Jordan’s Diary entry 03


Argh. In that second week I experimented with different fittings. I tried smallest spacer and after I put on my body shaping tights, (pantyhose) and a pair of my wife’s jeans the plastic cage, or maybe it was the circle behind the ball sac, bit into my balls. It was agony. I had to rush to get everything below the waist off. This mad rush was not helped by the body shaper which  snapped together between my legs. When I bent forwards to unclip the poppers the cb6000 bit harder into my sore skin. Yeoch! Never again, never, never again will I use the small spacer.

index2 Went back to the largest behind the sac circle and the longest spacer and all was fine. You do get some pinching every now and again and it can be uncomfortable sitting. In fact initially it does make you feel awkward especially when you take your first steps. Though 5 inch heels don’t help!

Oddly after about twenty minutes I was walking quite femininely. I discovered this in the first week. Initially after putting on the device I walked slightly wide legged but strangely as everything settled I found I could walk more girlishly, with the thighs together.

Had a bit of a battle with Chloe that evening. She wanted to wear this blue dress of hers. Trouble is I think it is little more than a slightly too long tee shirt. It barely covers her bum and clings to her curves. So major row. Apparently ‘I don’t get it’. Lots of sulking and later she emerged in a slightly longer skirt and top. As it is was just her and her girlfriends going to the cinema I agreed.

After she left Blair lectured me on letting her grow up in her own way, cut her some slack now and then. So then we got into a row. She seems to think that girl who is going to be 16 in a couple of months needs to make her own decisions. I told her not in my house and Blair stormed off to the spare bedroom overlooking the rear gardens.


As she always spends a night in there when she is moping I knew I could play with my cb6000. I have wanted to know if I could sleep in it. Once locked up I was getting really aroused, thinking of ways I could hide the keys from myself in the day. This would mean I had to stay locked up for a few hours. I could drop the keys off at an office I share in town but that meant travelling into the office wearing the damn thing when I went to the office. I knew I wouldn’t do that. Then I thoughtindex of putting the keys in the shed at the bottom of the garden. But really that was no different to having them in the house with me. So I had a fantasy where I would hide them in Blair’s bag so I couldn’t access them until she had returned from work. That got me really hot.


So what spoiled my play time? Chloe came back slamming doors with her friend tooting in the car as she drove off. It had gone 11 o’clock so I knew I would have to tell her off. I pulled off the nightie in the dark and took off the matching panties, hiding them in the drawer. Then I heard Blair standing outside my bedroom. She was shouting down to Chloe asking if she was all right. Fear swept through me. I tried to reach for the key on the bedside table but in the dark I just knocked it off. I heard it patter on the floor. I turned on the bedside light. No sign of damn key.


I felt under the bed and then under the cupboard but found nothing. The two other keys were in a chest of drawers near the door. In a mad mindless flight I raced over to them. Now something else I should mention. The lock on the cb6000 bangs against the plastic cage like a ringing bell. So the loud tapping and my heavy footsteps were like thunder and a church bell in the quiet of the house


Blair asked if I was ok. I could tell she was half way down the stairs. I shouted yes, but was shaking so much the damn lock box with the two spare keys slipped from my fingers and got buried under my jumpers. I know Blair says I am one to panic and I deny it, but I was certainly on the threshold of screaming anxiety at that point. I found one of the keys, I got back under the covers and with asking hands released the lock. I tore the ring off so swiftly it hurt and I squealed.


So by the time I got down stairs in my dressing gown I was livid. Blair rolled her eyes as I demanded to know where Chloe had been. Maybe I shouted too much because then there were tears. Chloe saying she had texted me about them all going for a pizza after the meal and then I felt like shit. Chloe scarpered off to bed with the usual teenagers refrain of ‘it’s not fair’. Blair shook her head and muttered, ‘nice one dad,’ before she went up the stairs.


So then I felt miserable and guilty.


One more observation on this chastity business and spurting. A couple of times I have removed the cock cage ready for a wank and found myself unable to even get fully erect. I am aroused, oh really deeply aroused, but I think I have released so much sperm while wearing it and spurting that there is nothing left. I wonder if anyone else has this problem?

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