and everything but I promise I can do better. Its just this,” he rubbed his groin, “this chastity belt is making my mind go funny. I so badly need to cum.”

Her eyes grew doe deer large. “I know honey. I know. And as you know I too have needs. You are not forgetting my needs are you? That would be selfish wouldn’t it.”

“Yes it would dear, of course, yes,” he spluttered. “Yes I was thinking of your needs too. They were forth most in my mind.”

“‘Foremost’ dunder head. Fourth most would mean they were listed fourth.” She shook her head. He would never be the brightest or most thoughtful of husbands. She softened her tone. “Let’s see how you get on today shall we? I know its tough for you. Anyway rather than a list I’ve printed out a timetable for your chores as Tom suggested. It will take you up to seven tonight by which time I will be back home. I thought a timetable would take away the pressure of having to think.”

“Yes,” he said enthusiastically, “thank you, that will be a big help.”

“But be warned I will be inspecting everything you do from now on. I will not have staff members embarrass me in front of my boss. I hope that’s clear.”

He stroked the smooth flat trousers where his fly and bulge ought to have been. “He won’t be coming tonight will he?”

She sighed, “I hope not. It’s going to take weeks to get you up to speed. But you know what real men are like, they always wants to work. Work, work, work.”

He was not going to disagree with his foolish wife by reminding her that he had never been one to work hard.

“Oh look at the time. I’m going to be late. Go and check the list. You have ten minutes to check it through and ask any questions before I go.”

“Right yes,” he stepped back towards the door then stopped. Feeling pleased with himself he asked, “will there be anything else?”

“Not right now thank you Davy. Just carry on with your chores.”


As he watched her car disappear around the corner into the country lane he breathed a sigh, smiled and immediately kicked off his heeled shoes. He felt far more secure with his feet rested fully on the carpet rather than being perched on his toes with his heels off the floor.

He placed his demeaning hat on the coffee table next to the remains of Sue’s toast and coffee, picked up the satellite remote control and headed for the sports channels. He was in luck. An international golf series was to start in an hour. Great he could check through Sue’s list, do some tidying and then settle down for a few hours of quality golf. The life of Riley!

But as he made to stand and fetch his list a young female presenter appeared. Her lip gloss, neat gold hair, ‘come to me blue eyes’ and cock sucking lips transfixed him. Her simpering manner gently eased him back onto the leather sofa where he felt his shiny trousered arse slide into position. He rubbed at the flattened crotch before remembering that he now had to rub further down. He pushed his fingers between his thighs and squeezed his legs closed.

Omitting a long, sensual sigh he drifted into a sexy half sleep. He curled his legs beneath him rejoicing in the sensation of the silky body rubbing and pulling fiercely around his groin and buttocks. “Oh my God,” he groaned. He lay tummy down on the sofa grinding into the leather, his silky clothes causing him to slide effortlessly up and down. Sheer joy! It was as if his body had decided that the rubbing alone would lead to some sort of satisfaction. Like shaking a bottle that can never be opened.


Sue sat in the Northern Street office tapping her fingers on her lips.

David seemed to have sharpened up his act that morning but she still had her doubts. What if Tom came back tonight and the place was a tip as it had been the previous evening. Jesus how bad would she look then?

Ha Tom. She squeezed her thighs together and smiled. He had been so kind to her in the car as they parked overlooking the romantic lake in the middle of the night. A perfect, considerate gentleman. She thought of the bulge in his trousers and recalled the Mae West line “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me,” before giggling. Tom would certainly not take a ‘tiny’ fitting she thought recalling the size of the swelling. A grin stretched her face. She wondered how different a large cock would feel inside her. Perhaps it would be too frightening, too painful. Her knickers dampened and she wrinkled her nose. Yuck! It was not even ten o’clock and she would have to change her knickers!

The quick tapping on the door brought her back to her world of travel.

“Come in.”

Tabitha poked her head around the door. “Can I come in? It’s only me?”

“Oh do just come in once you have knocked!”

It was so frustrating. All the office girls were exactly the same: devoid of initiative and drive.

Tabitha entered and in short quick steps raced towards her before dropping the morning post on the desk.

“You shouldn’t just hover like that at the door. Knock and enter.”

“Oh mister Kingsman would never approve of that.”

Sue had thought the practice of referring to your boss by his surname had gone out of fashion with the flapper girls until she had taken charge of Tom Kingsman’s offices. Tabitha stood before her as a nervous little girl.

“Well I am not Mister Kingsman.”

“No Miss Aldridge.”

Sue sighed. Tom had mistakenly given the girls her maiden name rather than her married surname. It was like travelling back in time five years to her teenage days. Tom had explained that it would be too complicated to change the paperwork and documents back to her married name. So now everyone called her Miss Aldridge and she needed to become accustomed to it.

“In fact,” then Tabitha exhaled a long girlie ‘oooo’. “I may speak may I?”

“Of course.”

“Sorry, I just forgot to ask for permission. Anyway, Mister Kingsman always insists on two knocks on the door,” she made a list on her slender fingers, “wait to be asked to enter, poke head around the door and check it is ok. Then you may enter.”

She smiled as if the act of recalling the simple list was a mammoth achievement on which she ought to be congratulated.

Sue gathered the post together. “Well he is a stickler for discipline.”

“Oh you know about that.” She sounded relieved. “I said to the other girls you knew and they all said you didn’t. But I said she is bound to know after all Mister Kingsman involves you in all his dealings unlike Davy who ..”

“Davy? Don’t you mean mister Edgar?”

She put her finger to her lips. “Oops sorry yes. Mister Edgar. Well he didn’t know anyway.”

Sue was growing impatient with this airhead silliness. “What? Didn’t know what?”

“Oh sorry. Silly me not making myself clear again. Sorry. I mean about the discipline that you mentioned. Mister Kingsman always said that discipline within the office stays in the office and that Davy, er, Mister Edgar, didn’t need to be told. In fact usually Mister Kingsman canes us after hours anyway and there is no way mister, er, Edgar would still be here than anyway.”

Sue opened the first envelope and laid out the typed letter. “Thank you Tabitha you may leave.”

“Yes miss Aldridge.”


Tabitha had reached the door and was holding it open her eyes widening in fear. “You did say I could go?”

Clearing her throat Sue placed her palms flat on the letter and closed her eyes for a moment as she replayed Tabitha’s conversation through in her mind. “Canes you?”

Tabitha shrugged. “Oh no.”

Sue blushed feeling stupid. “Sorry I just thought you’d said …”

“He hasn’t caned me for nearly two weeks.” She giggled. “In fact I think I am missing it. I mean Shelly has been caned and spanked in the last couple of days. Sometimes you think he is ignoring you. I mean why do the others get special attention and not I? They aren’t prettier than me are they?”

Sue swallowed. “Well that’s discipline for you.” She wondered whether her voice had climbed up a register or two. Her breathing had quickened and her mind was in free-fall. Must try to be conversational. “Anyway I am sure you are pleased it hasn’t happened to you lately.”

Wrinkling her nose, Tabitha passed one leg in front of the other. “Well yes I suppose so. But, you sort of feel, well, I don’t know, well, left out. As if you don’t matter. I mean Shelly was late for sure but so was I and I didn’t even get so much as a ruler slap on my hand and everyone gets those all the time.” Her eyes grew sad. “Perhaps he just doesn’t notice me anymore. If I was allowed to wear skirts instead of trousers he would soon see what he was missing!”

With that she closed the door and Sue pushed the chair as far back from the desk as she could so she could collapse and loll out straight. “Jesus Christ what if the police found out!”

There were four girls in the office did they all get punished? There were a string of offices. How many staff? “Jesus Christ!”


In the security of the client office Tabitha lifted the phone and banged out a mobile phone number. It rang and she held her breath until it answered.


“Oh its only me.” Silence. “Tabitha.”

“Did you do it?”

“Yes, yes,” she whispered eying the closed door.

“She believed you? You made sure you realised it was true?”

“Oh yes. You should have seen the look on her face.”

She heard him chuckle at the end of the line and thought it would be a good moment to remind him of his side of the bargain. “So you will call around.” She cleared her throat. “My husband will be away for three days.”

“I don’t give a shit whether that wimp is there or not.”

Swallowing she nodded. “No. Sorry. Oh I so miss you.”

“You can suck me off next time I come around and don’t expect anything more. Slut.”

Tabitha giggled. “Oh thank you Mister Kingsman. And you will cane me as well won’t you? In front of Miss Aldridge. Like you said?”

The line went dead and she realised she had taken one silly little step too far. Still, she mused to herself, that idiot of a wimp Davy would get what’s coming to him. All those years of dropping the girls in the shit by leaving them to do the work and take the blame when it went wrong would be repayed big time.

She giggled and wondered how long it would before Miss Aldridge found the cane and paddle in the stationary cabinet and began using them herself.

The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men. Part Three By Deborah Ford


David wiped the dinning room table as hard as he could. Each wipe making the table shine briefly before it inevitably grew dull and dusty again. He was using a cloth dampened with warm water and certainly dust initially appeared to vanish as if by magic. Yet by magic it all reappeared again.

He slapped the cloth down and straightened, pulling his shoulders back to balance on the heels, the firm control body sensuously tugging at his groin. “Oh bloody hell and damn!”

It was all was so exasperating. He had rubbed himself up and down the leather sofa for nearly half an hour totally deliriously lost in his need to cum and then when the pleasure of the build rose to an absolute need to explode he struck a wall of frustration.

Now the table refused to be cleaned. He was thwarted on his every action. Nothing was going right.

The musical dinging of the door bell washed away the self pity.

He held his breath and peered out into the hall. Sue enough he could make out the shadowy figure of a male wearing dark clothing through the opaque door glass. Shit! He flung himself against the wall, his breathing became shallow. Had the intruder seen him?

Leaning back against the wall he became aware of his tiny buds of breasts jutting out and the definite arch between his rounded protruding backside and the small of his back. Women’s clothing changed the contour of the body and the attitude to it.

The doorbell donged again. He closed his eyes, whispering, “go away, go away.”

He feared the man had seen him through the opaque glass and would now remain at the door until it was answered.

It was an age before he heard a van start up at the front of the house and was able to skip down the hall to the safety of the front room. The post van bounced down the drive before disappearing through the gates.

He sighed with relief. This was ridiculous. His wife had trapped him in his own home.

He lifted the cap from his neatly brushed hair and wiped the thin layer of sweat from his forehead.

Slumping on the sofa, feeling the curious sliding motion as his silky trousers met the slippery leather, he leaned back and found his hand pushing down between his wanton legs. “Oooh.”

He smiled, his shoulders relaxing as he engaged in the single pleasure left to him, even though he knew it led to agonizing dissatisfaction he felt compelled to rub. “Aaargh!”

He spread his legs wide feeling his knickers dampening. Yuck! Precum spurted into his underwear and was held in place as a tiny uncomfortable sea around his imprisoned groin.

The tights pushed the creamy fluid up against his body producing a horribly clammy sensation.

If only she knew how he suffered. He recalled many years before how Sue had complained at being turned on in college or at work by some powerful man then and having to spend an hour or so walking around in sopping knickers. At the time he laughed at her but now here he was experiencing her exact discomfort. No wonder women keep spare panties in their handbags.

There was nothing more for him to do other than check the list in the office for the next housekeeping chore. Once again he found the merest act of walking heighten his sensuality. Every smooth item of his apparel slid over the one above or below it, erotic torture. How could girls get through the day with out continuously wetting their pants? It seemed to him to be a conspiracy by men to keep girls highly sexed. Now the moist groin ensured he could not forget his predicament. He ticked the first duty, tidying the kitchen and hesitated before ticking cleaning the dinning room table. Well he had tried to hadn’t he? But he laughed out loud at the next item: clean the bathrooms. He shook his head, how long does it take to put the toothpaste back on the shelf?

By working hard he knew a day of watching golf beckoned, albeit with the uncomfortable desires pulsating in the uncomfortable chastity belt. A victory at last!


It was just after lunch when Sue crashed through the front door leaving it open.

“David, David?”

She felt her mouth stretch into a smile as David emerged from the dinning room with a duster in his hand. “Oh David. Good.” With satisfaction she noted his hair lay neatly brushed beneath the cap. It made all the difference to his appearance. He had been turned from a slob into a neat, well-groomed office assistant. She felt a smug flush of self congratulations. “I can see you are busy. I like that.”

“And I have done the downstairs toilet and shower room and tidied the kitchen and ..”

She waved her hands making her bracelets tinkle, “ok, ok I’ll inspect it all later.” She smiled. “You know what Tom had warned me about this morning? He said,” she adopted a deep gruff voice, “‘oh he’ll just sit on his big fat lazy arse all day.'” She kissed him gently on his warm cheek. “I am really pleased. I could have brought him home and impressed him with my managerial skills.”

David winced. Her managerial skills? What about his own industry?

“Now then darling,” she rubbed her palm down his silky blouse, “where is it?”

He looked up at her, nonplussed waving the feather duster like a wand. They were about the same height but her heels were a couple of inches higher and made a huge difference. “Where’s what darling?”

A cloud darkened her face. “You didn’t go back to bed after I left?”

He laughed ironically, “what good would that do me if I can’t play with myself?”

She grew suspicious, “but you could have gone back for a sleep. I know how lethargic you can be.”

“Well I haven’t!” he pouted. “How do you think I sorted the kitchen and cleaned the …”

“Then where is the package?”

“What package?”

“The one the delivery man brought. It was important. Tom told him to deliver it here because he knew you’d be at home.”


She put her hands on her hips, “what’s ‘ha’ supposed to mean?”

“Look, I can hardly be expected to answer the door dressed like this!” He flapped his palms showing her his tight fitting, silky outfit.

She shook her head, her eyebrows knitted, “Why?”

“Why?” he spluttered. “Isn’t it obvious? I can’t let people see me like this!”

“Why!” She clenched her fists but kept her voice even as instructed by her wise boss.

“Because … well I look …”

“You designed the outfit!”

He blushed, examining the weave in the carpet and spoke quietly, “for the girls in the office. To make them look good.”

She raised his chin with her hand, “so they can stand in the offices welcoming our clients all day but if you are dressed in it you can’t even answer the damn front door?”

