More pictures from The Hotel

1 This maid clearly thinks a lot of herself, but with good reason she is looking up at the man who is taking her out tonight.



2 This maid has just heard that she will be serving the Moorlands Rugby team tonight.Her shock will be intensified when she learns that they have booked her for the entire weekend.



3. A little known fact that maids at The Hotel are educated in many practical areas of life. Here they learn what to do when a car breaks down. They must stand with the bonnet open, looking around  helpless until some competent dominant rescues them. If there is more than one blonde then at least one must do something stupid like pour nail varnish remover into the air intake.

maid learns car mechanics


3. The famous Wardrobe Room. This may be the first picture ever smuggled out of The Hotel. Two maids are seen delighting in their preparations for the evening. DSC_5844







6 thoughts on “More pictures from The Hotel

  1. Wow, that first maid is gorgeous! Would so love to have a little beauty like that cleaning the house.

    Love your writings by the way – have read since long ago. Not read the updated Ebook versions mind, but would consider if you ever brought out a big bumper bundle edition of them all.

  2. Thank you Jim. I am not sure how competent she is cleaning but she certainly looks the part! I am still working my way through all the books, updating and rewriting but hadn’t thought of a bumper book. DF

  3. With that cleavage and that look in her eyes, I’m not sure anyone would be bothered about the cleaning. I would say she is well past ‘the Point’ and hasn’t looked back since.

    As for the bumper book, I think you have many readers out there that would consider purchasing a copy. JL

  4. Gosh. I think most on here would be more intrigued to be her than have her work for them. Certainly she has everything a guy could look for in a maid. LOL at she is passed The Point, X. I have tried to keep the prices of the books low and the value high but will consider a ‘bumper’ volume 🙂

  5. Well, I was trying to avoid admitting it. 🙂

    Was torn between her voluptuousness and the tight corseting of number 2. But being either one would be… intriguing.

    And obviously, no rush on the book matter. Best to be happy with all your proof-reading and edits before you go that far.


  6. I think in here ‘admission’ is not a problem 🙂 I hope you are enjoying Jordan’s Diary on here too Jim. TBH all those maids look fun to me. *mops brow*

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