Jordan’s Diary entry 10


“Well you weren’t much help,” Blair said when she saw the expression on my face. “What was I supposed to get. They hardly had anything left.”

I was holding up my outfit for the party. A party we were supposed to be at in an hour to be in time for cocktails.

I had been expecting a pirate’s outfit for me, just as I had worn the previous year, along with a sexy burlesque number for Blair. That was what we had discussed on that fateful evening when she and Chloe teased me about a maid outfit.

What I was looking at was two convict uniform made out of a cheap terylene or some such. Hers was little more than a slightly long tee shirt, ensuring her legs would be totally on display. It was so tight and elastic that her boobs and arse might as well be exposed like her thighs.jail01

Not that I minded, I think like most cuckold sissy lovers I quite liked seeing guys ogle my wife. Mine was a matching convict’s outfit, same horizontal lines on thin stretchy material, with only a pair of shorts for modesty.

We each had matching hats with the same stripes.

“Come on,” Blair grinned. “It’ll be a laugh.”

Public humiliation is part of the burn in my fantasies but in the real world I hate the idea of being laughed at.

Blair pushed her hand through the packaging and with a wicked grin triumphantly held up a pair of handcuffs. Even I had to laugh at that. She knew full well my bondage fantasies.

“Don’t get too excited,” she smiled. “They are only toy ones! Look you click here by the lock and they open .”

I shrugged and laughed. “Ok,” I relented. “Once we are drunk it won’t make any difference.”

With little choice I dressed as the convict. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I knew I looked ridiculous in a subby way. By wearing the prisoners outfit I sort of adopted the persona. My dick thickened in my pants so I carefully examined my shorts in the mirror to see if it were visible.

Then Blair bounced into the room with a fanfare and a lot of girly arm waving. My dick grew semi hard. She was totally wow. The outfit clung to every curve. Her arse and boobs were amazing. She wore black tights over her sexy legs which enhanced the vision of a girl on show to the world. I wanted to ravish her there and then.

“I hope you are going to close your mouth before we get there,” she laughed, bending forwards and using her finger under my chin to close it.

“You are amazing!”

“I know, but thanks for agreeing.” With that she accentuated the wiggle as she left. “Come on. We will be late.”

What I would give to have those curves to show off.jail 02

We arrived at the manor house and I could hear the shouting and laughing before we even opened the car doors. The place must have been packed.

Blair pulled on a pair of white ankle boots with a two inch heel and clipped the handcuff over her left wrist. She offered me the open other half. “Come on Jord, let’s go for it. Make an entrance. Give ‘em something to think about.”

“The guys will be thinking about you for a long time to come!”

I clipped the cuff around my wrist and she kissed my cheek as if thanking me for joining in the fun

Feeling exposed in the tight shorts and top, handcuffed to my on fire-hot wife, I let her lead us to the stone steps and the music and commotion.

We slipped between Catwoman and a chubby nurse and entered.

Yep we made an entrance, and yep my wife got the attention, and yep I was on the receiving end of the titters.

But it is what that dick head Morgan Hopkins was wearing that was to shake me to my boots and deliver up fantasy after fantasy for many weeks to come.

Will tell you more, next time.

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