I have not recommended Locked in Lace for quite a while. In fact I have been way too long in not mentioning an amazing website for those of a certain disposition.


Unlike my messy website it is superbly thought out so that even the dumbest of sissies will be able to find their way around it.

It features stories, classes, interactive stories and forums all that will appeal to readers of this site.

Some of the interactive stories are actually based on The Hotel, my early story so they may well entice you.

For example today is a brand new role playing group:


It is run by the dominant Melissa who has been very supportive of my writing going back, like forever.

And you will love her section for forced fem stories

Please check out Drinking Games, which is one of the best ever written.


WARNING Obviously you may not wish to end up like the terrified sissies in the photograph so please be wary of the classes.

Incidentally, that pic is taken from:





New stories! In fact a little library

Sasha Davison wrote many fine stories for Fictionmania and then dropped out of sight. I am simply preserving her wonderful tales.

If Sasha , or anyone who knows her could let her be aware of their publication lest she is unhappy at their publication outside of Fictionmania.

I rate her stories highly because of the believable, tummy tingling psychology driving them forward.



Michael’s work place dynamics change rather drastically.

Husband/maid persuades wife to take him to a fetish club. Wife leaves with more than she expected too

Vanessa finds a new way to keep her husband/maid’s mind on the job.

Martin gets caught in his ex-girlfriends underwear. First part


There is also a follow up to Out of the Way written by Michelle Miller

Club Zero Nine is FREE on Kindle

For just 48 hours, Club Zero Nine is free on Kindle.

You do not have to fill out any forms and worry that the Club will kidnap you and force you to train as an obedient maid. It is so simple to obtain that even a wannabe dumb blonde can simply download and start reading.

But, be warned, it is only free for a short while.

Palmer’s Education

Palmer’s Education – new Deborah Ford

The very latest Deborah Ford tale of a silly headed sissy, his lovely wife and a devious Bull.


Having talked his gorgeous wife, Katie into role playing cuckoldry with bulls, Palmer finally discovers a man who encourages his sissy nature. The confident Alpha Male, Ryker talks an already eager Palmer into enlisting in the High Wood Lyceum of Improvement. Palmer is won over at the idea of being indulged in his sissy and chastity fetishes for a few days.

Overwhelmed by his kinky impulse, Palmer fails to see himself walking headlong into a series of traps. With every step he takes, the doors thump shut behind him as the school’s Miss Harding insists on total immersion for her pupils. Even at home Palmer is relentlessly treated by his wife and her lover as a naughty schoolgirl who must do his homework to avoid further punishment.

Meanwhile the school effortlessly educates him in all aspects of being an obedient, sexy sissy ready to graduate into a new world of servitude.


Should be on Amazon Kindle shortly, soon after 26th April 2020.


Thank you for all the encouragement readers of my books have shown, Deborah Ford. XXX


Additional info on sources used in my Promo Video

Someone asked about the other sources used in the video, so here they are

Firstly chastity. I mixed 2 separate chastity devices together:

The picture is from Fancy Steel, who do a variety of expensive but unique chastity devices including this one for sissies. It locks away a male’s equipment but leaves it appearing to have the classic ‘camel toe’ appearance of tight girls panties.

The remote control idea is taken from QIUI remote control chastity and CellMate remote control chastity. I believe they are the same unit and have the control features mentioned in the video. So, a sissy puts on the CellMate, uses the phone App to lock it. Then he is locked until released. If the user puts a time limit, say 1 hour, then the user is locked for that period – and there is no way of unlocking it until the time is up. The devilish part is that someone with the same App, once given the authority, can lock the device even from the other side of the world. The user is then dependent up on the ‘keyholder (though there is no key) unlocking it when he or she feels it right to do so.


The instructions and pages ares actually in English

Secondly Shock Collars: