Maids Christmas Rescue Appeal 2014

Every year cruel masters and mistresses throw out their used maids to create space for fresh new ones. Usually there is nothing wrong with these maids. The Hotel carries out a comprehensive health check for all lost maids admitted to the sanctuary.

If you feel you have it in your heart and home to accommodate one of these homeless maids then please contact Miss Evans at the Hotel giving your credit card details.

These maids will all be re registered to their new owners.

2 thoughts on “Maids Christmas Rescue Appeal 2014

  1. The Hotel is doing an excellent job rescuing these poor abandoned maids, but isn’t this the wrong time time for this appeal? I thought most maids were abandoned after Christmas/New Year? The message ought to be: A MAID IS FOR LIFE (or until she’s sold), NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS!

  2. Ah just such an empathetic response I have come to expect from you P L Richards. But sad to say maids can be abandoned at any time of the year. Such is the heart rendering service the Hotel offers to such abject souls that its work is 12 months a year though particularly busy at Easter when Bunnies are in demand.

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