Club ZerØ Nine now on iBooks

Available now on ibooks as well as Kindle and Lulu.

Isnt it time you gave yourself a treat?

Club ZerØ Nine

For Kyle, the Club ZerØ Nine maid feminisation course is a dream come true, especially when the club talks his lovely wife Madison into also attending.

But the club has its own designs on Kyle and Mister Harrison, the club’s owner, has his own designs on Madison!

Will Kyle escape the club’s grip on him and rescue his naïve wife from the machinations of Mister Harrison? Very difficult when Mister Harrison has Kyle locked into the tightest chastity cage known and when Kyle finds himself Mister Harrison’s personal property.


club zero 9 07

A doctor’s warning

TheAngryDoctorAs usual with  a Deborah Ford novel, certain precautions are advised.

Always enjoy a light lunch before reading and have to hand a good sized bottle of smelling salts. A small frilly handkerchief ought to be held in the left hand ready to wave in the event of palpitations.

Do not read standing up in case of fainting.

Delicate sissies should be told that this is a fiction and nothing as appalling as this occurs in real life. This little white lie may help the delicate souls sleep more soundly after reading a chapter.

Should your breathing grow short then stop reading at once, lie down in a dark room until you have sufficient well being to continue.





2 thoughts on “Club ZerØ Nine now on iBooks

  1. Ooh! Ooh! Kandi loved this! It was just sooo exciting Kandi forgot to faint! (squeal!) Thank you Deborah, thank you! The Boring Old Fart hates dancing, but when Kandi gets sent to the Club for training, she wants to learn to dance like in the book 😀 PS. Kandi loves Zoe:)

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