Taking delivery of your hubbie after his first courses at The Club Zero 9

Firstly, carefully unpack and examine the package for any bruises or bumps. We like to ensure your sissy is delivered in perfect working order.

Secondly, don’t listen to any complaints of cruelty on the part of Club Zero 9 or its hard working conscientious staff. The poor souls are often confused as they have to learn so  much in such a short space of time. If the moaning continues after a good spanking then please use the lockable ball gag supplied with the package.

Thirdly, continuously check his performance for the first few days. Some naughty little minxes will seek to take advantage of your good nature and their new freedom from the strictures of class lessons. Intense punishment should be meted out in the first instance and then you will soon have a happy, contented, obedient maid.

Should you have any complaints or queries regarding the changes in your husband please call us and we will help you understand them.

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