Posing Lessons

These are the actual posing lessons from the second week maid classes at the Club Zero 9. They are numbered and need to be practised until the maid is fluent in adopting the positions on command.

4 thoughts on “Posing Lessons

  1. Since I was young, it has been my dream to pose in front of the camera like the lingerie models in shopping catalog What should I do to take this class? And can I quit and come back to my daily life whenever I want?

  2. You simply have to join Club Zero Nine, anonymous. Please let me speak to your wife prior to our introductory meeting.

    You sound like just the wise, clever, male who will respond perfectly to our educational methods and teaching. I can assure you we will find someone suitable to take care of your wife while you indulge your senses with like minded students.

    I am certain you will find, that once enrolled, you will not wish to return to your former dull, routine life. In fact, no student has ever returned to their former lives.

    I hope that helps put your mind at ease.

    Miss Hall
    Principal and Head of Club Zero 9.

      1. Ah. I don’t see why not. If you have a girl friend or even a girl you fancy, then bring her along.

        Miss Hall
        Principal and Head of Club Zero 9.

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