He licked his lips, a tingle of fear tormenting his stomach. He needed her to remove the chastity belt and he needed to be allowed out of the uniform to play golf. His very existence lay in her hands. “I am sorry. It’s just that …”

She marched back to the open doorway picking up a note posted in the hallway. She read it aloud. “Sorry we missed you today. Your parcel can be collected at our local office!” She ‘grrred’ like a tiger in his direction. “You have really set me up! What is Tom going to make of me? I agree to have the parcel delivered and my stupid husband is too shy or self conscious or most likely bone idle to answer the bloody door!”

His mouth opened and closed but no words were forthcoming.

“Make me a coffee. I need to think about this. Tom will be so angry with me. I am going to look like a big zero in his eyes.”

“I’m sorry …” with that he watched her disappear into the downstairs bathroom apparently disinterested in his apology. He knew she was particular about her coffee and this would have to be the best coffee he ever made. He laid out the instructions for the coffee machine on the kitchen counter. His hand shook as he flattened the old pages.

Her scream told him not even the finest coffee in the world was going to save him.

She stood outside the bathroom zipping up her skirt. “You were told to clean that at ten fifteen this morning!”

“I did!” he shouted back.

She pushed open the door. “Look! Is the toilet cleaned?”

“You clean the toilet?” he swallowed.

Her pink lips fell open. “Oh my God. Who do you think cleans the toilet? The magic fairy?”

“Please darling I didn’t know you cleaned that. I mean inside that. Yuck!”

“And the shelves? They need to be dusted!”

“Oh right. Yes. I forgot about the …”

“And the bath needs to be cleaned? Don’t you know anything?”

He hung his head with self-pity. His chances of escaping the belt were fast receding.

Seeing his shoulders sag calmed her. He looked so pathetic. “Ok ok, you are still learning. But darling this is a catalogue of errors and stupidity. You can see that can’t you?”

He nodded, his eyes still fixed downwards.

“Ok, go to the car boot and bring in the staff uniforms please.”

Now he did brave a look at her. “Staff uniforms?”

“You can’t wear that get up for the rest of the week can you?”

“All week!”

Closing her eyes she said, “don’t repeat everything I say. The way you are going it’s going to take you all week to clean one bathroom. You’ll need a fresh uniform every day. I don’t want my staff coming in wearing the same clothes as the previous day. I am setting high standards every where I go, Tom says so.”

“I, I,” he felt his cheeks flush and his knee hooked in front of the other, girly fashion. He wished again to have pockets in which to stuff his hands. “I don’t really want to go outside.”

She wriggled her short tight skirt straight. “We are in the middle of the countryside. The quicker you are out there then the quicker you’ll be back in here. Now where’s my coffee?”

“I didn’t finish making it. I heard you scream and …”

“Heavens above! Am I to employ you and still do everything myself?”

She stamped into the kitchen aware that she needed to be back at the office with Tom for a meeting and that she still had the package to pick up.

He raced out side as quickly as the low heels would allow. The gravel tended to slip the heels one way then the other. He was convinced he would end up breaking his ankles. He opened the boot to fish out the polythene bag encased uniforms. They were crisp and bright in the shiny translucent plastic as if they had just come from the dry cleaners.

When he returned carrying the crunching bags of clothes she commanded him to get upstairs and change.

“Yes Sue,” he replied breathlessly anxious to show how ‘good’ he could be.

“I’ll pick up the package and try to save us from your incompetence.”

He swallowed, “right. Good. Thank you.”

“The aprons are in the small blue bag.”

“Aprons?” he paused in mid step on the stairs glancing quizzically back at her.

“If only you could think ahead like Tom! Yes aprons. Obviously when you are cleaning or cooking you could get mess on your fresh clean uniform!”

She tutted as if he were a simpleton while he found himself nodding dumbly. “Ah.”

“Tom says there has been some changes to the design. Some silly tart called Tabitha has redesigned them.”

Tabitha! David stood on the stairs. She was an absolute slut. He quickly checked and felt himself shake with relief when he saw that there were trousers in the bag not some tiny skirt.

“She certainly would not be the girl I would leave in charge of any design. How could you have employed such an airhead tramp?”

He shrugged. “She wasn’t like that at first. She was a bit mousy when she first started.”

She planted her hands on her hips. “Mousy! She behaves like a complete tramp.”

“She sort of changed within a few months of joining us.” He felt his explanation sounded lame, despite being true. He noted that Sue nodded and looked thoughtfully away.

Sue appreciated how Tom’s masculine presence and demeanour could induce a change like that in a weak headed girl like her. She carried her coffee into the dinning room. “David!”

He had barely laid the bags on the bed when he heard his wife’s demanding shout. With just time for a quiet groan he made his way down to the dining room.

“What has happened to the table!”

Gritting his teeth he saw how the afternoon sunlight illuminated the greasy wipe marks. This was too much! He stamped his foot. “I don’t know how to clean tables and toilets and everything else!” His eyes grew warm and he knew tears weren’t far away. Nothing was working out for him.

“Ok baby, ok. It’s all right. I know.” She placed her coffee on a coaster and held him tight. “I didn’t mean to shout. Ignorance isn’t a crime.”

Ignorance! He felt her hands slide over his back and melted into her. “Oh Sue, Sue.”

Giggling she pushed him away. “Later darling. I can see you are trying and really want to do well and that counts for a lot. There is a pile of Housewife’s Journals in the cupboard under the stairs. You’ll find everything you need to know in that.”

He used the back of his hand to wipe the single tear that appeared.

“Including how to clean a table. You need polish.”

“Yes Sue.”

“Ok. I’ll leave the coffee for you. You go and sit down and read a couple of issues. There should be a section on making beds too. Its not as easy as it looks is it?”

“No Sue.”

“No. So I’ll get this package from collection and then maybe everything will be all right. Ok?”

“Yes Sue, thank you Sue.”

“And don’t forget to be wearing the new uniform when I return!”

“Yes Sue. Of course Sue.”


Housewife’s Journal is a thick magazine with more adverts than content but full of useful tips for housekeeping. It assumes no knowledge and little competence asking only that the reader precisely follows the instructions. It offers detailed guidance with tasks ranging from the simple, such as putting cutlery in the proper tray in the correct drawer to the complicated such as arranging cushions in a sitting room or flowers in a vase.

There was an index at the rear of the December issue so he urgently ran his finger down to dusting and polishing. It led him to a an picture of a red lipsticked woman of about forty called Jennifer smiling up from the page offering the reader an image of the perfect, confident relaxed housewife. David read quickly through the advice delighted to learn of special products for dusting the table and a particular cloth impregnated with wax for polishing. Jennifer’s advice was to complete the dusting and polishing before vacuuming the floors as there was a danger of knocking crumbs onto the carpet. It all made sense.

“Wow!” He could not believe what he was reading. “Mirrors need to be polished once a week or twice if the room is particularly busy.” He shook his head, surely once polished it would remain clean all week.

With his coffee finished his mind was full of practical tips such as playing a danceable CD whilst doing the house work, (helps you keep moving); to always stand back and allow yourself to admire a cleaned room, (give yourself the reward by seeing the fruits of your labours); to clean dishes as you use them, else you build up a lot of clutter on the kitchen surfaces which detracts from the cleaning. All this seemed very wise. Indeed Jennifer was a fighter against clutter in any part of the house making David feel exactly the same. The husband would perceive the house to be cleaner if the housewife could keep the clutter tidied away.

Jennifer’s many commandments still swirled around his head when he reached the bedroom ready to tidy up the bags of uniforms he had trailed in from his wife’s car.

He pulled the slinky material from the bag in a rush of sizzling sound and laid the first uniform across the end of the bed.

“Oh no, Sue!”

The blouse had puff sleeves and appeared even more translucent than the one he was wearing. He could see the detail of the bed quilt through the gauzy material and noted with surprise how they were joined between the legs like panties with a blouse stitched onto them. They could only be worn by pushing the legs through first and then pulling up the sleeves. What a crazy design!

If they were not a huge indignity the trousers most certainly were. Rather than being side-fastening they were rear-fastening, worse they secured with an ostentatious golden zip that hung down like a decorative broach.

He had always found neatly attired office staff to be sexy and was determined to talk Tom into paying for the highest quality fabrics. Somehow it felt as if he had thrown a boomerang at a target, turned his back and then had the boomerang strike him on the back of his own head.

Trust Tabitha to choose such a sexy design.

He stripped down to his body toner and tights before sliding the translucent blouse from its hanger. He had to step into it, wriggle it over his hips and waist, pass his arms down the short puff sleeves before he could hook up the tiny white buttons. The trousers slid up his legs as if they were gliding over the tights like a subtle hovercraft whispering inches from the sand.

A large button latched the waist behind his back crushing his stomach. He had to hold in his breath whilst the button fastened home. As he dragged the zip up he felt the garment stretch flat over his crotch. Not a male bulge in sight. He caught his reflection in their bedroom mirror what appeared so sexy on the girls at work now had become a sensual prison of whispering silks and stretching lycra at home.

At the bottom of the bag were a pair of zippered ankle boots with two inch stiletto heels. He groaned, recalling how he had wanted them for the girls outfit the moment the sexy rep from Office Uniforms had been shown him the catalogue. Fortunately the girls had voted against the five inch heels he argued for. They had told him how difficult it would be to wear two inch spiky heels all day. He felt relief in them choosing the two inches over the high heels he had argued for. Indeed the two inches already looked like a pair of towers.

The silken interiors of the leather boot skidded over the lycra of his tights and shimmied sweetly into a secure pleasant fit as his heel pushed home.

He wondered if Tom played a part in Tabitha’s choice of uniform.

He pulled up the rasping zip and rose to study himself in the mirror. He twisted in each direction, an action he had observed Sue carrying out when examining herself in a dress. He could now see why. The clothing squeezed him into a tight, neat sexy package. The swelling from the waist gave him rounded girlish hips and arse. He arched his back slightly as he stood side-on to the mirror. He knew that he would admire a neat feminine arse such as that. His tummy tingled as he realised what a red blooded male would see if he caught sight of him from the rear.

The heels forced him to stand perfectly erect, pushing out the tiny ‘a’ cup shapes from the body yet at the same time it styled the arse into a balancing bulge behind him.

It was a bizarre, fresh experience yet strangely exciting.

Walking carefully downstairs he headed for the office for his remaining afternoon chores. The tv played through the open door. The golf was starting. For a moment he hesitated catching sight of the first pair heading for the tee but with a sad shake of the head he continued onto the office and the afternoons tasks.


Leaning back against his desk in his locked office Tom took a long draw on his cigar. “So he delivered the package, but didn’t actually get to see that stupid sissy?”

Tabitha shook her head.

“Shame. I’ll think of something else. The sissy needs to be seen by others. Let him get used to his new position. Take care girl! I felt your teeth.”

Tabitha mumbled her apology.

“Jesus I thought you were supposed to be trained in all this sort of stuff.”

She nodded her head.

He laughed. “So you and your cuckold sissy husband were executives before you got involved in this club.”

She nodded, letting his cock slide from her mouth with her saliva and his precum mixing into a glutinous web between them. “I’m afraid Spiky and Brand don’t deal with pleasuring men. Oops!” She realised she allowed his cock to slip from her mouth and horridly returned it to rest on her soft tongue.

“Wait, wait,” he eased her head away from him. “Spiky and who?”

Wrinkling her nose she shrugged. “I am not supposed to talk about them.”

“But your husband wasn’t a French maid before meeting them was he?”

She giggled. “No. But it’s all a bit of a secret with them really. They have their own methods.” She craned her chin foreword to accept his dick.

“Hang on, hang on. And you were head of some big finance chain until you met them, this Spiky and whoever.”

Her mouth closed as her eyes scanned the pictures of Tom collecting business awards lined up around the walls. She held his cock lightly between her fingers. “I’m not supposed to talk about it. Sorry.”

“Get me their number.”

She pulled her mouth down. “I can’t hand out Spiky or Brand’s numbers.” She shivered. “Oh dear not, they would not like that.”

“Then give them my number. Ok don’t look at me like that. Tell them there’s a job I want them to do. Tell them there’s money in it. I know what motivates men like that.”

Tabitha was about to correct him when she felt his cock slide into her mouth. She lapped her tongue around his dick wondering whether to explain it all to him but he was already lifting up his phone.

He dabbed out a few numbers on the phone. “Bob? Hey. It’s me. Yeh, things are looking up here to!” he glanced down at the dutiful Tabitha and winked. “I was just wondering if you’d heard from Davy lately.”

She noticed a malevolent sneer on his lips before closing her eyes to concentrate on the first office duty of any office girl: to please the boss.


At eight thirty Sue crashed through the front door gasping for her white wine. “Better be chilled.”

David grinned brightly. “It’s on its way.”

Moments later he delivered a glass of wine balanced neatly in the centre of the silver tray to his exhausted wife.

She giggled, “I could get accustomed to this.”

“Good.” David said smartly. That afternoon there had been no time for golf on the tv. So whilst he carried out his chores he had daydreamed of a future of lush greens and tree lined fairways, and of the green baize glowing in a dark drinking hall echoing to the sound of clicking pool balls. Jennifer recommends housewives should daydream, even enjoying naughty daydreams whilst performing household tasks.

The end was in sight.

“I know I’ve seemed harsh on you darling,” she said flipping off her heels so they fell to the floor ruining David’s uncluttered sitting room. “But Tom is such a stickler for staff presentation and makes a big deal about the work ethic. And all your actions reflect on me.”

David stood before her nodding. For the first time in his life he was hesitant about knowing what to do. Should he sit next to her? Ought he walk away and finish the chores? Should he reply? He decided silence was the best policy.

“Oh this is gorgeous,” she sipped the drink and mmmmed as if it were replenishing her energy. “Honestly there is so much to do in work. I’ll check your contributions later,” she smiled.

“Uhm … shall I start cooking the meal?” he noted her cautious smile so smartly added, “I have found a recipe.”

“You’ve read a recipe?”

“Yes,” he replied eagerly.

“Are you sure?”

He felt like a child being gently questioned by a suspicious adult.

“Yes of course. It was in Housewife’s Journal”

She let her head loll back, “well it has to be better than last night’s.”

And it was.

