Lesson from a Bull as told to Deborah Ford

Message from a bull


The trouble with sissies is that they always demand attention. What they don’t get is that we bulls are there to screw their wives or girlfriends. We have no interest in them at all. If they can fetch a drink or make some food then fine. If they can clean the house and free up more time for their wives to be screwed then even better.


This is why sissies need to be kept firmly in their place. No ifs, no buts. No discussions. No give and take. Put them down and keep them down. Not only does this keep them from whining and seeking ‘a scene’ but it frees up time to concentrate on the real business of the day: shagging the wife so hard she knows who the Master in the house is.

Funnily enough the more the sissy is dominated then the hotter the wife becomes. I have seen timid little creatures who don’t say anything at the first meeting truly find their confidence and their sexuality after they see their hubbie put in his place.


Take little Tommy for example. What a pain. He didn’t shut up at the first meeting. He wanted this, he wanted that, he thought I should do this and I should say that. I let him whitter on before dealing putting him down verbally which made Sonia giggle and him blush and finally shut up.

Anyways when Sonia took these pictures below we were a couple of weeks into the relationship.

Sonia was getting more and more relaxed about the situation. By now she was thinking about me in work and reacting quickly to my texts. Even Little Tommy was learning that the maid isn’t the centre of attention but a mere servant, but of course, as ever with dumb sissies, he wasn’t learning fast enough. There is always a time when the sissy has to learn it isn’t a game but that the dynamics in his household have changed – forever. He has been truly demoted in the eyes of his wife and he will never be able to claw his way back and this is how it happened:


It was Wednesday night, I know this because I was trying to watch a big footie match. Sonia submissively sat next to me holding my beer whilst I fingered her. Thomasina was in the kitchen huffing and puffing because I told her she was going to be sent to bed early tonight. After he stamped out of the room Sonia was killing herself laughing. ‘You treat him more like our little daughter than a maid!’

So in comes Thomasina still blushing and pouting asking if I needed another beer. Of course all he wanted was a bit of attention, even Sonia sighed as I stopped tickling her wet clit.

‘Were you summoned?’

‘No, I thought I’d take the initiative.’

Insolent sissy. I knew there and then it was time to lay down the law, but being a considerate sort of guy I just said.

‘Wait till you hear the bell stupid bitch.’

I saw the smug look wash over his features and his pink lip sticked lips smile. ‘But Sir you told me to take the initiative whenever I thought …’

He stopped, his eyes wide with shock. I had paused the tv football and stood up to my full 6’2” height. I don’t know how I looked but Thomasina backed up to the door with her hands raised before her pinny as if surrendering.

‘Get you dumb arse into the office.’

He looked at Sonia for support but he wouldn’t have any luck there. Sonia had grown to love me being around but found the maid a useful but occasionally irritating presence around the house. So she loved the maid ironing her clothes and sorting out the washing and cleaning but felt fraught when the maid constantly asked her for more chores. She’s prefer to spend the day thinking about her lover, my cock and her servicing my needs. Again, how it should be.

‘Please Sir I still have the bathroom to clean so please don’t let me spoil your football viewing.’

I just glared at him until I saw his knees weaken. ‘Office. Now. Stupid tramp.’

He fled and I am sure I heard him squeal as he left.

Sonia hung onto the hem of her short dress as she scooted to the edge of the sofa. ‘Aw. Leave her alone. Let’s just stay here.’

She patted the sofa next to her and, I tell you what, her eyes were so inviting I could have fucked her stupid there and then. But you have to sort out problems in relationships like this as soon as possible. The longer you leave them to fester the worse they get. Believe me I know.

‘Slut,’ that was the wife’s name now, ‘you come and watch how your maid gets dealt with by your lover.’

At that her face lit up and she gasped with glee. I tell you, once you have turned hubbie into their sub, they can be cruel bitches. Wonderfully the sissies have no idea this is all going to happen when they instigate the meetings. They day dream about making their fantasies come to life. Only one guy’s fantasy is coming to life here.


