new Kindle books worth a look.

So many books on Kindle are a rip off that I have rarely recommended other titles to readers. Why writers inflate the size of their books with ‘excerpts’ from other novels is beyond me. Some so called ‘novels’ are barely any longer than the stories I offer free in here.
So here are a couple I heartily recommend:



Control by Tomas Morano
This is a fresh approach to the sissy cuckold genre in that it is written from the point of view of the male Bull. It is very hot at times, is an easy read but I have never before understood the bull’s view of the sissy cuck or the hot wife until I read this. The sexy young hot wife, Willow soon finds her view of her husband changing but there is a surprise at the end.

A Couple’s Submission by Sara Desmaraissara
though not new, Sara is superb at getting inside the minds of the protagonists, in this case a couple who become controlled by a dominant man and wife. It is a slow, line by line change that will make you share the excitement and fear of the sissy and his girlfriend.
 These are the UK and US links but you should be able to locate both books on your own country’s Amazon/Kindle pages.

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