David lapped up her compliments, despite knowing they were being oiled by the copious amounts of alcohol she was consuming.

“I can’t get over this lamb,” she announced.

Suddenly David wished Tom could have been here to hear the accolades. “And the table?”

“Eh?” She stared at him with the fork frozen at her lips.

“I laid it out as it says in Housewife’s Journal.” She continued to state at him. “So that the knives and forks and spoons are all neatly arranged. It is called fen show.”

She giggled, “feng shui airhead. But I know what you mean and it is appreciated. It looks really good.”

He felt a gust of confidence, “you are supposed to set the table to achieve a pleasant balance for the diners.”

“I know that too darling. Excellent,” she said slowly before frowning. “Listen. I don’t know how you are going to react to this but I think it’s a good idea.”

David rested his chin on his hands as he listened. His clothes tightened around his groin sending his mind into an erotic giddy orbit. “Oh?”

She searched her mind for the words. How could she put this to him? “Well you can’t be locked away ad infinitum, you know, not being allowed to cum can you? I mean it probably isn’t even healthy.”

“No,” he gasped, “exactly.”

Her shoulders relaxed. “I knew you’d understand. You have Tom to thank for this,” she added.

Suddenly he was worried. There was very little for which he could thank Tom. In fact it seemed to him that Tom exacerbated David’s situation, ruining his entire golf playing scheme.

“I told him how incompetent, I mean, lacking in domestic skills you were. Oh don’t look so shocked! David, I was angry with you this morning.”

“I know but …”

“And I said how I didn’t think you could ever get out of that chastity belt of his. Not if you carried on like that. I mean we girls learn how to do the chores over a lifetime. We help in the kitchen as little girls and then do a little more around the house. Boys are oblivious to housework. And to be honest its best it stays that way. Men haven’t got a clue when it comes to cleaning.”

He sat up straight with the trousers snapping into his groin. “And Tom knows that is not fair. Right?”

Her nose wrinkled as she probed her lamb with her fork. “No, not exactly. He really stood up for you! He said how it would take you a while to learn all the domestic skills necessary for one in your position …”

David winced at that line.

She continued, “… but how the firm hand of someone in command like me would soon knock you into shape.” She smiled benevolently. “See?”

He cleared his throat. A heavy rock thumped into his stomach. A feeling of dread rolled over him.

“Anyway that was when he came up with the idea of punishments in lieu of you being locked up.”

He swallowed. “Punishments?”

“Oh don’t look so worried,” she flipped an inebriated hand in his direction. “Come to the down stairs office and I’ll show you his brilliant idea.”

He rose to his heels and swished after his wife as she led the way to the office. Standing in the centre of the room she offered a hand up to the wall chart year planner.

“So this is how it works,” she picked up the blue ‘today’ sticker and placed it over today’s date before selecting a red square she stuck over tomorrows date. “The board is smooth plastic so these sticky labels can be stuck on and peeled off to be moved. See how it works?”

Yet again he wished he had pockets to slide his hands into. Instead he held them behind his back. “Uhm not really.”

“Ok. You never were fast on the uptake. Blue sticker for today and the red square represents the day when I tell Tom whether you have been good or not. And if you have been, then he brings around the key to unlock you.” She smiled drunkenly at him. “Now do you see? Why do you look so shocked? You want to get out don’t you?”

This was too much horror to absorb. “What! You mean you tell him whether I have been good or not?”

“Well he is your boss and as he keeps reminding me, you are my responsibility.”

He flapped his mouth for a few moments until the words emerged. “He has the key to my chastity belt?”

She laughed, “it seemed odd to me at first, but when Tom explained it carefully it all made sense.”

“In what way!”

“Now don’t shout!” she cocked her head to one side flashing her blue eyes at him. “That is just the sort of behaviour which will lead to that red box being moved down another day.” Seeing his fear she immediately rubbed it in. “Or maybe more than one day! Who knows?”

David shook his head. His cute submissive wife was standing before him full of menace like some street thug. He needed to make a stand. “Now let us all hang on a second here. I think we are losing our bearings. I need to get a few matters straight.”

“Of course Davy.”

“First of all have you got a key to this chastity belt?”


“Is the key in this house.”


“In your car?”

She shook her head as if commiserating with his realisation.

He collapsed into the office chair. “So what if you wanted to release me tonight. Suppose I had been,” he swallowed at the humiliating words, “suppose I had been ‘good’.”

“Ah well, we were both agreed, that is Tom and I, that your behaviour this morning was tardy and reprehensible so no way was that going to happen.”

“But you can’t just discuss this with someone else. Especially him.”

“Now you be careful what you say about Tom because I think he has been very fair to you.”

“Fair! In what way!”

“If you shout at me again I will have no alternative other than to move that square down a day.”

He glanced at the board feeling traumatised. “Another day?” he whispered under his breath.

“Exactly. That was when Tom said that you could buy back days or half days with alternative punishments.” She beamed at him, awaiting his reaction to the ‘good news’.

Folding his puff sleeved arms under his budding ‘A’ cup breasts he closed his eyes and spoke evenly, “so what does the super kind considerate Tom say about ‘alternative punishments’?”

Perching on the edge of the desk she leaned forward, her hands flapping urgently. “Well, first, they should vary in severity. But it means that you’ll be allowed to come. And don’t forget I have needs too, tiger!”

“Yes,” he reasoned, it was not in her interests to keep him chaste and soft all the time. “That’s true.”

“I knew you’d understand. So here’s how it works. Tom and I will draw up a list of suitable punishments for you …”

“Tom and you!” He emphasised Tom but somehow it all seemed inevitable. Fairways and golf clubs were receding like melting ice under global warming. His main aim was not merely to gain release from the chastity belt but to avoid one of his wife’s and Tom’s ‘alternative punishments’.

“Yes. I mean stuff like sending you to bed early …”

He gripped the arms of the office chair so hard it swung on its pivot. “But that’s demeaning!”

“More demeaning than being locked away in a chastity belt by your little wife?”

He didn’t have an answer to that.

“See,” her face lit up, “Tom is ever so clever. I always thought he was just some big macho alpha male oaf but actually he is really sensitive to the needs of others. He spent an hour with Tabitha in his office day discussing his requirements of her. I know he spends a lot of time thinking about our situation here at home too. That’s the sort of guy he is.”

“Glad to hear it,” he remarked, relieved she had failed to notice his sarcasm.

“Exactly. So I can send you to bed early, make you get up early. That might not be a bad idea. Stand you facing the wall …”


“Let me finish!” she gasped, ” please do not interrupt. I am you boss remember? Anyway standing against the wall is better than standing facing the corner isn’t it?”

“Is it?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Shall we try each position in turn and you can tell me?”

He bowed his head. “Hum, no Sue. Please tell me you are joking.”

“Oh if you think I am joking about standing in the corner or facing the wall then you won’t believe the best bit.”

It was a moment before he could bring himself to ask, “and the best bit is?”

“Well suppose you have been really naughty. I mean like to day for example.”

He hated hearing himself described as naughty but let it go, “yes? And?”

“Well then, sending you to bed or making you stand in the corner, or write lines …”

“Write lines! I am 27 years old!”

“Will you listen? All I am saying is that none of those punishments would be particularly harsh.”

He froze. Time became a rock on the beach, unchanged for an eon. He felt the heat of her enthusiasm, and caught the inexorable logic in her eyes. “So?” His heart thumped.

“So I cane you.”

He wilted in his chair, feeling the shiny material of his clothes slide him lower. She had spoken the words as if they were the defining obvious solution to a long held problem.

“Well I have the choice of all those canes from the tomato plants. You never did get round to planting them did you? And it means you can buy back a day.”

He raised his eyebrows. “So if I,” he swallowed, “stood in the corner for ten minutes, “then you will bring forward the day of release or even instantly release me from this awful contraption.”

She wrinkled her nose, pushing her lips up one side of her face. “Sort of.”

“Sort of.”

“Mmmm, sort of. What happens is,” she screwed up her face thinking it through. “if you had been good. Like tonight for example then I would ring Tom and tell him that you have been a good boy or that …”

“A good boy. You are going to say your husband has been a good boy to your boss?”

“He owns the company we both work for!” She pointed out. “Don’t forget that. I am your manager but he is above us both. Anyway, so I tell him you have been a good boy or that if you are naughty that you have been punished in such and such away for being badly behaved in such and such manner.”

“Oh God!”

“Will you stop interrupting? Then he decides whether to release you or not.”

“He decides!”

“Well he is your boss!”

“I thought you were my boss!”

Pursing her pink lips she sucked air in through her teeth as she looked up at the ceiling. “Well I said that, but he pointed out that he was both our bosses. My boss and yours. Which sort of made sense, you know when you think about it. Anyway that all means he should make the final decision.”

David felt hot tears rising in his eyes.

“Oh baby!” She rushed over to him, embracing his silky top and rubbing her palm over his back. He feels so gorgeous, she found herself thinking. “Oh consider the situation Davy. As Tom pointed out, because I am your wife I might be too soft on you and then where would we be?”

As soon as he was pulled into a tight cuddle he began weeping. He just couldn’t help it.

“Oh baby don’t cry. I am sure it’s for the best!

He crossed his smooth trousers, one leg over the other to get closer to her. With the belt confining his wily and balls between his legs it was now much easier to tightly cross his legs, indeed it felt comfortable. “But I have worked so hard around the house!” he sniffed. “I did both bathrooms and I cleaned the toilets and you said the dinner was nice!”

She squeezed him, “I know baby, but you were ever so naughty this morning.”

Her gentle fingers played through the fine material sending electric waves of pleasure tingling through his body. He groaned and Sue giggled, “oh is my poor baby so hot?” She had never before seen a man lie back with his eyes closed in sexual submission. She had associated men with control and initiative yet now she was able to make him whine and whimper as if he were a young slut in the hands of an experienced lover.

She stopped and rose to her stockinged feet as her husband slid to the floor in a stupor of swirling carnal desire.

It took minutes before he could pull himself together sufficiently to kneel before her and look up with his most pleading eyes. “Darling I cannot take it any more. I’ll stand in the corner, do anything. Just please get it off. I must cum.”

She wrinkled her nose in thought, “I don’t know.”

“You did like the dinner and the way I laid the table.” Her eyes widened thoughtfully, “that’s true.”

“And I did good dusting and hoovering.”

She nodded lifting the phone, “I wonder what Tom will say?”

“Oh fuck Tom!”

“Oh Davy! Get to bed this instant! You naughty boy! That’s our boss you are talking about!” She slammed down the receiver.

Davy found himself taking the stairs like a stiff automaton, still lost in his erotic fever.

“And don’t you dare go to our bedroom. The spare bedroom for you. Naughty boy! Oh my words, if Tom had heard you saying that about him then what on earth would he think of me? How can I be the boss if you are going to speak like that about the owner?”

Stripping off only the shoes, blouse and pants Davy crawled into his bed still wearing the body and tights, too washed-out by defeat and misery to remove them. He fell into a tear laden exhausted sleep of dark nothing.


The slamming of the front door pulled him from his deep sleep leaving him staring at the ceiling like a compass needle spinning to get a bearing. He sat up with a start as Sue’s car engine roared to life. He needed to be downstairs. He glanced down at his crotch and let out a long, “yeeeugh!”

His white crisp body was tainted a dull grey around his crotch with a stain that spread like a country on an atlas up to his belly. He had been leaking cum all night.

Still delirious with sexual hunger he stripped, showered and was quickly dressed in a new outfit Sue had laid on his bed. As usual he wore the tight little white panties, the sheer black tights with the bottom lift and tummy control, a fresh clean white body toner that was even tighter than the previous one. He stepped into the transparent blouse and tugged up a pair of stretch lycra trousers that closely constrained his hips and groped at his backside. The oversized zip tinkled behind him.

He slipped his feet into the heeled boots and zipped them into place. Securing the belt about his narrowed waist he took a forlorn look at himself in the mirror. For all the world he could have been one of the office girls, with only the lack of make up giving him away as a man. Less of a man he mused more of a sissy.

He pulled the ruffled apron over his head tickling his neck before pulling it tight into a neat bow at the small of his back. He then brushed his hair and put on his hat.

He minced carefully downstairs using his arms to help balance himself in his short spiky heels to make his way to the office for the daily list of chores. His new life had begun only a few days previously but already it felt like a life time.

The neatly typed chores form was identical in appearance to the previous day save it being more densely packed with tasks to be performed. The major difference lay in the note scrawled over the top of the paper in Sue’s spidery hand. It read: ‘I am still cross with you for what you called Tom last night. I think,’ and then the word think was crossed out, and the word ‘demand’ scrawled above it, “demand you write an apology to Tom in your best handwriting.’


His voice echoed through the empty house. He shook his fists in sheer rage. “You bitch!” he shouted before gulping and turning to check the house really was empty. He held his breath waiting for a reaction from Sue. For long seconds his ears hummed to the silence of his home until at last he realised he had been fortunate. No one had heard him

Feeling relief overwhelm him he settled into the office chair. He needed to be careful when he spoke to her. Sue had always been an irrational woman and everyone knew what happened to women with a little bit of power – it went straight to their heads.

Rationalising his predicament brought a smile to his face. Maybe he could control the situation.

It was at that moment he looked up and his jaw dropped achingly open. The blue Today box had been moved into place over today’s date but the red box had now slipped a further three days away. He was being punished with four days abstinence for yesterday’s outburst. Four more days locked in the chastity belt for cursing Tom. This was ridiculous.

His head span in shock. “Bugger”, he mouthed, not daring to shout it out loud. He needed to get a grip. His world was sliding from beneath his heeled feet. How did it get to this? His plan had been so straightforward. His dumb bimbo of a wife would go out to work while he played around all day. Days on the golf course lowering his handicap, time for pool, for boozing and for chasing women. The very least he could hope for a day spent wanking!

Somehow he needed to regain the upper hand. Whilst he set about his house work duties his mind whirred away. Clearly Tom had not realised how power crazed his wife would become. Typical of a woman he thought as he wiped down the counter with a hot cloth.

Housewife’s Journal said always to use a hot cloth to clean kitchen work surfaces and it was right. The grease lifted away when the cloth was hot but remained stubbornly in place as the cloth cooled.