So there we were in hubby’s spacious office. Thomasina hoping from high heeled foot to high heeled foot in fear. I have slippered her arse a few times but always pulled up short before the tears. Maybe she realised that this time I was determined to make a point. Perhaps the dumb tramp could hear it in my voice. I had the impression that she desperately wished she hadn’t interrupted us during the football.

I told Sonia to use her phone and to take pictures.

You’re not going to believe it but Sonia the slut looked at her quaking husband for guidance. I wasn’t having that. I slapped her face before her stupid tramp of a hubbie could put a spanner in the works by casting doubt in her mind. It was a real hard slap. With her cheek glowing pink she raced out to grab her phone.

‘Look Sir. I think we need to establish rules here …’

Seeing my ire the maid stopped jabbering and nibbled her lip.

‘I mean,’ she tried again, ‘we need a safe word. Yes? Don’t you think? I mean for times like this.’

I didn’t say anything. Just let him grow even more awkward.

There was a flash as Sonia returned and, like the obedient girl I have made her, she took our pic.

The maid prattled on. ‘You see if you get really cross with me then …’

‘Strip bitch.’ I commanded

The maid flashed her huge eyes seeking pity but for me the sight was one of amusement.

‘I said strip.’

Now the dumb tramp looked at his wife for support. I noticed she shook her head as if saying, ‘don’t look at me, what can I do?’

I kid you not, as the maid removed her dress she is still giving me grief. ‘Perhaps Sir a safe word might be useful in times such as this when you have lost your temper.’

As the dress fell to the floor I asked her what word she would like as a safe word.

‘Well Sir,’ she ran her hands down her black Basque to her stockings, ‘obviously something I am not likely to say in other circumstances.’ She giggled nervously. ‘How about Cleethorpes?’

I didn’t say anything. I just grabbed her by ear and dragged her over to the office leather sofa.

She squealed like a child. I had to remind the shocked wife to grab a picture unless she wanted to join the maid over my knee.

Now Sonia relishes me spanking her but has one rule, not in front of her hubbie. Fine by me. I don’t give a shit. But one day I will have them both over the back of the sofa, arses bared, cane in hand, just so I can make a point.

Hubbie of course isn’t allowed any rules, something he might realise as I push him down over my lap.

I start spanking immediately. I mean hard ones. With Sonia I will start off slow and erotic, building up bit by bit but Thomasina’s backside quickly turned a light red.

Now comes the panties. I tear them down over her bum making her squeal like a real girl. Just the sort of reaction I want in front of his shocked wife.

Six more sharp ones and she is squirming like a kitten in a box. Her arm comes back to protect her exposed rear but by grabbing her elbow I effortlessly secure it out of the way. Little Tommy has always been easy to bully, not least because I am and fit and a determined bastard.

So now she starts the ‘no, no, pleases’ I am too busy laying in to her as the flashes of the camera go off and I Sonia gasps.

‘Please that’s enough, that’s enough!’

Been here before. You spank a sissy and they love it. Nice sore bottom, a little bit of humiliation and role playing dominance. Gets them hot in their chastity cages. Seen it many times. So with a real punishment you have to push past that, ensure sure they never ever again actually ask for a spanking or deliberately act naughtily to entice one.

‘It is hurting too much.’

I have heard it said that a spanking by hand hurts the spanker as much as the victim. No way. Yes my hand was ringing with discomfort by now but nothing like the bright red bottom of the maid. At that point the squirming is getting hectic. I had to drop a leg over one of hers to hold her rock steady in position. No way was she getting off my lap until I had finished with her.


It’s now that you get the ‘how sorry I am’ line followed by ‘I won’t do it again.’ You have to laugh at them. As if that means anything. In a few days they will be back to their impertinent selves.

So I layer them on. Spank after spank. Getting harder. The heat from her arse is glowing, warming the room. I can hear the start of sobs in the voice. The words catching in the throat. Hubbies do all they can not to well up in front of their wives. Heh. Well I am taking this baby all the way. Sonia is not going to forget her hubby’s punishment any time soon.

