Club ZerØ Nine Book Two: Maid in Training —- OUT NOW!!!!

Electronically published today!

Get out the bunting, organise street parties. The latest instalment of Club ZerØ Nine is finally published.


Club ZerØ Nine
Book Two: Maid in Training
By Deborah Ford

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A disturbing tale of forced feminisation
My thanks, as ever, for my editor’s input.

Available right now! It may take a while for all the various Kindle shops to stock but it has been published.

Also available in Lulu, Ibooks, and many other sources.

This book follows Book 1 from Club ZerØ Nine. Although it contains many characters and continues situations from the first book it can be read as a self-contained novel.



In Club ZerØ Nine Book One Kyle and two others embark on a maid training course enticed by the genteel Miss Hall.

Miss Hall soon turns into a fearsome dominant. It is explained to a shocked Kyle that all maids at the club must have an owner and Kyle finds himself collared by the club’s powerful CEO, Mister Harrison, who now controls Kyle’s maid training program.

Worse, Kyle’s wife, Madison, must be owned by a dominant in order for her to remain at the club. ‘All part of the procedure,’ as Miss Hall explains to a shocked and helpless Kyle. So while Kyle undergoes maid training under a new name, Abbie, Mister Harrison takes ownership of Madison entering her on the club’s course for dominants.

Book One details Kyle’s training program along with his attempts to rescue his adorable wife from the clutches of the bullying Mister Harrison.

We take up the story in Book Two, the day after Kyle becomes officially recognised as a ‘Maid in Training’.

Imagine a club, an S&M club, catering to dominants and submissives.
Imagine it in a nearby city, in a huge vacant lot near the disused docklands. No one can hear you scream.
Imagine a club that has been in existence for over five years, long enough to develop its own code of practice.
Imagine it, as it develops into a place where Bulls can meet married women in a BDSM setting.
A club that understands there are people who long to have submissive maids serve them.
A club that knows there are many who would adore the opportunity to wear one of the club’s prized maid’s outfits.
A club that has developed an intensive training plan to take anyone from scratch to licenced maid within a matter of days. Anyone, yes anyone.
A club where no maid has every failed to qualify to be a licenced maid. No one is allowed to fail the strict tests and assessments. No one.
A club which has no gender bar, either sex can apply for the maid course.
A club run by a dedicated band of severe, sexy women who single mindedly train even the most recalcitrant of maids.
A club where dominant Bull males know the beneficial effects of a wife seeing her husband completely transformed. Thus the Bulls do all they can to ensure the complete submission of any maid before his wife.
A club that draws on enhanced, intense, one on one, behavioural modification therapy.

Dream or nightmare? Read Club Zer0 Nine and decide for yourself.


The usual doctor’s warnings apply to delicate souls who attempt to read the book.

Ensure your dominant is fully aware of its contents and has given you express permission to read it. Always start reading after a light meal, with plenty of fluids near to hand. Ensure the frilly handkerchief to be waved in case of feeling faint is held between your fingers.

Our resident psychiatrist also points out that feeble minded sissies should try telling themselves it is fiction or else that Kyle deserves his fate. Also avoid reading too much in one sitting in case of palpitations.




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