Giving the maid some fresh air

All doms and dommes know how the maid complains about being stuck inside dusting and sorting the laundry so this kind bull took the maid out for a run.




1 Note the bells …

Ashley_Renee - Pony Girl 05

2 Note the tail …

Ashley_Renee - Pony Girl 12

3. Note how happy the wife’s lover is. A perfect day out

Ashley_Renee - Pony Girl 10




2 thoughts on “Giving the maid some fresh air

  1. This is fine for a quick trot (or ten) round the grounds, but if he then decides to drive the maid-pony down to the pub for a drink, and leaves her hitched and immobile outside… That’s a major public humiliation for the poor maid (and the risk of a parking ticket)!

  2. It is very thoughtful of you, as I would expect of you P L Richards, to note the perils of the Dom taking the sub out for a trot. Along with the parking fine he could be fined for drinking and driving. But you are correct to point out the positives of the drive to the pub, i.e. ‘a major humiliation for the poor maid.’

    Deborah Ford

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