Deborah Ford novels currently for sale

Now including Happiness for All

Search on your own country’s Amazon pages. Also available at Lulu, ibookstore and many other outlets.

**please note that if any of my books DO NOT turn up in searches on Kindle it is because it is deemed too adult in the country in which you live.**

To view adult material is a daft process. Log in to your kindle account. Use the drop down menu to select Kindle stores -crazily this won’t work unless you select Kindle stores. Search for a title of the book that has been banned from being viewed in searches. You get this message: Your search contains adult items which have been hidden. If you wish to see them, click here.” Then you can view all adult material again.
A hidden book that is that can be used in your search is “Bola Kool kobe.”

All are full size novels revealing the tricky predicaments an airhead male sissy can get herself into. They contain very adult themes, including bondage, forced sex, humiliation and forced cross dressing.
I guarantee they are not fluffed out with adverts for any other books, including those of mine.

Happiness for all cover 01

Anyone who wishes to read the first chapter free of charge should simply press one of the following links …
Club ZerØ Nine Book One – Free preview
Club ZerØ Nine Book Two: Maid in Training – Free preview


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