Jordan’s Diary entry 20




“Do you think I should get one of those leather cat suits?”

I was draped over the bed, naked below the waist, just wearing my shirt.

I swallowed. “Darling?”

Turning I could see she was eyeing herself in the mirror. Posing with the cane. She looked awesomely sexy in her short skirt. I felt myself dribbling down below, an almost permanent problem since being locked into the CB6000.

Giggling she patted my bottom with the stick. “I mean, I always thought of those dominatrixes wearing tight fitting leather.” She stood on her toes pressing down her tummy. “I mean I still have the figure for it, don’t I?”

“Yes darling,” I said. She sure as hell did.

“Oh you are so sweet. Now I feel bad about all this.”

Was this a last minute reprieve? “Well I do promise to be better behaved darling.”

Tapping the cane more firmly against my vulnerable buttocks her eyes narrowed. “Yes. You do now. The problem I have with you is what happens every time my back is turned. But I think we can resolve that.”

“Please honey may I say something?”

Wrinkling her nose she shook her head. “Not right now babykins. I have never done this before so I need to concentrate.”

I recall how I searched my mind for a way to argue with her but I feared she would simply use the opportunity to increase my punishment. I simply looked away as she continued to pat the cane on my skin.

The pats turned into loud splats that seriously stung. Then she struck me so hard I heard the swishing of the cane through the air.


I sat up straight and immediately received another hard slap on my backside.

“Back in your place babykins. Back arched. There’s a good boy. We will call this punishment position one. Ok?”

“w-w-w -what?”

“I will show you. Sit up straight again.”

Studying her carefully, fearful of being tricked I sat up and settled back on my knees.

“Good boy. Now assume punishment position number one.”

For a moment I remained kneeling but then, as she turned her head to eye me hard, as if on a spring I catapulted myself back over the bed.

“Back more arched.” She patted the cane on my buttocks as a warning. “That’s better. See? That is punishment position number one. Understand now?”

“Yes darling,” I muttered.

“I think I will be a good teacher,” she giggled.

The canning lasted only a few minutes. If you haven’t been caned then let me tell you how much it hurts. It is like having a knife slice a line across your buttocks. It leaves parallel streaks that burn until the tears come to your eyes.

It may sound sexy in books but when it happens you just want it to stop. You will do anything to make it stop.

When she finished I settled back on my knees tumblr_mzd42kPd2n1s99i6po1_500rubbing at my raw arse. Tears filled my eyes.

And Blair?

Well that was the odd thing. She has always been someone bursting with empathy for another’s pain. But now her look was part fascination, part red cheeked arousal. She was crouched near me, running her fingers through my hair, but her eyes were fixed on mine as if studying my soul.

I think on one level she was thinking ‘have I done this, was this all down to me?’ and on another there was a faintly sadistic, commanding emotion fighting to surface.

I heard her mutter ‘wow’ under her breath. She ran a finger up my cheek gathering the tears like a dam. She kissed my face, really gently. “You know I love you, don’t you Jordan?”

“Yes honey. Of course.” I am not sure I did, but it seemed wise to agree with her at that point.

She smiled a wide eyed sense of achievement and muttered ‘wow’ again.

“So why not be a good boy and fetch my Rabbit for me.

“Yes darling.”

I brought the vibrator to my bed. It always reminded me of a toy built from spare parts with all its tiny add-ons fixed at odd angles. Yet I knew from what she has said before that it hits the spot as reliably as rain in the spring.

She was sat on my bed, propped up by the array of pillows she always kept on our beds. Her bare smooth legs were slightly parted beneath the pink dressing gown.

“I want you to be careful. Really gentle got it honeybins?” For the first time that night she looked a little concerned.

“Yes darling.”

“Don’t be rough. Not to start with anyway. I have never trusted anyone to do this for me before.”

I nodded, holding the Rabbit as I knelt on the bed next to her. She was still apprehensive, her eyes fixed on the vibrator in my hand.

“Ok. Just gently right?”

“Yes darling.”

