Jordan’s Diary entry 13



By the second week of January my time to play with the chastity belt returned in abundance. By the third week I was in sissy chastity belted heaven, playing just about 24/7 with breaks on the weekend when wife and daughter were at home.
Blair had worn a continuous warm smile since the New Year’s Eve night when we made love for the first time in months. She had to catch up on work after the Christmas break so was staying late in town while Chloe had taken to staying at her friends near the school, so didn’t get back until after seven. How good can it get? Well Blair had taken to wearing sexy short skirts to work. She laughed about how Morgan had complimented her on her legs at the party, so the trouser suits immediately took a back seat. So every morning, and every evening, I was able to hold a gorgeous sexily dressed Blair tight, whilst locked in my chastity cage. Heaven. More hot frustration than you can believe.

Hence I could spend all day playing around. I’d get fully dressed in my favourite lingerie and dresses. Wear the neat wig I had bought back in the autumn, but most of all continue the experiment with the CB6000. I tried different combinations of the spacers and rings. They all felt slightly different.

There was something tinglingly exiting about squeezing into the cage with the smallest spacer. It took some doing because the damn thing pinches at the skin as it is closed. It usually takes about ten minutes to get it locked without catching my delicate flesh.

By putting it on every day I soon realised that the smaller the ring size I could bear the less it moved down the scrotum. At times the largest one would squeeze into my balls and I would have to unlock it so I could realign it. The middle sized one was a bitch to get on but remained securely in position so there was less rubbing and best of all it stayed in place near the my body.


Of course Blair took a key to work with her so I could pretend I was locked up in it all day while she played around with her alpha male Morgan Hopkins. A complete cuckold, sissy, fantasy  but wholly safe because Blair would never cheat with another guy in the real world.

As you will recall she had spouted his name during her orgasm and the way she looked at him at the new year’s eve party showed she would give herself up to him in her own fantasies. That meshed with my own and heightened my day dreams when locked.

I had discovered that I could spurt cum when wearing it, yet without any kind of release or relief. When I removed it in order to gain satisfaction my balls were spent and hence I only achieved half an erection. The frustration was beautifully irritating, like truly being a prisoner of some dome female or her dominant partner. Imagine if that alpha male conceited boss of hers was her lover and controlled my orgasms. He would love it – well he did in my imaginary world.

I usually spent the morning playing with myself, worked in the afternoon and then put the chastity device on just before Blair came home. This was in case she ever asked to see it, though she never did. If I suggested it then she would wrinkle her nose and shake her head. “Not today.”

Looking back now I guess I would say that was the height of ‘my freedom.’ Even my afternoon work consisted of me playing computer games or watching the snooker. The far east container contract was pretty much in place now.

That fateful day when my world turned upside down and spiralled out of my control had been a good one. I had worn a new piece of lingerie that was flattering and sensual and had spent hours in stockings and heels dancing to music on my Ipod.

So I was quite sleepy in the afternoon and sat up straight when I heard Blair’s car on the gravel while I was playing a card game. It was only four thirty and I was out of the belt.

panties & pantyhose

I raced upstairs to my bedroom to put it on and quickly tidy up the lingerie and stockings I had been wearing. They were all over the bed in plain view. The CB6000 still had the small spacer and the middle sized ring so they were the devil’s job to get on – and painful because of the rush I was in. But I reasoned it would be quicker to lock it on as it was than getting out the box hidden in the drawer in the cupboards then finding all the larger rings and spacers.

The front door slammed shut as I felt the damn thing pinch me.


She sounded agitated.

I prodded my dick into the device as I pulled the cage to the ring but of course with the small spacer I couldn’t get my finger to remain in position. There is only a millimetre or so between the cage and the rings with the small spacer. Time and time again  it snapped shut on my sensitive skin.


She was coming up the stairs.

If she could see I could take it off whenever I wanted maybe she wouldn’t take the key to work with her and enhance my fantasy. I didn’t want the game to finish that afternoon.


She was on the landing near my door. There was an edge to her voice.

The device closed, finally sliding home and I smartly pushed the lock in to position clicking it shut.

I was still pulling up my pants and doing up the belt as she entered.

But she didn’t stay nor was she particularly interested in why I was dressing in the middle of the afternoon. “There you are.” She sounded irritated. “Down stairs now.”

I followed her down. “You all right? Something happen at work? That idiot Morgan hasn’t upset you?”

She didn’t say anything.

I saw she had dropped her coat in the hallway, that was totally unlike her. She always put away her clothes, she was the tidiest person I had ever met. I was growing concerned. Could her problems affect me? Was her place closing down so she wouldn’t be going to work and I couldn’t play?

“Blair, love?”

“Get me a screwdriver.”

For a moment I thought she meant the tool but remembered she often drank vodka and orange juice.

