Would you allow your wife out in one of these dresses?

‘Oh my God,’ you would squeal. ‘You cannodress MILF 5t dress like that when you are meeting your boss for dinner.’

‘Why is that darling?’ She asks, pulling down her short hem in the mirror.

‘You don’t understand.’

‘Oh dear,’ she checks her eyes and lip makeup. Is that a fleck of mascara on her cheek? ‘And what don’t I understand, darling?’

You swallow. ‘Well a guy will see you in that dress and think, you know, well ….’

She turns to face you, suppressing a grin. ‘No darling I just do not know. What will he think?’

You swallow, look down at the carpet. ‘You know what his reputation is like.’

She giggles. ‘Oh honey I don’t think it can really be nine and a half inches. the other girls just tell those stories don’t they?’

You are stumped. back at college you saw him in the showers on sports days and know he is the most blessed guy in that department you have ever seen.

Turning back to the mirror she checks her hair, turning this way then that.

Flustered, you squeak, ‘No I mean. His reputation for …. I knew him at college. He thinks nothing of screwing any girl he likes. Really!’dress MILF 11

She puts her fingers carefully to her lips so as not to smudge the lipstick. ‘Oh my. You mean a real wolf?’

Suddenly his car squeals to a noisy halt outside the house.

You swallow. ‘Please darling. I love you.’

She puts her palm to your face, her huge eyes filling your senses. ‘And I love you dear. But with you being such a naughty little maid lately I have to keep you locked up for at least another three weeks.’

‘But please my love I …’

‘I know you are sorry darling. I can see the tears forming. But your wife has needs and with my sissy all locked up for his own good in his tiny chastity belt what am I supposed to do?’

She is picking up her bag. heading for the door.

‘If you let me out I will satisfy you, and do the ironing more ccarefully. I promise. And clean the bathroom twice a dahot-dresses-girls-12y and …’

‘I want you in bed by seven thirty tonight dear. Send me a picture showing you in your pink nightie tucked up in bed. I won’t show it to Byron. Honestly.’

She giggles as the door slams shut.

In your short maid’s uniform you carefully peer around the curtains. The Mercedes seems huge in the street, somehow matching the reputation for his manhood. He is a big guy, six four bouncing around the car to open the door for her. Then as his hand pats your wife’s gorgeous ass, as if he owns it, your little dick protests in its confinement.

Then they are gone and it is quiet again.

You only have half hour before you should be in bed and you still haven’t emptied the dishwasher. But you all ready know your tummy will be turning with thoughts of what she might do. This will be the longest night of your life.









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