I turned it on, feeling it jump into life before running it slowly up the inside of her thigh. I instinctively kept from pressing it on her pussy, rather I sort of teased it close and then ran it down the inside of her other thigh.

She closed her eyes and smiled. “That’s nice,” she whispered. “Good boy.”

So I ran it back again, up close to her pussy and then down the other side.

I heard her hum with pleasure.

Back and fore I went a few times and then I just touched her between her legs. She gasped and stiffened. I was dreading hurting her. My backside felt as if I had sat on a boiling hot radiator and I certainly didn’t want another caning.

As she settled back I prodded it into her pussy. Unable to see it beneath her robe I could feel it give a little as I pressed forward. Suddenly the vib slipped inside her and she jumped and groaned, tightening her hands into fists.

“Just gently,” she said breathlessly as if she had already run a marathon.

The buzzing sound changed as it slipped deeper into her. When I pulled it out the sound was higher pitched, as if it worked harder when inside her. I pressed it into her again with pretty much the same reaction. She jumped, held her breath and moaned.

Sliding it deeper I saw her arch her back and slip down the pillows, burying it deeper within herself. I pulled it back a few inches then pushed it back in.

tumblr_mjsqinDslB1rmhzdwo10_500By then she was barely conscious. Her last words spoken through gritted teeth were about turning the ears around, pointing them up a t her clit.

I did so and the reaction was explosive. I had seen her orgasm before of course. I knew her noises and the movements she made. But that was nothing like this. As soon as the ears touched her so her back arched and she squealed, ‘oh God yes.’

Each time I did it I achieved the same result until maybe on the fifth occasion she slipped down the bed her hands arching back over her head to clutch the bed rails. She came like I had never seen her before. She was completely lost in the moment. A bucking, shrieking machine.

Holding the Rabbit in place I watched as she calmed, still bucking, sweat dribbling around her forehead and neck. Her skin a glowing red.

Finally she fell silent and rolled away from me emitting a long sigh.

I sat on the edge of my bed with the vibrator and turned it off. When the buzzing died down the room switched to silence. It was as if we had been in another place and had now returned to Earth.

She snored lightly.

What was I to do ? She was falling asleep in my bed.

I crawled up close to her to whisper in her ear, “darling?”

“Yes bunchkins?” She was speaking quietly as if her mind was already fast asleep. Her eyes never opened.

“Do you want to go back to your bed?”

“No baby. You sleep in the second guest room tonight.”

Thanks! I thought. I did all this, suffered from the beating and now I was being sent to the spare bedroom.


A more irritable, “yes?”

“Erm. We were going to talk about all this? You know about my chastity belt. I have been in it a few days now …”

“Tomorrow. Not another word. Make sure you are tucked up in bed by nine thirty.”

Jesus! I had forgotten all that guff about my so called bedtime.

“Yes, right. So talking the morning?”

“Make Chloe some supper and check her homework before you go to bed.”

“Yes darling. Is there anything more you want?”

A long sigh. “I want you to leave me sleep! Else you will be sent to bed at eight thirty!”

At that point I fled.

I put all her stuff away in the shoe box and placed it in her bedroom on her dressing table.

Chloe came home about eight and I made her some dinner explaining that mummy was tired and had gone to bed. Like most teenagers she just accepted any facts that were not directly to do with her. I checked her essay on The Potato Famine and seeing the time was 9:15 told her that I was also tired.

I left her watching tv whilst I made my way to the second guest room at the rear of the house.

It took me an age to sleep that first night. Normally I am up until midnight playing around on the computer in my office. But that night I lay there ruminating on the nights developments. I had finally had her cane me and though at the time it was awful, painful and humiliating right then, in my own bed, it felt erotic. My ass was as hot as I had always imagined it would be following a beating. But that just added to the damnable frustration as I couldn’t wank myself off.

If I was feeling sorry for myself then that was nothing to what I would feel just after lunch the following day.


