More How to Guides for basic and medium courses at Club Zero 9

All these positions ought to be within the scope of anyone who has covered the first two week courses at The Club Zero 9

How to lean against a wall. Remember to keep back arched, lips parted and eyes wide with an inviting look.

Sitting on a rug, again note the submissive facial expression. You will lose marks if you fail to do as you are told


Lying on a rug, this is with the sexual allure look. Please practice ahead of the Friday test.

These are more advanced stands, covered in week 3 of your course. These should be adopted when listening to instructions from your owner, boss, manager or client at the Club.

Crawling. Most dominants find this greatly entertaining and will be disappointed if your performance is inadequate.

Kneeling is painful for long periods so follow the exercises exactly.

Putting on shoes before a dominant. Always look elegant and then you may show them off to your superiors.


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