It’s coming!

Be afraid! It is nearly here.

Can your little hearts bear the suspense? or the suspenders?

Will be released in September 2015 – at the latest!

Usual doctor’s advice: always read a Deborah Ford book in a well ventilated room. Ensure smelling salts are to hand and that your frilliest white handkerchief is ready to wave in times of distress.

Make sure your dominant has given you permission and checked it for themselves before allowing you access.




club zero 9 book 2 with embargo

In Club ZerØ Nine Book One Kyle embarked on a maid training course under the encouragement of the genteel Miss Hall.

Miss Hall soon turns into a fearsome dominant. It is explained to a shocked Kyle that all maids at the club must have an owner and Kyle finds himself collared by the club’s powerful CEO, Mister Harrison. Mister Harrison and Miss Hall can now control Kyle’s maid training program.

Worse, Kyle’s wife the delectable Madison has to be owned by a dominant in order for her to remain at the club. All part of the procedure as Miss Hall explains to a shocked and helpless Kyle. So while Kyle undergoes training Mister Harrison also takes ownership of Madison.

Book one details Kyle’s training program along with his attempts to rescue his adorable wife from the clutches of the bullying Mister Harrison.

We take up the story in Book Two the day after Kyle becomes officially recognised as a Maid in Training.


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