Any doubts? Here is what Alicia wrote …

Dear sissy,

Joining Club ZerØ Nine was the best decision I ever made, in fact it was the last time I was allowed to make a decision. Everyone now kindly tells me what to do all the time. Isn’t that sweet?

Since signing my agreement, Miss Hall and her team have ensured I have not shirked any of the requirements of being a maid. My wife and her lover could not have been more supportive as I faced the changes.

I am now perfectly happy and fulfilled.

So please join today and Miss Hall says to bring your wife and your credit card.




Miss Hall, please can I now have the handcuffs and ankle chains removed and be allowed to dress. I promise not to complain about the tight corset and the painful shoes again. And as I have finished the letter in exactly the way you demanded can my wife and her lover stop beating me?


Oh, oh!

You should snip this part off before posting else I will be in even more trouble!



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