With the plates in the dishwasher and the pans scrupulously washed he set about dusting around the light fittings with the feather duster as per instruction three.

There was, as noted by Sue, a thin cobweb stretched over the hallway lampshade. So it was whilst he was in the hall with dance music playing on the CD, (as recommended by Jennifer in Housewife’s Journal), that he thought through an answer to his plight. He could ask Tom for his old job back. But was that defeatism? He would never be able to get time on the golf course. By standing on his toes and flicking at the spider’s trap with the feather duster he managed to pull it like candy floss until it stretched and snapped.

It was at that moment that the doorbell clanged. As the electronic dong echoed away he found himself smiling. They wouldn’t get him twice with the same ruse. He grinned to himself as he opened the door to the delivery man only for the smile to dissolve away into an expression of sheer horror.

It was difficult to know who was more shocked, he on seeing Bob, Dan and Arnie or they on seeing him dressed as he was.

The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men. Part four Deborah Ford


David’s golfing chums, Bob, Dan and Arnie stood before Arnie’s battered old BMW eying David from decorative hat to heel. Their mouths gaped at the flatness of his groin, of the tiny pubescent mounds bulging delicately through the blouse just above the frilly apron. Through the blouse they could just make out the delicate detail lining the top of the body shaper.

“Davy?” Bob whispered before clearing his throat. “Is that you?”.

His mind frozen in sheer panic David swallowed. What could he tell them? “I er, er ….”

“You’re wearing heels,” Dan helpfully pointed out before grinning. “Davy’s wearing high heels! Girl’s high heels.”

“No,” David tried, “I, er,” before defensively raising a foot and giving away the stark truth by displaying a narrow stiletto. “Oh these? Yes, it’s because …”

Arnie laughed, “you’re wearing a bra!”

“No it’s a bodyshaper!” he cut in. “It keeps the clothes, er, uhm, flat.”

“I can see that,” Bob guffawed studying his groin. “A bodyshaper?”

“My wife wears one of those,” Dan observed.

“Ha, what it is,” Davy was speaking the words before he could think of how the sentence would continue. Silence was surely worse than saying something, than saying anything, anything at all. “It’s just that the girls in work are complaining about their uniform at the travel shops …” he paused gauging the effect of his defence. “Yes? So I thought, well, let me see what they are complaining about.”

The three men nodded, their grins growing wider until Bob nodded and asked, “and the feather duster? Is that what travel office girls carry these days?”

“Oh that,” he brought the offending instrument up before his face, his terror ripping through his sanity. “Yes. Well Sue asked me to clean the house too.”

“You clean the house?” Arnie laughed. “I get the missus to do that!”

“Me too,” Bob proclaimed. “That’s why I got married!”

“And woe betide her if the job isn’t done satisfactorily too,” Dan added with the others murmuring their agreement.

“Oh that’s right,” David said pitching his voice to a deep baritone. “That’s what we men demand of our wives.”

“So if your chores aren’t too engrossing are you going to join us on the golf course?” Bob raised his eyebrows.

Suddenly Dan scowled, “but not wearing that gay getup. What’ll the men think if they see me with someone dressed like that?”

“Oh golf?” David thought that a change in direction of the conversation would save him from drowning. “Yes, well, not today. Bit busy.”

“So I see.” Bob found great mirth in his blushing friend’s plight.

Dan scratched his face in thought. “We rang your office to find out where you were. Hadn’t seen you around for over a week. It was your boss Tom who told us to call around. Though he did warn us you might be,” he tittered, “a bit busy.”

“Well I am today,” he said hoarsely feeling his face close to exploding with raw heat.

Nudging Dan, Arnie smirked. “lets leave the gay boy to his cleaning.” His malicious eyes cut into David. “Don’t forget to vacuum under the beds!”

Still laughing the men ambled back to their car. As Bob turned the ignition they leaned towards him and to a man gave a finger curling girly wave. “toodle-oo.”

Instinctively David waved his feather duster back before realising his actions. The men slapped each other in hilarity whilst David collapsed inside the hall in sweat drenched fear. He clutched the feather duster tightly to his body between his boobs so he could hide his hot face behind the feathers.

He repeated “oh my God,” over and over again until it lost all sense of meaning.

What was Tom playing at? It would be all over the golf club by lunch time and all over town by tomorrow morning. He would not be able to look anyone in the face ever again. “Oh my God!”

An hour later he was curled up on the sofa in the front room with a well earned glass of fruit juice as stipulated by Sue for his late morning break. The cool liquid chilled his throat momentarily driving the heat from his body.

The humiliation of being taunted by his friends sat deep in his gut making him feel physically sick.

Would Jennifer in Housewife’s Journal have some balm for a situation such as this. As ever it had the answers under an article in the October edition called:

‘Does your other half humiliate you in front of your friends?’

He read with astonishment about women whose husbands took their housework for granted, never praising them and always criticising them. He found himself nodding sadly in perfect understanding at how these women were treated. Worse these thoughtless husbands showed up their hard working wives before their friends. One girl was told to strip out of her long shorts and tee shirt and put on a sexy sundress so her husband could show off her body to his mates at a weekend barbeque.

David entirely empathised with her. Had Sue and Tom not just shown him up in front of his friends? Had not his housework been unappreciated? Was he facing nothing but complaints? The answer, the agony aunt, the ever helpful Jennifer, recommended was obvious to all. Apparently men can be thoroughly thoughtless only seeing women as little more than slaves to service their needs and adorn their arm at gatherings. Jennifer recommended all downtrodden wives to leave the article face up where ‘your other half could see it. That way your husband will see how cruel and thoughtless his actions can be’.

Carefully he spread the article out on the coffee table in such a way that Sue could not possibly miss it.

As he cleaned the skirting boards with Homeclean’s wax spray, (as recommended by Housewives Journal), he caught sight of pictures of him and his golfing friends on the hall wall. There they all were, Bob, Dan and Arnie, forever grinning and laughing as they held up their trophies. His stomach tingled, he knew they would be laughing at him by now. His friends liked nothing more than to witness someone’s humiliating debasement. David recalled how he once stole the clothes of a young man who had recently joined the club. He waited until the lad entered the showers and quickly cleared away all items of clothing in the changing room. It was a simple matter to lead the new recruit through the bar door, explaining that some fresh towels could be found here to hide his embarrassment. Once through the bar room door he swiftly turned the catch locking the naked young man in a room full of members and their wives.

The guys had loved him for that. How they laughed. Ultimately the humiliated young man had to leave town.

But now the same bastards who rejoiced when David played a prank on someone would be screwing him over in every club bar for the next month!

He rose angrily and snatched the offending pictures down and hid them away in a cupboard under the stairs. He recalled the pool trophies in his office and minutes later they too had been hidden away.

Taking a break from his chores he set about clearing away every reminder of the degradations he knew he would be put through when he returned to the golf club.

Once he proved to Tom and Sue he could perform his tasks sufficiently competently they would release him from the chastity belt perhaps even from the uniform. At that point could he brave all the sarcasm and tom foolery along with the comments and the degradations of his former friends? Surely at some point they would put it all behind them and forget about his attire and predicament.

But hope can only rise so far when a man is in such a predicament. He soon realised a door had fallen shut with the finality of a condemned man’s prison cell. He would have to find a new gold club maybe in another county.

By cutting short his lunch break and taking only one coffee break in the afternoon he was able to complete nearly all of the chores by six o’clock.

He then sat on the sofa, his heeled feet balanced on the coffee table to rest his aching ankles and calves. Heels were a real pain to wear continuously. He flicked through the ever informative Housewives Journal to find some notes regarding the wearing of heels. He ended up perusing an interesting item advocating that cushions should be rearranged once a week ‘for an exciting new look’ to please the man in your life and give him a home worth coming home to. He had barely got to the sunny photographs depicting cushion layouts when he heard a car pull up on the gravel outside the front windows.

He raced to the kitchen as quickly as possible, given the short steps the heels required of him, where he pulled the bottle of chilled white from the fridge. He heard the front door close and smiled to himself, Sue would be so pleased with him tonight. Maybe she would move the red box of release a day earlier. Perhaps even release him tonight.

He minced to the front room riding high on optimism with the glass rattling on the tray, the yellow cold nectar sloshing around its meniscus but never enough to dribble over the side of the glass. He entered the front room with a flourish.

“Shit!” he said under his breath.

“Little Davy you look really smart in your outfit.” Tom said from the comfort of the sofa.

Susan smiled, “thank you. I have worked hard with him.”

David baulked. She worked hard with him! Didn’t he get any credit?

“Listen darling,” Susan lifted up her briefcase and snapped it open, “Tom and I are going to be very late tonight. So if you’d be so good as to make up the guest bedroom for him and prepare two places for dinner.”

David felt a well of anger rise up from his gut forcing him to swallow. She had barely glanced at him as she laid down her stipulations. He drew the courage to answer her as politely as he could. “Two places? Surely you mean three if Tom,” he spat out the name ‘Tom’, “is staying.”

Sue looked up at him with her head crocked to one side. “I know what I am saying thank you Davy. Your boss and I have important business matters to attend to. Tom felt it would be a good idea if we mulled it over during dinner tonight.” She placed a report on the coffee table next to the Housewives Journal still open at the precise page David had discovered that afternoon. “You may eat in the kitchen.”

David stared hard at Tom for support, but his former boss merely shrugged, “hey don’t get upset Davy, it’s just that we’ve got a lot of stuff to get through.” He smiled sympathetically. “It will only bore you.”

Susan felt her cheeks glowing, she hoped her husband was not going to show her up in front of their boss. “David, I trust I do not have to repeat myself.”

With the glass rattling on the tray, David found his heeled feet twitching nervously one in front of the other. “It’s just that I won’t be bored and maybe I can help.”

The knowing smile his two managers exchanged crushed him to the core. It was as if someone had sat on his chest forcing out all his self worth.

“Darling,” she sighed opening the report and running a finger down the index. “This is business. Now then I suggest that if you want to see that red release day square getting closer I advise you to watch that silly tongue of yours.”

She heard Tom cough, and felt that it was a sign of admonishment to her though in fact he was hiding a laugh.

Knowing she could not let the staff get the upper hand especially with Tom around, Sue sat bolt upright and added with a fixed smile. “In fact I am of the opinion that you should be caned tonight for the first time and then sent to bed early.”

David’s jaw fell as he saw Tom stare wide eyed at him awaiting his reaction. He attempted to swallow, but his mouth had gone dry. “Darling,” he tried a smile of his own but Sue flashed him a look that said ‘don’t you dare try to mess with me!’

“That will be all, thank you.”

“Right, yes.” He backed away from them searching for some words to justify himself. “Will there be anything else?”

“Yes, please bring a second glass of wine for our guest.”

“Yes of course.”

“With your written apology.”



David hung around in the doorway his troubled eyes scouring the middle distance.

Pulling back her shoulders Sue mused, “I take it you have written it?”

“Well I er … there’s so much to do around the house…”

“You forgot didn’t you?”

He nodded and looked down at the carpet, “you can’t be serious darling,” he whispered.

“You shall see how serious I am after dinner. Now, one glass of wine for the moment please.”

He fled the room hearing them laughing as the door closed. Damn them both! Cane him? Early to bed? And that letter of apology! How could he have forgotten about it!


The glass of wine rattled noisily on his tray as if it were the one who was nervous and shaking, not David. He needed to stand up for himself, say something, say anything. The world was spinning away from him and curving out of sight like a Frisbee. He settled the glass carefully on the table in front of Tom before stepping back.

Finally Susan put down her pen to glance up at him. “They’ll be nothing further thank you David. Take a …” she paused and glanced in the direction of Tom who prompted ‘4 foot’ into her ear. “Ha yes. Take a four foot length of cane up to the bedroom and wait. Erm.” He eyes narrowed, “you should wait facing the corner.”

He caught sight of Tom wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, certain that he was rubbing away a laugh. However, as he was coming off second best far too often with his wife he did not want to row, not now, not in front of Tom, so he simpered, a “yes dear” and stole away.

The bedroom corner lay between a small book case and the window across which the curtains had been drawn. He clenched his hands behind him, hopping from one foot to the other as he rehearsed the defence he would deliver to Sue.

Initially he had bravely sat on the bed next to the knobbly, four foot, tomato plant cane. He planned to dart into the corner on hearing her footsteps but soon became frightened at the thought she might sneak up to the bedroom and find him being disobedient. That would hardly give him an opportunity to give her a few home truths.

He glanced down at the bedside clock and saw that it was ten to eight. How long had he been standing here all ready? The minutes ticked by as he fidgeted restlessly. Finally he rested against the wall with his shoulder, alleviating the burden from his aching feet.

“I had expected you to be standing to attention not leaning lazily like that,” Sue said matter-of-factly as she marched into the room.

He leapt to attention, arching his back in an effort to be as straight as humanly possible.

“That’s better. Now I hate doing this, oh do turn around Davy when I am speaking to you!”

He spun around not daring to leave the corner. Thankfully she was alone, Tom having remained downstairs.

“That’s better. Now I have seen the downstairs and, to be fair, I am impressed.”

He found himself beaming at the rare compliment.

“I can’t say that the bathrooms are as neat as they might be, you are reading Housewives Journal aren’t you?”

“Yes of course,” he gulped. “It is very instructive.”

“Mmm,” she nodded thoughtfully, “it can be. There is a feature on cleaning bathrooms this week. Take a look. A good look! I expect a big improvement in that area by the end of the week.”

“I will. In fact dear there is an interesting article in last weeks on wives, er house wives, well those who stay at home, you know,” he babbled, “and how they are treated and I thought you might like to read that.”

She raised her eyebrows, “I hope you are not saying it is I who needs to improve my act?”

“Oh no, no.” He cleared his throat, “well I have left it open and perhaps you might like to read it.”

“Ok,” she replied sharply before dismissing the notion with, “if I have time. But Tom is being very complimentary about my performance as a manager and I am learning a great deal from him. I need to listen and learn from him not those silly women’s magazines. Now about this caning…”

She lifted up the cane and wafted it experimentally through the air surprised at the delightful wispy, whipping sound. She waved it a few more times before her mouth turned down. “Oh. I am not sure I can do this.”

