How to drive a car


  1. Dress appropriately. Remember it will be warm and dry in the car so you do not need layers and layers of clothing.
  2. Check the tyres. You should do this by having your back to your man, bowing slowly and giving a wriggle. Then giggle when you stand

3. Check the suspension by pressing down hard on the wheel arch. If it springs back in to position then he will be able to screw your arse off very easily.

4. Then stand and look foolish as if you don’t know what you have done and giggle like a school girl.



5. Climb in behind the wheel, rubbing your thighs together as much as you can.

6. Wriggle into the seat until he can take it no more and says …

7. ‘Hey you sexy slut, get your fuckable arse into the back seat, right now!’





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