Jordan’s Diary entry 19


I sat in the front room toying with my new pink phone finding all it now allowed me to do was make calls and send text messages. I couldn’t access ‘settings’ nor any of the aps I had downloaded. The internet use allowed me access to a couple of news sites but little else. If I used a search engine to find anything even risqué it flagged up the words ‘Cyber Mummy Safety, ’ below the warning message it read the same warning text as on the pc: ‘this site is considered too mature for your current age. If you think there has been an error please contact an adult to rectify your problem.’

I know the next lines will excite the sissy cuckolds amongst you but do not get too carried away as Jerry is definitely not Blair’s type. I had stood up to rearrange the chastity cage. Sometimes when the CB6000 slips between your legs it can get uncomfortable. Just as I was pushing everything back into position I heard heavy footsteps going up the stairs, clearly those of Jerry’s. These were followed by the lighter steps of Blair’s.

What? Why would she be taking him upstairs?

I wanted to open the door to take a look but I dared not. I hadn’t yet fully understood the power exchange that had taken place in the space of a few short days. I didn’t recognise that I was fearful of earning some punishment from her. I think, at the time, it was more that I just felt it wise to keep my head down.

So I stood in the middle of the living room listening to their footsteps move across the landing towards my bedroom. My heart was in mouth. I guess I did fear that she was about to fulfil another part of my fantasy and cuckold me, but at the same time I knew she wouldn’t let a guy like Jerry anywhere near her. She found wimps like that amusing. She had often told me how she would use guys like that as ‘fetch mees.’ She had learnt in school how she could flash her boobs or her eyes at some pathetic guy and say ‘fetch me this’ or ‘fetch me that’ and off they would dash to perform her bidding. Bring her pens or paper or do her homework.

I know she admired me at college for the way I was already planning to set up my own company. Don’t think she ever tried the ‘fetch mees’ ploy with me.

But them being in my bedroom was torture. What was happening up there?

The sort of outfit I could not wear that day. How frustrating is that?

As I was to learn over the following months how the dominate can keep the sub on a short leash simply by keeping the sub in ignorance. It is a stomach turning feeling of helplessness when you do not know what is even happening let alone know how to react to it. It leaves you with a constant buzz of trepidation in your gut.

Inevitably I guess the footsteps moved directly overhead. They were in my bedroom. I heard a scraping of a chair. I guess at that point I was beginning to wonder if she really would have sex with him but then, bizarrely, I heard an electric drill. It squealed twice. About five minutes later the chair was moved and they walked out of the room but I couldn’t tell to where.

I stood next to the door like a puppy, hopeful for someone to open it. My ear pressed to the wood but I couldn’t hear anything.

Summing up all my courage I pushed the handle down and, as quietly and slowly as I could, I opened the door enough to peer into the hallway. Nothing. No one. I pulled the door open sufficiently wide to step outside and peer upstairs. My heart missed a beat. Suddenly the drill was squealing again.

I walked to the stairs to look up, all ready to dart back into the front room. The sound was coming from the far guest room.

Suddenly I heard Blair giggling. They were coming back.

I raced into the room closing the door as quietly as possible.

Looking back I wonder why I was behaving like a wimp in my own home but at that moment it seemed natural. I desperately needed Blair to unlock me, let me be a man in the house again.

Voices in the hall, Blair thanking him and Jerry being bashful. Something about seeing her tomorrow and then he was gone.


I opened the door, swallowed, and whispered, “yes darling?”

I want you, the reader to picture her as I saw her at that moment. She was only my height, maybe a little taller in her heels. Her blouse and short tight skirt were achingly sexy. Her dark tights and heels teasing my trapped dick. If I could have I would have collapsed to the carpet and just wanked as quickly as possible.

She stood arms folded, one ankle before the other wearing a mischievous grin. Like a school girl who has laid a trap and is inviting the victim in to it.

She crooked her finger and turned into my office, so I followed.

Next to my pc with its pre-school, childish desktop was her laptop.

“First Jordan I want you to know I love you. Ok?”

I cannot remember what is replied, maybe I just mumbled yes.

