Sophie Takes Charge

Sophie Takes Charge. Part One


My ex hubbie loved being in a chastity cage so this time, when James mentioned it, I wasn’t knocked out of my stride. My ex dictated terms, expecting to be played with whenever he wanted. Then he would be released when he wanted. And all the time he was in my ear making demands. Pain in the arse. Never again.



So this time I was prepared for James. What are the odds at having two guys with this peculiar chastity fetish? Maybe I attract them!

What I didn’t want was this constant nagging for attention so I had to make it clear what was demanded of James from the outset.

We had a few drinks, I was clearing away the meal. All was at ease, we were both in a good place.

‘So what do you want?’ I ask him as I plucked up the last of the plates.

James, red faced with the alcohol. ‘Well, you know Sophie.’

He left it hang so I sat down and waited. I knew he would fill the silence eventually.

‘I’d like to have a cage on, down below,’ he laughed away his embarrassment. ‘You know, for a laugh.’


Swallowing he avoids my eyes, opening his hands. ‘Well, a bit of fem dom, you know.’

‘That covers a huge area. Whippings?’

‘God no!’

He looked terrified but I resisted a giggle and kept a po face.

‘Maybe a spanking,’ he took a gulp of wine.


‘I’ve told you.’

‘Remind me.’

‘I like the idea of cuckolding. But I don’t really want you to do it.’

‘Just pretend?’

‘Yes. Yes.’


Oh my love, you know.’

‘Say it.’

Now he can’t catch my eyes. ‘I told you before.’

I grin. With his head down he can’t see me enjoying his discomfort. I am not a bitch but some guys sort of just ask for it. ‘Tell me again.’

‘I like a bit of crossdressing. Nothing serious. You know, play the maid now and then.’

Having heard what I needed I rose.

‘Darling? What do you think?’ He looks needy, like a puppy.

‘I think I want to mull this over. That’s all.’

He makes to interrupt but I glare at him the way a teacher might at an errant young pupil until he bows his red face.

‘I will hear no more for now. You will not mention it again. I want to think about this, very carefully.’

‘No more! You don’t say any more until I mention it.’

He nods like a puppy dog, his eyes wide and uncomprehending. Just how I like him -sometimes.



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