It is out …

Some time in the next 24 hours you will be able to find Happiness for All in most digital book shops.


Kindle, Lulu, Ibooks, etc.


Happiness for all cover 01


This book is a full novel based on the premise and characters in my short story Happiness for  All.

It has been completely rewritten to become a 100 page, forty plus thousand word novel of humiliation, chastity cages and devious cuckoldry.


Terry wants to end his compulsion to dress as a maid in order to save his marriage to the sexy, wonderful Lucy.

Who better to help him in his quest than the famous Harvey Harries, psychiatrist of renown.

And if the psychiatrist were to say to Terry, I can make your cross dressing work for your wife, how can the excited Terry turn him down? What will the desperate Terry give up to follow the Psychiatrist’s directions?

The answer is more than he realises as he and his wife become pawns in the lusty hands of the manipulative Harries.

*** As ever, all the usual warnings are given prior to you reading this wicked and alarming tale of what happens when an air brained cross dresser, his sexually unfulfilled wife meet a ruthless Alpha Male such as Harvey Harries.


5 thoughts on “It is out …

  1. I scampered over to Amazon to buy a copy but was frustrated to find ‘the next 24 hours’ obviously aren’t up yet as it is still to appear. *Pouts*

    Waiting is just, like, so not fun…

    – Emma

  2. Emma, Tina.

    Really sorry, it takes a while for Kindle to do all the links.

    The book is for sale. If you check the posts you will see one with a link to the book in the US and the UK stores.

    Deborah Ford

  3. My wife say thank you for a wonderful book, i will not get allowed to read it, since I’m a airhead, and will not understand a word of it. But from now on i will be in the corner with my nose against it when i dont have a task to do in the house. Its so unfair.

  4. Tina, it is no good pouting. You should be better behaved and hopefully your wife will allow you to read sections.

    Deborah Ford

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