And then it comes. ‘Cleethorpes, Cleethorpes!’

The words are belted out with a grunt to match the impacts on her arse. She says it again: ’Cleethorpes, Cleethorpes.’

The maid howls like an animal as I beat harder. I can hear sobbing. A throaty sob, the ones where the stupid bitch is trying to conceal his distress from his wife. ‘Please. Cleethorpe.’ Still the hand rains down on the bright red backside making the bitch bounce around on my lap. She is hooked by my leg and held by arm, she isn’t going anywhere.

Sonia still snaps the pictures as she says. ‘Sir. She did say Cleethorpes. Isn’t that the new safe word?’

I stop spanking the maid and the dumb bitch sniffles and cries, ‘Please Sir. I did say Cleethorpes. Honestly.’

‘So?’ I ask.

The maid stops breathing. Holding her breath. ‘Well didn’t we agree that was the safe word Sir?’ her words are hiccupping out as she swallows her blubbering desperate not to let the wife hear her snivelling.


‘No you dumb fuck. We didn’t. You said it. I didn’t agree did I?’

Silence. Sonia’s eyes the size of dinner plates. A shocked look not knowing what will happen next. I like her like that.

‘No Sir. No Sir, you didn’t.’

‘So has my brainless maid got a safe word?’

‘Please Sir I would like …’


She yowls.

‘Has my brainless slut of a maid got a safe word?’


‘Ouuuuuch. No Sir. No Sir.’

‘So shut that cock sucking mouth of yours. Slut pass me the paddle.’

‘Sir?’ the wife holds the camera close to her mouth.

Hey now I have my slut looking at me with a questioning face.

‘Pass it now slut else you will be down here with your maid!’

She plucks the paddle from the top drawer of the desk and hands it to me. Her actions are speeded up, she is in a hurry to obey me. That tells me she has got my message and I know she will be soaking between her legs, desperate for my cock. She will be begging for me to fuck her by the time we get to the bedroom.

Meanwhile of course airhead trapped over my lap with the sorest of bottoms is really letting go. ‘Sir, Please. No more. Please I promise I will be good.’

At times like that you don’t answer them. Let them know they are so unimportant that they don’t even get listened to. It puts the fear of God into them. Now she realises the only time this beating will stop is when I decide.

So I start with the paddle. A delightful slopping noise as it strikes and flattens her cheeks. Now she really lets go. She actually screams like a little girl. Sonia will be taking all this in. Never again will she be able to take this dumb fuck seriously. She won’t listen to his demands or requests but she will never again question my instructions. I have nailed them both.

A few quick strikes knocking the wind out of the maid, followed by a string of hard steady ones.

Then it starts. Weeping. Real, true bawling. It is like music to me ears. Crying like she will never stop. It is the tears of total defat. Not just the pain. Not just humiliation. But total and abject subjugation. There is no going back from this. The dumb maid appreciated that in future she will do all she can to avoid a punishment like this.

I loosen my grip on her arm and move my aching leg from pinning her leg over my knee. Yet she stays over my lap, no longer struggling. Simply accepting her burning pain and complete misery. One final swat and I send the stupid bitch to the corner in the conservatory. This is a big deal because even with the blinds drawn the dumb bitch is reluctant to go into the extension when wearing her maids outfit. She is fearful someone might be able to peer around the blinds. Yet here she is naked from the waist down, wearing just a basque and stockings and still racing into the feared area. That baby is locked down!

You have to laugh. Her arse is now all shades of red decorated with a few streaks of purple. That is one lesson she will be feeling for a couple of days and remembering all her life.

Now my reward. ‘Slut, panties off on your knees before me. She mutters ‘yes sir’ before slumping onto the rug before me, her eyes swelling with submission. I know she is hot down below but she won’t touch herself until told. This is one obedient little hot wife all ready to be fucked.

But first she is going to do some sucking, and crying hubbie in the adjoining room is going to hear her every sound. Every slurp, every slutty sigh every sound of submission to her lord and master

Yep at that point I am commander in my own kingdom for as long as I want it.

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