I was still stretching out the Singapore contract for all it was worth. By now I had dotted all the ‘I’s and crossed all the ‘T’s. The doorbell rang and when I answered my gut reeled as I took in the delivery guy. I was standing before a man wearing my chastity belt. Previously the only person I had been in the company of whilst wearing it had been Blair. That felt awful enough. As if she was in charge and I somehow subservient, but this guy, little more than my height, but sort of bony and masculine. His skin rough, his cheeks unshaven, it all conspired to make made me feel very unmasculine.

There is no other way to describe it.

And to be honest to this day I haven’t got used to being in the presence of a guy whilst wearing the chastity cage. It sort of demotes you. You feel as if he must be magically be aware of the dynamic between a sub guy in his chastity device and a real guy.

He placed a large box in the porch.

“Sign here mate.”

I signed his electronic notetaker and he was gone. “See you mate.”

I think I said ‘yes, see you.’

I picked up the box that was addressed to me and seeing the Amazon stickers recognised what it was.

I opened it on the kitchen counter and groaned. On the cover was a picture of a cute young girl, maybe no older than 14 wearing the bunny Onsie. My first inclination was to chuck it in the bin at the back of the house. Pretend it never came, just decide never to mention it again and hope Blair would forget. But I was learning not to do anything that might upset her. A happy Blair was my best way forwards.

Beneath the weather proof bag the box with the heated bunny slippers were taped to the top of the larger Onsie box.

I returned to my computer and slumped in my chair staring at the Singapore Container Contract. I just felt totally defeated. Though I had slept longer than I had ever done since I was a baby I felt really tired, as if I could crawl into bed.

The phone rang.

“Yes?” I was till feelings sorry for myself.

“What’s wrong bunchkins?”

I almost shouted ‘Blair’ down the phone so surprised was I to hear from her, but I saved myself a beating by saying: “Honey?” Though do not believe I hid my shock.

“You look so forlorn honeykins. Everything ok?”

Ah Gawd! She is watching me through the webcam. “Yes dear fine.” Something inside me wanted to tell her that the damnable bunny outfit had arrived, as if to demonstrate my honesty.

“The contract ok?”

“What? Oh yeh, yeh. Yes. That’s fine. Done reallt.”

“That was quick. Thought you had loads of work to do on it?”

Oh my God she will realise I had been lying about that. “Oh yes. Yes. But funnily enough when I took a good look at it I realised it is good to go.”

“Hmmm.” She wasn’t convinced so I held my breath. “So why are you looking like a little boy who can’t have a chocolate biscuit?”

“Oh yes. Well. As you know darling I am locked in the ‘you know what’. I just need some respite.”

“Ah-ha. As you know it is getting you back in it that is my dilemma.”

“Yes, yes. But I promise I will let you.”

“You will let me?” She giggled. “That will be sweet of you. But I think I have to do it so you have no say in the matter.”

“Yes I guess so.”

“I have thought of something. A way to ensure you can be put back in it.”

I perked up. “Yes darling?”

“Well you remember that fancy dress party we went to? With me and you as sexy prisoners?”

“Yes. You were stunning.”

“Aw thank you honey. Well you remember my boss Mister Hopkins telling that story. You know where he had the Honk Kong police handcuffs?”

How could I forget? He had been such an Alpha male that night, something I shared with you already. If you recall I played with myself with fantasies about him dominating my wife and even dominating me at the same time. Classic sissy cuckold stuff really.

“Yes they were the real thing. Double locking.”

She smiled. “I thought you would remember, you perv,” she giggled. “Well let me free up your computer so you can go on to ebay.”

I saw my Singapore contract being saved and then she logged me off. I just sat in the chair watching her do it. As you recollect the previous day I got into trouble when I tried to stop her using my keyboard and mouse.

At the login screen I saw her tap in the long asterix hidden password before the windows screen came back up with the usual Microsoft music and a more complete array of icons than I was allowed on my kiddies screen.

“Ok off you go. I will watch.”

Whilst holding the phone to my ear I used one finger to log into ebay before setting off the search as ‘double locking handcuffs’

As usual a list came up.

“There’s quite a few darling.” She said as is surprised. Blair is incredibly naïve when it comes to sex.

