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“Bet you thought twins would be fun didn’t you. Easy. You silly little mind didn’t realise that two of us can easily over power you. We are going to remove everything in your house. All your furniture, everything. Including all your clothes, down to your last sock. Of course we will leave you something to wear for when the police get here. When they find you all chained up. We thought a full set of lingerie and …. a nice dunce cap strapped to your head. How about that?”

The women giggle.

“I can’t wait to see you on the TV news tomorrow!”



“You did say I should do what he wants. So you only have your self to blame.”

She is now laughing as she continues.

“He said he wanted you gagged, cuffed, and chained to the radiator.”

You try speaking around the gag, but it is stuffed so hard in your mouth that only muffled grunts emerge.

“Oh, just look at you, blushing like a school girl. Is that because of the lingerie you are wearing? Hmmm? Or maybe it’s because of that tight cock cage you are are locked in.”

She checks her watch.

“He said he’d be here in two minutes, and you know what he’s like. What he says he does. Like real men do.”

She giggles, putting her fingers to her lips. “Oh you shouldn’t squirm like that.”

She makes to leave the kitchen when she stops as if she has just remembered something.

“Oh, by the way. He asked me how many keys you have for your chastity cage. I said two. I know it’s two because we unpacked the box together. I wonder why he wants to know.”

She gasps theatrically. “Oh my! You don’t think it’s because he is going to tell me to hand them over do you? I mean both keys!”

She pokes her tongue into her cheek, her grin filling her face.

You didn’t know she could be so dominant.

“Oh, you’ve stopped wriggling! You look terrified. Oh don’t worry, I won’t give them to him. That would be cruel.”

The door bell chimes, demanding to be answered.

“Oh my. Right on time. A man of his word!”

She opens the kitchen door into the hallway but pauses. When she turns she has an exaggerated concerned expression.

“Oh dear. If he asks me to hand over your keys then I cannot say no, can I? Because you said I should do what ever he says.” She holds up the tiny keys, seeing his eyes grow wide. “Still maybe he won’t ask for them. Eh?”

The doorbell sounds again, this time impatiently.

“Oh my. I best hurry. I know he wants to see you before we go to the bedroom, so behave!”

Seconds later there is the sound of a deep voice in the hallway followed by a  squeal and giggles.








“No, complaining Honey!”

He pouts in his lingerie, so she settles beside him on the bed and ruffles his newly dyed hair.

She knows he needs reassurance during this difficult moment.

She speaks softly, “So come on Honey, you agreed to all this.”

“But Miss, I didn’t know he’d take it this far!”

“You signed the contract and gave him the keys to your,” she paused, blushed a little and rubbed his little chastity cage.

“I don’t think I agreed to this though,” his eyes grow damp with tears as he indicates the plastic bag behind him.

Giving him a peck on the cheek, she says, “I think you did.”

He crunches up his fists, “But that was when I was excited. He got me aroused. And then I’ll say anything.”

She laughs, “You and me both, Honey. He’s good at doing that to us.”

Still sitting he twists around on the bed. “Yes, but that’s fine for you.”

He sees his wife narrow her eyes with irritation so he bows his head.

Then he had no more arguments.

She keeps her voice at a gentle tone, “You agreed, Honey, to put the last of your men’s underwear into a bin liner for him to collect.”

He closes his eyes, “I wish I hadn’t, Miss.”

“And you agreed to wear whatever garment he sent you and then take a pic of yourself in front of the bin liner you are going to hand to him.”

He batted his eyes at her, his chin down on his chest, “But it makes me feel so defeated. So vulnerable. So owned.”

She smiles and kisses him on his nose. “I know.”

Her tongue touches her top lip. Suddenly she is aroused. Her alpha male has dominated them both – thoroughly. There’ll be no way back for Honey now, and therefore, no escape route for her. He owned them both.

“Perhaps Miss,” he said, his eyes blinking quickly, “Sir will give me back my clothes in a few days. You know, once he’s made his point. Don’t you think?”  He grows excited, more animated. “Oh, and give you the keys to my chastity cage!”