“It is just that I don’t want to feel like an idiot ever again. You understand that don’t you?”

“Yes darling. Yes.” I was of course careful not to use her Christian name as she had ruled that out of bounds the previous evening.

She nodded and smiled. “Good. Just needed you to know.” She waved a hand under my desk where the computer box sat. “Can you see that black boxee thingee behind your computer?”

“Yes.” I stared at it. It was about the size of a shoe box and jet black. A green light was on at the front.

“Good. Now that clever little nerd Jerry may not be every girl’s cup of tea, but he sure knows his stuff. We had a long chat today. I sat on my desk crossing and uncrossing my legs and he stood there like a puppy with his tongue hanging out. As obedient as a puppy too.” She giggled to herself. “Anyways, he was telling me about all the ways computer nerds would try to outwit the keyboard logger and the Team viewer software. Even how to get around the cyber security that stops you getting on your pervy sites without my permission. You wouldn’t believe it. Not that I was listening of course. All went over my head. You wouldn’t have been much better would you bunchkins?”

I shook my head. I wouldn’t have had a clue how to outwit such software but I could have used a search on the internet. Yet even then of course Blair would have seen what I was searching for via the keyboard logger.

“So, anyways. That clever little man has added some sort of back up power supply. Don’t ask me what it does but it means that you cannot turn the computer off. What did he say? I don’t know, something about rebooting and getting inside the bios? Does that make sense?”

I shrugged, still in shock. I didn’t know enough about computers to understand the bios anyway.

“So he has removed the shutdown menu from your computer front screen and somehow he has stopped the power buttons in the front working. So you cannot turn it off. Amazing eh? I can turn it off by relogging as admin but you, little boy, will have to wait for your mummy to do it for you.”

I felt sick hearing that term ‘mummy again’. Clearly that was her friend’s fetish, but it wasn’t mine.

“So Jordan, naughty little boys won’t be able to reformat or relog or do anything as I understand it. Not without their big strong mummy to help them. Cool huh?”

“Erm, darling, I am really not into this ‘mummy’ business. You see my fetish is …”

“Oh phooey! My friend says you must keep them under the thumb so they know for sure it isn’t for them. Now look at this. She touched the screen on her laptop, pumped in a long password and then pressed an icon which was called ‘Security Home.’

Her screen split into four images. I gasped. One was from the webcam on my computer screen showing the office. I could see Blair on her laptop right in front of the webcam.

The second image was of the hallway.

I stepped back outside my office and saw the webcam secured above the door to the kitchen.

The other two images were of my bedroom and the spare room I mentioned. It was a small bedroom with an en-suite. We had intended it for friends staying over like the main guest room but only Chloe’s friends had ever used it.

“Blair I …”

“Oh and my little boy thinks he can use my name again? Did I give you permission?”

“No darling, sorry I am just flabbergasted at all this.” I recall the way she was staring at me, sort of studying my reaction. “I am really sorry about using your name, sort of slipped out.”

She lightened up at my apology. “Don’t look so worried baby. I will deal with you later. Right now I want you to see that I can keep a perfect eye upon you and what you get up to. All the time. Isn’t that simply wonderful?”

Slumping into my office chair I stared open mouthed at the screen of images. “Darling I don’t understand. I mean why?”

She ruffled my hair and sat on my lap, wriggling her gorgeous arse around until I was gasping with need.

“Aw poor honey.” She stroked my cheek. “Shame you were so naughty wasn’t it?”

“Naughty my love?”

“Using my Christian name like that.”

At that point I felt like crying. I was helpless and humiliated, not even knowing what to say.

I looked up at her pretty face. “But darling don’t you think we should talk about this?”

Putting her arm around my neck she kissed my nose. “I am not an ogre Jordan. Of course you may ask for permission to discuss anything your little heart desires.”

Permission to discuss! I now needed permission just to discuss anything?

“Well, I don’t know where to start. I mean what about my privacy?”

Another of my favourite items denied to me!

She patted my nose very firmly. “Aw, now little boy, was that asking for permission to discuss anything? Huh? Or was it my little Jordan behaving like a brat and thinking he could just say whatever he wants, whenever he wants?”

