“Property of Harding Ltd.” Part Seven

“Property of Harding Ltd.”

Deborah Ford

Part Seven

The deportment room is the size of a large modern office with an array of desks and chairs. There are even windows with drawn blinds despite the fact they are deep underground.

As Danni and Lizzie enter Miss Carter is engrossed in an intense conversation with a very thin, long faced blonde who is even taller than Miss Carter. Daniel guesses she must be six foot before wearing the six inch heels of her knee length boots. The tall blonde wears the same black, high waisted hotpants uniform of the other dominant women. She listens to her colleague with a sneer on her lips.

They break off as soon as they see the white girls, with shy trepidation, enter.

Miss Carter mocks them with an “about time, girls!”

The sneer on the tall blonde’s face snakes up her face as she hungrily eyes the girls up from toe to hair.

“This is Miss Emerson girls. Say hello girls”

Daniel and Lizzie whisper a soft “hello.”

Tutting, Miss Carter shakes her head. “Manners young ladies. Say hello Miss Emerson I am pleased to be able to serve you.”

Daniel swallows, desperate to please this tough work master. “Hello Miss Emerson I am pleased to be able to serve you.” He hears Lizzie saying the words slightly after him like a sweet echo.

“Hmmm,” Miss Carter says, wholly unimpressed. “As you can see Miss Emerson we have a great deal of work to do with these two bimbos.”

Raising her eyebrows high up her long forehead Miss Emerson nods. “So I see Miss Carter.”

Suddenly Miss Carter’s demeanour totally changes. She saunters over to a frightened Lizzie with a mischievous grin, patting her palms together as if applauding. “So you have been fed girl? Or so I hear.”

Lizzie turns bright red. “Please Miss I ….”

“Turn around!”

Lizzie twists around and Miss Carter checks the little black book near the top of her bottom and giggles. “Oh my, and you were good at it too.”

Lizzie spins on her heels her face fire engine red, her eyes wide like a child’s. “What does it say?” She demands.

Miss Carter slides a long cane from the inside of her boot flicking it at the frightened girl’s thigh. “You girl,” she says in time with the beating, “will never, ever know.”

Lizzie rubs at her thigh and cries. “I hate this place. I hate you. I hate everything. I hate my name. I hate my collar. I hate …”

Miss Carter grabs Lizzie’s jaw and twists. The red head’s face becomes hard and powerful with her eyes lighting up malevolently.

“Well, may I suggest slut you get used to your collar because it’s never coming off. You will learn to love it else it will be hard for you. As for your name I can change it to ‘Slut’ if you wish. Would you like that? Or ‘Cunt’?”
She shakes the weeping strawberry blond until she hears a tearful response, “no, no thank you Miss Carter.”

She flicks the girl away. Poor Lizzie staggers backwards tripping over her heels and landing hard on her bottom.

Miss Carter immediately advances on Daniel who makes to step backwards until the cane whips across his nylon clad thigh. “Don’t you back away from me sissy.”

He raises his palms. His body is shaking. “No, Miss Carter, sorry Miss Carter.”

“What about you sissy? You have any complaints?”

“No, no. None at all!” He swallows. “Really!”

“Oh? What about your name, Danni?”

“I like it Miss Carter.”

“Good. And what about me?”

“I er, I, erm, I like you too.”

Miss Carter smiles. She is now standing so close to him her breasts are around his mouth his panic striken eyes staring up at her. She runs a finger about his collar. “And what about your collar?”

“I like it Miss.”


“Oh yes Miss.”

Miss Carter laughs. “Oh sissy, I could play with you all day.” She locks eyes on Daniel as she addresses her colleague. “You know what Miss Emerson? I think we have two office girls who are going to become very popular.”

Miss Emerson sneers at them, her face is cold and harsh. “I will ensure that Miss Carter, thank you.”

“Indeed. I will leave you to it. I hope they earn their tan coloured uniform quickly. We are bit short of tramps like these upstairs.”

Miss Carter holds out her hand as she passes Daniel letting her fingers run up his groin and over his breasts. She whispers, “you are going to be soooo much fun Sissy.”

