Club ZerØ Nine – Book Two – update


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Club ZerØ  Nine – Book Two


All the notes are in place and the writing has begun in earnest. I am three chapters into the first draft and it is running very smoothly – touch wood.

Release date September 2015


If you haven’t read Club ZerØ  Nine, book one then you need to know that Kyle has talked his gorgeous, shy wife in to fulfil a lifetime fantasy by spending a week at Club ZerØ 9 in training as a maid.

What he hasn’t expected is to become the property of the club’s CEO, Mister Harrison who collars him as his maid and devises his maid training program. Worse, Mister Harrison has collared his wife, Madison, for ‘procedural’ reasons and is now ‘taking care of her’ whilst the chastity belted, male school girl Abbie, as Kyle is now known, is forced to learn all the duties of a maid – erm yes I do mean ALL the duties of a maid. Yes ALL! Maids have to please both sexes in every way demanded of them.

Wonder why Kyle had not known this before he signed the forms.


If you haven’t read it then please go to Kindle or Lulu and have a look if it is the book for you, but please read the doctor’s warning below.


plaid skirt & panties



In part two Kyle … well you have to wait to find out.


I know you are hoping Kyle can rescue Madison from the Alpha Male Mister Harrison and escape Club Zero Nine with its fearsome program for trainee maids but at the moment I have to say it is getting even more difficult becuase of the Friday night at the Club. What happens on Friday nights? Ah well, you will have to wait and find out.



The cover for the first book:

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A doctor’s warning


TheAngryDoctorAs usual with  a Deborah Ford novel, certain precautions are advised.

Always enjoy a light lunch before reading and have to hand a good sized bottle of smelling salts. A small frilly handkerchief ought to be held in the left hand ready to wave in the event of palpitations.

Do not read standing up in case of fainting.

Delicate sissies should be told that this is a fiction and nothing as appalling as this occurs in real life. This little white lie may help the delicate souls sleep more soundly after reading a chapter.

Should your breathing grow short then stop reading at once, lie down in a dark room until you have sufficient well being to continue.





4 thoughts on “Club ZerØ Nine – Book Two – update

  1. Hey Deborah,
    That’s great news! It’ll be interesting to see what happens next for Abbie. Must re-read Part One.

  2. September, oh goodie! It’s wishing my life away, but I can hardly wait! I agree with Jez, must re-read part 1!
    P.S. Not ALL of us are hoping Kyle can rescue Maddie and escape. Some of us are masochists – I mean realists, who suspect he might just be stuck as Abbie…!

    1. I am sure if poor Abbie, I mean Kyle, can clear his head he can find a way out. But blondes do thave trouble clearing their heads ….


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