David nodded. “I understand dear.”

“But we feel, I mean I feel, that twelve strokes of this should be equal to one day of reprieve. That would mean that if you were a good office girl, er boy, then you would be released either tomorrow night or the following morning.” She beamed up at him, “how does that sound?”

He grimaced with his teeth clenched. “Do we have to?”

She smartly dropped the cane on to the bed quilt, “oh my word no. Of course not. I can’t say I am looking forward to it. If you can withstand a couple more days locked away in your chastity belt then great.”

He winced. “Please love I ..”

“Ha yes I was getting to that. This darling business, and love stuff and ‘dear this’ and ‘dear that’, well, it doesn’t sound very good in front of the boss does it? I mean,” she laughed falsely, “I would hardly expect Tabitha, Samantha or Linda to be so lovey-dovey to me would I?”

“Well no but they aren’t your husband.”

“Husband?” her eyes widened. “Oh yes. But you aren’t my husband at the moment are you? You are an office junior on the first days of her employment. His employment.”

Her logic seemed inescapable. What had happened to the bimbo he could always better in an argument?

“In fact Tom says they’ll all be doing it if I am not careful.”

“Doing what?”

“Not treating me with respect. Using my Christian name. Tom says he has seen it happen so many times that a manager loses the respect of his staff by becoming to familiar with them.”

“Tom?” he nodded. “I see.”

She brightened, “yes he thinks of everything doesn’t he? So you are happy being locked away for another couple of days then.”

“No,” he lowered his head.

“I don’t follow.”

He coughed, examining the floor, “no I think, you should, you know…” he nodded at the cane on the bed.

She folded her arms. “No. Do what?”

“Cane me.”

“You want me to cane you?”

“Yes please.”

“I wish you’d speak up. But all right. So from now on refer to Tom as Mister Kingman and myself as Miss Aldridge.”

“Miss Aldridge? But you are my wife. That’s your maiden name!”

“I said that!” she brightened. “That’s what I told him but Tom of course pointed out that I am not your wife in work. I am his then, if you get my drift. And I am your boss now. If that makes sense?”

“You’re his?”

“Yes. I am employed by him. Paid by him so I am his. And you are my domestic staff. So that’s why you should use my maiden name. Simple isn’t it? Oh don’t groan like that. What on earth would Tom make of it?”

“Look, erm, Miss Aldridge, you don’t have to except everything he tells you. You should stand up for yourself.”

“Should I?” She became anxious. What would Tom think of her if she were too compliant? Maybe David had a point.

“Yes. If you think something should happen and someone is saying it shouldn’t then you should still carry on and make your point. Underline your position of authority.”

She thought this through until she nodded. “So if a member of staff is being disobedient I should be really firm with them.”


She picked up the cane. “That’s sounds right too. I’ll discuss it with Tom later. But I agree with you, so I suppose you better take those pants down and, I don’t know, bend over the bed? Or over that chair? What do you think? Oh see you are groaning again! Oh please hurry up Tom will be worrying about what we are getting up to.”

Watching his wife self consciously flay the cane around caught his breath. He knew he had to steal himself, be brave. How painful could it be? How humiliating? There was a lifetime of leisure awaiting him if he could negotiate the ever increasing hurdles thrust in his path.

He laughed to cover his degradation. “I am sure I don’t need to take down my,” he coughed, “my trousers.”

She wrinkled her nose, thinking it through. “Mmm. I think you do. Shall I ask Tom?”

“No, no!” He waved his hands at her and knelt down by the bed. “Its just that I think it’s a bit much that’s all.”

She came to a decision. “I’ll go downstairs and ask Tom. He’ll know.”

“No, wait. Look.” His fingers worked at the small of his back releasing the top of his trousers and unclipping the belt. “I don’t think we have to involve him in everything. After all dear you are the one in charge.” He smiled up to her. It’s imperative to keep that block head downstairs, as far away from his dilemma as possible.

She straightened, pulling her shoulders back, suddenly feeling six feet tall. “Yes I am in charge aren’t I?” She giggled as she watched her husband tug down the tiny zip at the back of his trousers. “Yes. Me. I am the one who is manager here now.”

He wriggled the tight trousers down over the hips until they slid easily over his black tights down to his knees. He rolled down the lycra tights as if they were an outsized elastic band that snapped around the lower part of his thighs, revealing the little white knickers.

She tapped the cane against the panties. “Those too.”

He glared up at her. “I know! I know!”

Pursing her lips she cocked her head to one side, “I trust you aren’t shouting at me dear?”

He blushed, “no Miss Aldridge,” before smiling bravely at her. “I am just saying that ‘I know’ I have to pull them down.”

In the most excruciating moment of his life he pulled down the knickers until they settled around his knees forcing his legs together.

“That’s better,” she said feeling she ought to say something to establish ‘who is in charge’. “Now lean across the bed.”

He swallowed and did as he was told burying his head into the quilt.

“Your bottom needs to be higher David. It’s pointing at the floor.”

“Oh yes,” he replied dryly manoeuvring his arse up higher.

“A bit more please.”

He moaned into the bed quilt as he arched his back.

In that precise moment of great change occurred in Sue’s household. She looked down at her husband in his girl’s uniform, dutifully exposing his buttocks for her to cane and her new persona fell around her like a new dress. For the first time in her life she did not feel mousy or hesitant. She was in control and managing was no longer an onerous duty to be feared. It was a pleasant feeling of escape from pressure. He had to do as he was told, David no longer had a choice. In consequence the house would be tidy, meals would be cooked for her, her clothes prepared and her new career would fly.

She brought down the cane but stopped it inches form his bum and exclaimed, “oh!”

He glanced hopefully up at her.

She was nibbling her lip. Could she really hurt him like this? She had never hurt another person in her life. But at least she would be doing him a favour, she reasoned, as this would enable him to be released from that funny little prison locked around his privates. She took a deep breath, announced, “here we go Davy,” and let the first strike land.

She put her hand to her mouth as she saw the reaction. It had only seemed a little tap, the merest movement of her wrist but the result appeared immediately: a little neat pink line growing dark red as she analysed it. At the moment of impact her husband had jolted, arched his back and sat up straight.

“Ow. You don’t have to hit that hard!” he complained rubbing at his buttocks.

“Oh.” Her pink mouth pursed into an ‘O’ shapes. She actually hurt a man. Inflicted such a sharp pain on him he criticized her for it. She grew stronger by the second. “Don’t be a baby. Lie down.”

He made to argue but when she waggled the cane before his nose he found himself settling back along the bed.

A swish was immediately followed by an almighty crack and another squeal from her husband.

“Please Miss Aldridge. It really hurts.”

“Oh!” She beat him too hard? Was she really that strong? “But little boys used to be caned like this. And didn’t they receive six of the best?”

“I know,” he squirmed, “but this is probably a lot harder.”

“I am only tapping you!” Suddenly she was cross with him. Yes, children once suffered with the cane. What a wimp he is. “Get back down and do not get up until I tell you to do so!” She barked before tutting insistently. “Silly little man!”

He collapsed back into position.

She cracked the cane hard twice in quick succession and again he leaped up, his hands hovering over his hot, burning arse.

She stamped her foot. “Oh you really are a big baby. How are we going to get through this if you keep jumping up all the time?”

He gritted his teeth, his backside singing with pain from the four strokes. “Please, please,” he begged, his eyes watering, “I don’t think I can take any more.”

“You can’t take as many as little boys in school could take a hundred years ago? They may have suffered more for all I know! It’s a well known fact. A man your age should be able to take,” she nibbled her lip, “I don’t know ñ at least twelve ñ now get down and do not get up again!”

By gripping the quilt he suffered the next two strokes by jolting only from the waist up. The pain was indescribable. Like a thin heated metal bar stuck to his flesh.

“That’s better,” she announced licking her lips. “I must have my way in the work place. I am a top manager. A woman who can go all the way. Tom says so.”

After the next two he bit his tongue aware of the grunts squeezed from his mouth by the impacts. The tears dribbled along his nose pooling on the bed quilt near his cheek. He sniffled listening to the snot crunching in his nostrils.

The pain was searing, he felt red hot lines across his backside as if he had sat on a barbeque.

Yet a further swish as the cane cut across the buttocks.

Suddenly he could take no more and catapulted backwards on to the carpet at the foot of the bed where he rolled around clutching his buttocks. His leg movements impeded by the trousers, tights and panties.

“Jesus, no more. No More! Please!” he wailed.

She stood stunned, unable to reply. He lay before her pleading with her. The power lay in her little hands. “Er, I have finished. That was your twelve.” She watched him crying and squealing, his feet kicking at the unyielding tights. She had spent her life being afraid of everyone, of being physically weak. Hating even having to make a complaint in a shop. Her worst nightmare was confrontation, yet she had reduced her husband to the plight of a helpless, punished child. Most extraordinary of all it had required very little effort. Just short flicks from her wrist and here he lay sobbing like an infant.

“Oh.” She said before repeating, “oh” a few more times.

She realised she needed to take charge of the situation. Certainly David was not in a position to take the initiative. If she did not do something, anything, they could be here all night. “I can’t have you rolling around up here when you are supposed to be serving our dinner downstairs. Now pull yourself together. What on earth would Tom make of this?”

He froze. Tom? He opened his eyes wide, “you are not going to tell him are you?”

“Well,” she shrugged, “I am supposed to keep him informed, you know from a business point of view, of all my dealings with staff. Anyway he knew I was going to beat you.”

‘Beat you’. Even the words lit a fire in her tummy. She could beat him. Anytime she wanted she could reduce him to a pitiful begging slave. She would never be in awe of him again. All those times arguments were lost simply because she was too worried to pursue her point. Never again. She giggled out loud, she would never lose another argument with her husband! In fact it would be a long time before he dared enter a debate with her again.

“Why are you smiling?” he sniffed.

“Nothing to do with you,” she dropped the cane next to him. “Now put this somewhere I can find it. Our wardrobe will do. And please pull up your tights and knickers your willy looks so funny locked in that tiny cage.”

The girl who had walked in to the bedroom fifteen minutes previously always hesitated before saying hurtful remarks; the woman who dropped the cane to the floor feared no one’s reaction to her comments.

The words ‘tiny cage’ made him twist over so he could tug up his knickers over with his reddened backside with his back to her. Why had Tom let her know he only took the size ‘tiny’ for cock cages? If Tom knew the upset he was causing he would think twice before he opened his mouth.

“And do dress properly and neatly. I don’t want you embarrassing me in front of our boss.”

With that she was gone, a spring in her step, energy pounding through her body, her mind racing over clouds.

When he heard the door downstairs close he whispered ‘bitch’ under his breath, wriggling as he pulled tight the waist band of the trousers, his fingers fumbling behind him for the miniature zip.

Jesus, his arse was still on fire, it glowed like a nuclear isotope. “Bitch,” he quietly repeated.


Whilst his wife and boss dined in the dinning room, David was propped up on a fluffy cushion rocking on top of an unsteady stool in the kitchen. He picked at his dinner squirming every so often to ease the pain. By raising one cheek at the time he could alleviate the discomfort on one side at the expense of inflicting further stinging on the other.

By balancing his heels behind the support bar of the stool and leaning forward he was able to raise a lot of his backside into the air where it merely smouldered.

At that moment the golf course and pool bar were a million miles away.

If he were careful he would be released from the chastity belt tomorrow. Of course considerable care would still have to be taken. He needed to ensure enough housework completed to Susan’s satisfaction if he were to have Friday morning off. Then it would be off to join the golf course in the next county for a well deserved break and to remind himself of what this sacrifice was all about: the wife at work and he to indulge himself in a lifetime of playing pool and golf.


He put down his knife and fork and smoothed out any creases in his blouse and trousers before making his way into the dinning room.

“Yes Miss Aldridge?” He hesitated near the door remaining out of sight of Tom.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?” She arched her eyebrows, sipping her wine.

“Oh?” desperately he peered around the door to check the table. All the dishes, cutlery and condiments seemed to be present.

She noted his little boy lost look and giggled. “Oh don’t worry Davy. It’s just that you haven’t brought Tom your apology. Remember?” She looked at Tom and raised her eyebrows to the ceiling. “You’re right office staff can be so ditzy!”

Tom nodded, “else they would be doing a job of greater value Sue, just like I’ve been telling you.”

“Sue?” David pleaded, “must I? I haven’t finished my dinner yet.”

“Sue?” She asked with a gentle reminding smile.

“Miss Aldridge, sorry.”

“Better.” She basked in Tom’s nod of praise. “And as quickly as you can. Tom and I are busy managers.” She smiled at him, “with a company to run.”

David went straight to the office clutching his fists. He had never apologised to anyone in his life but his hope that she would let the matter drop proved too optimistic. He needed to end the night in her good books for his long term plan to work out.

He threw himself into the office chair and squealed. When would he be able to sit down comfortably again?

He called up the word processor and typed ‘apology’ as a heading before slumping before the monitor, chin in hands, elbows on the desk.

“Oh bloody hell!”

He batted out ‘please Tom except my apology’. Then he erased it and wrote, ‘Tom I am sorry.’ Somehow he knew it wouldn’t be enough. He could just imagine Sue wanting to impress Tom by bullying him into writing a more demeaning letter. He tapped out, ‘Tom except my apology for my behaviour when I called you a few names.’

It still was not enough and he knew it. He erased it and typed out, ‘please Tom I am very,’ he liked the word ‘very’, and continued with confidence, ‘sorry for saying naughty,’ his stomach tripped over at the word naughty but what else could he say? ‘words I said about you. Please except my apology. David.’

There and damn them! He printed it out and folded the paper carefully into quarters before scrawling Tom’s name on it.

Moments later, feeling more nervous than an unprepared pupil walking into an exam room, he knocked on the door to the dining room. When Sue called out for him to enter he marched up to them as briskly as the heels would allow before quickly handing the folded paper towards Tom. Unmoved his boss simply stared at him.

David was taken aback. What was going on? He had permission to enter and he handed him the apology he had been instructed to write. Hope dawned faintly. Maybe they had changed their minds! Maybe the apology was no longer necessary.

Finally Tom leaned back in his chair taking a drink from his glass and said, “why don’t you read it little Davy?”