She then slaps his arse hard, laughing as she leaves.

As the door closes Lizzie and Daniel look fearfully to each other and then at the impervious Miss Emerson.

Lizzie sniffs. “Please Miss Emerson. If this is a joke may I go now?”

Daniel’s courage is enhanced as he hears Lizzie’s pleading. “Please Miss Emerson. It is all a mistake. I would like to leave too.”

A spiteful smile slides across Miss Emerson’s long face. “I tell you what girls I will take you to the exit if you can prove to me you can learn your lessons. How about that?”

Lizzie and Daniel exchange a “shall we?” look before giggling enthusiastically, “yes Miss Emerson.”

An hour and a quarter later Daniel is lying on his back across a small office desk. His legs are splayed apart in the air. Tears are dribbling down the side of his head.

“Yow!” He squeals.

The cane cuts the inside of his thigh. He has learned not to touch the point of searing pain. Miss Emerson doesn’t approve of either them rubbing their sore flesh.

“Please Miss Emerson I am so sorry!”

The tall blonde’s long face grows scornful. “Oh? But the question I am asking is does that hurt sissy?”

“Yes, yes,” he sobs.

Lizzie stands with her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide with terror.

“Does it hurt more than your heels?”

“Oh yes, yes Miss Emerson. Much more.”

“So will my sissy ever complain about her feet aching from wearing heels again?”

“Oh no,” he shakes his head flicking the tears about his face. “Never again.”

Miss Emerson looks down at his forlorn face as she strokes his new hairstyle. “You sure sissy?”

“Oh yes Miss Emerson.”

“But you were just saying you couldn’t walk another step in your heels. I heard you.”

Through the blurring tears he sees her icy blue eyes staring down at him.

“Did I? I won’t again Miss Emerson. Oh never again.”

“Really sissy? What about,” She wrinkles her nose in thought. “I know. When you have been on duty since seven and you finish your shift but then have to serve in the restaurant until midnight?”

“Oh no Miss Emerson. I won’t complain about my heels.”

“That is because you were mistaken weren’t you?”

“”Oh yes Miss Emerson.”

“You thought your shoes were hurting when they weren’t right?”

His legs waver to and fro, he is desperate to stroke his sore thighs. She has beaten him four times on the insides of each of his legs.

“Yes that is right Miss Emerson. I was mistaken.”

“Aww, poor sissy. You cannot help being a bimbo can you?”

“Oh no Miss Emerson I cannot.”

“Tell your slutty pal here exactly that.”

Sniffing up some tears and coughing he looks to the still shocked Lizzie. “Please Lizzie I cannot help being a bimbo.”

“Oh come now sissy. I could barely hear you. Speak loudly and clearly to your slutty friend.”

Clearing his throat, he says, “I cannot help being a bimbo.”

“Now say it three times. But each time you say it I want you to listen to the words. Hear the meaning in the sounds.”

He feels the punishment is over and nods eagerly. “I cannot help being a bimbo,” he says with relief. He finds himself obeying her instruction of listening to the words. He hears how he cannot even help being a bimbo. It feels true yet soul destroying.

He repeats the line aware how the degrading words burn into his consciousness. “I cannot help being a bimbo.”

Suddenly he starts crying again. His last rendition is broken with weeping. “I cannot help being a bimbo.”

“Excellent sissy. Get your whoring arse off my desk. Now!”

“Yes Miss Emerson.” Half rolling he drops to the floor before rising stiffly to his full height.

“Turn around sissy.”

“Yes Miss Emerson.” He pirouettes around so his back is to her. He can feel his little black book being raised and opened. The pen is drawn out.

“I trust Lizzie is not prying into another girl’s black book while I make notes?”

Behind Miss Emerson Lizzie glances up at the ceiling to fix her eyes on the tiles. “No Miss Emerson.”

Danni can hear her jotting words across paper. What is she writing?

“There done.”

He feels a firm pat on his bottom and he turns around. Behind him, above his sticking out arse is a book in which she has written comments about him.

His mouth goldfishes at her.

