Jordan’s Diary entry 27


Moments later my wife was lying on her back, her silk clad legs slightly parted beneath her short dress. Her hands resting on the pillow, one holding the large penis shaped dildo.

I knelt next to her knees holding the rabbit.

“Turn it on to number one and gently rub it up and down my thighs like a good boy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I felt it vibrate into life as I pressed the first button and made the necessary adjustments. I ran it gently about her tights feeling my dick dribble into the condom over his chastity cage.

After a moment she lay on her back, eyes gently closed, head to one side, quietly moaning, and humming to herself. I knew that was the sound she made when stimulated.

I rolled the vibrator further up her thighs just beneath her skirt. Her legs spread slightly allowing me further access.IMG_0998

I gasped.

As her legs parted so the hemline tightened and pulled up revealing the darker areas at the top of the tights.

I can picture them now. Wow.

I rolled the monster vibrator around her thighs, first the inside of one and then the inside of the other, rolling it over the silky nylon. Her legs parted some more. My brain was no longer functioning. This was a level of arousal I had never before experienced.

Then absolute and total astonishment.

The skirt rode up a few inches revealing the grips from a suspender belt. With my wife now delirious and arching her back I used the vibrator to push up the skirt to expose stockings!

“Mistress. You are wearing stocking!”

She moaned loudly, “And aren’t they sooooo wonderful? I bet you’d love to have them”

Not able to help myself I leaned down and kissed her bare thighs above the stocking tops. Breathless I was barely able to say, “But Mistress, Mister Hopkins will think …”

“Whatsoever the fuck he wants to think. Get on with your task little maid.” She shook her head, sweat appearing above closed eyes. She moaned loudly.

I pushed the point of the vibrator up to her panties pressing it against her tight black panties. She squealed, ‘Oh yes, yes. Yes.”

Using the point of the vibrator I edged the panties to one side and with a jolt I watched it slide effortlessly into her. I had never seen her so wet before.

Usually we had to have at least thirty minutes of foreplay before I could enter her and I was no way near the size of the Rabbit.

I twisted it around so that the Rabbit ears were aiming for her clit. Then I froze.

She had called out something, something I couldn’t quite understand yet it made me start.

My brain tried to turn the noises into words, a name loomed in my foggy brain

Did she really say that?

She couldn’t have. Not daring to desist from her instructions I pushed the Rabbit into her until the ears tickled at her labia.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes Mister Hopkins, oh yes fuck your woman, please. Please fuck me hard.”

I felt my mouth agape with shock. I was totally bewildered. I stared at the sweating shaking face of my wife as she pleaded with another man to fuck her and take her. Make her his, she had said it. ‘Fuck your woman’.”


As soon as the ears went inside her I experienced a surprise even greater than the stockings or the mention of her boss’s name. She grabbed the penis shaped dildo and thrust it into her mouth, slavering all over it like a total slut. “Yes, yes, yes,” she mumbled around it.

Her body rocked like a little boat under the forces of a severe gale as her back arched, she produced a long “ooooooooh, yes, yes.” And then lay quietly shivering. Every so often her body would convulse. But other than that she appeared to have fallen asleep.

I turned off the vibrator and slid it out ready of course to reinsert it if she should awake and demand me to do so.

Slowly she removed the dildo from her mouth kissing its tip with pursed lips before rolling over and gently snoring.

And me? I just knelt behind my wife’s sleeping form. Still lost in unrequited ecstasy, still desperate to cum.

I crawled on my bound hands and knees tMaidy_1805_00003o put the rabbit and the dildo on the bedside table before snuggling up to my wife.

“Mistress,” I dared to whisper.

“Hum?” She was speaking from a faraway world of deep sleep.

“Mistress? The key for my chastity cage please?”

I saw her face wince and immediately felt fearful. “Go to sleep. Sort it later.” The words were whispered and the snoring restarted.


I lay on the bed in my apron and cap, chastity belt and handcuffs with my legs secured by the ankle chains. I snuggled up to my comatose, satisfied wife and quietly cursed the world. It all seemed so unfair.

I awoke foggy brained and aching. Somewhere a dream was trying to resurface but I couldn’t quite catch its meaning.

I tugged on my hands but they wouldn’t move. My arms were stretched above my head, the muscles burning. I groaned from the discomfort.

It was hard to open my eyes. I remember them feeling welded shut by the sands of sleep.

A new dream overwhelmed me. I was being wanked, wanked hard. I groaned catching my breath, that time the hand was too tight around my penis. Strangling it. I needed to protest.

A hand around my penis? What was going on?

I forced open my eyes to see Blair in her silky back underwear from the day before, a suspender hanging away from one of her stocking as she leaned over the bed masturbating me. I caught sight of her dress over a chair.

“Too hard,” I complained.

She shushed me impatiently as if needing all her concentration on the task she was performing.

“Ouch,” I yelped. I couldn’t understand why my hands wouldn’t move down to protect me.

Well couldn’t until I glanced up and saw the pink hinged cuffs locked behind the steel barred head board.

My woozy brain may have been able to make sense of it had my dick not suddenly decided to spasm and cum.

Blair giggled. “Keep going little boy.” She shafted me harder until my back arched and I spurted out the last drops of my cum. I collapsed onto the bed utterly exhausted.


Something pinched my dick. “Ouch.” It pinched it again.