Little Davy! Had he forgotten how he hated that stupid put down! He cleared his throat and fixed a grim smile, “I thought perhaps you might just like to read it Tom.”

“Davy you know how I feel when a member of staff questions an instruction. It ruins my day.”

Stealing an anxious glance at his wife David hoped for a reprieve but she simply smiled and nodded. “You heard the man Davy. Get on with it.”

Feeling sick as he unwrapped the slip of A4 paper with the dreaded words printed on it, David wondered if he was going to faint. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth as he took in the humbling words.

“‘Please Tom I,” he coughed gathering strength.

Tom shook his head, “I am sorry, Davy I can’t hear you.”

“Yes,” Susan rejoined, “speak up. I don’t want you mumbling an apology. I am sorry Tom.”

Tom shook his head dismissing her fears.

Davy nodded, fixing his eyes on the humbling words, trying to shut out all the shame he felt. He wriggled his burning bottom squashed into the tight trousers and began again. “Please Tom,” he announced, “I am very sorry for saying the naughty words I said about you. Please except my apology. David.”

With his head still bowed he held his breath awaiting the reaction.

Sue was anxious, she could not interpret Tom’s expression at all. Would it satisfy him? Finally Tom’s mouth curled down at the corners and his head performed a bobbing motion. “I suppose it will do. Are you going to add a day onto his confinement as well?”

David’s head shot up. What?

“A day?” Asked Sue smiling winningly. “I just caned him to reduce his punishment by a day.”

Tom was astonished. “Well if you think that is sufficient then …” he waved a hand casting doubt on her judgement.

David swallowed as his wife sat bolt up right.

Sue patted her fingers on the table. “Well I thought it would be sufficient. Don’t you?”

Their boss swirled the wine around in his glass, his head still bobbing from side to side. “I suppose so,” he sighed at length. “I mean if you think that a few words counter such reprehensible, challenging behaviour.”

“Oh I’m not saying that,” she said eagerly. “I see what you mean.” She guiltily eyed her frantic looking husband. “Its just that, he has been caned tonight.”

“True and I don’t wish to get in the way of my most senior manager,” he paused as she basked in the word ‘senior’, “yes I don’t want to get in the way of my most senior manager whilst she is dealing with such, awful impudent behaviour.”

In dread David watched her nibble her lip. He had to say something. “Please Susan, er Miss Aldridge I think …”

She pulled back her shoulders. “Really! I don’t think it matters what you think does it?”

Tom hid a guffaw with a cough and dabbed the napkin over his lips to hide the smile. This was too easy!

As she watched her husband blush furiously she found her self becoming more and more irate. Really! He was showing her up again! Was he doing it deliberately to mar her opportunities with Tom? Only an hour before he had been rolling round with his exposed bottom pleading with her to stop beating him and yet here he was answering her back!

“I think I can see where you are coming from Tom. I must say I do share your disappointment in his attitude. I am sure he is improving though,” she added defensively.

“Definitely!” Tom insisted. “Definitely! Some improvement.”

Tom did not sound convinced and Sue patted her fingers once last time, “David!”

He stood to attention still clutching his apology to Tom.

“Be a good boy and go to the chart in the office and move the red box down one day.”

“Please Miss Aldridge we haven’t moved it a day forward yet so that would make two extra days.”

“Oh this is intolerable. Tom do you see what I have to put up with?”

Tom shook his head and sighed. “Society today I am afraid. So little respect,” he caught her eyes, “unless of course that respect is taught in the work place as it certainly isn’t instilled in pupils in schools.”

“Quite!” She clapped her hands together. “I have reached a decision. A further two days for insolence. So move the red box down two days please Davy.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed. “Yes Miss Aldridge.”

“And don’t forget you are having an early night after your impudence!”

“Yes Miss Aldridge.”


Later as Sue rested her bruised brain on the back of the sofa, with her eyes closed and alcohol washing through her veins she felt Tom lightly stroke her bare arm.

She smiled at him. “Oh Tom you are so thoughtful. I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

He took both her hands in his, squeezing her fingers. “You must take credit where credit is due. It is difficult for Davy to realise that he is now an office girl.”

She giggled, “office girl!”

“Well you know what I mean. He was a manager. I am sure that he feels bad about you both swapping roles.”

“He does, doesn’t he! I am sure that he is looking to show me up in front of you.” She spat. “I wish he would show a bit more respect, after all I am his manager.”

“Well he is bound to resent seeing how successful you are when he knows he was a failure.”

She twisted around so quickly she found herself almost mouth to mouth with this masculine alpha male who was so protective to her. “Please Tom you must understand that Davy has worked wonders around here. He is vacuuming and dusting like an experienced housewife. And you must admit the pasta tonight was very good.”

“Yes you have done well teaching him his housewifely skills. I think you should work on his deportment somewhat though.”

“Oh? Deportment?”

“Why yes. A little more elegance in our office staff wouldn’t go amiss. He’s always walking around with his hands hanging by his hips. Have you seen how the girls keep their hands around waist height? Far more elegant and in keeping with our upmarket operation.”

“I hadn’t thought of that.”

“There you are.”

“Tom,” she paused, lifting up the magazine her husband had left on the table. “I am a bit confused. You always know the answers to these conundrums. Davy wanted me to read this article.”

Tom gently took one side of the magazine so it lay across their laps offering him a splendid view of her gorgeous legs. He snuggled up to her under the guise of attaining a better reading position. “About which lingerie is best for you?”

She giggled, “no this. About a man who asks his wife to help with a barbeque.”

Tom studied it, staggered his senior manager could not see the obvious point about wife bullying.

“I mean what’s wrong with a sun dress?” She asked incredulously.

“Ha!” Tom exploded. “Yes. Exactly. Do you not see what Davy is saying to you?”

She checked desperately through the article for further clues as to what her perceptive boss spotted. All she could ascertain was how a silly nagging housewife felt sorry for herself and felt compelled to whine to a magazine. She wished she had time to feel sorry for herself.

“He cannot say it out loud of course, but he wants you to make him wear a sundress.”

“But why …”

He placed his finger on her lips and she found herself gently kissing it with a little peck.

“Who knows? He has been wearing girls clothing now for a few days. And he has not complained about that has he?”

“No but …”

“I think you can afford to reward him a little. You see his little face light up when you lay out a sundress for him tomorrow.”

“Oh. I have read about men like that in my women’s magazine. But I never thought that David …”

“They are difficult to spot. A deep secret locked within themselves. Must be agony for them. He does seem to have jumped at the opportunity to wear the office girl uniform.”

“You think so?”

Tom laughed, “Can you imagine any other man allowing himself to be dressed in women’s clothes?”

“I suppose so. I never thought of it before.” She didn’t like the idea of her husband in a sundress but if it made him happy then she could perhaps suffer a few pangs of embarrassment for him. “Well he has had it tough. You mean let him wear it as a reward to him after all he has been through?”

“Stick and carrot, or cane and sundress hey?”

“Oh Tom you are so clever, and thoughtful, I really don’t know how I’d cope…”

Suddenly she was kissing him as his arms gently gathered her up. She had never felt such strength before. “Oh Tom, Tom!” She writhed away placing her hands against his chest to keep their distance. “Oh Tom, Tom what must you think of me?”

Tom cursed under his breath before patting her thigh. “Don’t worry Sue. It must be difficult for a young virile woman like yourself when your husband can’t, well, you know.” He winked warmly. “Shall we say, satisfy her?”

She became wide eyed with relief. “You understand! It is so difficult for me. That chastity belt and his silly infractions punish me as much as him! He is too selfish to appreciate my longings!”

“Oh I must think of a way around that,” Tom nodded, carefully studying her out of the corner of his eye. “I mean managers who are, shall we say, unsatisfied in someway in their private lives cannot perform to their fullest potential in the office.”

“Exactly!” She laughed. “That’s why I am not always operating at my best! Oh Tom!” She threw her arms around his neck and let him cuddle her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“You are not permitted to say anything until I get home. Tom says I should punish you if you speak.” Sue smiled at her husband drying himself after his morning shower, his eyes huge like a rabbits. She felt his fear as if it were a tangible presence in the room and that power made her skin tingle like a little orgasm.

She held up the short orange sundress. “I read that article of yours and naturally I saw right away what you are getting at,” she lied before wagging a finger at him, “na, na. No talking remember?”

David’s mouth fell open. How the hell had she got that idea? Why had he married such a bimbo!

She screwed up her nose, “well Tom’s idea really but I agree with it. I don’t want you gushing all over me to thank me. So you must wear this all day and I will pop home at sometime to check that everything is all right. I’ve left out some sandals of mine, your ankle boots obviously won’t look right in a sundress. The heel is only a little taller than the boots but they are narrower, so please take care. I don’t want any twisted ankles. Oh look there are tears of gratitude in your eyes. Oh I could kiss you but I don’t want to smear my make up. So I’ll see you later.”

She made to leave but stopped, turned on her heels and embraced her husband giving him a peck on the cheek. “Maybe we can advance your box up a day! Wouldn’t that be good? Yes? For both of us?”

She left him holding up the sundress in what she took to be ecstatic surprise.


Tabitha had to lean forward and arch her back to stay in position as Tom humped and groaned. She dug her heels into the carpet pushing her arse back so she could sit her sopping pussy perfectly on his erect member and guide it to her chosen spots.

With her back to him Tom found it easy to grip her tits and cruelly twist her nipples.

“You love this don’t you whore?”

She groaned and orgasmed. In a single moment Tom hoisted Tabitha from her impalement and flung her to the floor at his feet.

Looking quizzically up at the big brute she caught her breath. “But you haven’t come?”

He pushed his stiff member away before zipping himself. “Saving myself for tonight. Always have a fully loaded gun for a new conquest! You’ve sorted the tickets haven’t you?”

She found her soaked panties and pulled them up her stockinged legs. “Oh yes two plane tickets plus the hotel accommodation.”

“One double room?”


“Over-looking the swimming pool?”

“Everything as usual. Just like when we went.”

“Good,” he stood. “And these Brander and Shaker characters?”

“Brand and Spiky and don’t get heir names wrong. They won’t like it.”

He laughed before kicking her off balance flinging her beneath his desk. “They don’t scare me. You’re just a little tramp and your husband is a sissy wimp.”

She smiled. “I know.”

“And he is a maid because of their training?”

“I’ve told you. They changed the both of us. And they said they’d help you.”

“See what I told you? Five grand buys a lot of favours from anyone. They’ll do what I want.”

Tabitha crawled out from the desk. “I don’t think it was the money.”

Tidying himself he guffawed, “don’t you believe it. Money talks. I know men like that.”

She knelt, looking up at him. It was never wise to correct Tom, she only liked being punished before an orgasm. A beating after she came merely felt like uncomfortable pain.

“So these two men, what ever their names are, know where they are supposed to be? They know what is demanded of them?”

Tabitha giggled. “It’s all in place. I just wish I could be there.”

Tom laughed as he left the office. “I bet, just to see Davy’s face when he meets these two blokes.”

“More to see your face,” she whispered to herself before giggling again.

The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men.

Part Five

Deborah Ford


David held up the silky sundress between his thumbs and forefingers before his horrifies eyes. There was so little weight or body to it it might as well have been made of feathers,

Once he had donned his panties, tights and bodyshaper he pulled the sundress over his head and within seconds was trapped. The dress contracted around his head and shoulders leaving his arms held upright like an insect’s antennas. Now blinded, he felt a well of panic building up inside him. His movements became precarious, as his feet in the tights were dangerously slippery on the bedroom carpet. He tried to pull the dress gently back off his head but somehow he had become completely ensnared in it.

Fear gripped him. What would Sue say if he tore it! His backside was still sore the with the canning from the previous night. He stepped back like a newly born foal until the backs his legs touched the bed, he then sat down with his arms caught around his head.

He felt like crying. He could not take it off, he could not pull it on. He was imprisoned looking and feeling a complete, despairing fool.

Taking deep breaths he levered the delicate material upwards just millimetres at a time until he felt his head pop free. The dress gently parachuted to the floor at his feet leaving him free to lie back on the bed. A sheen of sweat made his forehead feel sticky.

Holding up the dress once again he carefully examined it. There was no zip, only a tiny button at the back where the collar of the dress fitted around the neck. Below the collar the material was cut away in an elegant circle until it reached about half way between neck and waist. About the bra line, David decided.

How the dickens did women put them on?

He glanced longingly at his trousers with the rear zip, they had been so simple and practical.

Then he had his brainwave. He held the dress close to the floor and stepped into it. Albeit there was a struggle as he hauled it over his hips, but when he pushed his thin arms through the hoops it settled around him like a second skin. With care he was able to reach over his head and button the collar at the rear of his neck.

He span around to see himself in the mirror, just in time to observe the dress swirl flirtily about his thighs. Grinning he twisted from side to side very quickly watching the dress twirl one way then the other. He shook his head and tutted. What women wore to get men to look at their bodies and legs!

He pushed his feet in to the cramped sandal high heels spending a good five minutes working the tiny impractical straps through the buckles.

Finally he was able to brush his hair, don his cap and check himself in the mirror.

For the first time he was shocked. Before that moment he had been a man wearing inappropriate attire but now the image was very different. His slight frame filled the dress. The body shaper moulded his form, curving in around the waist before flushing out around the hips. The small pubescent breasts created by the body shaper filled out to more of a ‘b’ than an ‘a’ cup. He put his hand to his mouth and the image reflected it as a feminine girly movement. He slumped to the bed seeing the image of himself betray his masculine roots. His legs had splayed apart reflecting an ugly oafish display. He rose and sat down again, this time with his legs tight together and knees turned to one side. The movement was delicate and attractive. He nodded his head tumbling his long hair over his shoulder and practised pursing his lips.

The image was sexy. Once Sue and Tom freed him form his chastity belt he would be able to dress and turn himself on! He smiled. A new erotic experience. Yet another little victory for him over his wife and former boss.

He stood and sat down again disappointed at how the dress crunched about his hips spoiling the otherwise feminine gait. It took a few experiments before he realised how by simply flattening the palms down over his thighs he could push the dress down into a neat flat, more flattering image.

Feeling pleased with himself in his new, slightly higher heels, he walked downstairs experimenting with a rocking motion around his hips to make the skirt swish and turn about his hips. This was a fully loaded sexual experience!

