The Secretary Course

The Hotel still maintains its popular secretary course.

Despite the word ‘secretary’ falling into disuse and being over taken by Personal Assistant, in the views of The Hotel the term secretary covers exactly the tasks for which office maids are trained.

You may have heard of some sissies complaining about the punishments along with the intense training but the following pictures taken after they have passed the Secretary Advanced Graduation Exam demonstrates their Behavioural Modification was totally worth it.

In the decades since The Hotel opened its doors not one wife or bull has complained about the changes we have brought about on their sissies.




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3 thoughts on “The Secretary Course

  1. Great pics! I’ve always loved secretaries.
    It’s also great news that you’ve a new story almost ready. Can you please give us a teaser as to the plot?

  2. Thank you Jez, I think secretaries should be a protected species. The new book is big, on the scale of The Hotel. If I get the time it will be out before Christmas.

  3. Thank you Deborah! A new story will be a great Christmas gift! Especially one so long. My mind is in overdrive thinking about it.
    Good luck.

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