2 thoughts on “who do you most envy …

  1. [Kandi:] I’ve ordered him to answer this one, Deborah, otherwise…. Haven’t I, BOF? [P L:] Er, yes, Miss Kandi! (Gulp! You can see how our relationship has changed!) It’s difficult, as I can imagine myself becoming most of these – yes, even pulling a pony cart – but I think on balance, the girl in the middle of the bottom row. Her pink, duct tape gag matches her knickers. That’s classic!

  2. I think you are right about all of them PL! Depends on my mood. One has a steel collar, but some of them have the most delightful of lingerie, and all are helpless.

    I think Kandi should have a home visit from Miss Richter from the Club Zero 9 series — and perhaps Miss Richter should have a word with you too PL. xxx

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