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In the next few weeks: the book release the entire world has been awaiting. Well, ok, just a few select souls.


A complete rewrite of the Harding series which is available for free on this site. I was never happy with the development of the old version so I have slung it out and re written it from the words Chapter One. Much of the early chapters are similar but allow for the new developments that will inject fear into every sissy around the world. Be afraid.

So, if you are wondering what really became of the foolish Danni, his wonderful wife, Davina and her Bull, the intimidating Mr Harding, then your patience will soon be rewarded.  … and what became of those innocent twins of Danni’s, in which Mr Harding took such a special interest?


The Hotel Transform Web Site asked some Deborah Fans for their views while reading it . Sadly none were able to speak.


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