“What is that sissy? You would like to know what I have said? Well if another manager wishes to tell you then I am sure you will thank them.”

“Please Miss Emerson …” he mutters. He stands one knee slightly before the other, chin up, elbows in as per his ‘standing training’.

“Fingers more stretched sissy.”

“Yes Miss Emerson.” He raises his fingers so they stick out at 90 degrees from his body, as he has been schooled.

“Elbows in more. That’s it. Now were you going to ask something sissy?”

For a long moment he looks at her in terror. “Please Miss Emerson may I know what you wrote?”

She strokes his cheek with a lopsided grin on her face. “Aw poor sissy. No. You are a mere office girl now.”

He stares in horror at the floor then weeps again. From the pain inside his thighs and the sheer humiliation of being so helpless and used.

Once Miss Emerson is satisfied the deportment lessons continues. She takes them into a dance practice studio, roomy and lined with mirrors. The floorboards are bare and polished though not slippery under Daniel’s high heeled boots.

The reflections in the mirrors are erotic. The two girls clad in skin tight sexy shorts and blouses with high heels, all in white save for Daniel’s flesh coloured tights appear like dreams from a men’s magazine.

“Our girls must take great care in their posture and manner, and sissies are girls here,” she snaps at Daniel who nods quickly. “Our girls are never in a hurry unless commanded to be so or in an emergency. But if your life doesn’t depend on getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’ then you walk gracefully. Let me show you.”

With that Miss Emerson leans back and languidly wiggles up and down before them, talking all the while. “You see girls, horrible smelly men lean forward when they walk, while women pull themselves forward with their lower extremities. Observe. Even you slut as your posture needs improving.”

Lizzie gasps a “yes Miss Emerson.”

“Follow me girls and keep your eyes on the mirror in front, never to the side. If girls look to the side they pause, slow down, like this.” She dawdles elegantly before the mirrors studying her sexy form in all black. “No sudden stop and stare. You are not men. Learn to walk slower. Girls meander and browse a lot.”

She casts a wary eye over her two charges. And nods. “Very good. Now if you are fortunate to find yourself before a mirror then make the most of it. That’s it. Casually study yourselves. Are those tights wrinkled? Are your zips and buttons fastened? Is the lipstick right, has the eyeliner faded? So off we go again and watch my hips.”

Daniel has already noted how her hips are slighter than the previous Misses but her bottom is pert and appealing. It is a pleasure to fix his eyes on her rolling form.

So off they go, Miss Emerson leading the line, followed by Lizzie and then Daniel doing his best to get it right. But he already is aware of his buttocks protruding out through his tight shorts and wiggling with every step.

“One foot in front of the other. You are not bricklayers stomping around with feet apart. Make that arse wiggle!”

Daniel gasps. He can see Lizzie’s walk morph into that of a sexy model on the catwalk. A gentle rolling like Miss Emerson’s bottom. He realises as he walks in a straight line with his boots constantly moving inwards, his hips are forced outwards in the opposite direction. Every thigh over thigh movement rubs his nylon clad legs together. This is so erotic! Even the aching between his rubbing thighs adds to the eroticism. He feels precum dampen his knickers.

“Oh no, no, no! Perfectly dreadful!” She claps her hands. “Do I need to fetch my cane?”

“Oh no Miss Emerson,” they chorus.

The last thing he wants now is another beating.

“Ok stand still and face the mirror, both of you. Quickly. That’s it. Now listen carefully. You can practice this in your rooms tonight. Bend your left knee and at the same time push your left hip out. Good girls. I know it feels silly but listen carefully. Now straighten the left knee as you bend the right knee thrust the right hip out. That’s it. Now repeat. Good girls. Good. It may feel silly at first but believe me after a few days here you won’t be able to walk any other way.”

Lizzie giggles.

Miss Emerson humphs. “And Lizzie what do we find so amusing? Please share with the rest of the class.”

Lizzie blushes. “Well sissy here Miss Emerson. He won’t be able to walk like a man again.”

Daniel gasps at both her thought and the delight she has in saying it.