But his pleasure was soon to evaporate away as he carried out his housework duties, (Sue had stipulated how the entire house had to be vacuumed in an hour and a half before his first coffee break!).

As he manoeuvred the awkward vacuum cleaner around the floors he seemed to be passing endless mirrors all reflecting back the same ridiculous image of him in his sundress, heels and hat.

By the time he came to his allocated mid morning coffee break his legs were aching from the heels and he was cursing how foolish he was being made to look. It wasn’t worth taking off the shoes as it took so long to strap them on so he settled on the sofa with the aim of putting his feet up on the coffee table.

He sat feeling the dress slide sensuously up the tights forcing him to sweep it tight against the backs of his thighs to hold it in position. Using the back of the skirt was proving more effective than pushing down from the front.

On the table lay the cause of his humiliation: the very article he had shown Sue about a wife being bullied. His hope had been to alleviate his own suffering yet somehow it had added to it!

He pulled the magazine article closer and studied it. “Jeez! How could she be so dumb?”

He crossed his heeled feet on the coffee table laying the magazine down in his lap. Right, this, had gone far enough! It was time to reclaim his job back from his wife and for her to do the housework. It was time to turn the clock back. Work during the week leaving golf, pool and horsing with the lads relegated back to the weekends. His gut twisted as he realised he would not be able to face any of his old friends again, or at least for a long time after they caught him doing the housework dressed as he was. He physically shivered at the thought of his so called friends telling the stories about how he was attired and his housework duties. And what the hell would they make of him dressed like this, in a sundress!

He arose feeling the dress cling to his tights so he brushed it flat at the front and then the back. It was at that moment he heard a key in the door. She was back! He would confront her immediately.

Marching in to the hallway he managed only to spout the name Sue before he stopped.

“Why Davy you do look a picture!” Tom laughed. David folded his arms under his budding breasts. “Where did you get a key to our house from?”

Staring at the key as if he had just noticed it Tom shrugged, as if it were obvious, “well you aren’t going anywhere in a hurry so Sue thought I should have your key.”

This man, his former boss was standing before him with a key to his residence. David felt violated. “You can’t just walk into someone else’s home like that.”

Shaking his head as if speaking to an imbecile Tom slowly spelt out, “my manager works from here. She supervises you, a member of my staff, here. This is now part of my office reorganisation. In other words you are in my office!”

What? David had listened to the cold logic knowing it to be wrong yet unable to work out why. Of course Tom was right. Yes David did work for Tom and Sue and yes this was an office for Sue. Yes, Sue was his manager and he was paid by Tom.

Suddenly Tom laughed. “Your cheeks have suddenly started glowing. You can’t be hot in that get up, it hardly covers you.”

“So you have come to laugh at me!”

“No,” Tom looked affronted, “no of course not. Congratulate you and Sue.”

“Eh?” David tugged self-consciously at the hem of the short dress.

“You are joint employees of the month!”


“Yes she wins a holiday for two in the sun as manager of the month, and you win a whole stack of stuff as most improved office girl of the month.”

A holiday for two! “I don’t follow. I don’t remember there ever being a manager of the month when I was there.”

“Well you were the only manager and you never won it. Get us a coffee, I’ll take it in here.”

David gritted his teeth as his boss pushed passed him in to the front room but his thoughts were lightened at the revelation regarding winning a competition. A holiday for two in the sun! There would have to be golf courses and he would be miles away from the ironing board and vacuum cleaner.

Moments later he presented the coffee on the silver tray as he had been instructed and stood back from Tom. “I suppose you are wondering why I am wearing this,” he laughed falsely. He held out his arms to reveal the flirty sundress.

Tom shook his head as he opened his brief case. “Nothing to do with me little Davy. What you do under Miss Aldridge’s supervision is a matter for her.”

“I’m not really under her supervision,” he pouted.

Tom caught his eye, staring hard, “I hope you are.”

“Well yes,” he skipped about in his heels before his boss, “in an office sort of way.”

Tom shook his head, “you office girls do whitter on. Nice legs though.”

David laughed at his bosses ‘joke’ until he realised Tom wasn’t laughing. Instead Tom let his eyes roll up and down his sundress and legs. Clearing his throat Tom firmly asked, “haven’t you got something to do? Beds to be made or something?”

David humphed. “The beds are made as a matter of fact. I’ve just got some ironing to do.”

“Then get on with it girl.”

“Girl? Tom look this is getting …” His bosses icy glare stopped him short but to make a point he flounced from the room without asking ‘if there would be anything more’.


Davy found ironing interminable. No sooner had a garment’s creases been flattened away than others would instantaneously appear. The basket of clothes awaiting ironing could have been a magician’s trick. No matter how hard he worked it never lessened.

It was at a moment of cursing a pair of trousers that grew wrinkles as fast he pushed the iron over them that Sue returned.

She stood inside the kitchen smiling at the sight of her industrious husband feeling all was well in the world so long as her staff were busy. She appraised her husband in the sundress, tights and heels before kissing him on both his cheeks.

“You don’t look too bad actually. You should have told me years ago.”

“Told you what?”

She ran her hands down the waist of his taut sundress before gripping his hips. “If you want to be coy about it then that’s fine by me. I suppose I should have known. But Davy if only you had told me before!”

“You know I don’t like being called Davy and I don’t know what you are going on about …”

Smiling she put her finger to his lips, “now, now, lets not have any answering back shall we? If you like dressing like this then I think I can live with it.”

“Actually I think you and I ..”

Tom bounced in to the hallway. “Sue!”

She raced out to him throwing her arms around his neck letting her boss hold her tight. David looked on feeling helpless and ashamed. Surely he should put a stop to this.

“Tom we have got a really big order from a factory out of town,” Sue gushed. “A business trip for forty executives flying to Berlin!”

He nodded he could hardly tell her he had set it up himself to enhance her sales figures. “See. You and your initiative will make this company a great success. And that’s why little Davy here has heard some good news which I am about to share with you.”

“Oh?” She looked eagerly to her husband by the ironing board then back up to her boss.

“Come with me. Davy fetch the champagne!” He announced before leading Sue by the hand into the front room.

Davy gritted his teeth. Fetch this, fetch that!

He took the heavy champagne bottle from the fridge and decided not to open it as Tom would certainly want to do that himself. He laid out three flutes on the tray but then removed one. He could not take anything for granted. Yet if he were ‘office girl of the month’ then surely he should share in the celebration? He put the glass back onto the silver tray and then closed a single eye in thought. On the other hand he could easily come back to fetch a glass if they would allow him to join them for a drink.

He put it back on the kitchen counter, discretion was the better part of valour and certainly better than another caning. Besides the revelation about the competition threw his confrontation plans into orbit. Maybe he could tolerate another week of this housework business if he was to get to enjoy a holiday in the sun. After all he could always deal with the two of them after the vacation. He smiled. I bet Tom never thought I would win the ‘office girl of the month’ competition!

He tapped on the door hearing his wife’s incessant giggling from beyond.

“Come in,” Tom called out.

Pushing the door wide open he entered immediately noticing how his wife sat tight up against Tom on the sofa. She was a giggling flustered mess, “I’ve never won anything before!”

Playing the part of the proud boss Tom took both her hands, “then it’s about time.”

Her husband banged the tray down on the table causing the glasses and bottle to rattle on the silver tray.

Surely they knew how mortified he felt dressed as he was whilst serving them? Worse he could see his boss holding his wife’s hands and he noted the way she looked up into his eyes like a bedazzled teenage lover.

Hoping they would spot the lack of a third glass he stepped back towards the door fearing he would be sent back to the ironing board.

“Tom you are so good to me,” Sue blushed, her cheeks growing pink.

“No my dear you are good to me. It is only right you are rewarded with this prize. The first time I have awarded such a high ranking prize.”

David cleared his throat, “so when do we get to go on this holiday?”

“We?” Tom stared at him. “How do you mean we?”

David smirked superiorly, “have you forgotten? My wife,” he emphasised ‘my wife’, “has won a holiday for two!”

“Not your wife. My manager! My manager of the month! I don’t see how that includes you.”

Self consciously Sue snatched back her hands from Tom’s grip and brushed her blond hair from her face. She looked anywhere other than at her pathetic husband. Inwardly she prayed ‘oh please don’t let him embarrass me’. How could he wreck this divine moment? She was successful and all that stood between her and more success was this silly airhead with too much to say.

“Ok your manager has won it, sure.” David conceded. “But it is for two isn’t it?”

Tom shook his head sadly. “Oh Davy I hope you haven’t got the wrong idea but I can hardly let a manager go on holiday with a mere office staff member. That would bound to lead to tongues wagging. You know what office girls are like.”

Gawping David looked to his wife for support but she was looking anywhere other than at him. “I don’t understand.” “Please try and use your head for once!” Tom sighed.

Sue tightly shut her eyes. How could he show her up like this?

Edging forwards Tom explained. “Look, imagine what the other office girls are going to say if you went with her? They’ll all be asking to be allowed to go them selves. Then where would I be?”

“Empty shops!” Sue cut in.

“Exactly,” Tom threw up his hands in exasperation. “I am glad someone is thinking around here.”

Davy felt he had been dropped into some Alice in Wonderland upside down world. What his former boss laid out was clear and logical yet somehow it was wrong. Sadly David could not work out why. Finally he spluttered, “but I am her husband!” he stamped his heeled foot into the carpet feeling the front of the sun dress flare up over his thighs.

Sue twisted on the sofa and exploded. “Now I trust you are not going to ruin my day with some display of petulance. Honestly! Not unless you want six more strokes!”

With satisfaction she noted her husband instantly closed his mouth and stared wide eyed at her. In front of Tom she had demonstrated her command of her staff and why she fully deserved the accolade of Manager of the Month.

“Anyway,” Tom announced, “I can’t free up office staff for two weeks at a time. I am not running a holiday camp.”

“This is crazy!” Davy pleaded. “Sue tell him.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Miss Aldridge you mean!”

“Uhm, yes, sorry, Miss Aldridge.” It was David’s turn to blush.

She span around to stare up at the masculine presence of Tom through her eyelashes. “Gosh do we really fly out tonight?”

“What?” David demanded. “We? Who is ‘we’ if it’s not you and me?”

“Well,” Tom sat back staring into middle distance. “I thought I could do with a bit of a break right now. So I’ll join her. Don’t worry it is separate rooms.”

Sue glared at her husband, “I hope you are not thinking what I think you are thinking!”

David slumped onto a nearby upright chair. “So what am I supposed to do while you two are away on holiday in the sun?”

Sue laughed gently. “Oh I wish office staff could think for themselves,” she stole a knowing glance at her boss to ensure he had heard her pointed remark. “You have golf and pool and all that drinking. You can do as you wish,” she briskly added, “so long as the chores are completed here.”

The sun came out in David’s mind. Of course! His plan had worked! He had finally achieved his goal though not as expected, but of course! With them both away he would have free run of the house. He had snatched back his life!

At long last all the indignities and pain had paid off and paid off big time. He had tricked his bimbo wife and got one over on his boss. He grinned, “I see. In that case I hope you both have a good time.” A tremor of sadness jolted Susan. Should her husband protest a little harder she wondered? It hurt her that he didn’t feel Tom would try to get her into bed. It felt like a betrayal. Did he not feel she was attractive anymore? Certainly Tom had made clear his feelings towards her. Ought her husband not be jealous or at least protective? Were not husbands supposed to be like gallant knights not silly airheads in need of a lot of time, attention and a firm hand?

She felt under valued in Davy’s eyes her anguish was shaken her suddenly realising David was about to speak again. Dread fell about her.

“And my prize?” David tilted back his head in pride, “you know as office girl of the month.”

Sue sat bolt upright. “Office girl of the month!”

Patting her hand Tom smiled, “no, no. Davy’s got it wrong again. Tabitha won that for services, er… let us say, beyond her work schedule. No. Davy here is ‘most improved office girl of the month’.”

Sue remained unconvinced.

“Look Sue, think about it. Under your firm guidance and managerial skills you have turned an idle good for nothing into a useful office girl.”

She smiled. “You think so? All down to me Tom?”

“Of course! As for your prizes Davy,” Tom thought carefully, eyes closed. “You have a hundred and fifty pounds voucher to spend in Natalie’s in town.”

“Natalie’s is a girls shop!”

“Davy!” Sue spat. “Don’t be ungrateful. It will enable us to kit you out properly now we know about your penchant for wearing dresses.”


“Great,” Tom immediately broke up the conversation by rubbing his hands ferociously and announcing, “so get some stuff packed Sue. You won’t need much. The prize includes holiday clothing I and Tabitha have carefully chosen for you. So passport, small bag and hey-ho let’s go!”

She kissed his cheek and with a final defiant glare at her husband stamped upstairs.


David rested his hands in the lap of his dress, he was getting used to the lack of pockets and the fact that he was compelled to sit up straight and elegant when wearing girls clothes. He thought through his plan of action for the next couple of weeks. In fact it was still only lunchtime, with a bit of luck he could join a new golf club, have lunch at their restaurant, maybe even get a few holes in before the light failed. Tomorrow would be different. Golf in the morning and then hit the bar in the afternoon.

It is often at moments of a great achievement, with the victor full of his own success that life rolls a black cloud into view.

So it was for David.

A black van crunched noisily up the drive stopping in front of the window casting a dark shadow over the room. When the diesel engine shuddered to a noisy stop silence descended. Even the birds were hushed. David stood up in his heels. “Who can that be?” Damn! Tom was anxious. They were here too early! That tramp Tabitha had probably given them the wrong time. He pulled back his head and shouted towards the ceiling. “Hurry up Sue the flight goes soon. Just take what you’ve got to hand! We need to move.”

David balanced on his toes to get a better view. “Who can this be?”

Footsteps banged down the stairs with a rustle of a small case. Tom swallowed as David walked to the window the sun silhouetting his curvy body through the sundress.

“Who on earth are they Tom?”

“Come on Sue.” Tom planted a hand firmly into her back propelling her to the front door.

David looked quizzically at his wife and boss. “Tom have they come for you?”

“Who? Oh them? Oh that’s two men I have hired to help with your training. You know, while we are away.”

