The Hotel Transform

Welcome to Deborah Ford’s The Hotel Transform



To enter here you should be …


Over 18

Interested in Adult only content

Have an interest in sissies, cuckolds, chastity, well written fiction and pix concerning these areas

You may fall under one of the following groups …


Submissive female, sissy, male, boi

Dominant male, female


Else if you aspire to be blond, dumb, be forced into chastity and have your bottom spanked then please continue

But be sure to carry an extra large bottle of smelling salts and a lace handkerchief to wave for help



The Hotel does not accept any responsibility for an airhead sissy ending up permanently in chastity with your wife’s love owning the keys to your chastity device. If you are unhappy with your treatment then please ask your wife’s lover, as politely as you can, for a chat where by you can discuss his arrangements for you. His view is final.



If you know what you are getting yourself into the please continue

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10 thoughts on “The Hotel Transform

  1. Ohh my god! I’m so glad you’re back. I love your writing. Have you ever thought of collaborating with Xavier Duvet? A full length graphic novel of The Hotel or At Your Service would be AMAZING!

  2. If you haven’t already found him the website is Or there is loads of his stuff on Lustomic.


  3. Deborah,

    I am delighted to have found your site. “Bunny Trap” has the best thought out protagonist in our odd little genre and “If You Must” is the gold standard. I’m relieved to see “Exposed” was added and hope “When You Awake” will show up soon.

    Anyway, thanks for going to the trouble of making your work available.


    1. I am pleased to hear how much you enjoyed those stories and thank you for the wake up call on “when You Awake”. I will dig it out of the draw and put it up here very soon.

      I am wondering how many other stories I have forgotten to post.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share your comment.


  4. I have long been a fan of yours Deborah, having read all your stories over and over ….
    You bring to your work so many details and insights into the lives of your characters
    bringing them truly to life. If you have any more ‘lying around’ then please share
    them with us.

    1. I think I have now posted all the stories from the fictionmania days but if you or anyone can think of any others please let me know. I am currently working on a story but dotn expect it to be posted until september. Thank you for your kind remarks.


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