Maids from The Oxford Hotel One Year On

These were four maids on their second day


All the photos are from Miss Evan’s ‘Blackmail Folder’ and are certified genuine.

Please compare with their graduation picture just  12 months later.


*** Our lawyers wish to make it clear to sissies thinking about attending one of our weekend breaks that the Blackmail Folder is called ‘blackmail’ because it is contained in a black envelope. There is nothing sinister about it and tearful sissies who tell you otherwise otherwise are deluded.


1 Elivra on her second day at The Hotel but her first out serving. Looking amusingly self conscious, I am sure you will agree


2 Trisha here, still thinks she is going home the following day. You have to laugh at her stupidity


3 If you think Melonie was cross on her second day you should have seen her face when she learned about The Point. It was a picture!


4 This was midnight on the second evening with Daniella feeling the pain of wearing heels for ten hours. At this point she was yet to learn about not complaining, so was caned thoroughly before bedtime.



5 And here they all are at their graduation ball. What a difference a year makes, eh?




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