“He never could in fact girl. You just worry about your own position and movement.”

He feels his tummy tingle. Not be able to walk any other way? But what about when he takes his wife and daughters home? He knows she is only saying this to frighten him but there is something offhand about her manner. As if it is not a joke but matter of factly serious. It is just going to happen.

His eyes return to his reflection as his silky thighs rub like clockwork over each other. The hips ballooning out in each direction like a pendulum. Oh my god, he is going to cum in his underwear. He feels the pressure building but as his little dick cannot erect he cannot satisfy himself. Another uncomfortable, cold, gooey mess is pumped between his silky thighs.

Miss Emerson claps her hands three times very quickly. “Now girls stand still but facing the mirror.” She tuts. “Can you see the problem?”

Daniel and Lizzie share a concerned doubtful look.

“Shoulders girls, shoulders! How can you look girly and elegant if you don’t know how to stand. Ok. Pay attention. Stand straight and place hands at your sides. Good. That’s it. Now turn your palms to face out so your little finger is against your leg. Good. Now keep your arms and shoulders still but just gently twist the arm below the elbow so the hands turn back in. Good. Any time you are unsure of your posture just perform that little trick. After all girls you don’t want to look like a lorry driver in heels do you?”

Lizzie giggles a no Miss Emerson but Daniel is staggered.

He stares wide eyed at the reflection of the cute submissive girl he sees staring back. He had wondered all his life how to appear feminine. He could dress, try the make up, put on the wig but it never looked right. But now the reflection appeared one hundred per cent female. It was his deportment. Without the correct posture all the best clothes in the world wouldn’t make him look right.

“We must practice these little exercises often. Now walk towards the mirror without moving your shoulders. Try it.”

As if mesmerised Daniel sets off towards the mirror. For a moment he is the illusion of girlyhood then something happens.

“Danni! Silly girl. Go back. Soften those shoulders. Try it again. Concentrate. Turn your palms, that’s it. Now twist your wrists so the hands are properly placed. Now don’t forget the first lesson. Left knee down, left hip out. Go.”

Lizzie is already walking back to her spot to try it again. She has an animal delicacy in her step.

Miss Emerson giggles. “Well done Lizzie and a big improvement sissy. Now back to your starting places and now do it with your head bobbling a little as you walk. I know it is a lot to remember. Don’t worry. We will have plenty of lessons.”

Daniel lines up his shoulders and elbows before setting off again.

“Oh sissy just relax a little more. You are so funny. Keep your chin up. I don’t want you loafing around like those horrible men. Ok girls now a gentle promenade around the room.”

Daniel watches Lizzie set off, head back, arse out, hips swinging and immediately followed her conscious of how his shoulders feel so different. Relaxed somehow.

A swat to his arse.


“Shorter steps Danni. You will never ever be in a hurry again. Men rush around, girls have all the time in the world. Languid at all times. Better.”

Miss Emerson’s voice comes to him like an echo from a world far removed to the exquisite place he currently inhabits. His body is electric, shimmering on the inside with orgasmic tingles. He desperately craves release, to be allowed to cum, but the torment is delightful. He wants it to go on and on forever. The materials encasing his smooth body slide so easily across each other. He feels so at ease. The steps are coming more naturally now.

The claps are like thunder and he opens his eyes to see Miss Emerson next to two dining room chairs.

“Quickly girls. Last lesson for today.”

“For today” he thinks but dismisses the statement. By tomorrow he will be far away. His single aim is to pack up this gorgeous outfit and take it with him.

“Sitting is an art, but fortunately for your two simpletons quite straightforward. When you sit you will do so on the edge of the chair, back straight, legs held together during the entire manoeuvre. Once sat you cross your ankles and shift your legs back as far as they will go and to the left. Let’s try it.”

It is difficult now for him to concentrate on the instructions. What’s so hard about sitting?

He sees Lizzie spin slowly around, and delicately perch on her chair. She immediately crosses her ankles and draws them to her left before sitting up straight looking pleased with herself.

“Could be better,” Miss Emerson announces knocking the smile from Lizzie’s face. “Now you sissy.”

