where Tammy went wrong? – answers

This was the question:

Tammy is going shopping for the first time en-fem and is hoping to slip into the background with the other shoppers.

However she has made a few elementary errors. Can you spot them?


Many of you got it right. Congratulations.

Full marks for: No bag of any description. Where would she put her spare pair of panties or frilly handkerchief?

(*There was some discussion of whether Tammy would actually be wearing any panties in the first place. However in the view of the judges it was felt she would be chilly in an out door mall without any at all.)

Secondly, points for: No neck ware. A necklace or collar would set off Tammy’s pretty costume. Perhaps a blue collar with a bell?

Half marks for those who suggested Tammy’s stockings ought to be pale blue to match the dress. In the judges view, the white of the staff could be set off by the white stockings, so the outfit matched.


Proof, yet again(!), that sissies need constant supervision.


Thanks to all those who took part.




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