Sophie Takes Charge 9

edited 12/01/16

Doubling the pretty silk scarf length ways, I then proceed to wrap it around his eyes, tying it off as a lovely bow at the rear of head. He says and does nothing. Kneeling on the bed, naked apart from the delightful panties, acquiescing to my actions.

With him blinded I run my hand through his hair watching his flushed features. He moans, wriggling his hips. In the groin of his pretty pink panties I can see the tiny rounded nub, his chastity cage, the cruel Attica Hell 2. I rub it gently, listening to him sigh. Oh what power. I am now soaked between my legs.



‘Little Jamie, I don’t want you to think of yourself as totally useless in the sex department while you are caged.’

He groans.

‘I will train you to use your tongue to please a woman. But you will never choose who you please little boy. Others will decide that.’

A guttural, ‘Yes Mistress.’ He sounds as if his brain is running on empty.

‘Nor will you be allowed to ever see your Mistress’ pussy again.’ I pause noting the shock on his face, before whispering in his ear, ‘the only guys who will see my pussy are real men. Not sissies like you.’

He exhales a long sigh, those words live in his fantasy world.

I fall onto my back pulling down my panties with my hands, the leash getting caught up around my ankles in my frenzied actions. I need his tongue the way a starving woman needs food.

The panties are too tight to come off my heel, so too hell with them, I leave them hanging from one foot like a slut. What does it matter? Even my collared toy cannot see me. It is like masturbating but with a compliant slave. Leaning back, I tug the lead, edging him forward until I can reach his hair and pull it to direct his mouth over my pussy.

It takes him a moment to blindly land his mouth in the right place but then he sets off with a hungry enthusiasm I have never known from him. He always complains when asked to do oral. In fact, he usually just gives me a few licks and then comes up ready to screw me with complaints about it being smelly or distasteful. Not this time. I have an animal at work down there.

My hips buck, gaining that inward, automatic millennia old rhythm. His tongue slides out as he gasps for air. I feel a fury explode within me. Who the hell does he think he is? I use the handle of the lead to whip his face.

‘Get down boy. Back to work.’

And he does so. Just like that!

If anything he is powering forwards with even more enthusiasm.

‘Good boy!’ I shout, but the word ‘boy’ emerges as little more a squeal as he hits my clit.

I smile and purr, ‘Oh, good, good boy.’

But then his mouth moves lower, a pleasant erotic feeling but nowhere near what I want.

‘Boy! Back to the clit. Do it. You move from there again and your little dicklet won’t see day light for months!’

At that moment I actually mean that. I have read how the women online do exactly that but I cannot see me being so cruel. Though at that moment, his submission to the task makes me more aggressive and determined.

He pops up. I imagine his eyes behind the blindfold trying to see me, but he quickly gets back to work and zing! Hits my spot bang on.

And now I move into the pre orgasmic stage, mind numbed to everything except my body.

The tremors start.

‘Faster little boy!’

Ok I don’t know if I got those words out as the first waves began.

Moments later I actually have to tell him to stop. I am laughing, spent. He is still lapping away like a cute puppy.

‘Boy, that’s good, I am finished with you.’

With a shiny forehead of sweat, his blindfolded head bobs up as if ensuring he heard me correctly.

‘You did well.’

‘Thank you Mistress,’ he pulls at the pubic hairs in his teeth, my juices around his mouth. ‘Do I get,’ he grows timid, uncertain, ‘you know, erm,’ he nods down to his groin

‘I trust my little Pet is not going to dare ask for release from his little cage?’

Looking away he winces, I can tell he is searching for words he can use without upsetting me.

I pull up my panties feeling how wet and uncomfortable I am down below, before tugging down my skirt.

Untying his scarf, I give him a kiss on the cheek, again, a rewarding action that I am told he should not receive for a while. But he does look so cute kneeling on the bed with my juices around his mouth.

Pulling him up with the leash I am able to untie his blindfold. He blinks at first then gazes at me.

Oh, his eyes are so needy, he is so scrumptious.

‘Mistress, I am really in need. Honest. I am not sure I can take it.’

Rather than putting him down as I ought, I pull him tight to me, cuddling him. His heat radiates through my blouse and I feel myself growing hot again. At this moment I am thinking the other Mistresses have got it wrong. It is a wonderful, soupy warm feeling to love your pet. And warm, comforting sleep rolls over me.

I awake feeling a little sleazy having slept in my clothes, yet still aroused.

I wonder where my boy is, perhaps get him to work again. And then I hear it.

Drawers being pulled out and shut hard. A wardrobe door opens with a squeak. It is coming from the guest bedroom.

I sit up and see that the wardrobe doors are ajar in this bedroom. I always ensure they are closed. I think it looks messy to have doors half open. Worse, the drawers containing my underwear have not been closed properly, and items of mine are sticking out of the top.

I slide from the bed feeling furious. How stupid is he? He is obviously searching for the keys, but hasn’t the sense to cover his stupid tracks.

I hear the wardrobe doors close in the next room.

Someone is in trouble!

He is hunkered down on the floor peering under the guest double bed. He uses his phone as a torch, with his arm pushed deep below the bed pulling at a shoe box. He hauls it into view, snatches off the lid and shakes the contents. He sighs with frustration.

‘And what do you think you are doing?’

He freezes. His naked hairless body growing angular with alarm.

‘I asked you a question little boy.’

The shoebox is pushed back into place beneath the bed before he slowly, oh, so slowly, turns to face me.

‘Mistress, I …’

‘Yes?’ I adopt that stern school teacher glare, complete with the raised eyebrow.

He slumps onto his pink pantied bottom, unable to look up at me. ‘Please Mistress. I just wanted to find those damned keys.’ He groans before lowering his chin. ‘I know I shouldn’t have.’

His pathetic, apologetic demeanour infuriates me more than his naughtiness. How can a man let himself be trapped like this? I felt like I needed to strike for women everywhere.

‘Well little boy, you are in big trouble.’

‘Look, Sophie, this isn’t working out. I just need to cum.’

The slap across his face knocks him off balance. He rubs at his sore cheek gawping at me in shock. I guess he has never seen me so livid before.

With my teeth barely parting I say, ‘you will go down to the hallway and stand facing the fucking wall with your hands on your head. I will summon you later to deal with you!’

He mouths words that didn’t dare be heard and half crawls before darting, half stooped from the guest bedroom. I hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs and promise myself to lighten his footfalls over the next few weeks. I don’t want him crashing around the house like a real man any more.

The women on the web site had always said never to punish in anger, always allow a period of reflection to pass before disciplining the boy. Maybe I should not have slapped him, certainly not as hard as that. But how contemptable he was. Sitting on the floor like a child caught in a naughty act, not daring to protest at the slap and then cowering out of the room to start his punishment in the hallway. I know he dreads the hallway as the front door has opaque glass and people might see him, yet he submitted to me without protest.

Isn’t this what I wanted? I growl out loud. Sometimes a woman needs a real man.

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