What could I reply to that? I just sat there as she fidgeted herself into a more comfortable position leaving my dick to frustratingly fill its tiny cage.

“I …well …I …”

“My friend said she had to be very firm when she first started. Her husband kept thinking it was a joke. Some sort of game that would finish at bedtime. So I guess we had best do the same.”

“Darling please can we discuss all of this. I mean this is just crazy”

“I think ‘please may we discuss’ sounds sweeter, don’t you?”

Closing my eyes I felt my mouth dry. I then looked at her and said, “Please may we discuss this?”

Running her fingers through my hair she said, “Of course babykins. But first I am feeling really horny. Isn’t that strange? I didn’t expect that. I think being in control makes me feel more relaxed, safer somehow. Anyways. Tonight you will learn how to use my rabbit on me. Then we will discuss some things before your bedtime.”

“My bedtime?”

“Ah. I hadn’t mentioned that had I?” She laughed at her silliness. “With so much going on. My friend said it was important to get her husband into a routine so he knew exactly when he was going to bed. That way she could let him stay up late, if he had been good, and then he would be very grateful. We will make your bedtime,” she half closed her eyes in thought, “nine thirty. Yes that sounds about right.”

I dint say anything.

She patted my arm. “Come on. Chloe will be back from her friends by seven so you have little more than an hour to entertain me.”

So she led me upstairs by the hand with my eyes were at the level of her gorgeous arse. I so wanted to screw her.

Bringing her shoebox into my bedroom she took off the cover to reveal her Rabbit vibrator and a smaller vibrator she had before we married.

She undressed casually as if I wasn’t there. Usually she was very self-conscious when she undresses with me in the room but at that time I might as well not have been present. As she slipped her naked body into her fluffy pink bathroom robe I ventured a reminder:

“Darling. Remember you said I would be released tonight.”

She tied the cords loosely about her waist and eyed me. “Hmmm. You need to ask permission to say anything don’t you?”

“My love I do not know how to speak to you anymore.” There were tears in my eyes, I just couldn’t help it.

She cuddled me tightly. “Honeykins we both have a great deal to learn.” She kissed my cheek. “But all the time in the world to learn it.”

I was so aroused, so heady that my brain just couldn’t function, I had never felt so passive and brain dead in my life.

She whispered in my ear, “why not try ‘please darling may I remind you that I might be released tonight?’ How does that sound?”

I nodded frantically. “Yes darling. Please may I be released tonight?”

Smiling she kissed my nose. “Sorry honeykins. You have been a little bit naughty haven’t you? Not addressing me properly? Yes? Besides I don’t know how to get that chastity cage back on you after you have cum. Apparently once a subbie guy has cum he reverts to being a horrible, pushy brat again. So how would I get the cage back on you then? Eh? If you didn’t want me to?”

Shaking my head I admitted I didn’t know. “I promise I will let you,” I stated with all my heart.

“Hmmm. Babykins. Yes, you say that now. But after? Huh? So, no, not tonight. But I know you have asked me to cane your bottom in the past haven’t you? Yes you have. Don’t deny it. So be a good boy and go down to the garden shed. The gardener leaves the canes for the tomatoes down there. Bring me one about four feet long.”

She was right of course. Like most guys who had a kick out of the cuckold sissy fetish I wanted to experience a canning. And I had asked her many times, irritating her with my persistence.

But at that moment it felt different. I wasn’t asking for it, nor looking forward to it. Rather she had decided and now I had to comply.

And at that moment in time I could not think of a single way I could avoid fetching it for her.

Feeling my cheeks burning I went down stairs hearing her Rabbit buzz into life as she tested its batteries.

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  1. Wow – just blasted my way through this, realising I hadn’t read it. Great work – totally unable to tell where Jordan and Blair’s relationship is going. Keep it up!


  2. I adore this story. I love the cute bunny outfit and wonder just who will see him in it. You are brilliant as always.

    Fondly, Michelle

    1. Aw thank you Michelle. Let us hope the unfortunate Jordan isnt seen by anyone in it. Fingers crossed Blair is only teasing him. We shall see very soon.

      Deborah Ford

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