Sophie Takes Charge 4

I had to hush James a few times on the way upstairs to the bathroom.

It was like ushering a frantic puppy up the steps. I needed to be firm, but I was still fearful I would frighten him away. The knowledgeable Genie had warned me not to be too heavy handed until the cage was locked into place.



We were on the landing outside the main bathroom and James looked at me with a knowing grin. He was loving this. I ensured I didn’t return his smile as he eagerly pulled off his clothes, piling them near the second bedroom door. That would be a behavioural trait I would remedy in the coming days and weeks. I hate seeing clothes strewn over floors.

He stood up right and proud, his erection now a steel girder rigid pointing almost vertical. I ignored it, though I would love to have it inside me.

‘Into the shower now little Jamie.’

‘Yes Mistress!’

The water gushed into steam and he carefully stepped into the shower unit, his hands protecting his dick from the heat.

Opening the bathroom cabinet, I pulled out a bottle I had placed there a few days earlier, all ready for this purpose.

‘You will need soft skin Little Jamie. So hold out your hands and do exactly as you are told. I don’t want to hear from you and I do not wish to discuss anything!’

‘Sure Mistress.’

Sure Mistress? Really? Had he not only just been told the only response? Again I had to bite my tongue. But he did hold out his cupped palms and I poured the apricot coloured fluid into them.

‘Rub it in thoroughly under your armpits. Good boy. You are doing well. Now roll it into your skin down your arms.’

‘It stinks.’

He heard me sigh and added ‘Mistress’ with a grin. If only he knew where this journey was taking him.

‘Hold out your hands.’

He did so, couldn’t fault him on his obedience as I poured more of the gloop into them.

‘Good boy, now over your chest and tummy. Good. You are doing really well.’

Apparently you are supposed to offer encouragement and positive reinforcement when possible. ‘Now take a bit more and rub it into your genitals, between your legs and your arse crack.’

‘Loved it when you said between my legs Mistress’

He laughed, but I kept a straight face because I was honestly getting pissed off with his insolence. I most certainly wasn’t going to indulge or encourage such brattiness.

‘Excellent. Now take a good dollop and roll it over both your legs. That’s it. Good boy. Do your feet too.’

‘It stinks to high heaven Mistress.’

‘It will make you nice and smooth Little Jamie. Now listen carefully. This is important. Concentrate.’

‘Yes sir, Mistress!’

I could have slapped him there and then.

‘Take enough just to rub over your neck, chin and face up to your hair line. But no further. That is important Little Jamie.’

His body was lathered in the orange foam.

‘Just under the nose as well.’

He did as he was told and I told him to turn around so I could rub it over his back.

‘Ok boy. Under the water and wash it all off.’

‘Be glad to!’

I had a brief vision of him bent over the chair weeping like a child as I spanked him. At least that thought helped offset his naughtiness.

The orange frothed up into a pale white running down his body and into the plug hole.


Mister ‘aren’t I so clever’ has finally understood.

‘My Hair. It has all gone. What the hell?’

‘You were told it was to make you smooth.’

He flipped off the shower.

‘Hell, I thought you meant a body lotion! Jesus look at me!’

Swearing was something else I was going to cut out of his new existence. However, at that moment I was so amused at seeing him glowing naked and hairless, like a little boy, that I had to do all I could to resist laughing at him.

Glancing down at his naked cock we could both see the erection had vanished and its place taken by something that looked like that of a child. Wholly hair free.

‘Dry yourself and come with me.’

I turned and left him mumbling and cursing.

He joined me in the main bedroom looking aggrieved. As he looked me up and down in my heels, hose, short skirt and top his dick engorged a little.

‘Ok open that box on the drawers and read the instructions.’

‘Wow a chastity cage Mistress. Look, I already have one. I thought I told you. I know how to fit that one. Shall I get it?’

‘Did I tell you to fetch it?’

‘Well no, all I am saying is …’

‘What did I tell you to do?’

He stared at me with wonderment in his eyes before grinning.

‘Mistress you told me to open the box and read the instructions.’

‘Then do so.’

He sighed, thinking as ever that he was right. This is man thinking for you. He cannot accept someone else might be right.

‘Jeez! It is way too small.’

That swearing again! I needed to keep calm. ‘You will be surprised.’

‘Look mine fits and works ok. Believe me Mistress.’

‘Just be a good boy and put it on.’

‘What the hell is this?’

‘It is a called an urethral plug. Some people call them sounds. Don’t worry. Just hurry up.’

His Adam’s apple jumped as he contemplated this tiny prison.

‘Well I’ll give it a go Mistress.’

That’s good of you, I thought sarcastically. This was one little boy who had it coming!

His smooth body looked so enticing I wanted to rub my hands over it. Free of hairs and appearing baby smooth to touch. So enticing!

‘That’s easy.’

He had clipped the ring behind his ball sac and was now wrestling with the urethral plug and cage.

‘You dint read the instructions did you little boy?’


