Jordan’s Diary entry 28




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Creating Ashley was fun. It was hot too.

It took me a while to come up with a surname and I toyed with several, including of course Ford like the last name of my favourite author.

In the end I used the name Mitchell. Ashley Mitchell required an email address, the easiest would be Gmail or Hotmail. I created both. I was pretty smart about the photo. Many girls avoid pix of themselves and use sweet landscapes or pussy cats. I chose a cute puppy with floppy ears and huge eyes.

When the Facebook page of Ashley Mitchel, law graduate came to life I was trembling inside with excitement. Wow. Had I known what was to come I guess I might have tried to call a halt to Blair’s crazy plan right there and then. Right there and then, though, I was trembling with the buzz of something new for my fetish.

Even today I look back on that day spent creating Ashley with a feeling of excitement and regret. If only!

As you can imagine the one outfit I did not have in my collection was that of a secretary. I had some dresses but they were all of the short slutty type. So I did a search for ‘sexy work outfits.’ The parental guidance limits that Blair had programed into Cyber Mummy Safety blocked the search. Yet again flagging up: ‘please ask your parents for guidance.’ But I outwitted it by typing ‘s*xy’ in its place!

jordan 4

If Blair knew how irritating it was for me to be controlled like this I am sure she would ease up some of the computer restrictions.

The search for ‘s*xy work outfits’ through up loads of hot links! Clearly women had a different idea of ‘sexy’ to me. There were far too many long skirts and trousers for my liking but there were more than enough short tight skirts and translucent, revealing blouses to get me feeling ineffectively horny. My morning masturbation from Blair had left me totally unsatisfied, my balls felt as if it had never happened. Indeed I felt even more aroused than usual.

A lovely way to be dressed in an office.

One thing that both men and women agree upon is that some shoes are sexier than others. I loved all the shoes and little boots they chose.

I put my hand between tight trousers and rubbed ineffectually at the chastity belt beneath as I ogled these wonderful lasses in their amazing outfits.

My mind was buzzing when my computer rang showing Blair had connected through Skype.

How to get the Boss’s attention.

“What are you doing?”

Her voice was tense, impatient. She could see me yet I wasn’t permitted to see her to gauge her true reaction. “Erm, M-m-mistress I am just looking at outfits for your p.a. Ashley.”

A long sigh distorted the speakers.

“Are you the stupidest secretary in the world?”

I was in trouble! “Please Miss, I am sorry. I …”

“Stop babbling. What on earth do you think you will need those outfits for?”

Damn. She must have been watching me through the internet as I searched. This was so humiliating having her remotely watching my screen whenever she wished.

“Well you want me to be your secretary and if I was in your office …”

“You dumb little boy! Honestly! You think I would let you come in here? Into my office dressed like that? Don’t be so stupid!”

I clenched my fists. I wasn’t stupid and I hated her hitting on me with those terms. However there was not much I could say without antagonising her further.

“I don’t understand Mistress.”

“And don’t I know it! Just stop your endless jabbering and listen.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You will work from home. God! You in here trying to mince around in heels!”

I wasn’t going to tell her that I was pretty accomplished in heels.

“I just need you to communicate with Mister Hopkins. God if Morgan could see you dressed in any of those outfits he would have you bent over a desk faster than you could squeal ‘please don’t.’”

I spurted into my chastity cage, my breathing glowing shallow.

“Yes little boy! Well may you blush!”

Aaargh. I was blushing on her camera. I was desperate to hide my face but knew I dared not.

“No. Ashley will sit at home in her office and work from there!”

“Yes Mistress.” I needed to get on to her good side so blurted out, “And I have set up Gmail and Hotmail accounts and created a Facebook page for and …”

“Yes, yes, yes. And it looks like I have to sort them all out for you!”

I felt deflated. I was hoping she would say ‘well done’ and promise me a release tonight.

“Firstly airhead what on earth is the point of having a Facebook page without friends?”


“Yes little boy. Ah! Now try and be less dumb. Your idiocy is driving me nuts. I keep thinking I have to watch over everything you do!”

“Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress. But, erm, well, how do I make friends as Ashley?”

Again a long exhalation through the speakers and I knew I was in deeper trouble. “First you add your University. Make it the same as mine only two years earlier.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then put some likes in for her. I don’t know pop music, films, some boy pop stars and male tele stars.”

“That’s a good idea Mistress.”

“You think?” I heard her tut impatiently. “Ok then send out hundreds of friend requests. Guys will usually say yes. That will be fine. But find lots of girls who have studied law or just been to university then send out hits on them. Most will ignore you but enough will agree to be friends to build up your site. And me! Add me birdbrain!”

“Yes Mistress. I will get on to it right away.”

I heard her laugh. “Will you airhead? Have I said for you to start right away? Did you ask me if you should start right away?”

“I just thought that …”

“What have you been told about thinking little boy? And don’t pull that face. Right. Strip naked go to the corner and,” I could hear her breathing as she thought through a plan. “Ah yes. Then bend over so your bottom is facing the camera like a good boy. Off you go.”

As you appreciate there was never any point in arguing with Blair. It was so unfair. I removed my clothes down to the chastity cage feeling my cheeks glow. I was still hopeful she would recant.

“Off you go little boy. Be quick about it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I hated corner time. Minutes seem like hours, you have no idea at all as to how long you are there. With a grunt I bent over and felt total shame as my buttocks seemed to part with me being unable to cover them.

“Good boy. Now you stay like that and learn that a little boy like you wastes everyone else time when you try to think.”

I pouted, refusing to reply ‘yes mistress.’ Thought that would show her. I heard the speakers click off and knew that she could easily see me from where ever she was. The blood rolled into my head and I felt ridiculous and feint. Ludicrously my dick pulsated in its cage and spurted. I groaned in shame.

I would have groaned even louder had I known where all this was leading.
How I wish I did look when bent over.

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