Daniel steps towards the chair and sits as far forward as he can to be greeted with a shriek that makes him jump to his heels and cover his mouth with his hands in fear.

“Sissy!” Screams Miss Emerson rounding on him savagely.

She grips his ear pulling him high onto his toes whilst at the same time marching him backwards until he collides into a mirror. He looks up at her absolutely terrified.

She leans down until her eyes fill his vision. “Listen you fucking clown. You fuck up this and you make me look bad. If I look bad then I feel bad. When I feel bad I do terrible things. Got it?”

Shivering Danni nods, he feels tears sting his eyes. “P-p-p please …I …”

The slap across his cheek knocks his senses. He is no longer aroused just terrified.

She wheels him about hauling him back to the chair.

“Pay attention. With me!”

She relaxes her grip on his ear allowing his heels to reconnect with the polished floor boards. He is giving her his undivided attention now.

“Spin slowly as you reach the chair.”


She spins him around by his ear so his back is to the seat.

“Arch the small of your back so your fat sissy arse sticks out, bend at the knees …”

He does so and is dragged merciless back onto his toes.

“Legs together you miserable little slut of a sissy! Legs together. How many times do you need to be told?”

He feels his chest heave up and down as he starts to cry. He notices Lizzie staring in horror, sitting bolt upright, not daring to move.

“So up to the chair ..”

She pulls him closer tugging his ear.

“Spin slowly around …”
She turns him.

“Legs together, arch your back, arse out. That’s better.”

He slowly lowers himself onto the chair.

“Better! Keeping your slutty thighs together. Cross your ankles and move your legs to the left.”

He does so staring up at her through watery eyes.

“Aw sissy! That was not bad.” She beams at him.
He giggles through the tears. “Thank you Miss Emerson.”

She uses her finger to wipe up his tears, taking care not to smear his make up. “Now was that so hard?”

“No Miss Emerson,” he gulps in air, frozen, back slightly arched so his bum feels a long way away from his body.

“Of course not. Oh look at my delicate little sissy perched so perfectly on her chair.”

At that moment the one notion he understood was that this woman was bonkers. She had moved from murderous rage to soppy mummy figure in the space of seconds. The second notion he understood was that he was absolutely terrified of her.

“Now then girls let’s try it again.” She claps her hands and the two girls bounce up and face the chair. “Now sit!”

Daniel moves slowly, ensuring he complies fully with her instructions. The slow turn, the arching of the back, arse outwards, legs together with a bend and then sit towards the front of the chair.

His ankles cross and he draws them to his left side.

“Well, well, well. I think I have two clever little girls here. Well done.” Her blue eyes glisten in her long face as the sneer gives way to a smile. “Now if you do need to use the back rest of a chair you must do so sitting up straight. I don’t want to see you slumped like those horrible gorillas of men. My girls are renowned for their poise and elegance.” The eyes seem to sparkle with inhuman power. “Always!”

Daniel swallows and squeaks, “yes Miss Emerson.”
He hears a timid “yes Miss Emerson,” from Lizzie.

“Now the final lesson of sitting is hands. Don’t worry this is very simple. Left hand on right leg just behind the knee. Good. Now right hand on left hand. There! And again girls. Lift up your hands and see if you can do it all by yourselves.”

Daniel places his left hand on his thigh behind the right knee followed by his right hand over his left. It is an oddly helpless sitting position. As if the hands become locked into place.

“Not bad, elbows tighter into body Danni. Lizzie please pull those ankles back. Look at sissy’s. Well done sissy.”

“Thank you Miss Emerson.”

Miss Emerson casts an eye over her two charges as her long face beams with pride.  They sit bolt upright, breasts protruding, backs arched, legs delicately placed to the left, ankles demurely crossed and hands just so. More importantly the two girls gaze at her expectantly not daring to move until instructed.

“You know girls I think within a couple of days we can elevate you to tan girls. Isn’t that exciting?”

Lizzie squeals, “yes Miss Emerson.”