“Gosh there are. And these are all real handcuffs like Morgan Hopkin’s?”

“Yes. I am sure. Yes.”

“So no silly trick locks to get out of like the toy ones we used at the fancy dress party?”

I was about to say ‘no’ when she squealed so loudly in my ear I had to pull the phone away.

“Look, look!”

“At what?” I of course hid my exasperation at her irrational instruction. She should have told me what I should be looking at.

“They do leg cuffs. Can you see them?”

“Yes they are at the top of the screen.”

“Buy them. Buy them now.”

I smiled to myself and clicked to make the purchase. I had always wanted Blair to lock me up in steel cuffs. Wow, now she was volunteering to do it! Knowing I wouldn’t be able to unlock them or escape made the acquisition both scary and thrilling.

I hovered the mouse pointer over standard postage.

leg cuffs ebay

“No, no!” She shouted.

“What?” I tried to remain calm. Why couldn’t she be logical and tell me what I should stop doing?

“Next day delivery!”

“Ok, ok, ok!”

I selected next day delivery and the screen flashed back to the double locking handcuffs

“Wow, there are loads of different types. Which ones would you like?”

My dick quivered in its cage and my brain was bursting with excitement. I was choosing handcuffs for my own mistress!

“Well there are ones with longer chains and …”

“Oh my God!”

Another ear piercing scream.


“Look at those. They are pink!”

I saw the pink handcuffs and grimaced. “Don’t you think it would be better if they were silver like real police cuffs?”

“They are real handcuffs. Double locking thingees, yes?”

I double checked. “Yes darling. And you get two types. Ones with a short chain and ones that are hinged.”

I heard her giggling. “Hinged. Not sure what they do but get them. For tomorrow! I can see a good boy being allowed out of his little cage, can’t you?”

Though it was humiliating to be patronised like that I found myself being so aroused that it didn’t matter. I selected next day delivery and was anxious to close the page before she got any ideas I wouldn’t find exciting.

I put the mouse over the cross to close the window when I heardpink cuffs ebay her warn:

“Excuse me mister. And who gave you permission to exit?”

The fear that filled my gut I can recall to this day. “I thought we had finished darling.”

“You thinking for yourself again?”

I swallowed, feeling myself blush.

“I asked you a question little boy didn’t I?”

“Yes darling, yes you did.” I cleared my throat. “Sorry darling, I was thinking for myself a bit.”

She was silent for a moment while I held my breath.

“We cannot have that can we?”

She sounded breathless, as if she had been running.

“Er, no, I guess we can’t.”

“The next thing you will be doing is trying to make decisions. And we definitely do not want that do we?”

I was so aroused and so brain fuddled I just kept agreeing with her. In turn I was growing more and more desperate to cum. I spurted twice in quick succession.

“Tell me something little boy, has your bunny suit arrived?”

“Please darling, please I ….”

“Is this a little boy who wants to be released when the cuffs get here tomorrow?”

“Oh yes please, yes.”

“Ok good. Then I expect good behaviour. Now you be a good boy and strip to your underpants and then put it on with the bunny slippers.”

My head hung in shame. I knew I would have to comply. “Yes miss.”

I rose holding the phone.

“And just one more thing little bunchkins.”

“Yes darling?”

“I want you to look at this You Tube video. I was looking all this morning for something like it.”

A window popped up on my screen with the usual YouTube descriptions.

I saw the description. ‘Kiddies face Painting.’


“I couldn’t find a cute bunny face but this kitty face will do. Follow the instructions. You don’t need to do the ears or anything but get the nose and the whiskers right or else I will weld that chastity cage shut!”

What? She wanted me to do some sort of kids painting on my face? I was horrified.

“D-D-Darling? I ….”

“You will need my eyebrow pencil and some other girlee thingees. Use my old make up bag in the top drawer of my dressing table. It is a pink, lime green colouring.”

“Darling? Please. That will be so …”

“Have to go. You have one hour. And good little boys aren’t late are they?”

“No darling,” I mumbled.

I knew I was about to descend into abject degradation, but at that point I just didn’t know how far.



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