‘It says to use the bottle of oil over it before insertion.’

‘To tell you the truth I am a bit scared.’

‘Try it.’

Glum faced and with his dick shrinking in size with his fear he smeared the oils over the tube and then in less than a minute fitted the entire contraption over his little cock and pushed it in place up against the ring.

‘Now the lock.’

He nodded and pushed the lock home.

When I heard it click shut I thought my heart would explode. He had just imprisoned himself. He hadn’t asked about keys. Just as Genie said, he would be too lost in its fitting it to ask about the key.

Excellent! I had him and it was sooooo easy!

‘Good boy. Let me see.’

He stood with legs slightly apart, his smooth cheeks blushing.

Wow It was incredibly small. Little more than a nub between his legs. Amazing. Genie was brilliant! Just what I needed to take him down a few pegs.

‘Ok you have done very well.’

‘Thank you mistress.’ He no longer sounded quite so sure of himself.

‘Follow me like a good boy.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

Oh I liked him now! Cowed and a bit troubled. I could eat him up, lick all his soft skin.

I returned to the sitting room and the high backed chair. I ensured I sat as sexily as possible when he entered. My legs crossed with a rasp and he couldn’t take his eyes off them.

‘Kneel.’ I pointed to the same spot as before and he collapsed down to his knees. Delightfully kept his head bowed.

‘Good boy. Now spread your legs and place both hands on them so your palms are facing up.’

He stole a sharp glance at me but complied.

‘Good boy. You are doing very well. That is kneeling position one.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

The little wired cage between his legs looked so cute. No hairs, nothing to make him a man.

‘Now place both hands behind your head. That’s it but just sit up straight. Back straight.’

He complied, pulling back his shoulders. Oh wow, I should have done this years ago.

‘Good boy. That is kneeling position two.’

‘Show me position one. Good boy. Now position two. Excellent. Ok, now back to position one. That is the usual one we shall use for you. If I don’t say a position, then you adopt that one. Is that clear?’

‘Mistress, can we …’

‘I asked if that was clear?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Tell me Little Jamie, when do you get released from your little cage?’

His cheeks were dark red. ‘Friday lunchtime Mistress.’

I actually laughed at the subservient manner in which he said that. When he looked up to see why I had laughed I adopted a straight face and added, ‘if you are good. As a punishment I may extend your time in the cage.’

His eyes grew huge. ‘Longer?’

‘Don’t trouble yourself about that. That will be my decision. Just be a good little boy and you will be fine.’

‘To be honest I am a bit nervous about this. I mean this thing is so damned small.’

‘Were you given permission to speak little boy?’

‘Erm. No I guess not. Sorry. Just had to say it.’

‘I will beat you six times for that and six times for every time you speak without permission from now on.’

‘You are wearing the smallest chastity cage in existence because that is what you have, a tiny little cock.’

‘Hey, come on now!’

‘Six more. That is 12. You will check online and see.’

‘I don’t want to be in the smallest chastity cage Mistress!’

I laughed and let me one leg bounce over my knee to attract his attention. He looked at it the way a fish might look at bait.

‘I have spoken to an expert and you require the smallest because your dick is so small. I trust that is clear.’

‘Right. I am out of this! I don’t want to hear this!

He rose to his feet.

‘Fine,’ I said calmly. I stood too, brushing down my short skirt.

‘So, you know, Sophie.’ He looked so bashful I wanted to cuddle him, ‘Where is the key love?’


His face grew dark with anger. ‘I want this ridiculous thing off right now.’

‘Really? Well you agreed until Friday lunch time even if you bailed out of me being your Mistress. You were too chicken too see it through and bailed within a few minutes.’

‘The key please!’ He said through gritted teeth.

‘Friday lunchtime, boy.’

He looked down at his imprisoned little dick and plucked at the cage with his fingers.

‘You need to know that isn’t chrome plated or nickel plated. That is solid, heavy duty stainless steel. It isn’t a toy like your plastic thingee upstairs. Once on it stays on. Oh, until I release you.’

‘Look Sophie, I just think we needed to discuss all this before we started off. That’s all.

‘Did you now? You didn’t hear me tell you that I would be in charge?’

He held out his palm. ‘Stop messing and give it to me.’

I simply stared at him.

‘Mistress,’ he tried to smile.

‘You have been told, not once, not twice, but I have repeated myself endlessly. It remains on until Friday lunch time. Get used to it Little Jamie. Because I am not changing my mind. Oh and by the way. You can tear the house apart searching for the keys, because they aren’t here.’

‘Now he was staggered. ‘Where are they?’

‘Nowhere where you will ever find them. It stays on until Friday. Deal with it.’

He growled through his teeth.

I walked out of the room laughing as I heard him curse me, ‘You crazy bitch. This is fucking stupid!’

Oh Little Jamie, you are a boy who isn’t getting out of that for a week! I felt a buzz electrify my entire being. I had never understood the word ‘empowered’ until that moment.

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