Danni swallows. He simply wants to get through this silliness and find his wife and daughters. Perhaps they could all be home before midnight, though he will attempt to stow the outfits away in the bottom of his suitcase as he packs.

Once home he would write a terse letter to the horrible Mister Harding telling him what a dreadful bully he is to his staff and how everyone hates him. By printing it out and posting it in a town fifty miles away the stupid mister Harding will never guess who was telling him off. Daniel thinks back to the awful day at school in the gym, the day that changed his life, forcing him to have to move away from his home town as soon as he could.

In the letter he would tell Mister Harding about how everything he says is rude and make some people afraid of him. Daniel smiles at the thought of his retribution. How awful he would make him feel!

Suddenly he notices Miss Emerson pondering him with eyebrows raised. His thoughts of revenge seep away as he jumps in his seat and gasps. “Yes Miss Emerson. Thank you Miss Emerson.”

Miss Emerson smile falters, the sneer returns. “Hmmm. Day dreaming silly girl?”

“No Miss Emerson,” he says, his voice quavering.

“It is ok sissy. The girls are not expected to be able to concentrate for very long. No one expects that of you.”

He blushes. How did she know he wasn’t telling the truth?

Her sneer drops into pursed lips as she studies him. “Voice lessons first thing tomorrow morning for one young lady!”

Danni feels himself blush. “Yes Miss Emerson.”

The sadistic grin returns. Her blue eyes glistening with malice. “Now then girls, were you not promised a reward for your efforts this afternoon?”

Lizzie licks her lips gaining courage. Her hands remains stuck to her thigh. “Yes Miss Emerson. You said you would take us to the exit gate if we were good.”

“Yes!” Danni blurts before feeling himself cower at the temerity of him speaking out like that to a Miss in all black. “Sorry. Yes Miss Emerson. You did say.”

Now the grin widens across her face, the eyes narrow into sparkling slits. “Then we shall indeed go to the exit gate.”

The two girls sit like stone statues in their chairs. Each is staring with trepidation at their instructor. Danni feels his tummy revolve. Is it the look of sadism in her eyes? The knowing sneer? What is it that terrifies him about Miss Emerson’s attitude?

“Stand girls. Remember your standing pose.”

They rise uncertainly exchanging a look of mouth dropping apprehension.

He watches as Miss Emerson tilts back her head. She pulls out two leashes from a cabinet and hooks one to each collar. “Let me take you to the exit gate.”

Suddenly he doesn’t want to go to the gate with Miss Emerson. He sees Lizzie sharing exactly the same look of foreboding with him.

There is something in her manner. Something quite cruel.

Miss Emerson wiggles back into the deportment room and the leashes grow taut until they are both dragged after her pulsing hips.

Daniel immediately adopts the walking pose he has just learned, his shoulders naturally pulled back yet relaxed, his hips moving pendulum like.

Lizzie leans close to his ear and whispers, “I don’t like this.”

Daniel bites his lipsticked lip and shakes his head to her in agreement.

They head for the exit gate.

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  1. A tad cruel, this chapter, but I suppose it’s necessary to induce the proper amount of fear.

    And now… what’s next, shock therapy?


  2. Ooh, this is delicious, and to think it is only the latter part of day one. I cannot imagine how it can get any better, but, then, that is way Deborah Ford is the authoress. Meanwhile, I wonder whether our sissy will be obliged to wear a dress at some point in this story, and my fingers are still crossed about the daughters’ participation in Danni’s training.

    Thank you oh so much, Michelle

  3. Ooh, this is delicious, and to think it is only the latter part of day one. I cannot imagine how it can get any better, but, then, that is why Deborah Ford is the authoress. Meanwhile, I wonder whether our sissy will be obliged to wear a dress at some point in this story, and my fingers are still crossed about the daughters’ participation in Danni’s training.

    Thank you oh so much, Michelle

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    1. Thank you for your concern all is well. Sadly I have been too busy to complete the final part of the first chapter. I am hoping to get some time before March. Very sorry for the delay I appreciate how agonising it can be.

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    I do try to live out the situations in my head for a long time before i write the scenes. Oh the agony we writers put ourselves through! 🙂


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