New Club Zero 9 Opened Near You

The four teachers for the classroom have been in training and are ready to shape you up into well behaved young ladies for the benefit of your wives and their lovers.

As you can see from their pictures they are all sympathetic and understanding tutors who will appreciate that though you are dumb they will not tolerate naughty behaviour.

Here is one testimonial from ‘Pretty Dana’.


‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and staff at the Club Zero 9 for my valuable education. Both my wife and her lover feel I have become my true self and are delighted with my new disposition.

I would urge any timid sissy to take up the first step and bring his wife to the club for a chat with the sympathetic managers.

Sorry about the damp patches on this letter. I did try to stop crying before I wrote it but my wife’s lover had to punish me with the tawse because I wasn’t looking sufficiently happy. So my blubbing began again.

If he is satisfied with this letter, then I might be allowed to stay up late two nights running. That’s how fortunate I now am.

Yours, Pretty Dana.

So what are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “New Club Zero 9 Opened Near You

  1. We can run but (gulp!) we can’t hide from Club Zero 9, can we? Kandi: No you can’t! Sorry we haven’t visited your blog recently, Deborah. He’s been silly about it, but I’ve brought him back now.

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