TRAMPS meet for the first time!

World’s first meeting of the ‘Trade-Union Representing the All Maids Performance Society’, or TRAMPS for short.


The most imperative items on the agenda were:

  1. Better working conditions for maids everywhere
  2. Demands for two days off a week for clothes shopping
  3. Arbitration when the maid disagrees with the number of spanks the dominant was to administer to a naughty maid.

*Just to point out that point three was ruled out at the last moment because none of the maids knew what Arbitration meant, though some maids thought it was an online lingerie shop.

Representatives came from all over the world as can be seen in the photographs below.

The trouble was that by the time they had discussed shoes, whether matching panties were better than sexy panties, particularly for an over the knee spanking, and who had the dishiest Master and the sexiest Mistress they ran out of time.

All the girls agreed it was a great to have a good natter about everything and decided to meet next year.

It was thought that perhaps further meetings should have a dominant in charge in order to keep them inline and to tell them what to do. But when the vote was taken none of the maids could make a decision for herself.

On the way home the various groups of maids mainly bitched about those who weren’t with them, especially about the very short skirts of the tramps from the Italian delegation. Though they were all agreed that everyone there was a bigger slut than they were. So all went home happy … to find an extra two day’s chores to make up for the lost time.


As you can see the Maids travelled from all over the world to become a TRAMP. If you wish to be part of a group of TRAMPS please keep an eye out for the application form.


2 thoughts on “TRAMPS meet for the first time!

  1. Heehee – wonderful, wonderful! I notice some maids are even wearing bunny ears ! A truly inspirational, international gathering! I expect some maids actually were Trade Unionists in their previous existence, but that’s not much help since their maid training will have made them forget things like how to conduct a meeting, how to negotiate with employers, what ‘negotiate’ means etc. And they don’t have ’employers’ any more, but ‘owners’ 🙂 I like this very much – and so does Kandi,
    [Kandi says “Ooh! Kandi wants to be a TRAMP!”]:

  2. The maids with ears reflects scene in the Club Zero 9 Part Two when Miss Latoure …. ah SPOILER ALERT.

    I am sure Kandi will pass the test to enter TRAMPS with just the first question, by putting her name on the worng line.

    Sighs, be nice to be really dumb and unwind sometime.


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