She laughs, how can he be so dumb? Once her lover  owns them, he won’t release them until he tires of them.

“I’m sure you’re right, Honey.”

She strokes his hair.

“So be a good girl,” she says, “and do as he has instructed you. You need to picture yourself wearing his present with your old clothes in the background. Go on, be a big girl.”

He smiles bravely and sniffs up the tears.

“Yes Miss. Now I know it is only a game and he will return them, I’ll do as he has instructed.”

He straightens his arm, a moment of manoeuvring the camera later, the flash goes off.

Oh My God, she thinks, it is happening.

She can barely breathe as she says quietly, “So send it to him. You know he wants to see it.”

“Yes Miss.”

He busies himself with the camera and then looks at her as if he has achieved something.

“Oh Miss, I bet he lets you have the keys this afternoon!”

She laughs and cuddles her dumb arsed, sissy maid.


Club Zero Nine revisited.


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With a tiny white, cotton handkerchief from Thailand, Miss Richter dabs  the tears of the dumb sissy lying before.

“Now, now. You mustn’t let yourself get upset, Mia.”

“I hate my name and I hate all this. It’s all horrible.”

In an instant the psychiatrist’s face flips from being sympathetic to dangerously server.

Mia gasps, “Oh sorry, Miss Richter. I meant to add Miss, honestly. I really did. I rarely forget.”

The psychiatrist nods, as if understanding.

“It’s just your hormones my dear. Sissies often feel them in their second week at the Club Zero Nine.”

Miss Richter’s Germanic accent is hardly comforting.

“You see, that’s exactly it, Miss Richter. We agreed to just one week,” Mia frowns. “In fact, it was actually just five days. A five day course on being a maid for my Mistress. Then, of course,” she rolls her eyes, “that silly Bull wades in and starts sorting out stuff and it all goes wrong.”

The sissy shakes her head, feeling her blonde curls tickle her cheeks until, with a shock she remembers:

“Miss Richter!”

He gazes at her in helpless horror.

“Hmm,” Miss Richter says as she taps out words on her pc screen, which is hidden from Mia. “I’ll ask one of your teachers to give you a little canning.”

Mia groans. “Aw, please Miss Richter. I get spanked every day, at least three times. And I am not really naughty.”

Miss Richter’s brilliant blue eyes are fixed on the screen as she adds a second comment.

“I’m sure you are my dear.”

She turns to face him, her steely glare making Mia’s mind go blank with worry.

“So, tell me, Mia, if a silly little girl is being spanked three times a day, and sometimes more, from what I have seen, would you say she is a good girl,” her voice lowered in pitch, “or a naughty girl.”

Mia has learnt enough to know there is always just one answer expected of the sissies to any questions ‘adults’ ask of them.

She clears her throat, “a naughty girl, Miss.” Suddenly the sissy’s eyes are wide open. “Oh Miss, you won’t tell Mr Horton, will you?”

“Silly girl,” she smiles, “what happens between you and your psychiatrist at the Club Zero Two, stays in my notes. Doctor sissy  confidentiality.”

Mia giggles, as she has been taught when being called silly, though more from a release of tension than finding any humour.

Miss Richter sits her small frame back in the large leather chair and smiles. How dumb are these sissies? Of course, she would tell her owner whatever information the owner askes for. It was just that most guys were happy to be at home shagging the hot wife of the sissy. What happens at Club Zero Nine doesn’t enter their heads. So long as hubby is busy and being trained to be useful, then they don’t give a damn.

“Mr Horton can be really horrible, Miss.” He inhales deeply knowing he mustn’t say anything negative about the man they call his owner. “I mean, not horrible. Horrible to me. I mean not … erm … you know, he wants to improve my behaviour … and ..”

“Oh, do stop your inane jabbering, silly girl. Your owner wants what’s best for you, that’s all. I’m sure you are very grateful for the time and trouble he devotes to your education.”