“Sure,” I said.

She slumped at the kitchen table dropping her bag on the floor and kicking of her shoes, sighing with the relief of losing the heels. I could now wear heels for a few hours at a time thanks to the hours I had to play with my dressing up so understood the relief in taking them off.

I dropped a couple of ice cubes into the glass before pouring in the vodka which Blair liked to keep chilled in the fridge. Then I topped it up with up with the orange juice.

I sat next to her, making to take her hand but she snatched it away before taking a long gulp of the drink.

“What’s happened? Everything ok in the office?”

“Ok, tell me something,” she began,  studying her drink.


“This pervy thingee you wear. What’s it called?”

“A chastity belt.”

Her shoulders pulled up in controlled anger. “What’s it called?”

“Erm, a CB6000,” I added with a blush, “the small model.”

It had seemed so exciting to be able to get my dick into  the small version, extra humiliation if you like, but sharing that information with Blair at that precise moment made me want to curl up and die from shame.

“Right. Yeh. I thought it was. You had been going on about it when you got it. CB6000”

“But not recently!” I was defensive. She didn’t like me talking about my cross-dressing, chastity or cuckold fantasies. Since Christmas I had steered clear of them = not least because I was entertaining myself quite happily without her.

“The CB6000. So, this CB6000,” she spoke the term through clenched teeth as if it were a dirty word. “How many keys has it got?”

“Oh, I …” swallowing I tried to think of a way to buy time. “A couple I think.”

“A couple. Yes?”

I shrugged, making out I was trying to remember. “Yes I think so.”

Her eyes stayed on her drink, her head was nodding. “A couple.”

“Yes,” I said more confidently.

“Oh? So how come they have three keys?”

My jaw fell. I stared at her in silence.

Her eyes met mine. “You are not the only perv in town.”


Someone else had one? Near us? And Blair knew him? Wow! I needed to know more. “How do you mean love?”

“Don’t love me. Right? Just don’t love me.”

“I don’t understand. I guess some might come with three keys …”

“Shit up liar. You had me take the key in making me think I was helping you, make me part of your nasty little games. But you could get out of it anyway. You just played me for a fucking idiot.”

It is truly rare for Blair to swear. “No love …” Again I tried to take her hand but she snatched it away from me.

“So while I am at work you are mincing around here all day wanking off.”

“No,” I lied, keeping my gaze fixed on her. “So who else has …”

“Oh you’d love to know that wouldn’t you.”

“Well if you don’t want to say that’s fine,” I spoke softly wanting to drain the confrontation from our row. Christ I would love to know who else is playing with them.

She finished her drink, pushing the empty glass at me as the remaining orange juice slid down the glass. “Another.”

“Yes, of course.”

Hurriedly I fixed her another screwdriver. “I didn’t think I was alone in this. The internet is full of guys who …”

“I know.”

“Oh.” I was frozen on the spot. How much had she learned about the sissy, chastity cuckold scene?

She snatched the drink from my hand and took a long swig. “Bastard, lying to me like that. Making me look an idiot.”

“Love look I never use the spare key. I keep it in the box and always wait …”

“Liar.” Her eyes didn’t blink. They were huge, round and accusing.

“Well I need an emergency one here. I mean what if I have to go into hospital? eh?” She wasn’t convinced. “Sometimes it pinches and you have to get it off in a hurry and …”

“If you don’t stop lying I am going to walk out of that door right now.”

I nodded feeling genuinely ashamed.

“So, you,” she shook her head, drew in a deep breath and asked, “you, you know, you still got it on now?”

“Yes of course…  really.”

“Show me.”

Mesmerised by my actions she barely blinked as she watched me unzip and unhook my belt. I opened up my pants and pulled them down along with my underpants. The gold master lock slipped out of the top.

“I want to see it all. Now!”

I pulled my underwear down until my constrained dick was plain to see. I wasn’t sure whether to pull up my pants so I just waited.

She bent over to examine it better.

“So I hear once it is locked on you cannot get your dick out.”

“Erm no. No. Some people say you can, but I don’t see how. I have the smallest spacer so …”

“I don’t want to hear about all the pevy stuff. So there are two other keys?”

“Erm. Definitely one spare. Yes love. I keep it upstairs in case I …”

“No more lies! Go and get the two other keys.”

My mouth opened to say something but the words refused to form. My brain had turned to ice. In fetching them I would show myself as a complete liar in her eyes.

And why would she want to see them anyway?

“You want me to go through that front door now?”


“Get the other two keys. Do it!”

I nodded and walked slowly upstairs. I needed to give myself time to think. My stomach was spinning like a dishwasher. I felt sick yet aroused in my belt.

I heard her call out. “Hurry up. No stupid tricks!”

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