Good question from Paula

If you check out TRB’s wonderful PERFECTLY BOUND MAGAZINE which can be found down the right hand side, you will see an interesting question from Paula.

” …. So then…. would you like to be a gg Deborah …”

Paula then says she would but I feel many others here are more content with the fantasy of anything from sissy to TV (in its many forms).


Any thoughts readers? Please use the comments button below.

So if you HAD to choose which out of the following two pix would you wish to be, top or bottom.


!cid_X.MA4 tumblr_njd725O3xF1t5bt6lo1_500


2 thoughts on “Good question from Paula

  1. Like you Deborah my fantasies range over a whole spectrum. I enjoy stories both of sissified males, and of former men made to go ‘all the way’. But forced to choose I’d want to be the top picture (although she’s wearing a very ‘secure’ chastity belt!) [Kandi: Then Kandi would take over completely!]

  2. Agreed P L Richards though I am fear the ‘Kandi’ in us would take over even if merely caught in the plight of just the second picture!

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