With that they fled the room.

“Training? Tom? Wait.”

He raced to the hallway and clip clopped towards the door. He could see Tom running desperately across the drive to his Mercedes dragging Sue behind him. The gravel kicked up about them.

Reaching his front door the sight that greeted David sucked his breath away. For a moment the world was airless.

A woman was opening the rear van doors. For a moment he had to grip the door knob to help regain his senses to fully absorb the sight.

He was gob smacked.

The woman near the van door was incredibly striking; an elegant tall black woman with a sexy short neat hair style and cheek bones like hard boiled eggs. She must have been at least six foot, though the stiletto heeled, knee length boots over her body hugging, black leather jump suit made her look like a giantess.

As he studied her she turned to stare at him taking in his sundress and heels. She snorted with derision before wriggling out of sight to the front of the van.

The sight was so sexy his dick immediately swelled in his cage pushing painfully at the tiny metal bars that contained it.

Stepping back so he was hidden from the vision by the front door he shouted, “Sue, Sue. The key!” he pointed anxiously to his groin.

She smiled reaching into her handbag as Tom opened the passenger door of his car, continuously glancing over his shoulder at the giantess in leather.

David watched in horror as he saw Tom push his wife’s shoulders down until she was forced in to the car. The door was slammed shut as soon as she hauled her legs inside. Sue frantically wound down the electric window and handed Tom the key.

Her boss leaned in, breathing heavily as if he were frightened. “We must be quick. I’ll just explain everything to his trainers.”

Sue glanced passed him at the Amazon lifting down a heavy long bag that rattled metallically. She gasped as a blond, pale skinned female, every bit as tall as the black Amazon, wearing the same black leather garb, appeared from the driver’s side of the van. They could have been twins were it not they were so evidently different races.

She gripped her boss’s arm. “I don’t think I want them in the house with Davy, at least not alone, if you know what I mean. Too much temptation for him while I am away. Especially if he is free of his chastity belt. They are stunning.”

Tom shook his head, sweat appearing below his hairline. His plan was in danger of splintering. Sue was to know nothing at all about the Spick and Brander or what ever their names were nor about these fabulously sexy women they sent.

He would have to rely on Sue’s bimbo like inability to see beyond her pretty little nose. “Don’t worry darling.” He regretted using the word ‘darling’ but in his excitement it had sprung from his lips. “They are both lesbians, lovers I think. No I am sure. Lesbians. And as you know lesbians hate men with a vengeance.”

Sue’s shoulders relaxed. “Phew, that’s all right then. If you are sure. So long as my Davy is safe.”

“Oh yes, believe me. I’ll just give them Davy’s key.

With that he strode towards the van ostentatiously flashing the key for the alarmed David to see. David held out his hand but grew apprehensive when he saw that rather than bringing the key to him he had gone to see the girls at the rear of the van.

Smiling maliciously at David, Tom held the key at shoulder height so the sun caught it, but his own smile evaporated when the two women stood tall on their heels and glowered down at him.

“What’s your problem shit bucket?” the black woman demanded.

Tom swallowed, “oh nothing, nothing.” He found himself acting defensively. “I am just wondering where Spick and Brander are?”

The blond women glared at him with scorn. “Spiky and Brand arse hole. You are looking at them. What did you expect? The Spice Girls? Get it right.”

“Oh I see. You are Spiky and Brand!” Tom felt as if he had been struck by lightning. “I was expecting two men.”

It was the spark of sheer rage in the blonde’s eyes that had Tom blustering quickly on. “I mean can you handle a man?”

The black woman stepped forward so the amazons were now side by side. They had the menace and power of an entire army. They simply glared at him until he glanced away.

Tom laughed away his foolishness. “Why, yes of course you can. Tabitha told me what happened to her husband.” Suddenly he wanted to be a million miles away from these two formidable women. “Anyway here is the key to his chastity belt.”

The white girl sneered down at him, “you might as well melt it and shove it up your arse for the amount of use your boy’s gonna get from that key.”

“Oh yes of course,” Tom nodded, not used to being bested by other people. He looked back at Sue in the car waving timidly at him with fluttering fingers. “Yes. But you take it. You never know.”

Neither woman held out a hand to receive the key so he carefully placed it on the back ledge of the van where he froze. He took in the van’s interior lined with instruments the likes of which he had never seen before. He certainly recognised the over large dog cage folded down for travel, and the various whips and paddles, but several of the chains and manacles looked too small to go around a wrist or ankle.

He swallowed. “Now you understand what is needed here?” he asked desperate to seize the initiative from these dominant, powerful women.

“You’re not going to repeat yourself, are you boy?”

Tom ignored her unpleasantness by staring in to the truck at the instruments of torture, which had the added advantage of him not having to try and look her straight into the eye. “As I explained to Tabitha he is someone into forced feminisation and maid training.”

The black woman put her outstretched fingers under his chin, twisted his head around and raised his eyes to meet hers. “She told us! So piss off with your slut unless you want Spiky and me to fuck her for you.”

The blond white woman laughed. “She wouldn’t look twice at you after we’ve shown her our moves. Anyway, shit bucket, Tabitha said we’d find that he had already been caned? Yeh? We’ll check his arse right away. I don’t want to find out he’s some vanilla bloke you’ve set up. Arseholes have tried that before with us. ”

The black woman folded her arms, “and regretted it too. But don’t worry Spiky. Our sissy is already in a cute little dress. I’ve seen her. A chicken ready for plucking.”

Tom wiped the sweat from his forehead, “oh you’ll see lines on his bottom. From a caning. Honestly.”

“We give ’em an enema first anyway, so we better see cane marks on his sissy arse or you are in trouble. That’s trouble with a capital ‘T’.”

Tom laughed bravely. “Yes. Yes. So you will train him to be the perfect maid, keep him in a dress and get his hair sorted and ..”

“Do I look as stupid as you are?” Spiky stabbed at him with a long nailed finger.

“Err no, no. You look very clever actually,” he breathed deeply quickly adding, “beautiful and clever in fact. I would say you both looked smarter than ..”

“Before you dissolve into a pee ridden sweat puddle, just understand this: we got your instructions from our slut and we know how to deal with fairies like that.”

Tom nodded. “It’s just that it has to be forced. You know? I mean he will pretend that he …”

The black woman grabbed his chin with the grip of a gorilla, the nails slicing into his cheeks. “Shit bucket if you open your mouth again I’ll strip you, put you on a dog chain and take you for a walk around town.”

Spiky put her hand on her lover’s wrist, “careful Brand. He’s only paid us fifty percent up front.”

Brand nodded with an evil smile, “we could always take my doggy here for a walk past his favourite bank for a withdrawal”.

Spiky laughed and eyed Tom thoughtfully before glancing at the cloudy sky. “It’s a chilly day for a walk.”

Tom stared in opened eyed horror as Brand’s arm muscles flexed pushing him up onto his toes. “No, I’ll pay you both when I get back,” he squealed hoarsely, “plus a bonus!” Brand dropped him to his feet. “That’s better shit bucket.”

The blond pushed him hard towards the van. “Stay here. I just want a word with the slut in the car.”

Tom found himself pressed up against the side of the van. “Yes of course.” He swallowed as the Amazon in full leather walked towards Sue like a model with her backside having a motion all of its own.

Spiky cocked a finger indicating that the window be wound down.

Sue was devastated by the sheer otherworldly sexiness of this goddess and immediately obeyed.

“My friends call me Spiky,” She announced as she crouched down next to the door so their eyes were inches apart. “because of the way my hair stands up.”

Sue swallowed. “oh hi. I am Susan, Sue ñ err… well ñ Susan.”

“I’ll call you Suzie from now on.”

Sue giggled and flushed. “Thank you.”

“I gather your gonna spend some time with that waste of space over there.”

“Just a holiday really,” she apologised, shrugging her shoulders. “A week or so, you know.”

“Maybe when you get back you can join me at my place for dinner.”

“Er yes, why yes, please Miss Spiky, I would love that.”

For a moment Spiky simply appraised her catch and then as she rose on her tall heels said, “You get yourself an all over tan for me. Got it? All over.”

“I will, yes, please Miss Spiky.”

“See yer babe.”

“Yes, see you Miss Spiky.”

Sue found her self hypnotised by the sheer fluid sensual movement of this stunning woman as she wiggled so confidently, so deliberately away from her. Sue’s panties were soaked in a single gush.

Brand put her hands on her hips as if posing a for a fetish magazine shoot. “Is the slut as easy as she looks?”

Spiky sneered at the sweating Tom. “For me she is. For him, never. Just think shit bucket when you are working yourself up into a lather with your little dick doing overtime inside her, the slut will be thinking only of me. Got that?”

Tom nodded quickly.

Apparently satisfied Spiky stepped past him leaping with athletic agility into the rear of the van.

The black goddess leaned against the van next to Tom smelling his fear. Stroking his hair she whispered, “now fuck off. Spiky and me got work to do.” She turned to her colleague. “We’ll take the stocks in last that always terrifies ’em.” Spiky nodded. “True,” before looking back at Tom. “Didn’t you hear the lady? Fuck off with your tramp! I’ve got her nice and wet for you.”

“I think you think too much of yourself.”

Tom didn’t know where the words came from. One moment he had been released and he was free to go, the next he was issuing a challenge. If Tom ever thought about the dangers of testosterone fuelled debate, he would have done so right there and then.

Stopping in mid action as she arranged some wire netting Spiky smiled to herself and jumped down from the van. She smiled. “I like a challenge.”

Provocatively she snaked her way back to Sue who was pushing her hands deep between her legs and squeezing her thighs. She jumped out of her skin when the door was snatched open.

“Hey babe,” smiled Spiky. “Me and Brand have been thinking this over and we have decided you can stay with us if you like. I mean the decision is yours.” Spiky’s leather creaked as she bent into the car filling the space around Sue with presence and odours of leather and perfume. All at once a strange mixture of the masculine and feminine.

Sue gasped for air, “oh I don’t know, I’d like to. But you know Tom has taken so much trouble …”

“Tom,” sneered the blond. “Tom? As in Tom-cat? Is that his name?”

Sue giggled.

“That’s the way. You laugh at silly old Tom cat over there. I bet he’s planning to get into your knickers isn’t he?”

“Oh I really don’t know. I wouldn’t like to say …”

Spiky stroked Sue’s cheeks delicately with her long nails noting with satisfaction how Sue held her breath and closed her eyes. “Now are we really going to let silly old Tom-cat over there have his way with my pussy?”

Sue’s mouth flapped but no words emerged. Her panties were running wet. “I, er, er, I ..” she gasped.

“Of course not babe. Little Suzie wants to know more about Spiky, now don’t you? Eh?”

Sue had become a robot. A hand had firmly, but gently, led her out of the car. Suddenly she was standing on the gravel oblivious to the world about her. “Miss Spiky I really don’t know I …”

“Of course you don’t.” Spiky leaned close to her ear as she held Sue tightly to her taut leather clad body, “but you want to learn don’t you babe?”

“Yes, yes,” Sue gasped, her knees threatening to buckle beneath her. She was grateful for the strong support from the strong Amazonian woman.

“That’s the way. Now come and give us a hand. And you do as you are told. You got that?”

Sue was lost in what she would come to learn was ‘sub space’. Here her mind journeyed the universe and her mouth hung open as if the strings holding it up had snapped.

“Good slut.”

“Thank you Miss Spiky.” Tom watched the unfolding scene with a single thought: how could he escape this madness?

Noting how Sue walked as if she were drugged, her legs barely supporting her body he found his eyes straying to Spiky who stood perfectly tall, back ramrod straight, triumphant.

As she passed the terrified Tom she leaned towards him making him arch away from her. “Another one lost little Tom-cat.”

The boss of a small empire in a small part of the world suddenly felt his true worth as he watched his prize walk unsteadily out of sight around the rear of the van and out of his life.

Suddenly Brand was towering before him again. “Why are you still here?” She held up a pair of wrist and neck shackles with one hand. “Perhaps you do want a little exercise. Woof-woof. Spiky? Did you say Tom-cat, I reckon puppy-dog.”

Tom dribbled in fear, his head so frozen he could not even shake it.

The black woman then held up her other hand containing a V shaped leather belt with a dildo pointing from its front. “You could play with some of my toys.”

He saw the ‘toys’, he saw her white toothed grin and narrowing eyes and he looked across at the safety and security of his lovely Mercedes.

He ran so fast, his feet could barely keep traction on the shifting gravel.

Without closing the door properly or pulling on his seat belt Tom spun his saloon down the drive faster than a formula one racing car. For a long minute the roar of the Mercedes engine could be heard around the countryside until it finally faded away to nothing.

Silence. No traffic, no birds.

“Shame,” sighed Brand.

Spiky rubbed her leather clad back, “don’t worry darling. We have plenty to occupy ourselves with here. Besides, he’ll be back.”

Brand nodded and sighed. “He would have looked so good on the end of a leash with a …”

“Don’t torture yourself with might have beens.” Spiky laughed. “Let us concentrate on what is. Anyway have you seen this slut?”

Brand looked in the back of the van at Sue who knelt, staring lustily back at them, her eyes dropping with need.

Brand’s face brightened. “You’re right, in life there is always something to look forward to.”


Meanwhile David remained hidden in the hallway smiling at his new found freedom. He had seen Tom leave without his wife and concluded Sue had come to her senses at long last. He would forgive her eventually of course, but tonight he would give her a hard time. Reassert himself as ‘man of the house’. After that, there would be time for golf and pool and booze.

His only problem was a minor one: those strikingly beautiful women who thought they were going to train him. First of all he would laugh off his fancy dress costume, ‘doesn’t work. I’ll go as a cowboy or something.’ Then before they could start their lessons about chores he would tell them how he was resigning. Of course they would feel bad for him and be very sympathetic. He knew how women could be manipulated by big eyes and a few tears. Then he would be firm with them and order them from his house. Women always bent a knee to a firm man taking command.

Yes his plan was going to work out after all!

Just then a heavy crash made him jump. A leather bag of chains and metal tent poles had been flung at his feet. The two giantesses filled the doorframe blocking out the daylight.

Right, he thought, time to explain the situation to these two girls. Set them straight. He cleared his throat …

The End.


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