Looking down I saw Blair hurriedly forcing the cage back up my dick.

“No, please. It can pinch. You have to be …ow! Please.”

“Don’t be such a baby” She placed the fingers of her free hand under the half bar around my scrotum and pushed down the skin of my penis. This time the plastic cage slid into place over the pins. She took a few attempts to put the lock into place but once it clicked home she smiled and patted the packaged cock.

“Phew!” She said with a smile. “So that is how to do it.”


Her smile turned to a mischievous grin. “Haven’t you been allocated another word to use? You think the maid of the house should use the Christian name of the Mistress of the house.”

I closed my eyes. This was too much. “Look, let it go. For heaven’s sake.”

Now I was spent my manhood wanted to reassert my masculinity in MY house. That did not include being cuffed to the bed wearing nothing more than a little apron.

Still amused she stood before me in nothing more than her sexy black lingerie. The sexy black lingerie that she had worn for Mister Hopkins, her boss. Stockings attached to a silky tight teddy bar one that had become unclipped. The sort of thing she never wore for me outside the house because she said it made her too embarrassed.

“Now listen little boy. I have some news for you that I think you will find interesting. I wanted to tell you last night but, well,” she flushed, “I guess I needed something from you other than a discussion following my afternoon with Morgan, er, Mister Hopkins.”

“Can you release me, please, my arms hurt.”

“Something else will be hurting if you aren’t careful. I still have the cane in your wardrobe and your thighs do look sooooo tempting!”butt blonde

My head fell back into the pillow and I sighed, resigned to the fact this would be done her way.

“Now. I have told you we’re going to be rushed off our feet in work soon with all these contracts coming in. Mister Hopkins wanted me to employ an assistant, mainly for me. But I could tell he wanted a young attractive girl to work from home. So who better than my little maid here.”

“Blair! ….erm Mistress, we don’t need the money. “

She settled on the bed stroking my face. “No babykins we don’t. But working for Morgan is a real buzz. I don’t want to be stuck home here doing the vacuuming and making dinners and washing Chloe’s socks. Not when I have someone else to do that for me.”

I moaned. Why didn’t she realise this was just a game? A game that I was sick of because it wasn’t being played how I liked it. Worse, having now cum I wasn’t in the mood to keep playing it.

“So here is what you are going to do. You are going to be my assistant. You want to parade around here as a girl when I am not around? Fine. Now you can be a real girl. My secretary if you like.”

I stared at her. Being a secretary to a strong woman was definitely one of my fantasies and here she was handing it to me on a plate.

“How would that work Msitress?”

Excited that I seemed engaged, Blair shuffled closer to her fingers through my hair. “I’ll tell Mister Hopkins that you are an old girlfriend from law school. We studied together and you know your stuff about contracts. Which of course you do. Oh.” She paused, worried. “Have you got one of those fem names thingeees?”

“Well yes.” I blushed hot red. I most certainly didn’t want to tell my wife what my fem name was. It sounded silly.

“Great. You will need to create a Facebook page, oh and an email account. Gosh there may be more to this than I thought. What is your girlie name?”

I closed my eyes tugging on my trapped wrists. “Suzie,” I whispered. That did not seem the right time to seek to either deflect the question or deceive.

“Suzie!” She spat with theatrical disgust. “That’s a real slut’s name. You need something more classy. Suzie! Suzie doesn’t wear panties. Suzie would go to bed with any guy. Suzie is just not the sort of girl I would have been friends with at University!”

“Mistress. I think we need to think this through. Discuss it. We can find a name …”

“No time little bunchkins. He sprang this on me yesterday. The last thing I want is another girl around him. He has enough throwing themselves at him as it is. So you will be ideal.” She pinched his cheeks. “And you are allowed to completely dress up whilst you are, well, whoever we think ww will call you. You need a classy name!” She stared at the clock on my pink phone that sat on the bedside cabinet. “Heavens I really must go to work!”

Leaning down she kissed me as I gulped in her delicious scent just as her hair tickled my face.

“Little maid you were excellent last night. You really deserved your little treat.”

“But mistress I didn’t enjoy it. I knew nothing about it. I woke up and …”

She patted my cage firmly enough to alarm me and shut me up.

“Now, now little maid. I am sure you aren’t going to be ungrateful. Treats aren’t handed out like confetti. So you appreciate it when it happens.”

Not feeling particularly grateful I shook my head, “yes Mistress.”

“I’ll unlock your hands just before I go to work.” She sprang from the bed. “I need to shower. I must smell like a whore.”

“You smell wonderful Mistress. Truly wonderful.”

She giggled. “Aw, aren’t you sweet. So you need to find one of your outfits that makes you look like a secretary.” She laughed. “Don’t be too slutty. Suzie! Don’t dress like a Suzie. More like a Suzanne. Suzanne. Ah. Maybe.”

With that she went back to her room.

I lay there like a sleepy dog at the height of summer.

I recall how having the cage refitted didn’t feel too much of an ordeal. I guess I already was seeing it as being part of myself. Later I would feel undressed when it wasn’t on.

But right then I was pleasantly anxious. I couldn’t move from the bed until Blair released me and then I had to create a new fem identity. But it was a wonderful, thrilling task. I must have been beaming.

I am not sure I would have been so happy had I realised how my Suzanne character would develop.

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