Slave Market in UK *WARNING*

We are not sure where in the UK but since a billionaire bought a castle and the local village he has reinstated legalised slavery. Apparently Lords of the Manor can change the laws of the manor to suit themselves.


Anyone who sees an ad such as the following should be aware:

‘Are you seeking a collar? Would you like to know what it is like to be a slave? Then please do not delay and make the last decision you will ever make in your life by calling ….’

Obviously we have removed the phone number as we know how impressionable and gullible many of the readers of this website are.



Little Debbie adds ….

Oh, oh, oh. And BTW. You don’t have to bring anything, not even a towel. How cool is that? And you know what? They buy you all the clothes they want you to wear. Really. Of course they can be a little rude, if you ask me, only no one asks me. I mean I wanted this really sweet little chrome collar and I have ended up with this horrible grey one that doesn’t match anything, not that I often wear anything I guess. But the thing is they have locked it on so I can’t take it off. At the moment I only have the ball gag removed when being fed or giving service so I haven’t been able to explain their error to them.

Oh yeh, and duh, what do you know? You only get your chastity cage removed on days with a B in them. For some reason all the Doms think that is soooo hilarious. I mean please! And I have learnt sooo much. They are cool teachers and don’t miss any mistakes I make. How helpful is that?

So ring right now. I know they have plenty of cells in the new dungeons.






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2 thoughts on “Slave Market in UK *WARNING*

  1. Ooh, Kandi want’s to be a slave and wear a collar and leash! [P L Richards: No you don’t! (Slap! Slap!) Honestly, she’s incorrigible! I’m sorry to say I think Little Debbie is a bad influence…]

    1. Little Debbie says: yes, yes, yes! OMG. When you are on a leash you can’t ever get lost. Really. I mean you don’t even have to think about where you are going. How cool is that?

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