“Please Miss Richter …”

He rubs his white panties, on full display as he has had his schoolgirl uniform removed by one of the teachers, leaving him in his sexy lingerie.

“Mr Horton hasn’t let me out of the chastity cage for weeks. I was locked for over a week before I got here. It’s not fair!”

“Mr Horton wants to see you get two As in your lessons. Now is that so difficult? Your dancing is a B plus and your secretary skills are now a B.  You have improved your posing and appearance.”

He rubs his white stockinged thighs together, closes his eyes and moans.

“Oh God. I’d do anything to cum, Miss. Anything.”

She pats his naked thigh above his white lace stocking top.

“Good girl. What an eager little slut you are turning in to.”

His voice comes from deep down his throat.

“Thank you, Miss Richter.”

Her hand slides over his silky flesh to his pristine white panties, running a finger over the unforgiving steel chastity cage beneath the lace.

He arches his back, pushing up his hips, still groaning.

She feels her own pussy dampen.

“My, my, a real eager slut.”

“Yes, Miss Richter.”

Now the normally cool, experienced psychiatrist suddenly feels breathless, as if the air has been sucked from the room.

“What are you, girl?”

“An eager slut, Miss Richter.”

She watches the sissy’s facial reaction mirror her own for sexual need. His head lolls back on the couch, mouth wide open, saliva on the pink glossed lips.

With her free hand she pulls her phone from her bag at her feet.

“You’re a dumb, eager slut, what are you?”

“I’m a dumb eager slut, Miss Richter.”

“You’re a dumb, eager slut who needs  a firm hand, aren’t you?”

“Oh God, yes Miss Richter.”

“Then say it, you dumb fuck.”

“Yes Miss Richter, I’m a dumb, eager slut who needs a firm hand.”

She has trouble steadying the camera on her phone with her free left hand. She is far too involved in how her right hand is playing along the delicate frilly top near the B boobs, before descending down to the naked smooth tummy and on again to the pantied chastity cage.

The image on the screen comes in to focus.

“Now be a good girl and tell Mr Horton what you are.”

“I’m a …”

Miss Richter is having trouble getting air into her lungs, but manages to bark, “no slut. Open your eyes. Tell the camera.”

“Yes, Miss Richter.”

The blue eyes half open, the irises barely able to see. Lust is all.

“Please Mr Horton, I am a dumb, eager slut, who needs a firm hand.” He pauses, not really present, before adding, “please.”

The eyes flick shut.

Miss Richter stops the recording and leans back. Fuck she will need one of the more experienced sissies to come up and give her a good licking.

Mia presses her fingers down to her crotch, feeling the emptiness, now Miss Richter’s hand has been withdrawn. He looks at her wantonly.

“Time’s up,  sissy.” The shrink needs to collect herself and closes her eyes. “We’ve been through a great deal, and I hope you have learnt a lot.”

He sits up slowly, like a toy being pulled upright.

“Miss Richter, that video,” he licks his shiny pink lips, his eyes still half closed with need. “You won’t show Mr Horton, will you? Or my wife?”

Suddenly she is perfectly sane. Her mind once more cold and precise.

“Wife?” She laughs, cruelly. “You are a dumb, air headed sissy. You have a Mistress, and an Owner. Now run along like a good girl.”

Mia is in shock. He is feeling the erotic charge of standing in his heels.

“But please, Miss Richter. I promise to be good.”

Oh, the relentless joy of seeing a  dumb sissy, helpless and lost, in total need of her protection.

She smiles, but it is an ugly, nasty smile. A smile of sheer cruelty.

“Oh, you’ll be good, little girl, Mia. And one day I’m going to have you all to myself. Maybe for a night. Maybe for a weekend. And we’ll see how good you can be. Now go!”

What the Bull wants …


Mature Lesbian Bondage Lingerie | BDSM Fetish

Ive had a guts full of you two bitches telling me what you’d like done to you. Now we’ll do it my way. And I’m not gonna hear any complaints or I’ll put you both out in the front garden and you can explain it all the neighbours after I ungag you!”


“So who’s first?”